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January 31, 2018 Volume 20 Issue 5

Neuqua Valley High School

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Trials and tribulations bring success for NV Cheer Presley Polvere Staff Writer

The Neuqua Valley Cheerleading program has created a legacy for itself at Neuqua Valley High School. With the varsity team winning a State trophy in 2014, 2015 and 2016, they have set their hopes high once again for the 2018 State series. However, hopes were not so high in the beginning of the NV Cheer team’s season due to obstacles that the team was forced to overcome. According to senior cheer captain, Maddie Difranco, “We had thirteen girls leave our team so we were building off of totally new skill. Definitely an improvement from where we were at clinics in May 2017 to now, you wouldn’t even think it’s the same team.” This year’s Varsity squad is a young team, but they have pushed each other and have risen to the occasion when it is asked of them. The team chemistry has been an asset for the team this season because it has forced the team to try new things and take on new roles. Even with the graduation of so many cheerleaders

last year, head coach Mrs. Kathy Tichelbaut has put her best foot forward for her young cheerleading squad: “I think as a coach this year I have to make them still believe and see that even though we graduated more than half the team that they are still capable of reaching their goals. At the first competition they went to they scored a 90 which is a really high score, if you would’ve asked us that back in June it would’ve been a different story.” The team’s accomplishments have been stacking up this past month as they have completed many weekend invitationals. The girls competed four times in the last month and took first place twice. With the State series in sight, Maddie Difranco sees great success for her team: “I am very confident with my team right now, we’ve always hit and we’ve always worked through a struggle. There is nothing for me to worry about and I think this is the first year I’ve never gone into a competition weekend worrying about anything.” The Neuqua Valley Cheerleading team has proven that, even when trials and tribulations are unavoidable, there is a way to

overcome them. The team and its coaches hope to bring a State trophy home in

the beginning of February to cap off a “comeback” season.

The varsity cheerleading team competed at the conference competition on January 16th, 2018. The Wildcats took 2nd place at the competition and are keeping their hopes high for the state competition in February. Photo Courtesy of Presley Polvere.

Sorry we’re closed New Jumanji: Will it live up The government shut down to the original?

Katya Brovkovych News Editor

In United States politics, a government shutdown is the process the Executive Branch must enter when Congress and the President fail to pass legislation funding government operations and agencies. First government shutdown of the Donald Trump Presidency began Jan. uary 20, 2018, and ended Jan.uary 22. The shutdown ended when Senate Democrats agreed to end the filibuster and invoke cloture with the promise that Republicans would allow debate on a separate piece of legislation known as the DREAM Act before the continuing resolution expires on Feb. ruary 8, 2018. Millions of people working for government are furloughed (temporary nonduty/nonpay status), and because of it many, though not all, federal government functions are frozen. According to an estimate from Standard & Poor’s, disruption of the government in 2013 costed $24 billion, and reduced projected fourth-quarter GDP growth from 3 percent to 2.4 percent. 850,000 federal workers bear the economic brunt of the shutdown. They eventually get paid, but small businesses suffer from frozen government contracts and stalled business loans. Tourism suffers from closed national parks, and military families have to cope without childcare and other

services. Eventually, federal workers receive back pay under the deal, but contractors lose their wages. It happened with Presidents Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama (Democrats), as well as with Presidents Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush (Republicans). During Democratic presidencies since 1974, eight government shutdowns happened totaling 98 days; 13 shutdowns totaling 54 days happened during Republican presidencies. Usually, the blame goes to the opposing party at that time; this was especially evident during the 2013 shutdown when polls showed that 39 percent of Americans blamed Republicans in Congress and only 28 percent blamed President Barack Obama and the Democrats. House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) spoke on the House floor regarding the continuing resolution that opens up the government. He said:”…This shutdown did not need to happen… There are no winners here today…No winners, except perhaps the millions of families who depend on the Children’s Health Insurance Program. We need to move forward in good faith, yes on DACA and immigration, yes on funding our military so that it gets the resources that our military so badly needs. That is why I sincerely hope that we never find ourselves in this position again.”

Rianna Panergalin Staff Writer

Classic movies will always stay true to our little film hearts, with “Ghostbusters,” “Pulp Fiction” and “Jaws” being a few. The 1995 version of “Jumanji” with the late Robin Williams will be one of those movies that are up there with the classics. The movie is about two kids finding a mysterious board game and playing it without realizing that it brings the game into the real world. This results in Robin Williams’s character being trapped in Jumanji since he was a child, so he must be rescued. Blossoming acting skill and charm from Kirsten Dunst and Bonnie Hunt give an unforgettable, incredible fictional adventure to the movie that makes us as audience members best remember it. On Dec. 20, 2017, “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle,” the revival, was released, which had a fun and modern twist to it. A group of teens find the ‘infamous’ game that had transformed itself into a 90’s video game that had been thrown away in their school’s basement. Like the original, real life and game world combine with the objective to finish the game in order to go back to normal. The director, Jake Kasdan, made sure to keep its Jumanji roots but still added in some modern humor to relate to audiences. This movie’s actors, including Dwayne Johnson, Kevin

Hart, Karen Gillan, Jack Black and Nick Jonas, helped set the comical tone for this adventure packed movie. But this allowed some to reminisce even with the added stereotypical phone addiction and ‘that’s what she said’ jokes. These components allowed the possible new blockbuster of the year to receive 75 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Kasdan introduces youthful charm that other movies were new to, but with such charm, sometimes it’s hard to keep its original foundation. see more of NEW VS. OLD JUMANJI on page 10

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The importance of the upcoming Winter Olympics The Echo

Editorial Board

On February 9th millions of people around the world will tune in on their smartphones, old television sets and computers to watch the opening ceremony of the XXIII Winter Olympics. 93 countries will be represented in an arena in Pyeongchang, South Korea while a handful of lucky individuals will bring in a torch signifying the start of a sporting event bigger than any one athlete. Leading up to this year’s Olympics there has been lots of controversy regarding the participating athletes and nations in this event. But, even with countless news coverage of the ongoing list of concerns of this year’s festivities, it seems that every Olympics starts off this way. And even so, every Olympics goes off without a hitch and all worries fade away as

the the final Olympic flame is ignited. The Olympics have endured all the stages our world has gone through even if it seemed we were all at odds. The Olympics have only ceased in the midst of our second World War, but nothing else has stopped our global effort to meet for this cherished sporting event. Gathering in the spirit of competing seems to alleviate many of the problems just for those three weeks as we support our respective countries on the largest stage in sports. The importance and value of the Olympics is many times forgotten in the press and media, but it is imperative not to forget the true meaning of this event. Despite the scandals and heartbreak that any sporting competition has, the Olympics bring hope to all corners of the globe that we can all unite despite our differences in race, religion, or views. We see athletes defy the odds, teams make a timely come-

back, and individuals achieve stardom seemingly overnight. As these next Winter Games approach we must remember to relish in the wave of national pride that comes when we hear our national anthem play for the world to hear. We must also take note of the comradery that is built built between athletes disregarding any turmoil their countries may have outside the walls of the arena they compete in. The games have a way of isolating an athlete from the unrest of their homes and let them focus on what is important which is the sport they play. The Olympics helps us all celebrate peace over discord for a month. Let us all learn from these coming weeks not only what unity is, but how to continue it beyond the borders of a small country 7,000 miles away.

