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NV5 is a provider of professional project development services. NV5 helps both public and private sector clients plan, design, build, and operate a wide variety of facility types across a broad set of market sectors, including: Construction Quality Assurance, Program Management, Energy, Environment, and Infrastructure. Our offices are our link to the communities we serve. We take pride in helping our clients build cost-effective, sustainable projects that serve the needs of and add value to the communities in which they are located.

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Landscape Architecture Our communities are becoming increasingly complex and urbanized. They continue to grow and change in ways that present new challenges to maintaining a healthy environment and high quality of social life. NV5 offers broad experience in the design of all types of public and private open space from parks, plazas and streetscapes to campuses, courtyards and gardens. NV5 also offers design expertise in the areas of environment, transportation, structures and sustainability. To meet the challenge of creating dynamic and engaging public places, NV5 continues to expand and evolve, providing creativity, technical expertise and a fresh perspective across a variety of service areas.

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Parks and Recreation

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Multi-Family Housing


Outdoor Nature Classrooms


Streets + Parking Lots


Pedestrian & Bicycle


The Urban Landscape Architecture Team


Bronx Zoo Astor Court Restoration, New York, NY

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Public Plazas Public plazas: they’re not streets and they’re not exactly parks either. Public plazas are a unique form of public open space that serves a unique purpose. Like parks, they provide breathing room within a tight grid of narrow streets. But unlike parks they are typically more architectural in form and contain fewer plantings. As such, they tend to better facilitate—perhaps even encourage—direct human interaction. Plazas can be big or small. They can be filled with design elements or left open or even empty. They come in all shapes and sizes and accommodate all types of uses, from

sitting back and watching people go by to hosting rock concerts or farmers markets. While there is no single recipe for creating a successful urban plaza, there are critically important design guidelines to observe. Designers should pay close attention to how the space is used and to the types of uses the surrounding environment supports and encourages. NV5’s urban landscape architects are experts at observing existing environmental conditions and patterns of human use and translating them into designed spaces that people can enjoy.

Coney Island Boardwalk / W. 10th St. “Street-End” Plaza NYCEDC/DPR - Brooklyn, NY NV5 designed a gracious, new urban plaza where the street meets the historic Coney Island boardwalk. This is the primary access point for pedestrians en route to the boardwalk and beach for which Coney Island is famous. The plaza steps up 8 feet to the raised boardwalk through a series of curved steps and landings flanked by raised planters and offering a variety of seating opportunities.

Fordham-Kingsbridge Plaza (“Bryan Park�) NYCDDC/DOT/DPR + Fordham Road Business Improvement District - Bronx, NY Following the completion of a streetscape master plan for Fordham Road, NV5 prepared a design to reconstruct a triangular traffic island called Bryan Park located at the intersection of Fordham Road and Kingsbridge Road. The design reclaims underutilized roadway space to double the size of the park, turning it into a spacious and lush public plaza and neighborhood gathering place. SUSTAINABLE FEATURES

Porous Pavers + Rain Gardens + Recycled Materials


La Plaza de las Americas NYCDOT/DDC - New York, NY NV5 redesigned West 175th Street between Broadway and Wadsworth Avenue, closing the street and turning it into a new public plaza that features a bosque of trees, pedestrian lighting, benches, drinking fountain, bicycle racks, decorative permeable paving, and Silva-Cel tree planting system. The centerpiece is a public art piece that is a fountain adorned with glass tile mosaics SUSTAINABLE FEATURES

Porous Pavers + Silva-Cel Tree Planting System

Corona Plaza NYCDDC/DOT/DPR - Queens, NY NV5 designed a new urban plaza located directly adjacent to the 104th Street station on the Number 7 subway line (Roosevelt Avenue) in Queens, NY. This project will close a one block long section of street to connect the plaza with the adjacent sidewalk and the stores that front it. The proposed design defines several distinct spaces that may be used simultaneously for quiet seating, entertainment, and farmers markets. Large planters filled with trees and flowering shrubs and seat walls are combined with fixed and moveable seating, a newsstand, public toilets, a concession stand, and an information kiosk to activate the space. SUSTAINABLE FEATURES

