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Strategic Plan 2011-2013 Priorities of a Community-Inspired Library

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Mayor’s Message The Library’s 2011 – 2013 Strategic Plan will serve as a roadmap for library services for the next three years.

North Vancouver District Mayor Richard Walton

Our municipality prides itself on being a great place to live, work and play. The North Vancouver District Public Library, with its three locations, Capilano, Lynn Valley and Parkgate, contributes significantly to the livability of the District. In fact, a recent survey conducted by the Library reveals that 98 per cent of District residents feel that the Library improves their overall quality of life.

Libraries do so much to enrich the lives of the District’s residents. Because of this, I would like to thank, on behalf of District Council, the Library Board and staff for their hard work and dedication in serving our community. Richard Walton Mayor, District of North Vancouver


Board Chair’s Message On behalf of the North Vancouver District Public Library Board, I am pleased to share with you the Library Board’s Strategic Plan 2011-2013: Priorities of a Community-Inspired Library. To create this plan, the Library Board took a community-inspired approach, true to the subtitle of this document. In early 2010 the Library Board embarked on a year-long process whereby we engaged the community to inform our direction for the next three Lucy Cayuela years. We heard from people and groups Library Board Chair representing a range of constituencies. We conducted surveys and focus groups. We participated in the District’s official community planning process. Through this consultation process, we came to understand the needs of the community that our Library serves. In this strategic plan the Library Board reaffirms its vision, mission, values and guiding principles, and identifies four strategic themes to guide the Library through the upcoming three years. These strategic themes will ensure that the Library achieves its vision of being the place you want to be. These are exciting and dynamic times for public libraries. Unprecedented evolution in technology requires the Library to innovate, but the Library Board also understands the importance of traditions. At such a time, the Library Board is proud to offer library service that is meaningful to District residents. Our community told us, “life is better with a library to visit.” We want to continue to hear these positive messages from the community. Lucy Cayuela Chair, Library Board


Director’s Message It will be my pleasure to work with staff to implement this strategic plan, which will result in the following: • relevant, accessible and quality public library services and facilities, • engaged community members and staff, • vital, livable neighbourhoods and villages, and • a strong organization with solid values and principles. As you flip through the pages of this document, you will see that the community Heather Scoular Director of Library Services is truly at the heart of this plan. In the spirit of being community-inspired, the Library is committed to not only achieve the outcomes set out in this plan, but to publicly report on them as well. The Library will develop performance measures to track the Library’s progress in implementing this plan. The Library’s progress will also be documented in each of the annual reports. Achieving the goals of the plan will be a team effort incorporating all levels of staff. The Library has a strong and dedicated team of staff whose contributions will allow the Library to achieve its strategic outcomes. I look forward to working with the Library Board, the staff and the community as we deliver upon the priorities of a community-inspired library. Heather Scoular Director of Library Services


Strategic Plan 2011-2013 Priorities of a Community-Inspired Library


Mission and Vision Mission We enrich and inform by connecting our community to a wealth of information, ideas and experiences.

Vision Your Library: the place you want to be North Vancouver District Public Library will be at the heart of the District’s success and livability. The Library will attract and enrich cultural life, and contribute to the local economy. It will inspire pride, advance knowledge and provide all with opportunities for community connections and personal growth.


Values and Guiding Principles Intellectual freedom We represent and defend the right to freedom of thought, expression and ideas as a cornerstone of an intellectually vibrant community. We offer a range of materials and experiences acknowledging the diversity in the community.

Lifelong learning and the love of reading We foster personal and intellectual growth in our citizens throughout all the stages of their lives. We support and promote early literacy and information literacy.

Equitable access for all We ensure the community has the access to services, collections and facilities that they need and desire. We remove barriers, and invite and include everyone.

Collection and service excellence We offer the highest level of service we can provide, and our collections meet and surpass the expectations of our discerning community.

Library as place We prepare, maintain and evolve our physical spaces for the comfort, safety and delight of our visitors. We manifest our library as the community’s “third place,� a place beyond the home or the workplace.

Community building and relationships We partner, collaborate and communicate with individuals and groups in the community. Our Library is actively involved in the community, and is a place where the community connects. We contribute to the ongoing economic vitality of our community.

Fiscal responsibility and accountability We manage with skill and good judgement the community resources that have been entrusted to us.

Sustainability We demonstrate commitment to sustainable practices on all levels.

Innovation and tradition We are leaders in the skilful application of new technologies and new services. We look ahead with enthusiasm even as we look behind to ensure we retain worthwhile ideas and methods.



