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6281 N. College Ave.

This New York City based comedian has opened for Lewis Black, Colin Quinn, Brian Regan, Kevin James and Dave Chappelle. Julian McCullough started doing comedy as a young child to avoid getting beat up for being the new kid every year. Julian was a new and lonely student in Philadelphia, Portland, Oakland, San Francisco, Pittsfield, MA, New Jersey and Sonoma. He would now like to be invited to your lunch table.

Nick Griffin 4/27-4/30

Ryan Stout 5/4-5/7

247 S. Meridian St.

Scott has been seen on NBC and FOX-TV, plus heard on such radio shows like FOX Sports, ESPN, and the Bob and Tom Show. Many of his bits have been featured for the past decade on the XM Satellite radio comedy channel. For the past 8 seasons he has written the Frank’s Picks comedy sketches for the NFL on FOX pregame show. Scott has performed in 37 states at many of the top clubs in the country. His on the road blog, Adventures in Comedy Fly-Over Country is a highly acclaimed behind the scenes look at the life of a touring standup comedian.

Kristin Key 4/27-4/30

Brian Dunkleman 5/4-5/7


to stand for prolonged periods in front of the Modigliani and Matisse that take up a favorite corner of the European Collection. If the quiet and the guards freak you out, head outdoors and wander the amazing 100 Acres of the Virginia B. Fairbanks Art and Nature Park. Here you’ll discover newly installed art among one of the city’s oldest pockets of urban wilderness.

While marijuana has been around for millennia, it enters the American cultural narrative in the jazz clubs of New Orleans just a little over 100 years ago. According to historian Ernest Abel, “Unlike booze, which dulled and incapacitated, marijuana enabled [jazz] musicians whose job required them to play long into the night to forget their exhaustion. Moreover, the drug seemed to make their music sound more imaginative and unique, at least to those who played and listened while under its sensorial influence.” For those who’d like to experience the historical sensorial influence of jazz while enjoying the historical sensorial influence of being high, head either to the Chatterbox downtown (435 Massachusetts Ave.) or Jazz Kitchen in Midtown (5377 N. College Ave.). While Chatterbox is the more traditional jazz venue, Jazz Kitchen’s more experimental and contemporary line-up is usually buzzworthy as well. Make your experience even more authentic with a little Creole cuisine from Yats - with convenient locations near both the jazz venues on Massachusetts and College Avenues.

NUVO readers vote the Mousetrap (5565 N. Keystone Ave.) best hangout for hippies nearly every year, and, let’s face it – ‘hippy’ is really just a euphemism for pot-smoker. With a good dose of live music nights, mostly local, as well as pool tables, big screens, darts and a dance floor that occasionally gets pretty crowded, the Mousetrap is a favorite hangout of those who smoke for good reason. The locals who frequent the Mousetrap are generally a mellow, laidback bunch, as is the overall vibe. Plus they

host cool events like tonight’s 4.20 party featuring 20 performers on two stages. See our Go & Do picks on page 14 for more on the event, but drop by the Mousetrap anytime you’re feeling groovy.

It can often be a disastrous idea to head to the grocery store when stoned, particularly when you are in pursuit of a particular item or trying to stick to a strict budget. If time is not an issue, however, and you’re feeling daring in the taste bud department, then take an epicurean adventure surprisingly close to home and browse the aisles of Saraga International Grocery on Lafayette Road ( For more than five years, this locally-owned store with the name that means ‘life’ in Korean has been introducing new tastes to Indy natives and providing a bit of home to our newest neighbors with imported foods from around the globe including Africa, China, India, the Middle East and Caribbean. Open your mind and your mouth to all the possibilities Saraga has to offer.

Going to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum high can be tricky and, generally speaking, we don’t recommend it. While there’s a chance you can indulge your inner eight-year old and enjoy the museum with the aid of weed, there’s an equal chance all of those screaming, snot-nosed and seriously under-parented kids will get on your nerves within the first five minutes and completely wreck your high. What we do recommend, however, is bypassing the bulk of the museum and settling with your buzz into the SpaceQuest Planetarium (, where you can “peer deep into space through the eyes of the orbiting Hubble Space Telescope and travel back billions of years in time to witness the birth of the universe; witness the formation of galaxies and explore some of the most wondrous nebulae and astronomical structures yet discovered.” Dude. You had us at ‘wondrous nebulae.’ „ 100% RECYCLED PAPER // NUVO // 04.20.11-04.27.11 // cover story


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