Porous Pavers + Rain Gardens + Recycled Materials + Street Trees


Roberto Clemente State Park Main Entrance Plaza NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation - Bronx, NY Through an ongoing term agreement for multi-disciplinary services, NV5 designed a beautiful new entrance plaza to Roberto Clemente State Park, located on the banks of the Harlem River. The plaza receives guests and visitors arriving by foot, train or car and directs them either into the main administration and activities building or down a new ramp and staircase to the park. The plaza features a unique paving pattern of colored concrete and decorative pavers, places to sit and both raised and at-grade planters filled with trees and flowers. The design focuses the eye on the panoramic view of the park, the river, and the bluffs of Highbridge Park in Manhattan in the distance. Shade is provided by a custom designed pergola.

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Streetscapes Streets just might be a city’s most important form of public open space since they comprise the majority of urban land not covered by buildings. City streets are much more than conduits for traffic; they are the places where much of our daily lives happen. Along with public parks and plazas, sidewalks are where people from all walks of life rub elbows and mingle as equals. Everyone walks, so we use and share sidewalks with other people. NV5’s urban landscape architects are experts at designing streets and streetscapes that

Stone Street Reconstruction

meet the needs of all users. NV5 is skilled at designing city streets and streetscapes that welcome exploration, commerce, and encourage people to pause and take NYCDDC/DOT + Alliance for Downtown in their surroundings, delighting in what they might New York - New York, NY discover. Our landscape architects imbue streets with NV5 performed total design services for the reconstruccharacter and identity. tion of Stone Street and Mill Lane from Coenties Slip to Hanover Square. Design improvements included sidewalks, stone curbs, roadway and historic lighting and signs, and movable tables and chairs.

Design of the Spring Garden Street Connector Delaware River Waterfront Corp. Philadelphia, PA NV5 designed streetscape improvements to Spring Garden Street between Columbus Boulevard/Delaware Ave and 2nd Street. Spring Garden is an important connector street to the revitalizing waterfront. The project widened sidewalks and introduced street trees, decorative pavement materials, benches, decorative lighting elements with flags and banners, and attractive and wayfinding signs. Decorative architectural lighting was also installed under the highway overpass, where there is a SEPTA Transit Station entrance. SUSTAINABLE FEATURES

Porous Pavers + High Albedo Pavement + Continuous Street Tree Trenches 6

Spring Garden Street SEPTA Station Public Art & Lighting Delaware River Waterfront Corp. Philadelphia, PA As part of the Spring Garden Street Connector project, NV5 designed an exciting, new artistic and architectural lighting installation that has transformed the long, dark, and dreary tunnel under I-95 through which the street passes. At the center of the space is an important SEPTA station entrance. NV5 developed the design concept and coordinated the work of lighting and graphic designers and engineers to see it executed. Completed in 2016, the dynamic new computer controlled lighting design not only more safely welcomes SEPTA station users, but also encourages pedestrians and bicyclists to travel through the tunnel and explore the neighborhoods on the opposite side, overcoming the barrier that is the highway.

Reconstruction of Greenwich Street NYCEDC/DOT/DPR - New York, NY NV5 redesigned Greenwich Street from Chambers Street to Hubert Street to reflect a change in the neighborhood’s land use from warehouse and manufacturing to loft-style residential. NV5 narrowed the roadbed from 70 to 38 feet, creating a wide pedestrian promenade on the west side of the street complete with trees, benches, and decorative paving elements. The street accommodates a new Greenmarket. SUSTAINABLE FEATURES

Salvage/Reuse of Existing Roadway Paving Materials + Travel Lane Reduction + Widened Sidewalks


Reconstruction of Battery Place NYSDOT, NYCDOT & MTA - New York, NY NV5 redesigned Battery Place in Lower Manhattan to remove motorcycle parking from the middle of the street, creating room for a new plaza on the north sidewalks, raised planted medians in the middle of the road, and a new bus lay-by at the south curb. The project also added more than 1/3 of an acre to historic Battery Park to the south. SUSTAINABLE FEATURES