Strategic Themes for 2011 – 2013 North Vancouver District Public Library’s 2011 – 2013 Strategic Plan features the following four strategic themes: •

Community Hub – we are committed to becoming a vital part of the infrastructure that anchors and inspires our community

Strong Organization – we are committed to strengthening and increasing collections, professional services and access

Social Well-Being – we are committed to fostering social well-being in the community

Community and Government Relations – we are committed to demonstrating the Library’s value

The following pages describe what each of these strategic themes mean for our Library, and outline how our Library will move forward.


Community Hub We are committed to becoming a vital part of the infrastructure that anchors and inspires our community. North Vancouver District Public Library will strengthen its identity and role as a centre of community life. With adaptable and flexible spaces the Library will be the community’s “third place,” a place beyond the home or the workplace. It will be a place where people congregate, and where friendships and partnerships flourish, invigorating the cultural and economic vitality in the neighbourhoods and villages of the District of North Vancouver. North Vancouver District Public Library will be part of the interconnected network of community hubs in the District.


Priority 1: Library Service Improvements Outcomes

Strategic Initiatives

Our service points respond to changing community needs

Identify underserved regions or populations

Underserved regions are supplied with convenient Library service

Explore alternative delivery models

Create a service/facilities plan

Priority 2: Space Enhancements Outcomes •

Library spaces evolve to be more flexible and appealing

Strategic Initiatives •

Design high-interest displays to market Library resources

Identify and update existing spaces to enhance ambiance and function

Priority 3: Community-Building Partnerships Outcomes •

Both the community and the library benefit from enriching partnerships

Strategic Initiatives •

Identify institutions and agencies that our Library should target to build strategic partnerships, and cultivate these relationships


Strong Organization We are committed to strengthening and increasing collections, professional services and access. The population of the District of North Vancouver is educated, keeps up with developments in technology and follows current trends. In order to best serve the residents of the District, our Library will continue to improve by updating its collections, providing excellent service, increasing access to the Library’s buildings, collections, website and services. We will collaborate with other library agencies to meet the needs of our community. As a strong organization, our Library will engage in good business practices such as leadership, transparency, staff engagement and stewardship of the resources entrusted to us.


Priority 1: Collections Outcomes •

Strategic Initiatives

Library collections keep apace with community interest and the evolutions in publishing and technology

Develop research and assessment tools to ensure the Library is able to respond and adapt collections quickly

Assess the impact of mobile technologies on our patrons’ reading selections and habits

Library collections’ vitality is ensured through growing diverse collections

Incorporate digital content in all stages of collection management

Assess how Library materials are selected, acquired and organized, and implement efficiencies

Priority 2: Services Strategic Initiatives Outcomes •

Library services allow community members to pursue professional and personal passions

Provide enhanced information services using emerging technologies such as mobile devices and social media

Develop an outreach strategy

Deploy staff resources according to identified use patterns and needs

Ensure a strong and flexible technological infrastructure to meet demands

Provide programs that build community

Priority 3: Succession Planning Outcomes •

Strategic Initiatives

The Library achieves continuity and institutional memory in the face of retirements

Match succession planning needs and recruitment with the evolution of 21st-century public library services

Identify key areas likely to be affected by workforce shifts, and develop a business continuity plan

The Library retains and develops current and future library leaders

Assess the success of existing recruitment strategies

Support professional development and participation on relevant work teams

Priority 4: Financial Sustainability and Development Outcomes •

Financial support addresses population growth and meets the demands of District residents for Library service

Strategic Initiatives •

Communicate and promote the Library’s fiscal outlook

Develop our fundraising plan

Grow a donor relations program


Social Well-Being We are committed to fostering social well-being in the community. Our Library will promote social inclusion in our community by working to reduce isolation among those who are vulnerable or marginalized. Our Library will accomplish this by actively reaching out and by providing an enriching and welcoming environment. Our Library will be a model of sustainability, and will care for its community, its context and its environment. The efforts of our Library will make the District a more attractive and inclusive place to live and work.