Doing your political part: your local vote does have an impact The Echo

Editorial Board

Political tensions have been higher than ever during the last couple of years. The news drenched in some sort of political news or heated debate between politicians and government officials. There is disorder and confusion not only amongst politicians but also civilians. The laws, regulations and even mere words political figures say have a weighty impact on all the rest of us ordinary citizens. Not only do these political figures and decisions seem so far away but they seem so much bigger than the average person. People begin to believe that what they say or do has no impact whatsoever and ultimately give up on trying to make any sort of political difference. As young adults, this is our time to shape the world the way we believe is right and

Corrections for the December 2017 Issue:

Christkindl market did not have a space page 1 ‘secrets’ spelled incorrectly page 1 Jordan Brown spelled ‘Jordan Brow’ page 9

moral; it’s our time to step up and make a difference in the political world that inevitably affects each and every one of us; it’s our time to create the world we invision but one step at a time. Though it may seem tedious and altogether pointless, it’s unrealistic to attempt to start a groundbreaking movement that will carry through with its momentum and create an actual change. So, we take baby steps. And one of those steps is to participate politically on a local scalevote for the mayor, the state governor, the state senator, even your school PTA leaders. By taking part in these seemingly miniscule political events, you’re essentially creating a ripple effect in places higher up. Though this nation may seem dreary and chaotic at times, it’s important to acknowledge the rights we are given as citizens- freedom of speech, religion,

expression, press, assembly and most importantly, the freedom to vote for those we believe qualify to lead us. Throughout history, people in this country fought for each and every American citizen to have the right to vote. They went through bloodshed, hardships and violence to receive that right for posterity. It may be hard to imagine, but there are many places in the world besides North Korea that are unable to choose their leader. We live in a country where it is our permanent right to choose who leads us so why shouldn’t we start with choosing who leads the place you call home? Though these political giants and national decisions seem so big and you feel so small in the mess of it all, but your participation in local and regional politics do have an impact; you have been blessed with American rights, exercise them and see change.

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What was the resolution you’ve already given up on?

“Staying healthy.” -Andrew Popovich Grade 10

January 2018

“Getting a job.” -Allen Li Grade 11

“Getting work done on time.” -Enya Eetickal Grade 11

“Eating healthy.” -Dil Robin Grade 12

News 3

The Trump administration ends TPS for many countries Orion Elrod Staff Writer

On Nov. 20, 2017 the Department of Homeland Security ended Temporary Protection Status (TPS) for Haitian refugees who had sought a country to reside in after their country’s earthquake in 2010. Also in November, Nicaraguans lost their TPS, receiving notice that they must leave the United States by Jan. 5, 2019 unless they are granted citizenship or a different form of protection. This decision was the beginning of a series of moves on behalf of the Trump Administration to limit the amount of immigrants and refugees that reside in the United States. The most recent announcement from DHS regarding TPS termination was released on Jan. 8, stating that effective Sept. 9, 2019, Salvadorans will no longer be protected. This came as a shock to Salvadorans because many have been here since 2001 when their country was devastated by double earthquakes. This is the most impactful change to date because Salvadorans make up over half of those protected by TPS. When Secretary of Homeland Security Kristjen M. Nielsen made the announcement, Homeland Security’s

Department of International Affairs released a memo suggesting that El Salvador does not yet have the stability required to create jobs for its current population. They believe that the return of thousands of people upon the end of their TPS could create further problems for the country. Along with an unstable economy, El Salvador has one of the most dangerous cities in the world, San Salvador. The last time Salvadoran protections were renewed, the US attributed drought, poverty and gang violence as reasons to allow them to stay. Now the White House is ignoring these issues, simply stating that because the areas damaged by the earthquake have been reduced, El Salvador is a safe place to return. In the upcoming months, all people under TPS, especially the countries previously named, face an uncertain future. Many have bought homes, found jobs and had children in the United States. Though members of Congress are currently working on ways to expand the protection, if they do not succeed, people currently protected by TPS will face difficult dilemmas. They will have to decide if they will leave their American-born children with a guardian or take them back to the parents’ dangerous country of origin. They will also have to decide whether they return to their home country before the deadline or risk being deported.

IL residents leave in wake of instability Ava Pellegrino Staff Writer

The Illinois government has had difficulty maintaining a stable economy the past few years. In 2017, Illinois became the state with the most people leaving, according to ABC News. Illinois citizens are dissatisfied with the quality of the economy, causing major problems for the state government. According to the website Illinois Policy, one person leaves Illinois every five minutes. The loss of citizens not only causes a decreased Illinois labor force but also diminishes tax income. Between 1995 and 2009, out-migration resulted in a loss of $26 billion in taxable income. As candidates begin campaigning for the governor’s election in November, residents are paying close attention to which candidate will have the biggest positive impact on Illinois. Corruption, bankruptcy and budget issues have been at the heart of Illinois’ problems, and many are unhappy with the way current governor Bruce Rauner has tried to handle it. The November election will be an opportunity for citizens to change the course of Illinois government. Neuqua macroeconomics teacher Ms. Dunham says that Illinois’ reputation is a big reason for the lost faith in our government: “I think no one in the United States has a good perception of what Illinois is based on our economy, so I think a lot of it has to do with who’s in office and who’s running for office, but I think finding a way to settle people’s nerves might help improve our state.”

One reason for the stagnant economy is the lack of growth. The state economy has increased about four percent over the past decade, compared to the worst decade of the Great Depression where the U.S. economy increased ten percent. Some have even referred to Illinois as the Great Depression economy of the Midwest. Minimal growth has caused an inflated tax rate that makes Illinois one of the worst states to live in. High rates of unemployment and the infamous budget crisis have driven up taxes, causing residents to leave in order to save money. Illinois has had one of the worst economies for several years, leaving much room for development. Although it has steadily improved in recent years, people’s perception of the Illinois economy has not changed. Residents continue to leave Illinois for neighboring states with low tax rates and financial stability.

Residents of Illinois are unhappy with its current economic and financial status. In 2009 alone, the state lost $1.5 billion in taxable income due to out-migration. Photo courtesy of Illinois Policy.

Illinois governor race begins Cristina Rodriguez Staff Writer

The Illinois gubernatorial election has begun with many candidates from both parties. The primary elections on March 20 for the Democratic and Republican parties. The current governor of Illinois, Bruce Rauner, has been in office since January of 2015. He announced back in October that he would be running for a second term. Rauner has been struggling with his approval rating due to budget issues that have been happening during his term. For his campaign Rauner wants to make more jobs for people, have them earn good pay, make Illinois a green energy state and establish stricter gun control laws by monitoring firearms trafficking from out of state to Illinois. Running against Rauner in the Republican party is Jeanne Ives, a member of the Illinois House of Representatives. Ives says she wants to fix problems that Rauner had promised to fix but never did. Her campaign states that she will put a hard cap on property taxes, rescind income tax increase and repeal Illinois’s sanctuary state. Running on the Democratic side of the governor race are candidates Chris Kennedy, Daniel Biss, Bob Daiber, Tio Hardiman, Robert Marshall and J. B. Pritzker. Kennedy, promises property tax reforms, equal education,

more funding for the education system and raising minimum wage to $15 an hour. Daniel Biss, a math teacher and an Illinois Senate member wants to fix the Illinois budget problem with fair taxes for all classes. He also believes that the state’s money should be used for the most important things, education and healthcare. With his experience as a State Senator Biss believes he can connect with the people of Illinois and meet all their needs as the governor. Also giving education a high priority is candidate Bob Daiber. Daiber promises to improve state budget with tax reform, maintain equal salaries for working men and women and work with communities to reduce crime rates. Along with that he hopes to establish community care centers in order to give people medical care for minor illnesses. J. B. Pritzker is very well funded candidate as well a co-founder of the Pritzker Group. Pritzker promises to fight for affordable health care for all Illinois residents, improve early childhood education for everyone and preparing the future of Illinois, and resisting President Trump especially involving health care and the environmental issues. The candidates in the race for governor all present many different ideas that they believe will help stabilize the Illinois government.