Travel Lane Reduction + Widened Sidewalks + Use of Structural Soil in Continuous-Connected Tree Planting Trenches

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Classic Institutions Many well-known, well-used, beloved public open spaces are owned and maintained by private or semi-private cultural institutions such as museums, libraries, and universities. NV5 has designed many landscapes for some of the most prestigious cultural, scientific, and educational institutions. In many cases, these landscapes and the buildings that frame them, are designated historic landmarks. In the case of these iconic landscapes, NV5 takes great pride in its ability to work closely with clients and allied preservation

Restoration of the Bronx Zoo Astor Court

specialists, whose concern is the care and preservation of an important architectural and landscape architectural legacy, to document historic design precedents and carefully reconstruct or rehabilitate timeless works Wildlife Conservation Society - Bronx, NY of art. NV5 is also skilled at designing new additions to landmark structures that are complementary in their Working around a canopy of mature trees, NV5 designed a restoration of the grounds of the historic Astor Court at the use of materials. Bronx Zoo including redesign of the plantings, pavements, curbs and drainage and integration of new site furnishings. The plan also included restoration of the terraced Italianate garden and fountain at the zoo’s Fordham Road entrance gate and plaza.



American Museum of Natural History – 77th Street Entrance Plaza New York, NY NV5 redesigned the plaza at the American Museum of Natural History’s 77th Street entrance. The design introduces a new, large, raised circular granite planter with inset accent lighting and decorative display fountain. The materials chosen for this award-winning formal design blend seamlessly with the fully-restored historical façade of the museum behind. Reconstruction of the surrounding plaza space also included new asphalt block paving and benches, lighting, fencing, and planting beds laid out around the perimeter of the space. SUSTAINABLE FEATURES

Low Flow Irrigation System + Advanced Tree Protection + Landscape Mitigation Measures + Native Plantings

New York Public Library, Humanities and Social Sciences Library - Exterior Restoration Project New York, NY In anticipation of the New York Public Library’s Centennial celebrations, NV5 provided landscape restoration design services to repair and reconstruct the stairs, ramps, and raised plazas, and planting beds at the three approaches leading to the Library’s main entrance on 5th Avenue. SUSTAINABLE FEATURES

Salvage/Reuse Existing Paving Materials + Low Flow Irrigation System


The New York Botanical Garden - Leon Levy Visitor Center Bronx, NY Working as a subconsultant to the late architect Hugh Hardy, NV5 designed the connecting open spaces and surrounding landscape of the Leon Levy Visitor Center at the New York Botanical Garden. The design centers around a 450-foot long central promenade paved with New York State, bluestone and lined with custom-designed steel planters, teak benches, low railings, bollard lighting. The promenade terminates at a reflecting pool with granite coping. The design also features an outdoor dining terrace and plant shop. SUSTAINABLE FEATURES

Permeable Paving + Native Plantings + Low-Flow Irrigation + Stone Mulch Xeriscape


“A welcome entry to our greatest museum of plants ... a transcendent simplicity that’s all the more impressive.” — Martin Filler, House & Garden

“The land[scape] instead presides over the building, breaking down pat geometries so that they frame views, respond to the terrain, and skirt existing trees.” — Joseph Giovannini, New York Magazine


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Parks and Recreation There is a lot of pressure on public parks in urban areas these days to perform. As city’s grow and become more dense, we ask more and more of our parks. While it is acceptable, even desirable from a maintenance standpoint, to pave streetscapes and urban plazas with stone and concrete, it can be difficult to agree on what our neighborhood park should look like, what they should aspire to be, what uses they should be designed to accommodate, just how much or how little greenery they should contain. City parks are where we go to do

everything from lie in the grass and read a book to play a pick-up game of basketball. In our parks we reconnect with nature, watch concerts, and go ice skating. We use paths for riding bikes, lakes for boating and playgrounds for climbing and swinging. At NV5, working with local communities to come up with an equitable and exciting plan for our shared park and recreational resources, is a distinct pleasure and one of our most rewarding activities.

