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by Wayne Bertsch

HAIKU NEWS by Jim Poyser

on Fox, climate change is a hoax — a pox, I say, on Rupert Murdoch referees return… if only regulators would visit Wall Street Mars rover confirms suspicion the red planet was once wet with cheese record number of households carry college debt ...bubble shall soon burst Romney campaign is having a mother of a time getting on track did Indy daycare Little Miracles become the devil’s workshop? Nike first quarter income falls twelve percent — they just didn’t do it liquor store thief shot by clerk: 21st exploits second amendment Michigan lotto winner dies; so money DOES change everything Andy Williams rode moon river to Branson where he’s docked forever


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United over their concern that woman may be underrepresented at the polls in the 2012 election and mortified over what that might mean for policies emerging from the Indiana Statehouse, the 51% Club is working statewide to get out the vote among female voters. To foster a sense of unity, raise awareness and register voters, the club is hosting a series of free bike rides — easy, moderate, or rigorous — departing at noon Sunday, Oct. 7, from Big Hat Books at 6510 Cornell Ave. in Broad Ripple. All are welcome to join in the ride. Organizers say the rides will commence “shine or rain” and ask prospective riders to RSVP to


The initial rumor was that football players at Eastern Greene County Middle School in Bloomfield were suspended for dying their hair pink in support of breast cancer awareness. Not true, said Sandi Yoo, the school’s athletic director, but reprimands were issued because the hair dye violated the school’s student handbook. Privacy issues precluded Yoo from naming names or delving into the particulars of the case. Yoo added that, as far as she knew, the rule would not preclude a brunette from dying her way to a blond. If the dye job had been part of a larger school program, she said, that would be OK. Upon review of the handbook, the rule the students’ dye violated is unclear, especially in light of the school’s stated goal “to allow as much individual freedom of choice as possible in matters of dress and grooming, consistent with cleanliness, decency, and appropriateness to school purposes.” On the bright side, at least the rouges succeeded in raising awareness.


Bike culture continues to gain traction in Indy. Take INDYCOG’s new Ride Guide, for example. It charts the safety, accessibility and “bikeability” of the city’s streets and warns riders of streets they should avoid. City landmarks, bike shops, bikeways and trails are also listed. Checkout to see the map online or for a list of local merchants distributing the FREE map. Then there’s the City of Indianapolis, which is in the midst of developing its first Indianapolis Bicycle Master Plan, which is meant to help foster even greater ridership. If you are reading this NUVO hot off the press, you may be able to make an open house to review the plan from 4-6 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 3, at the Athenaeum, 401 E. Michigan St. If not, no sweat. The plan is available for review at the Central Library or online at The city will accept comments on the plan through Nov. 3.

THOUGHT BITE By Andy Jacobs Jr. Reverse Mortgage: Denying value of family home to kids of the family. “Birthright for a mess of pottage.” 100% RECYCLED PAPER // NUVO // 10.03.12-10.10.12 // news


Nuvo: Indy's Alternative Voice - October 3, 2012  

Growing Music: Musical Family Tree greens Indy's scene.

Nuvo: Indy's Alternative Voice - October 3, 2012  

Growing Music: Musical Family Tree greens Indy's scene.