CASA de Maryland, a group that advocates for immigrants, rallies across from the White House to protest the end of TPS for Salvadorans. Photo courtesy of The Sacramento Bee.

KidsMatter director to retire Abigail McArthur-Self Staff Writer

IdaLynn Wenhold, executive director of local charity KidsMatter is set to retire this year. KidsMatter is a Naperville based organization that focuses on helping guide kids to make good choices and thrive in life. They offer support programs for both children and parents to help families connect with others in their area. KidsMatter was founded in the 1990s to help keep teens from engaging in destructive habits. Wenhold has been the director of the charity since 2001 and has been instrumental in the organization’s success and notoriety, according to Fair Lady Productions’ manager Kandiss Hernandez in a Daily Herald interview early this year. “[Wenhold’s] the backbone of helping kids,” she told them. Fair Lady Productions recognized the impact of KidsMatter on the community in their sixth annual award show. The president of charity’s board, Josh McBroom, said, “she’s so passionate… we’ll all be sad to see her go.” KidsMatter has many programs for kids including Youth in Action presentations aimed at the classroom setting; Building the Leader in You!, a teen-focused leadership program; Bridging the Gap, which connects kids and senior citizens; and Teen Mentors Matter, which connects kids with older mentors. They also run ParentsMatterToo, a way to connect with other parents and share advice, opinions and support. IdaLynn Wenhold and her family run another charity, 4:13. This charity focuses on helping schools and orphanages in Kenya and Guatemala, rather than working locally. Wenhold plans to spend more time working with 4:13 after she retires.

Profile of IdaLynn Wenhold, executive directory of Naperville nonfor-profit, KidsMatter. Photo courtesy of Fair Lady Productions.

January 2018

4 Sports

Going for the gold: A guide to the 2018 Olympics

The ethics behind athlete endorsement of unhealthy products

Madeline James

Staff Writer

Staff Writer

This February, Team USA and 89 other nations from around the world will travel to Pyeongchang, South Korea, to compete in the 2018 Winter Olympics. The Olympics have experienced a whirlwind of controversy, headlined by Russia and North Korea, neighbors to the north of the host nation. Despite ongoing tensions between the two nations, Pyeongchang has agreed for North Korea to be able send athletes to compete in the olympics, a controversial move that was approved by the International Olympic Committee. The South Korean government is viewing the move as “a first step in a significant improvement in bilateral relations”, according to the Washington Post. To the West, Russia will be in accord with their punishment from the IOC, and will not be participating in any of the Winter Games, as well as not having their anthem played or flag displayed during the opening ceremonies. There are a few exceptions for Russian athletes. For those with a history of consistently passing mandated drug tests, they will be able to compete with a neutral uniform in the olympics, but no medals will be awarded to Russia if an athlete places. The 2018 games will be slated for heavy competition across the board, with everything from luge to skeleton. For Team USA, a major headliner this year will include Chloe Kim, a 17 year old from California, who currently is ranked first in the world rankings for snowboarding. She is the first female to land back-toback 180s, and is a heavy favorite for the halfpipe. For hockey, the U.S Women’s team is set to begin another rivalry series with the Canadian Women’s team. Brianna Decker, the leading scorer for the U.S team, states that success is nothing less than “a gold medal” in Pyeongchang. Because of the NHL’ s ban on player participation in the Winter Olympics, both the U.S and Canadian Men’s hockey teams will be at a deficit against international competition. The Winter Olympics will be shown on NBC (Chicago channel 5) this year starting on February 9th, with the opening ceremonies. A full schedule and list of events can be seen on both the NBC and Olympic websites.

Orion Elrod

KC Chiefs

Every year, athletes advertise products laden with fat and sugar. Over the course of six years from 2003-2009, Lebron James made $16 million from advertising Coca-Cola products. In those six years, it is estimated that he contributed to selling 54.4 million Sprites that collectively contained over a billion spoonfuls of sugar. According to a study released by the NYU Langone Medical Center, $2 billion are spent on advertising food products to children every year. Of that money, only one percent goes to healthy foods. The conversation on the ethics behind athlete endorsements has been a longstanding one. It has been suggested that if advertisements for unhealthy food ceased to exist, the obesity rate could decrease by as much as 18 percent. That being said, is it the responsibility of the company creating and advertising the product or the athlete endorsing it? Alysa N. Miller, the coauthor of the aforementioned study, believes that the athletes certainly contribute to the problem, stating that “celebrities should be aware that their endorsements could exacerbate society’s struggle with obesity, and they should endorse healthy products instead.” Athletes do have a certain trust and credibility, given the public perception of their healthy lifestyles, and that credibility can have weight in changing public support for or against unhealthy products. But is it the athletes’ fault for wielding their credibility in advertisements, or the public’s fault for giving the it to them in the first place? While children are not the targets of the advertisements, they usually end up

Athlete Peyton Manning, Papa John’s founder John Schnatter and sports commentator Jim Nantz pose with a pizza box to advertise a Super Bowl deal. Photo courtesy of Restaurant News.

seeing them in one medium or another. Children have limited life experience and thus are more likely to trust their role models in all things, including what food products to buy. However, since children lack the means and ability to shop for groceries on their own, it is the job of their parents or guardians to make these decisions for them. Hence, it is the burden of those decision-making adults to do research on the products being considered for purchase and to ensure that ingredient labels are in line with what is in the best interest of their child’s nutritional needs. Though the athletes advertising unhealthy products may not be setting a good example, they cannot be the only ones to blame. Advertisements are meant to highlight the positive attributes of a

product in order to drive awareness and increase purchases. Obviously, advertising firms will not call out negative attributes as they do not want to limit the interest in their offerings. Therefore, it is the job of the consumer to educate themselves on products they are considering purchasing to ensure the products’ benefits outweigh the detractions. While both athletes and the companies they represent are a part of a large-scale problem, they are not solely to blame. Because both healthy and unhealthy products exists, it is the consumer’s job to find their own balance. With the abundance of product available on the market, it is incumbent on each individual consumer to make decisions for themselves and their families that align with their individual values.