Bethpage Skate Park Town of Oyster Bay, NY NV5 designed a new “plaza-style” skate park for the Bethpage Community Park in Oyster Bay, NY. The new design includes: above and below grade custom-formed skating structures, site furnishings, walkways, entry/ticket booth, planting, irrigation, lighting and perimeter fencing.

Starlight Park/Bronx River Greenway NYSDOT (Ph 1) + NYCDDC/DPR (Ph 2) - Bronx, NY NV5 designed, prepared contract documents and provided construction services for a new $50 million park built along the banks of a 1.5 mile long stretch of the Bronx River. An important piece of the elaborate design is a new recreational facility called Starlight Park, that features a multi-sport synthetic turf athletic field, basketball court, playgrounds, picnic area, kayak launch, biking and walking paths, benches, fencing, drinking fountains, lighting, and signs. The design was coordinated with the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation and NYC Department of Environmental Protection for restoration of riparian habitat and river ecology. SUSTAINABLE FEATURES

Recycled Materials + Site Remediation + Native Plantings + Invasive Species Removal + Rain Gardens + Wetland Restoration + Reconstructed Riparian & Upland Habitat



Roberto Clemente State Park 14

NYS Office of Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation - Bronx, NY NV5 has designed more than $65 million worth of improvements at Roberto Clemente State Park (RCSP) over a 10-year period. Among the many assignments completed, NV5 designed a state-of-the-art water-park that included reconstruction of the main pool and diving tank and addition of a new splash pad, wading pool, shade structures, security fencing and surrounding planting beds. NV5 also rehabilitated the adjacent Activities Building to include a new ticketing/queuing area, new toilet and locker facilities, an outdoor dining terrace, accessible roof decks, and installation of a 10,000 square foot energy-saving green roof. NV5 also designed new playgrounds, new basketball court, new synthetic-turf multi-sport athletic field, a new main entrance plaza, and a new shoreline bulkhead and pedestrian esplanade. SUSTAINABLE FEATURES

High Efficiency Water Controls + High Albedo Pavement + Recycled Materials + Green Roof + Native Plantings


Roberto Clemente State Park Esplanade and Bulkhead Reconstruction NYS Office of Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation - Bronx, NY NV5, in partnership with CH2M, prepared concept through final design and contract documents for replacement of the existing bulkhead and waterfront esplanade at Roberto Clemente State Park, located on the Harlem River in the Fordham section of the Bronx. The design includes full reconstruction of the pedestrian esplanade with new greenery, lighting, and the integration of adjacent unused plaza spaces. The northern end of the project features a unique design that allows the river to inundate a portion of the park at high tide, where people can access the water. SUSTAINABLE FEATURES

High-Albedo Pavement + Recycled Materials + Porous Pavers + Solar Lighting + Sustainable Stormwater Management

Rockaway Boardwalks Reconstruction NYCEDC/DPR - Queens, NY NV5, in partnership with CH2M, prepared contract documents for the reconstruction of 5 miles of boardwalk and dunescape along Rockaway Beach in Queens. The new 40-foot wide precast concrete boardwalk sits 3 feet above the projected 100-year flood elevation. NV5 designed the boardwalk, access stairs and ramps, and specified the furnishings including lights, seating, signs, railings and showers. Adjacent sand dunes were stabilized with grasses and other plantings. SUSTAINABLE FEATURES

High-Albedo Pavement + Recycled Materials + Porous Pavers + Solar Lighting + Green Stormwater Mgmt


NYC School Construction Authority New York, NY NV5 has provided landscape architecture and site engineering design services to the NYC School Construction Authority for the reconstruction and redevelopment of city school yards, playgrounds, athletic courts, sports fields, parking lots and fence and pavement repairs under on-call A/E term contracts since 2005. On all assignments NV5 prepares a scoping report followed by schematic through final design and provision of construction administration services. SUSTAINABLE FEATURES

