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ou don’t have to tell us that nothing compares to a relaxing night at home, smoking a bowl, eating pizza, watching tv, getting a little sumpin’ sumpin’ from the boy/girl of your choice and then falling asleep pretty much wherever the smoking, eating, watching and/ or boning took place. We wrote that playbook, Rookie. But one can’t stay indoors all year-round, and now that winter has gone and spring is beckoning us back outdoors, we’ve started thinking about favorite places around Indy to enjoy while high, other than our own humble abodes and the NUVO office. The research was grueling, but we somehow managed to tour the city from one end to the other looking for the best locations to enjoy fully lit. From high art to hog calling, with just about every other aspect of Hoosier life in-between, Indy abounds with the buzz-worthy. After extensive debate, mostly because we kept forgetting to write down our choices and then we’d have to start all over again, we were able to settle on the following list of ten. Of course, smoking marijuana is illegal in Indianapolis, as it is throughout the state of Indiana. Therefore, keep in mind that one of the worst places to visit while high is County Jail. Not as bad as Chuck E. Cheese, but horrible and costly nonetheless.

Want to slip into another world without leaving Center Township? Pass through the gates of Crown Hill Cemetery ( just off 38th Street and find yourself transported, with or without chemical enhancement, to one of the most scenic and historic sites within city limits. This is the final


resting place of the city’s most famous and infamous residents; browse the headstones and names like Dillinger, Tarkington, Harrison, Kittle, Irsay, Ayres and Vonnegut should all sound familiar. ‘Crown Hill’ itself is the highest point in the city and location of poet James Whitcomb Riley’s grave monument. You don’t have to dig on the dead to enjoy it here, however. The flora and fauna of the nearly 600-acre grounds provide a wonderful escape from the city with more than 150 native plant species and hundreds of white-tailed deer very much alive and kicking within this urban retreat. Take a picnic, download a map of famous graves and spend the day enjoying the circle of life.

Oh, sure. You’ll find runners, joggers, cyclists and other sporty types crowding White River State Park’s Downtown Canal Walk at times ( But luckily the path is wide enough for all, even those cruising at a little slower pace and who may or may not have their heads in the clouds. Wander the 3-mile loop, take in the public art and urban architecture, stumble upon a concert at the History Center or festival in Military Park, cross bridges, throw a penny in a fountain, admire the extensive landscaping or simply sit on a bench and contemplate existentialism. Want something funkier? Rent a Segway. More romantic? Take to the water in a gondola, just like it was Venice. Canal Walk is one of the most beautiful places to admire the city, day or night, particularly when you’re feeling all warm and fuzzy with the help of herbal enhancements.

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Everyone knows that video games and weed go together like beans and weenies, so it just makes sense to pay homage while high to America’s favorite pastime with costumes, contests, exhibits, parties and lots of product demos at GenCon - the world’s largest gaming convention. For one weekend each summer (this year it’s Aug. 4-7) the streets of downtown Indy are flooded with gamers, geeks and ganja lovers who can’t get enough of holding a joystick. Even if you don’t play the games yourself, this is still one of the best places to be in Indy when you’re high. Head downtown, find outdoor seating at a downtown restaurant and enjoy the parade of vampires, vixens, wizards and wookies flooding the streets as many of the 30k costumed-GenCon attendees go all out in the role-playing department. Seriously fun. Seriously trippy.

While we’ve got some great stoner recommendations on page 25 for watching movies at home, sometimes nothing beats an overwhelming cinematic experience to truly rock your buzz. Lucky for all of us, the city now boasts several IMAX 3D theaters where bigger and multi-dimensional is always better (plus, it’s really funny to see your friends in those stupid glasses). For the more Discovery Channel type of IMAX 3D, the Indiana State Museum at White River State Park (650 W. Washington Street) has screenings seven days a week, final showing at 7:15 on Wednesday-Sunday. A little further south, the AMC Showplace 17 (4325 S. Meridian Street) also has an IMAX 3D screen. Here you’ll find Hollywood blockbusters, like

the forthcoming Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, May 20, and Fast Five on April 29.

After a certain age (say 21), the Indiana State Fair may not hold the same allure for you that it once did (say when you were six), or the allure it will again (say when you are 60). For those in-between years, nothing makes the heat, humidity and hundreds of thousands of other Hoosiers more bearable than burning a blunt before you go. With hours worth of barn meandering, tractor admiring, amusement ride sharing and fried food indulging, it’s the perfect way to spend a blissful afternoon or evening. Make time to take in the rooster crowing contest, browse award-winning eggplants, marvel at men with more tattoos than teeth operating the Midway rides, and by all means – bring enough money to win your girl one of those roach clips with obligatory feathers. This year the fair runs from Aug. 5-21 and elephant ears, corn on the cob, tenderloin sandwiches and deep-fried Twinkies should be available throughout.

Depending on your level of paranoia and how well you handle your high, one of the most enjoyable afternoons imaginable in our fair city is one spent wandering the galleries of the IMA in an altered state of mind. If you’re feeling mellow and have the urge to lose yourself in intricate brushwork, mythology, mania and masterpieces, head on over to 4000 W. Michigan Road. The Contemporary Collections of the IMA are particularly refreshing and rewarding, though we’ve also been known

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