Buffalo wings: The recipe for a successful Super Bowl party Madeline James

Recipe Preheat oven to 325 degrees, heat canola oil in a pot to 375 degrees * use caution with hot oil * Add 12 chicken wings to oil, frying for 5 to 7 minutes. Repeat for second batch. Drain on paper towels. In a medium saucepan, heat Franks sauce and butter until melted. Add worcestershire sauce and hot sauce, raise temperature until it begins to bubble. Put wings into an oven-safe pan, pour

Staff Writer

Ingredients Canola Oil 24 Chicken Wings 1 bottle Frank’s Red Hot Sauce 1 stick butter Dash worcestershire sauce Dash Tabasco Blue Cheese dressing Celery sticks

AFC Teams

NFC Teams

TN Titans

Atlanta Falcons NE Patriots

PHILA Eagles NE Patriots

Pittsburgh Steelers

JAX Jaguars

January 2018

Anika Haridas

sauce on top of wings, stir to coat wings entirely. Bake in oven for 15 minutes. Serve with blue cheese and celery. Invented in 1964 at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York, buffalo wings are now a football party staple food. Serving this dish, which is traditionally served with blue cheese to calm down the heat, will have everyone in the mood to watch the big game.

Atlanta Falcons

“New year, new me.” This catchphrase is plastered all over the media and is also the mindset of most individuals once the new year rolls around. According to researcher John Norcross, who published his findings in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, approximately 50 percent of the population makes resolutions each New Year. They wait to improve their character throughout their year just to completely change themselves when the new year comes. Many people believe New Year’s resolutions work if one is truly determined to end a bad habit. However, states that 80 percent of people fail to stick to their New Year’s resolutions for longer than six weeks, thus proving that most people aren’t devoted to their resolutions. A majority of people make resolutions about a healthier lifestyle which is usually significantly unrealistic and out of alignment with their internal view of themselves. They’re bound to fail because there is no personal motivation other than wanting to fit in and conform to the ways of the people around them. One should work out because they want to, not because it’s what’s expected. Rather than associating the New Year with resolutions or changes you need to make, it may be time to con-

JAX Jaguars

LA Rams

PHILA Eagles

MIN Vikings PHILA Eagles

JAX Jaguars

MIN Vikings

NO Saints

Carolina Panthers NO Saints

on aspects of yourself that you wish to work on throughout the year rather than basing it off of societal expectations. Another reason one may have trouble keeping up with New Year’s resolution is not believing in oneself. When one is going alone and trying to achieve a goal, they might convince themselves out of whatever they’re trying to do because they hit a roadblock on the path to success. If a goal is truly important, one won’t wait until the New Year to achieve it because it isn’t that easy especially if a goal is difficult to attain. If a person has a bad habit, they aren’t going to overcome it as soon as a certain time comes because they need to ease into improving to be a better person, not completely change who they are just for the sake of having a New Year’s resolution. They aren’t just going to wake up a different person that has a complete different lifestyle. For example, if one has a goal to eat healthier, they aren’t going to keep up to their own promises after previous years of eating unhealthy if they have. Usually, these unrealistic resolutions lead in giving up easily which not only just made the person feel guilty for not keeping up goals, but they are most likely going to wait an entire year again to achieve it. It is a very despairing mentality to carry throughout life and it will only lead to self hatred.

freedom Ashley Liu Staff Writer

If high school were a video game, the end goal would be to survive until graduation. Near the beginning of January, students (excluding seniors) looked over the course selection sheet to select their classes for next year. With videos, presentations, teacher recommendations and counselors at their disposal, students keep in mind the requirements needed to graduate: 4 years of English, 3 years of Math, 3 years of lab science, American History, US Government, another Social Studies class, a semester of Consumer Economics, Physical education for 3 ½ years, one semester of Health and electives. With so much requested of 14-18 year olds, they have almost no room to take other classes to determine their choice of career, pressured under the weight of parental and societal requirements. Often, students find themselves picking classes based on what will best get them into college, like band, world language or AP classes, but once they are accepted, they don’t know what to pursue as a career. The National Center for Education Statistics discovered that at least 80 per-

The media heals and shares

cent of the college population will change their major at least once in their college career, often changing their majors three times before settling. College tuition varies from the classes taken, and students are the ones paying for it. With the price for college reaching a rocket high, it’s expensive to continuously change classes based on indecision. Shouldn’t high school be the place to experiment with classes while under the financial protection of parents? High school graduation requirements leave little to no room for students to experience possible career choices between what colleges and parents want. If a student studies to be an engineer, they don’t need to write an essay explaining how someone wrote an essay about another essay. If a student chooses the path of a journalist, they won’t find themselves using the Pythagorean Theorem in their lifetime. The majority of the material learned may be useful or even necessary (i.e US Government and Consumer Economics), but it really depends on the student’s chosen career path. High school should be the stepping stone for students to find out what they want to do in life, not a juggle to balance social life, academics and pressure of the future.

Ella Estopare Staff Writer

The lives of this generation seem to heavily depend on the various social media platforms available today. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, almost everybody has some app they’re checking every two seconds for the latest update on their follower count. Many people have stumbled upon the trending #MeToo and #WhyWeWearBlack and have noticed that their popularity has grown dramatically in the past year. Both of these hashtags are tied to the Time’s Up Movement, which was founded in late 2017. The movement came into the public eye after several sexual harassment stories were shared by famous women in the entertainment industry, such as Angelina Jolie and Kate Beckinsale. It started to gain momentum shortly after the Harvey Weinstein scandal in October 2017 after the press exposed Weinstein for the sexual predator that he is. This event sparked the birth of #MeToo on Twitter. The hashtag was used by women who felt that they could relate to the women in Hollywood who had fallen victim to Weinstein and other men like him. It encouraged women all over the country to speak out against their offenders, and it also created a sense of community for the women who had suffered from sexual harassment. The Time’s Up Movement foundation was built on the #MeToo as well as the allegations of several powerful men in Hollywood who had taken advantage of their influence, like Ben Affleck and James Franco. All the exposure for the Time’s Up Movement is the reason that it is so well-known and prominent in the public’s eye. Before October 2017, the movement was unheard of and their few supporters felt that their voice was too small to be heard on its own. Having Hollywood stars speak out for the movement and share their views through the internet has been what has encouraged many women around the country to tell their stories and heal together. Although some stories can be misconstrued by some sources, it doesn’t fog the fact that these victims are sharing their experiences, demanding justice and promoting activism. For a lot of the women out there, the fear of facing their accusers while thinking that they are alone was too much. Without the media’s influence, the Time’s Up Movement wouldn’t have been born, and the thousands of women who have had to endure such difficult times would have remained silenced by their fear. The media served as a platform for the foundation of a community for healing and progress, hoping to eliminate the fear of being silenced by the public.

Renowned actress America Ferrera was one of the first actresses in Hollywood to acknowledge the importance of the Time’s Up Movement when it began in late 2017. Photo courtesy of InStyle.

Trump is unqualified- and there is no doubt about it

Alya Khan

Profiles Editor

NE Patriots

Buffalo Bills

Why it’s difficult to keep New The struggle between Year’s resolutions sider a different approach. Contemplate requirements and self

Staff Writer

The Road to the 2018 Super Bowl TN Titans

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Today, there are certain insinuations and connotations surrounding the word ‘politics.’ Before the current president and his election year, talking about politics meant discussing whether or not you supported troops being deployed to other countries and whether you think taxes should be increased or decreased. But now, because of the disrespectful language and attitude of President Trump, talking politics means defending constitutional rights and, even more so, human rights. There is no doubt we will never completely rid US citizens of their political party alliances. Republicans and Democrats, Conservatives and Liberals alike will all defend their beliefs without ever backing down. And no one is saying that you shouldn’t. All I want to know is why people are unable to constructively and civilly discuss different topics. I digress. I have an answer -- it’s Trump.