Native Plantings + Sustainable Stormwater Management + Recycled Materials


Reconstruction of NYC Parks & Playgrounds New York, NY NV5 completed 26 individual assignments for the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation under a term agreement for landscape architecture design services. Typical assignments included: playgrounds, sports fields, athletic courts, urban plaza’s, streetscapes, bike paths, esplanades and reconstruction of site infrastructure. Pictured here is the John Jay Park Playground. SUSTAINABLE FEATURES

Native Plantings + Sustainable Stormwater Management + Recycled Materials 17


Multi-Family Housing NV5 is fortunate to be working with several private developers that build high-quality, affordable multifamily residential buildings options in the urban environment. These developers share two things in common: 1) They place a premium on providing tenants with amenityrich, shared outdoor open spaces as part of their residential offerings and 2) They have chosen to work with NV5 to develop creative and engaging landscape architectural designs for their outdoor common areas. Specific design elements routinely integrated into

La Celia Apartments

these projects include: parking areas landscaped with trees and shrubs, landscaped walkways and foundation plantings, community gardens, playgrounds, dining L+M Development Partners - Bronx, NY terraces, courtyards, roof decks and terraces, intensive NV5 designed a private roof terrace for residents of and extensive green roofs, and site furnishings such as this low-income, multi-family housing complex. The benches, pergolas, bike racks, and litter receptacles. terrace includes custom steel and wooden planters and a low-flow irrigation system. It also features fixed and movable seating and tables made from recycled materials on a raised pedestal paver system.


Castle Village Landscape Restoration New York, NY NV5 redesigned the campus landscape connecting all of the outdoor common areas of this large apartment complex overlooking the Hudson River in northern Manhattan. The design includes sweeping lawns, walkways, trees, plantings, rock gardens, benches, lighting, a pergola and a playground. Landscape elements are carefully arranged to avoid obstructing panoramic views of the George Washington Bridge, Hudson River, and the cliffs of the Palisades. SUSTAINABLE FEATURES

Impervious Surfaces + Native Plantings + High Albedo Pavements + Low-Flow Irrigation

Myrtle Avenue Apartments Dunn Development - Brooklyn, NY NV5 designed the private rear courtyard of this affordable and supportive housing project to include a lushly-planted, intimate tenant garden with shade trees, flowering shrubs, both fixed and movable tables and chairs, ornamental fencing, private parking, and a playground for small children surrounded by a colorful low concrete seat wall. SUSTAINABLE FEATURES

Porous Paving + Native Plantings


Liberty Apartments Dunn Development - Brooklyn, NY Located in the Brooklyn neighborhood of East New York, NV5 designed a rear yard for the tenants of a multi-family building, which includes a playground designed for children 5 to 12 years of age and a seating area that features decorative pavers, tables and benches, surrounded by flowering shrubs and shade trees that screen it from the private on-site parking area. The design also incorporates a secluded “secret garden� with custom wood planters and fieldstone pathways surrounded by densely planted flowering gardens. SUSTAINABLE FEATURES

Low-Flow Irrigation Systems + Recycled Materials + Native Plantings


Highbridge Terrace Bronx, NY NV5 designed a private rooftop terrace with commanding views of Manhattan’s Highbridge Park and the High-Bridge for residents of this multi-family, low-income housing complex. The terrace includes custom steel and wooden planters with plantings and a low-flow irrigation system, fixed and movable seating and tables made from recycled materials, on a raised pedestal paver system. The surrounding hillside was regraded and planted with slope-stabilizing native plantings. SUSTAINABLE FEATURES

Green Roofs + Native Plantings + Recycled Materials


Cook St. Apartments Dunn Development/L+M Equities Brooklyn, NY NV5 designed two spaces for residents of this multi-family housing project: a landscaped rear courtyard with seating, and a 9,000 square-foot intensive and extensive green roof atop the connected parking garage. The design features walkways and plaza spaces on a raised pedestal paving system, fixed and moveable seating areas, raised planters, shade structures and a playground. SUSTAINABLE FEATURES