Priority 1: Social Inclusion Outcomes •

The Library is recognized as an inclusive place

Strategic Initiatives •

Embed social inclusion as an underlying philosophy of 21st century public library service

Provide Board and staff education in inclusiveness

Monitor and respond to societal change

Priority 2: Literacy Outcomes •

The Library continues to be a recognized leader in literacy in the District

Strategic Initiatives •

Nurture relationships and alliances with the boards of literacy, family and newcomer community partners

Support the community’s digital literacy by providing programs, training and access to digital content

Priority 3: Sustainability Outcomes •

Sustainability principles and practices become part of our Library’s philosophy of social responsibility

Strategic Initiatives •

Acquire and publicize LEED certification status for our facilities

Promote sustainability projects

Incorporate and model environmental sustainability


Community and Government Relations We are committed to demonstrating the Library’s value. As the political landscape evolves and the broader economic context continues to be uncertain, we will continue to tell the Library’s story effectively. Throughout our public engagement process we heard that our community wants us to keep the Library’s profile high. We heard we need to communicate, raise awareness, reach out to the community and nurture key partnerships – all to ensure ongoing support.


Priority 1: Relationship with the Community Outcomes •

Strategic Initiatives

The Library’s active role in community development raises our profile

Increase the role of the Library in community development

Value of Library services as an economic attractor is widely understood

Increase engagement with community partners, associations and local boards

Develop and communicate recommendations following the publication of the ‘Measuring Your Library’s Value’ Survey

There is an ongoing community conversation on Library value

Improve feedback mechanisms with the community to foster community engagement

Update the Library’s Communications and Marketing Plan

Priority 2: Relationship with the District Outcomes •

Library continues to have a strong voice with District Council throughout the term of the Strategic Plan

Strategic Initiatives •

Communicate how the Library supports the District’s interests in creating a livable vibrant network of centres

Increase Library Board’s contacts with local politicians and decision makers

Library participates in development of District policy, programs and activities

Priority 3: Relationship with Provincial and Federal Government Outcomes •

Library leaders influence various levels of government to ensure support and funding continues

Strategic Initiatives •

Increase Library Board’s contacts with provincial and federal politicians and decision makers



Implementing and Monitoring Our Strategic Plan The Library’s three-year plan is comprehensive and focused, giving the Board and staff a strong foundation. To achieve our vision of success, we must move the plan into meaningful action, transforming the Board’s priorities and outcomes into steps that can be achieved and measured. The implementation phase is the follow-through on the plan. In this phase the Library will create operational work plans. Staff at all levels will also reflect the plan’s vision and priorities in their individual objectives and activities. Annual reports will document our progress and milestones. And finally, the Library will adopt an assessment framework to report on progress. Assessment will include community feedback, management tools and metrics. This approach will ensure passion and commitment to the plan, and will ensure that the plan is moving forward.


Glossary * Collections — The materials the Library offers. These materials include books (print, digital, large print), magazines, newspapers, movies, music, video games, audiobooks and more.

Community hub — A place that provides a focus for its neighbourhood, and that contributes to community identity. A community has multiple community hubs that are interconnected.

Mission — A statement of the purpose and aspirations of the Library as an organization. Outcomes — The results that the Library will achieve by the end of the Strategic Plan. Priority — Key areas the Library will target or focus on for the term of the Strategic Plan. Social inclusion — The participatory, authentic and accountable manner in which institutions uphold and reinforce the principles of access, equity and, as a result, social inclusion for all. (Source: Canadian Urban Libraries Council).

Service point — A place, either physical or virtual, where people come for Library service. Examples of a library’s service points include branch locations, reference desks, the website, the catalogue, online chat reference and more.

Strategic initiatives — Steps the Library will take to achieve the desired outcomes. Strategic themes — Broad areas that emerged through the input the Library received from its community engagement process.

Third place — An informal public gathering place that fosters a functioning civil society, democracy and civic engagement. It is beyond the home (the first place) and the workplace (the second place).

Values and guiding principles — Key principles and qualities that shape all we do at the Library, and that guide us through the hard decisions.

Vision — A concise description of the Library’s desired future.

*The purpose of the glossary is to define terms as we use them in this Strategic Plan document.


Strategic Plan Steering Committee •

Lucy Cayuela (Board Chair)

Areef Abraham (Trustee)

Frank Sullivan (Trustee)

Helio Lopes Da Costa Jr. (Trustee alternate)

Heather Scoular (Library Director)

Corinne McConchie (Manager of Technical Services)


Get in Touch Call or visit us Lynn Valley Main Library 1277 Lynn Valley Road 604-984-0286

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Parkgate Branch Library 3675 Banff Crt. 604-929-3727

Library Administration 604-990-5800

Book a meeting room To book one of the Library’s meeting rooms call 604-987-PLAY (7529)

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2011-2013 Strategic Plan  

North Vancouver District Pubilc Library's 2011-2013 Strategic Plan

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