Political debate topics, like taxes and international involvement, have two sides to the argument that can be and are equally supported. Other topics, like police brutality and abortion, have more subjective supportive evidence. For police brutality, there are holes in the stories, missing surveillance footage and a lot of “he-said, she-said” arguments. With abortion, it all comes down to morals, beliefs and religion. None of these defenses are objective or quantifiable. In all of these cases, what you believe is defendable, either by weak or strong evidence. And whether or not you are able to sway people’s opinions is a matter of your ability to persuade.However, you cannot argue that Trump is not racist or that he is a good man. He ran his entire presidential election on a platform that called Mexicans rapists and Muslims terrorists. Just recently, Trump called African countries and Haiti “shithole countries” and asked that we get more immigrants from countries like Norway. Trump’s actions, man-

ner of speaking and general intolerance is breeding a dangerous and hateful American population. Individuals are now being given the platform and freedom to say vicious and cruel things about entire groups of people. These people have always thought this way- racism, misogyny and hatred don’t just happen overnightand because the man in office feels entitled to this position, he hasn’t kept his mouth closed either. In comparison, President Obama recently was interviewed by Prince Harry of the British Royal family. Obama’s political platform was drastically different than that of Trump’s. During the interview, Obama says that people should err on the side of caution when it comes to what people post online and on social media. It is obvious that this was a direct comment to Trump’s posts on Twitter, but Obama did not name names or directly insult or call out anyone. There is a certain degree of professionalism in actions like these that Trump simply lacks.

If something bothers Trump, he will stop just short of a home address in terms what he is willing to spill about the person who he thinks wronged him. People in even the smallest of businesses and largest of industries are stepping up and supporting movements and causes that are long overdue. Past presidents, such as Obama, are being invited to international state affairs. People in positions of power are now willing to set aside their beliefs to listen to other ones and come to new conclusions. Sadly, on the other hand, our current president acts childishly in response to any sort of criticism, repeatedly tries to prove his intelligence and screams of incompetence. Trump is still in charge despite being amateurish, juvenile, unrefined and incapable of running this country. His rise to power shocked Democrats and Republicans, and everytime he opens his mouth, we are yet again dumbfounded by his stupidity.

January 2018

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“I’ve struggled with body image and had a very unhealthy relationship with food for a big chunk of my life. I was always health conscious, but I was hopping from one fad diet to another without success or sense of happiness. However, once I adopted practices of intuitive eating, I felt that I was able to regain that mind body connection. Essentially, intuitive eating is listening to your body’s signals and really helps if you struggle with disordered eating or if you tend to categorize food as good and bad. Intuitive eating has helped me be more at peace internally and physically, and has allowed me to eat without food guilt.”

Megan Ng, Senior

STAY ON TRACK Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be exhausting. The Echo offers simple and managible options to help you stick with your 2018 New Year’s resolutions.

“I once saw the following quote while scrolling through Pinterest: ‘Don’t diet and exercise, eat and train.’ To me, ‘diet and exercise’ sounds so dainty — we are warriors! We should be abundantly fueling our bodies with rich and whole unprocessed foods to attack the day and whatever challenges lie ahead!”

Cameron Solberg, Senior

“I do yoga because it eliminates the stress from my day and eat continuosly because it makes me feel good.”

Maggie Mokrzycki, Junior




New Year’s resolutions revolving around exercise begin to dwindle as soon as the second week of January. Creating an easy-to-follow workout routine is a major key to sticking with a fitness plan. Yoga

Being healthy is a lifestyle; if you’re determined to eat healthier, consider your current lifestyle and living situation, then plan accordingly.

While physical wellness is important, it is crucial to pay attention to your mental health and care for yourself emotionally.



A great way to unwind, stretch, and destress. Vinyasa yoga focuses on controlling breathing while flowing through poses. Hatha yoga improves balance and builds strength as poses are held for a longer period of time. If you’re looking to sweat out toxins from your body, try Bikram, which takes place in a heated room and flows through 26 poses. Whether you go to a studio, or try it at home, this a a great way to refocus.


If you are looking for a fun, alternative way to stay fit, zumba is a great way to be active while tapping into your musical side. Zumba dancing was created in the 1990’s by a Colombian dancer and has skyrocketed in popularity since. Whether you enroll in a class or just follow along on Youtube, zumba is a great aerobic workout.

Foods hunted and gathered by those in the Paleolithic Era - regional fruits/vegetables, grassfed meats, wild fish, nuts/seeds, tubers, oil, eggs. No calorie or macro counting- you eat until you’re full and eat when you’re hungry. Cuts out almost all grains, sugars (unless from fruit) and processed foods.

Vegetarian (lacto-ovo)

Cuts out all meat but eats animal products like dairy and eggs. Can be easy to fall into protein deficiency, be sure to take necessary vitamins and supplements.

Raw Foodism


Tabata workouts are perfect for anyone who is limited on space and time. Tabata consists of three to eight 20-30 second intervals of high intensity work with short periods of rest.

Eating only or mostly uncooked, unprocessed foods so you can get nutrients without dangerous additives. This means eliminating foods that have been pasteurized, homogenized or produced with the use of synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilizers, industrial solvents or chemical food additives. Eat fresh produce, fish, sea vegetables, fermented foods, sprouted grains, nuts, seeds, eggs and even some meat and raw dairy.

After Working Out:

Smoothie Bowl Recipe

Stay hydrated! Drinking water is essential for replenishing the fluids in your body that was sweat out during your workout. Dehydration may cause dizziness and will affect muscle recovery. Stretch and foam roll. Doing a quick cool down prevents your muscles from getting tight and reduces soreness. Stopping physical activity abruptly increases the chances of lactic acid build up in the muscles which is the main cause of soreness.

1 cup of a frozen fruit of your choice 1 frozen ripe banana 1/2 cup of your choice of greens (ex: spinach or kale) 2 tbsp of your choice of protein (ex: chia seeds, greek yogurt, or oats) 1/2 cup of your choice of juice or milk Granola or nuts as a topping (optional)

Not your mother’s diary. Journaling about what you did and how you felt about it is a great way to reflect and capture memories from high school. Try journaling on a weekly or monthly basis. Add doodles, ticket stubs, color or dried flowers to spice up the paper. Completing a journal is a rewarding accomplishment and you will have something to look back on in the future.

Take Time For Yourself

This means putting your phone down and focusing on something that you enjoy, even if you do not have the motivation to do so, it is important to dedicate time to work on something for yourself. Phones add to the busyness of life- there are texts to answer, photos to like and streaks to keep, keep this distraction to a minimum.

Ask For Help

If you are feeling unmotivated, anxious, your thoughts seem cluttered and your mood swings are more abrupt than usual, it is crucial to tell a parent, friend or counselor, even if it seems intimidating or you don’t think they will understand. Your feelings matter. You matter. Talking or even writing about what is going on is a positive way to cope.

