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Leather & Canvas Seat Covers Advantages Of Equipping Your Car Seats With These Covers - Back Seat Covers _____________________________________________________________________________________

By David Brown -

The visual appeal of car interiors depends maximally on seat covers. So, obviously, you would not want to compromise on them. The two main options you have in seat covers are leather and canvas. Both these materials are strong and durable. Check out the advantages of each of them. The main benefits of using high quality canvas seat covers are that they are water resistant, hard wearing, durable and non-slip. These are the very qualities you look for in a seat cover. Canvas seat covers overcome the limitations of vinyl covers as well. Although vinyl covers make seats look good, they tend stick to your body.

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They also generate a small amount of static charge. Canvas does not have these disadvantages. It does not stick to your skin. Additionally, the comfort that these covers provide is much more than the comfort offered by vinyl or plastic covers.

High quality canvas seat covers are made to be durable. They are highly efficient in resisting damages caused by environmental factors, dirt, dust and spills. Also, since they are tough as well as durable, they protect the original seat of your car. You can put canvas covers to rough use and still ensure that your car seats are safe. Depending on your requirement, you can get canvas seat covers customized. Such covers fit snugly on the seat and match the interior dĂŠcor of your vehicle. Since canvas seat covers do not wrinkle when used, they retain their form and make your car interiors look attractive for long. The best thing is that canvas seat covers are cost effective.

They are cheaper than leather covers but offer high performance over long durations. Leather covers have certain distinct advantages. For one, they are extremely comfortable. Second, the material is very easy to clean because dust and grime do not stick to it. Also, leather does not absorb stains or odors. To maintain it, all you need to do is wipe the surface clean. However, you need to clean it regularly because accumulation of dirt can weaken leather particles. Once in a while, you need to treat them with special waxes so as to ensure their durability. If left untreated, leather tends to harden over time, eventually developing cracks on the surface. If you drive for long distances, leather seat cover is your best option. This is because leather provides excellent support to your body. It is neither too soft nor too hard. Your back and hips get good cushioning and adequate support while driving. So, you can avoid backaches and soreness in the body that you might experience after driving long distances.

In terms of looks, there are few materials that can beat leather. These seat covers are used in all the plush and high class cars because of their high visual appeal. Ultimately, the choice comes down to your requirements. If you value comfort, opulence and functionality over money, leather is a great option. If economic feasibility is your concern, canvas is a very good choice.

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Back seat covers  

I'm missing the middle and passenger side back of the seat covers, they clip right in. I have black interior but I think I can make anything...