Green Roofs + Native Plantings + High Albedo Pavement

22 22

Outdoor Nature Classrooms A relatively new area for NV5, the design of Outdoor Nature Classrooms for young children is proving to be an extremely fun and rewarding exercise for our landscape architects. As landscape architects, we consider ourselves stewards of the environment, we care about it and want to see it preserved. Working primarily in an ever expanding urban environment we recognize that newer generations of young people spend less and less time in nature. We are concerned, as are those who sponsored the projects on these pages, that those children will grow into adults who enjoy no

meaningful connection with nature, adults who will not care for the natural world as carefully and with as much enthusiasm as we do. These projects are designed to provide children growing up in park-starved areas an opportunity to interact with and learn about the natural world and its materials, helping to ensure that future generations will not be fearful nor disinterested in nature. Instead, they will possess a healthy curiosity and respect for it.

Nature Explore Classroom Círculo de la Hispanidad - Hempstead, NY NV5 designed an outdoor nature classroom for Círculo de la Hispanidad’s Evergreen Charter School. The “classrooms” were created in two small areas within the parking lot of the schoolyard. The design allows young students to learn about science by playing and working with natural materials in a hands-on fashion.

Home Depot Garden New York Restoration Project - New York, NY Sponsored by the New York Restoration Project, founded by Bette Midler and funded by the Home Depot Foundation, Home Depot Garden was a 20’ x 100’ vacant city lot in East Harlem that NV5 transformed into a children’s learning garden designed in accordance with Arbor Day Foundation guidelines to qualify for a “Nature Explore Classroom Certification.”

“The community loves it. People in the neighborhood can use it as their backyard.” — Nik Cherov in Arbor Day magazine


Middle Country Public Library “Explorium” Centereach, NY NV5 redesigned an existing unused outdoor garden space as an outdoor nature classroom, or Explorium, to supplement on-going youth activities and programs. The Explorium includes: water and messy materials areas, climbing and crawling, a quiet activities area, a shade structure, seating, and a small performance stage all connected by a brick-paved garden path.

“The Explorium gets kids active and moving to interact with materials outside” — Sandy Feinberg, MCPL Director

“I think it is beautiful, there are so many nice things here.” — Carolyn Stein, Parent

24 24

Streets + Parking Lots While the purpose of this brochure is to introduce readers to NV5’s capability in urban landscape architecture, it is important to keep in mind that we are a multi-disciplined firm that combines all engineering disciplines together with our landscape architecture capability in a seamless studio environment. All of the projects shown on the preceding pages included an engineering component designed in-house here at NV5, whether traffic, civil, structural, environmental, any combination of these. The projects on these

Brooklyn Navy Yard Infrastructure Improvements

pages may be viewed as engineering projects or as site improvement projects. Landscape architects played important roles in each of these projects as well, from the laying-out of walkways and bikeways, to the Brooklyn, NY selection of material finishes and site furnishings to the NV5 designed a $30 million upgrade of site infrastructure development of detailed planting plans. including new utilities, roadways, parking lots, walkways, seating areas and arrivals sequence at major entrances. SUSTAINABLE FEATURES

Solar Powered Street Lighting + Rain Gardens + Bioswales + Porous Pavers + Native Plantings

NCCC “Green” Parking Lot Reconstruction


Nassau County Community College Hempstead, NY NV5 completed planning, design and construction support services for the reconstruction of a 20-acre parking facility for Nassau County Community College. The project created 1,400 parking stalls and connecting roadways, pedestrian pathways, and open space. An extensive network of 3,600 linear feet of bioretention swales collects runoff from impermeable areas through a medium consisting of a custom bioretention soil mix on top of washed gravel, which removes pollutants. Overflow is collected within linear underdrain systems and piped into shallow infiltration basins. These basins are bisected by pedestrian walkways SUSTAINABLE FEATURES

Rain Gardens + Bioswales + Native Plant Material + High Albedo Pavement + Recycled Locally-Sourced Materials + Free-Flowing Modern Roundabout + LED Lighting