Be Honest

Check up on yourself and evaluate how you are doing every once in a while. This helps create an idea for what goals to work on. Consider academics, athletics, social life, family relationships and quiet time. Are any of your relationships toxic? Is your study time really spent studying? Remember that you’re a teenager, it’s the time of your life where you’re meant to have fun.

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January 2018

January 2018

8 Student Life

150-year-old super blood blue moon returns Sofia Mayhew Staff Writer

On January 31, we will be able to witness a celestial event rare enough to challenge that of the total solar eclipse that occured last August: the first total blood blue moon eclipse in 150 years. A number of rare occurrences will be happening to the moon at once. There will be a blue moon, meaning it will be the second full moon of January (the first one fell on New Year’s). In addition, the moon will be in perigee, meaning it will be orbiting closer to the Earth than usual, which makes it a supermoon. The moon will look “about 15% bigger and about 30% brighter,” as Mr. Mendoza, an Earth and Space science teacher, explained. The most notable change in the moon is credited to the solar eclipse: the moon will turn a haunting mix of red and orange. This moon extravaganza will be unusual and mesmerizing no matter where you see it from, but there are some spots that can enhance your view. It is best to view the moon from a high place as it is a supermoon and seeing it against the horizon will capture the full effect of its grandeur. The hill located on 104th Street would be a good option. The hill is more secluded and has less light pollution than other areas, so it is ideal for stargazing. Unfortunately, the hill isn’t that high up, so the moon wouldn’t appear as big as from other locations. Another good spot to have your moon party is the bridge over Route 59. This location is optimal if you’re looking to see the moon at its largest. However, due to traffic, there may be excessive noise and light. The prime spot is the hill next to the Millennium Carillon Bell Tower in downtown Naperville. This area is moderately quiet and dark because of low traffic at night, and the hill is high enough so that the moon would appear fairly large against the Naperville skyline. Wherever you decide to view this celestial rarity, take a moment to appreciate the beauty our solar system has to offer.

Variety Show Spotlight

Staying in style this year Emma Wightkin

Staff Writer With the beginning of the new year rings in the beginning of new trends. Last year, we experienced a large popularity of fidget spinners, clout goggles and mom jeans. However, it is now time to say goodbye to these fads as we enter the new year and say hello to what’s hot in 2018. This year the world is entering a new era where the weirder something is the better. Last year everyone experienced the popularity of Soundcloud artists who trademarked themselves by tattooing their faces. This should be expected to carry over into the new year as the genre of slow mellow rap, emerging from Soundcloud, continually grows. Some major artists

from this platform that are on the come up are rappers like Lil Xan and Brian Emanuel. Another group of artists that everyone should look out for is the boy band group Brockhampton. In fashion, many trends are on the rise including raver jeans. These are extremely large pants that open up at the top and widen as they go down. First trademarked by a picture on twitter posted by Post Malone, these jeans are a must for 2018. In order to show everyone how much more unique they are then others, owning a pair of these is a key component. It has become increasingly popular to wear very loud and crazy prints. These help people stand out and make everyone’s styles more unique. Wearing clothes like these can also be referred to as street

style. This is a style that is considered more casual and urban. In this new year people are moving away from dressing up and have begun wearing clothes that are stylish yet comfortable. Not only has street style become more in, but the punk clothing movement is on the rise as well. Darker colors and shocking clothing pieces are a new staple. Last year the fashion world experienced the popularity of pastels such as “millennial pink”, a pastel pink shade. But this year everyone should expects to see dark colors more commonly. Although many might think following these trends is crucial, in the end it’s important to do what you like. Trends come and go, but being original and unique is forever in style.

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The Variety Show has been a running tradition at Neuqua Valley for quite a long time now. Neuqua is filled with diverse, talented people, and we celebrate this by giving students an opportunity to showcase their unique skills. Variety Show consists of singers, musicians, dancers and even comedic hosts. We interviewed some of the student body as they prepare themselves to perform in this year’s Variety Show.

Nirav Rao and Tiffany Choi (Singing Duet) How and when did you get into music?

Nirav: I got a super small kid-sized guitar from my grandpa when I was a little kid. I didn’t know how to play it, but I can remember really wanting to learn.

How did you choose song selections? Are the songs significant?

Tiffany: “La La Land” is one of my favorite movies and we both agreed that “City of Stars” is one of the most iconic songs from the film. We made it into a medley with “Start a Fire” by John Legend to introduce the piece with a little more energy.

Why do you think the Variety Show is a good event to showcase your talent in this school?

Nirav: Variety Show is in my opinion the best platform for anyone to showcase their talents because of how popular it is. If you want yourself heard, there’s no better chance than Friday night V-Show with a full house (it always sells out). Tiffany: I have always been shy about my singing so it gives me a chance to perform in front of a crowd of people; it’s kind of my way of coming out of my shell. Not even my parents have heard me sing so this will be interesting.

How has music impacted your life?

Tiffany: It’s a form of stress-relief and it gives me something to work towards. With both violin and singing, I think the most interesting aspect is seeing growth from when you first started the piece to a performance of it. Nirav: Music has been a guiding factor for me from a young age. It’s one of those things that no one ever has to tell me to do because I look forward to it. To me, practicing isn’t a chore and I love it. I’d like to explore the science of music therapy when I’m older.

Arjun Malhotra (DJ)

When did you find your passion and talent in DJ-ing?

Woman seen wearing raver jeans with a nice white t-shirt. It is a very casual yet interesting look, perfect for the springtime. Photo courtesy of

Two male models seen walking on the runway in very colorful patterns. Bright colors are no longer restricted to just females. Photo courtesy of

Two female models showcasesing a revival of the 90’s grunge trend on the runway. Photo courtsey of

SMART ways to keep resoultions Katya Brovkovych

News Editor According to US News, 80 percent of New Year’s resolutions fail by February, but this year, yours don’t have to. “We always tell our sophomores to refer back to SMART goal philosophy,” tells an Advanced Health teacher, Mr. Brouwer. SMART is an acronym coined in the journal Management Review in 1981 for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound goals. Specific – a resolution should be absolutely clear with a concrete goal. Measurable – a resolution must give the ability to track progress its progress. Achievable –

making a goal too big could be a step too fast causing failure. Relevant – the goal should be matter to the person making it. Time-bound - the timeline toward reaching the goal should be realistic. It is important to remember that the New Year isn’t meant to serve as a catalyst for a huge change. It is rather a time for people to reflect on their past and promise to make positive lifestyle changes. “I personally believe that if I want to achieve something it should stem from personal interest in the topic or dedication to improving something about myself or the community,” said Lauren Risany, senior. “They can start by selecting a goal and be willing to make a lifetime

changes, not just doing a quick fix. If it is a goal, then they have to be willing to make sacrifices for it,” said Mr. Brouwer. By incorporating healthy behavior into everyday life and making resolutions realistic, there is a greater chance of keeping them throughout the year. More tips for having a successful New Years resolution include writing down reminders in different places throughout a person’s daily routine. Involving others and having a positive mindset can also greatly increase the success of a goal. With determination and following the SMART philosophy, success is almost guaranteed.

