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Income & Expense Form

For: ____________________________________________

(Profit & Loss Statement)

Expected Tax Refund $ _____________

Past Revised Income After taxes & deductions Monthly Monthly Self Spouse Other Jobs Child Support Other income (including cash) A. TOTAL INCOME

VEHICLE EXPENSES Auto Payment Auto Payment Car Insurance Repairs (oil change, plates) Gas Car Replacement D. TOTAL VEHICLE EXP.

Investing/Savings Charity (Blessing others) Savings (Emergency Fund) Retirement (Passive income) Other B. TOTAL INVESTING Amount

HOUSING EXPENSES Mortgage/Rent Second Mortgage Taxes & House Insurance Home Maintenance Electric Gas/Heat Water/Sewer/Septic Telephone Cell Phone Internet Cable/Satellite Dish C. TOTAL HOUSING EXP.

Past due

Past Revised Monthly Monthly

Amount Past due

LIVING EXPENSES Groceries Eating Out Child/Elder Care Diapers/Baby supplies Allowances Cigarettes Clothing Laundry/Cleaning Barber/Beauty/Personal Other Insurance Prescriptions/Doctor Dental Expense Pet Expenses Subscriptions/Dues School/Education Expenses Gifts Recreation (Wild Money) Miscellaneous E. TOTAL LIVING EXP.

Asset Inventory House/Land: Owe $________ $________ $________

Yr Interest Value APR Owe x APR $________ %______ $______ $________ %______ $______ $________ %______ $______

Vehicles: $________ $________ $________

$________ %______ $______ $________ %______ $______ $________ %______ $______

Other Assets _______________________ _______________________ _______________________ _______________________

(A) (E) F. (H)

Total Income Total Expenses Sub Total- (A) minus (E) Totals Consumer Debt Final Total- (F) minus (H) (Profit or Loss)

$ _______ $ _______ $ _______ $ _______ $ _______

Value $__________ $__________ $__________ $__________

(B) Investing/Savings (C) Housing Expenses (D) Vehicle Expenses (E) Living Expenses E. Total Expenses

Total Interest paid out per year $______



Income & Expense Form  

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