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Once upon a time project Engilsh 2010-11 Adrià Barbero Prat Aleix Gil Riera Núria Vilamala Ribera

Once upon a time there was a man called George. He was 21 years old and he lived in New York, in the USA. George was very tall, thin and strong. He didn't have any hair and he had enormous feet. George lived in a huge mansion in New York. He was a teacher. He worked at the New York’s Secondary School, near his house. He was very good at teaching. George had magic powers but he never used them at school. When he wasn't working he used them a lot to help people in New York and in other cities near New York. One day, while George was helping an old woman who fell down to the ground, he found a coin on the ground and he took it. When George was walking on the streets he saw a homeless and he gave him the coin. The homeless’ name was Jackson and he also had special habilities. When George gave the coin to him, Jackson followed George to his mansion. When they arrived, he realized Jackson back to him. George thought that Jackson needed help and so, he welcomed him to his house. After a few days Jackson wanted to stay in the mansion, when George went to work, Jackson had








underground laboratory to create robots and kill George. Every day when George left the house, Jackson built the laboratory. When he finished, he began creating robots. Jackson put memory chips in the robots to give them a name, a voice and to get their attention.

The first robot that he built was like a small dog. When Jackson gave it an order, he did the opposite. Jackson repaired the robot and he asked the robot to bring an apple. The robot did it very well. While Jackson was making the robots, George was walking through New York. He saw some thieves that were stealing in a jewelry. He transformed the thieves into metal and then the owner of the jewelry phoned the police. The police arrested the thieves. Then George went inside the jewelry and the owner gave him a gold ring as a present. George thanked the owner and then went back home. The next day, Jackson thought that sooner or later George would ask him to leave the house. And then Jackson thought that he could change the


of the


with his

supernatural strengthness. While George was working, Jackson did it and so the laboratory was now in an old house. Then Jackson went back home. George arrived after a while. The next day, Jackson create more robots, of different types, giant dragons, dogs, human giants‌ When Jackson has a lot of robots, he started to practice. After, Jackson went back





George asked him to leave the house because he needed it. Then Jackson went to the laboratory and he pick up the robots, while Jackson was in the

laboratory, George noticed a great disgrace. Then George went for a walk in New York and he found Jackson with his robots. Jackson was trying to destroy the city, but then George used his laser beams to kill Jackson and his robots, but he couldn’t. He first tried to destroy the robots but it was too difficult to do it alone. Then he phoned the police and they helped him. When they finished they went to kill Jackson, it was quite difficult but finally they manage to kill him. After that George repaired the robots, and mage them able to build the city. And everybody was happy ever after.

The adventure of George  

a strory by 1r ESO students

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