CYT’s upcoming Les Miserables: Making winter less miserable Grace Huff

Staff Writer With the cold weather, it can often be a struggle to find anything remotely fun to do. People are left to hibernate in their homes and scroll Netflix in hopes that they might find a show that they haven’t seen for the thousandth time. One show that’s not on Netflix though, is giving something for people to do this winter season and it doesn’t involve being cooped up at home! The Christian Youth Theater is presenting the classic musical, Les Miserables, to the people this winter. This musical, based on the book by Victor Hugo, follows the journey of Jean Valjean, a 19 century french prisoner, who seeks a new life, it exemplifies human kindness, courage and the cruelty of the world. Neuqua native, Kate Waldron, who can be seen playing Eponine in the upcoming musical is getting very excited for this years production, saying that this being her 17 musical she is very happy with how the production is ending up, even stating “I am

confident that this will be one of the best shows I’ve been in. The overall cast and direction is phenomenal and will make for a brilliant show.” Some may be concerned the production may be altered in some fashion, but don’t worry for all you musical-lovers out there, the Christian Youth Theater is staying true to the overall plot, only cutting out a few small parts due to time constraints. When asked about the changes, Waldron said “We definitely have some aspects that are fresh and different, but we haven’t changed any integral moments of the show.” Although some people may find going to musicals to be a bore, Les miserables breaks those standards with the inspiring characters and plot. Be sure to look out for posters around town promoting the theaters’ musical and keep an eye out for it on social media! You have the opportunity to get out of your hibernation and go see this fantastic production from Thurday, Februrary 22 to Sunday, Februrary 25.

January 2018

To be honest, I never expected or had a desire to become a DJ. Someone needed me to DJ a party for them my freshman year since I knew music and was good with technology. One thing led to another and my skill increased, and my passion grew as well. I could not be happier where I am as a DJ, and I would not trade this for the world.

Have you done Variety Show before?

I have not, but being at the show and talking to one of the former participants, I knew this was something I had to do and be a part of because of how amazing of an experience it seems like.

How has music and DJ-ing impacted your life?

It’s impacted my life in the most incredible way possible. DJ-ing has frankly changed my life. Besides the money, and the compliments it’s shown me how to take my talent and turn it into my lifestyle. I DJ every weekend no matter what, and being a DJ has been so impactful to my attitude. Being the one to run a party and make it the exciting event it needs to be has given a boost of confidence in my everyday life as well. It’s the most incredible experience, and I honestly could not tell you how happy it makes me.

Neuqua Dance Team- Katie Piggott Have you done Variety Show before?

I have been in the Variety Show for the past two years!

Why do you think the Variety Show is a good event to showcase your talent in this school?

I think V-Show is a good event to showcase my team’s talent because it gives people who don’t come to our competitions or performances a chance to see us perform along with the other acts in the show!

What are some of the best parts of creating the choreography?

The best part about creating the choreography of our routine for the show is getting to collaborate as a team and work together to create a dance that showcases us well and is fun to perform.

How has dance impacted your life?

V-Show Hosts:

Dance has impacted my life because I have met so many amazing people throughout my years dancing, and it has taught me a lot about myself not only as a dancer but as a person!

Amith Ashok Grace Feehan

Abdul Jirreh

Why did you want to be a host for Variety Show this

Why did you want to be a host for Variety Show year? this year? I wanted to be a V-Show host because after years of I wanted to be a V-Show host because when I went to V-Show last year, I knew I wanted to be a part of the show and being a host seemed like a super fun way to get involved.

What are you most looking forward to?

I’m most looking forward to watching all the acts and being a part of the show behind the scenes. I’m really excited for the actual shows and to work with all of my friends who are also in V-Show.

seeing it, I saw how funny the hosts were and I thought it would be a unique experience to do with my friends to end high school on a great note.

What are you most looking forward to?

I’m most looking forward to the actual Variety Show. I know that hosting is going to require a good amount of work with the acts, so finally getting to see all the work pay off and also getting to see great acts perform is going to be fun.

Why did you want to be a host for Variety Show this year? Being a Variety Show host means a lot to me, and I decided to audition because I felt that it would give me an opportunity to be a contributing part of the senior class while also allowing me to use my words to have an impact on the people of NV and showcase my charisma. What are you most looking forward to? I am most looking forward to going out there and performing in front of a large audience while giving proper introductions to the talented acts that we were lucky to have. This Variety Show is an important part of the culture we foster at our school and simply being able to take part in it enables me to give back to the community that has allowed me to develop for the past four years.

January 2018

10 Entertainment

One Book, One School: “The Boys Black Mirror on the Boat” review

Katya Brovkovych News Editor

After writing successful novels, Daniel James Brown published a non-fiction book, “The Boys in the Boat: Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics.” It was published on June 4, 2013. The book is about the University of Washington’s eightoared crew that represented the United States in the 1936 Olympics in Berlin and narrowly beat out Italy and Germany to win the gold medal. The book has 4.5 stars and over 17 thousands reviews on GoodReads, and it has 5 stars and over 20 thousands reviews on Amazon. The book is well-loved for its timeless yet cliché example of a poorer working class person’s rise to the top. It also has the theme of love at first sight as Joe falls head over heels for Joyce, humanizing the characters and romanti-

cizing Joyce’s character. The reader gets captured by the main character’s determination to achieve his hopes and dreams, cheering on the character as he faces adversities. However, the book would be better without the author giving history on every single detail, as this causes the story to quickly become elementary and overdrawn. The author embellishes so much that it is no longer non-fiction, but seems to turn into fiction based on a true story. Brown spends too much time reiterating the backdrop information of the book because it takes place in the Great Depression coming toward World War II. The book at some points starts to sound more like a history class rather than focusing on the plot. The author oscillates between incorporating too much historical detail and too little detail. Daniel Brown decided to write the book after he met with Joe Rants. Rants was in

his last couple of months of life when Daniel Brown met him. “At the moment, I sat down next to him and began to listen to his life story; I was hooked,” said Brown. Brown wanted to write this book not only because extraordinary events that took place, but because of people like Rants. “It was really Joe’s character. The things he had overcome in life, the way he had conducted himself in hard times, and it was so admirable,” wrote Brown in his interview. Since the book has been published, it has been recognized as a New York Times bestseller and American Booksellers Association's Adult Nonfiction Book of the Year, and it has received the American Library Association's Andrew Carnegie Medal for Excellence in Nonfiction Selection. The story of the gold medal winning crew also inspired a 2016 PBS American Experience documentary The Boys of ’36.