County Road 58 Roundabout Suffolk County, NY With ever-increasing commercial development making traffic delays worse each year, Suffolk County sought to widen one of the busiest roads on the East End of Long Island, County Road 58, from 3 to 5 lanes. However, early analyses projected costs that could exceed $40 million, with 2 years of additional time needed for the condemnation process. NV5 crafted a plan that centered on the development of a 2-lane roundabout at the corridor’s most congested intersection (at CR 58 and CR 73) and successfully designed a narrowed roadway section within a constrained right-of-way. As a result, $32 million was shaved off the projected price tag. Construction was completed in less than 10 months, on time and on budget. SUSTAINABLE FEATURES

Free-Flowing Modern 2-Lane Roundabout Improves Traffic Operations and Reduces Air Pollution



26 26

Pedestrian & Bicycle People are increasingly discovering the health and cost benefits, and sheer pleasure of commuting and moving around on foot and by bicycle. At NV5, we believe in promoting alternative forms of transportation including walking, bicycling, and mass transit—not just in big cities, but also in small cities, towns, villages, and suburban communities. A focus of NV5’s planning and design work— and an area of expertise for which we enjoy a national reputation for excellence—is the planning and design of non-motorized transportation infrastructure projects. This

New York City Bikeshare System

includes creating high-quality pedestrian environments, designing traffic calming and safety features, developing local and regional bicycle route networks, designing onand off-road multi-use recreational and commuter trails, NYCDOT - New York, NY and planning downtown futures based on a transit-oriNew York City Bikeshare, LLC was selected by NYCDOT ented development (TOD) framework. to implement a Bikeshare system on the streets of New York. NYC Bikeshare, LLC turned to NV5 as their local partner to assist with planning and designing the system and preparation of detailed site plans for individual station locations.

New York City Pedestrian Wayfinding System NYCDOT - New York, NY NV5 is managing partner of a new international joint venture, PentaCityGroup JV (PCG), which developed a standardized citywide pedestrian wayfinding information system and is implementing it across four pilot neighborhoods in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. The system is designed to allow users to create a mental map of where they are in space and allow them to chart a navigable route to their destination. This system will extend throughout the city, providing consistent information and graphic language for visitors and locals alike. SUSTAINABLE FEATURES


Manhattan Waterfront Greenway Wayfinding Signage Kiosks NYCDPR - New York, NY Following NV5’s successful completion of the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway design, which resulted in new pathways and blazed a 32-mile bicycle and pedestrian trail around the perimeter of Manhattan Island, the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation (NYCDPR) turned to NV5 again to design a typical two-sided kiosk and map of stainless steel with frame and granite base. The kiosk was installed at 15 key access points along the greenway. SUSTAINABLE FEATURES

Locally-Fabricated, Soy-Based Inks


Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway Master Plan and Preliminary Design NYCDOT - Brooklyn, NY NV5 planned the route of, and prepared preliminary engineering design plans for, a continuous 14-mile mostly on-street, non-motorized greenway trail along Brooklyn’s East River and New York Harbor waterfront. The route integrates a physically separated bicycle path into existing street networks through the application of progressive “complete streets,” “green streets,” and sustainable stormwater management practices. SUSTAINABLE FEATURES

Alternative Transportation + Sustainable Stormwater Management + Parking Management


Preliminary Design of the Delaware River Trail Delaware River Waterfront Corporation Philadelphia, PA Philadelphia’s Master Plan for the Central Delaware waterfront in Philadelphia outlines key public infrastructure investments to support future private development. NV5 designed one of its flagship projects: the creation of the Delaware River Trail, a continuous recreational and commuter trail along a 5 miles stretch of the waterfront. NV5 first prepared preliminary design plans for the entire 5-mile long proposed trail and has since completed final design for the first piece of this new trail along a portion of Delaware Avenue and Penn Street (dubbed the “Penn Street Trail”). NV5 has since prepared design development plans for a section of the trail that passes through Penn Treaty Park and is now completing the final design of the trail. SUSTAINABLE FEATURES