How entertainment shapes our personality

Arti Rathore Staff Writer

For several years, people have begged the question: do movies and tv shows determine how we act? The better question would be: does entertainment determine who we are? Movies, TV shows and books have all been favorites among the public for they offer escape and acceptance. Characters meant to connect with people have succeeded in their tasks and form the people we all are today. Our expectations for love, life and everything in between come from the ideals represented within some of the most famous movies, musicals and novels. People still look to stories such as “Romeo and Juliet,” “Titanic” and “The Great Gatsby” for inspiration and hope. They

label and compare their relationships to that of Bonnie and Clyde or Noah and Allie from “The Notebook.” Several serious crimes have been linked to these forms of entertainment. In fact, three murders were linked to the publication of “The Catcher in the Rye” as these people saw Holden Caulfield, the main character of the book, as a leader. They felt connected to and accepted by this fictional character and attempted to use the book as justification for their crimes. On several occasions, people have taken inspiration from movies like “The Dark Knight Rises” or “Scream” for orchestrating mass shootings. The things we look to for entertainment have a greater effect on us and our actions than we would like to acknowledge. Though people are responsible for

their own choices, some are greatly influenced in the wrong way by misinterpreting books, movies, TV shows and video games. It’s not that people choose what they want to be influenced by-- it’s human nature. Neuqua sociology teacher, Mrs. Kontos, stated: “I think we have become desensitized to violence… Media gives us optimism and hope but also forms negative and unrealistic expectations.” As Dodie Clark once said, “We are all the best parts of our favorite people.” Our unique and individual qualities are formed by our experiences and the people we hold closest in our hearts. For years, but the truth is, they affect our life. Entertainment plays a bigger role than just five minutes of escape; it shapes our disposition - how we act, what we believe and what we expect.

Creativity crisis: YouTube’s algorithms limit creators Adrian Lindell Staff Writer

When YouTube was first launched in 2005, no one could ever imagine a person earning money from posting videos. Now, in 2018, YouTube has become a huge business in the online world; around 1.3 billion people use the video-sharing website, watching a total of 5 billion videos every day, according to Fortune Lords. Originally, YouTube was used as a creative outlet, but it has changed dramatically over the past few years. Now, YouTube content creators can earn millions and sometimes billions of dollars from ad revenue and sponsored deals with advertisers and brands. People who started making YouTube videos as a creative outlet in its early years were surprised when they learned they could make money from doing what they love. People know they can make money from making videos, many new YouTubers are emerging and trying to profit off of the large audiences of children and the

typically short-lived attention and fame that could earn them millions of dollars. Prank videos, daily vlogging and similar content can attract millions of views, and therefore large amounts of money, very quickly. YouTube is primarily a business aimed towards increasing video watch times and attracting more users to the platform. The automated process picks videos to be featured on the trending page and decides if videos are “advertiser-friendly,” flagging videos that may be controversial or unacceptable such as gun reviews and terrorist group propaganda. When their videos are flagged, the creators do not earn money from advertisers. Unfortunately, the algorithms have problems, such as erasing thousands of subscribers and flagging videos for no reason, causing creators to be confused and upset because they cannot earn any money from those videos until the company fixes the mistake. Demonetization algorithms have forced creators to change

their content to be “advertiser-friendly” and make sponsored videos to stay financially stable so they can continue to make videos. Meanwhile, many younger YouTubers take advantage of the algorithms, tailoring their videos to exactly what the algorithms are looking for. This ensures that their videos are highly successful at the cost of taking attention away from YouTubers who make unique, artistic and expressive videos. The integrity of YouTube is now obscured and hidden behind YouTubers who use their platform only for fame, money and attention. There is no doubt that there are some creators who have continued to make original content but many of the younger YouTubers use the opportunity to become rich and famous quickly. Hopefully, YouTube will rework their algorithms soon to resolve errors and promote various types of videos to encourage creators to make unique videos.

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Presley Polvere Staff Writer

The absolutely mind blowing British TV series, “Black Mirror,” has taken the world by storm. The first three seasons of Black Mirror led viewers into events and ideas that were out of this world. The fourth season brought even more of these ideas along with emotional attachments between people and fantasy worlds. One thing about the show that brings viewers back is that each episode has its own story but connects to the overall theme of how technology impacts people or how people impact the world with technology. Season four was released to the Netflix world on Dec. 29, 2017, and it is already a hit. After watching a few episodes in Seasons one, two and three, I took it upon myself to watch Season four in its entirety. Season four was something out of a dream. Each episode kept me thinking about the future and how advanced our technology could really become. Episode one, the “U.S.S. Callister,” started out as a usual episode which presented futuristic job sites, but the episode soon turned into a story of an intelligent individual who wanted to have power because he was not receiving it in the real world. He created a simulation module/ game of his favorite show and put clones of his coworkers inside. Through this, he controlled them since he was the ultimate creator of the game. Even though I was yelling at the TV for most of the episode, I found myself trying to understand the character and what he did. This episode reveals the possible negative impact an individual and technology can have on others. There was more yelling to do as I began to watch Episode three, which is titled “Crocodile.” This episode took technology to an extreme with a device that read each and every memory a person had. The main character is a woman who is guilty of witnessing her friend commit vehicular manslaughter. The friend confronts her about it years later and there is a falling-out between the two. After the argument she sees an another accident outside of a hotel room and is questioned about it with a device that picks up all memories. The most shocking episode of Season four was Episode six, “Black Museum.” This one was beyond my belief, and I could not fathom how one individual could ruin so many lives with different technology. This episode brings to life the curiosity of a girl who walks into a museum and learns about the developments that a former neuroscientist created and how each story provided down fall for others. The ending of this episode seamlessly provided support to how the "Black Mirror” title came to be. All six episodes may be different but so will your reactions after you experience the mind twisting and unbelievable series that keeps people questioning the use of technology in modern day society.

NEW VS. OLD JUMANJI CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 Due to generation differences between movies, certain plotlines between them have changed. Although the base of the Jumanji game is there in the modern film, the primary rules or story isn’t there.

January 2018

Since the original has the game being brought into the real world, the revival has the people in the real world go into the game. The messages of the two movies are also slightly different from one another. The 1995 version details the imminent message of childhood innocence while

it brings you through this rembrandt adventure. But the 2017 version has a message of teamwork but it wasn’t nearly as impactful as it was buried underneath all the jokes. But some still loved the quirkiness of the movie even though it very much differed from the original. Dirk Libbey from

CinemaBlend stated that “‘Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle’ brings audiences back to its classic fictional world” when he saw the movie. Although Kasdan wasn’t able to keep full authenticity to the movie, it still showed amazing performances and humor to start off the new year.

November 2017

12 Focus

e d i u G l a v i v Sur n o i t i d e 2018

Struck by lightning: 1 in 700,000 Cover head and ears (thunder is loud). To help, call 911. Per form CPR if the person is not respons ive (electric shock may cause cardiac ar rest).

,000 0 0 ,5 1 1 in tack: 1 Shark at s, gills or snout. ye Attack e

of survival e c n a h c 10 in Avalanche: 1 to outrun. If le ib ss o p im -y all rient yourO Run horizont . n e g y x o e t wast buried, do no dig yourself o t y r t d n a y it self using grav out.

Plane crash: 1 in 11,000,000 Read the safety card. Wear your seatbelt. Assume brace position for impact. Follow instructions. Exit the plane immedi ately when safe to do so.

Bear attack: 1 in 2,100,000 Brown bears are the most common. Polar bears are the most dangerous. Remember: “If it’s brown, lie down. If it’s black, fight back. If it’s white, goodnight!” Insect sting: 1 in 6,000,000 Remain calm, remove stinger, apply ice, elevate area to reduce pain and swelling. Call 911 for trouble breathing, feeling faint/ dizzy, hives or swollen tongue. Graphics and information compiled by Adrian Lindell

January 2018

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NVHS Echo - January 2018

Echo - January 2018  

NVHS Echo - January 2018