Alternative Transportation + High Albedo Pavement + Rain Gardens + Solar Lighting

Penn Street Trail Delaware River Waterfront Corporation - Philadelphia, PA NV5 prepared final design and contract documents for a section of the proposed 5-mile Delaware River Trail. The Penn Street Trail is the first segment of this trail. It consists of an urban side-path on the east side of Delaware Avenue and Penn Street featuring a dedicated bike path and a pedestrian realm enhanced with rain gardens, site furnishings, and solar lighting. NV5 worked closely with the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation and the Philadelphia Water Department on the implementation of green infrastructure to manage stormwater runoff within the project limits. Green infrastructure elements include bio-infiltration and double-chambered green inlets that convey roadway runoff to the rain gardens. SUSTAINABLE FEATURES

Alternative Transportation + High Albedo Pavement + Solar-Powered LED Lighting + Rain Gardens



Waterbury Active Transportation & Economic Resurgence (WATER) Naugatuck River Greenway City of Waterbury, CT Department of Public Works NV5 provided conceptual through preliminary design services in support of a 2014 TIGER grant application to fund the construction of a 2.3 mile extension of the Naugatuck River Greenway. Final design is complete for Phase 1 from the Waterbury City Line north to Eagle Street. The extension will carry the trail north along the river’s edge and connect it directly to Waterbury’s downtown core and historic train station via Freight Street and West Main Street. This section of the river is characterized by underutilized and vacant industrial lands. The trail is an urban amenity that will help catalyze revitalization of the area.


The Urban Landscape Architecture Team JACKSON WANDRES RLA


Mr. Wandres is Director of Landscape Architecture and has 28 years of experience in the design and reconstruction of public and private open spaces. His extensive experience as an urban landscape architect includes plazas, streetscapes, courtyards, gardens, neighborhood parks, playgrounds and recreational facilities. His experience in urban planning and design includes site master planning, downtown redevelopment and regional trail networks. Mr. Wandres believes in collaborative design for sustainable infrastructure.

Art Kleinman is a landscape architect with more than 30 years of experience. He has planned and designed projects ranging from small intimate gardens and large estates, to urban public open spaces for a wide variety of public and private clients alike. Mr. Kleinman is a recipient of the Tucker Architectural Excellence Award from the Building Stone Institute and his work has been featured in many publications. The ASLA remarked: “Mr. Kleinman has produced masterful examples of landscape art … the new classic landscape that designers will look to for inspiration.”



Ms. Mannion has more than 12 years of experience on a wide range of project types. She has designed and managed projects for private healthcare, university, and corporate campuses, public parks and streetscapes, private horticultural gardens, public schools, and private residential gardens. Her approach is collaborative, sensitive, and inclusive. She strives for excellence in design at all stages of a project and has extensive experience bringing a project from concept through to construction.

Ms. Boyle has more than 15 years of experience in landscape architecture and landscape design and construction. Ms. Boyle’s diverse background covers sustainable site design, construction technology, and project management. Her experience spans a broad range of project types and includes urban landscape architecture, green roof design, waterfront planning, downtown beautification, bikeway and trail design, streetscape improvement, traffic calming and pedestrian safety, and residential garden design.

TOM FEIN RLA Mr. Fein is a Senior Landscape Architect with over 16 years of experience in diverse project types. He has worked locally and internationally on projects ranging from intimate residential designs to large scale urban design projects. He is a skilled designer with excellent technical knowledge and also has extensive experience in landscape construction oversight and has served as an on-site inspector. His recent work on historic landscape restoration and rehabilitation at several iconic New York City institutions has garnered multiple prestigious awards.

ALEX BERRYMAN RLA Mr. Berryman has more than 16 years of experience in urban landscape design and project management. His many years of experience in New York City give him a broad knowledge and insight into the City’s unique design opportunities and the complex logistical challenges to successfully implement his creative design solutions. His multi-faceted experience includes project development and administration, conceptual planning, design development, preparation of contract documents, public meetings and inter-agency coordination.









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NV5 Urban Landscape Architecture Brochure