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contents welcome by vegas cosmetics Vegas Cosmetics takes you into the world of beauty – with our exclusive line of skin care products and modern, trendy fragrances – complete indulgence for body and soul. Our product line is wonderfully rounded with gorgeous cosmetics in trendy colors. Take your time, get to know the variety of our innovative product line. We make it easy for you to look beautiful and feel good. You don’t have to rush to the store, just sit back, relax and shop from the privacy of your own home.


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Buying is a matter of trust. Our Vegas consultants will be happy to advise you individually and confidentially – exceptional customer service is something you expect and we are happy to provide. Vegas Cosmetics guarantees your satisfaction with our products: We guarantee supplying you with firstclass quality. However, if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with a product you purchased, you may return it within 14 days to your Vegas consultant in the original package in resalable condition.

Ladies – look, feel and smell terrific

The world of fragrances can attract you, fascinate you, inspire you.

Whether exotic, modern or seductive – we have a fragrance for every occasion. That’s the Vegas Woman’s Collection.

ladies – enhance your beauty

Pocket Atomiser The practical perfume pocket atomizer while out and about. Refillable with a refill funnel from our product line. Silver matte Item No.: 809

Eau de Parfum Eau de Parfum is for women who appreciate the exceptional. A unique vial that sets the scene for the exclusivity of these fragrances. 50 ml Item No.: 150 100 ml Item No.: 100

Refill Funnel Item No.: 814


After Shave Goes on cool, relieves irritation and invigorates your skin. Available in your choice of fragrance. 100 ml Item No.: 104

this is a men‘s world Eau de Parfum Eau de Parfum for self-assured men who appreciate the extravagant. Available in a variety of fragrances. 50 ml Item No.: 150 100 ml Item No.: 100

Pocket Atomizer The practical perfume pocket atomiser while out and about. Refillable with a refill funnel from our product line. Silver matte Item No.: 809

Refill Funnel Item No.: 814


Aloe Vera Shower & Bath Mousse ph-neutral, moisturizing 125 ml Item No.: 202

50% h t i w vera aloe

Aloe Vera Body Lotion for Kids Moisturizing lotion for particularly dry or sensitive skin. It makes skin soft and supple. Contains aloe vera, bisabol and allantoin. 200 ml Item No.: 203

kids collection – boys & girls Aloe Vera Facial Cream for Kids Gentle moisturising cream with aloe vera, jojoba oil and avocado oil. Suitable for skin that is lacking in moisture, dry or sensitive.

Childre n are im aginat and c ive reativ e – ju st like our fra granc es. Fresh and fr that’s uity, our Kid s Colle ction.

with 50% aloe vera 50 ml Item No.: 204

Kids Set Eau de Parfum Aloe Vera Shower and Bath Mousse (including a small surprise gift))

Eau de Parfum 50 ml Item No.: 201

Value price Item No.: 299


Vegas Cosmetics only uses select natural, first-class ingredients, with an average aloe vera content of 50%. Our Aloe Vera Beauty Concept – suitable for any skin type.

Aloe Vera Cleansing Lotion Mild cleansing emulsion with highquality aloe vera plant juices. Special ingredients help clean pores gently and keep your skin soft and supple. Due to the high percentage of aloe vera extracts, the cleansing process adds plenty of moisture to your skin. 200 ml Item No.: 301

Aloe Vera Facial Toner Facial toner for sensitive skin. Aloe vera extracts nourish and soothe dry and irritated skin. 200 ml Item No.: 302

aloe vera – queen of medicinal plants Aloe Vera Day Cream Light, moisturizing day cream consists of 50% natural aloe vera gel and bisabol oil derived from chamomile blossoms. Nourishes and soothes dry, sensitive skin. Extremely suitable as a base before applying makeup. It provides protection from the harmful effects of environmental damage and helps your skin retain its natural beauty and elasticity.

50 ml Item No.: 303

Aloe Vera Night Cream Rich night cream with 50% aloe vera gel. A nightly regimen will provide your skin with a natural moisture balance, looking supple and smooth.

50 ml Item No.: 304

Aloe Vera Moisturizing Mask Hydrating cream mask with natural ingredients aloe vera and panthenol, helps relax and revitalize your skin. Its nourishing properties will give your face that healthy, fresh appearance. The moisturizing mask may completely be massaged into the skin.

50 ml Item No.: 317


Aloe Vera Beauty Care Set Consists of: cleansing lotion, facial toner, day cream, night cream

Value price Item No.: 399

aloe vera Aloe Vera Lip Balm Complete lip care for dry, chapped lips. Non-greasy, easily absorbed, it gives your lips a subtle shine (with Shea Butter). 8 ml Item No.: 309

Aloe Vera Eye Lift Serum Serum rich with 60% aloe vera properties improves, strengthens and tightens skin. Deeply penetrates, moisturizing and soothing.. 30 ml Item No.: 316

Deodorant Cream Roll-on A deodorant cream roll-on with pleasantly neutral fragrances, created with mild ingredients to protect and care for your skin. Our patented formula absorbs and eliminates odors, and keeps you fresh all day long. 40 ml Item No.: 103


Aloe Vera Body Lotion A rich, complete body lotion for every day. A full 50% of this lotion is made up of aloe vera extract and valuable oils of macadamia nuts and almonds. It gives your skin that velvety, pleasant feeling. Apply and gently massage into skin. Easily absorbed. 200 ml Item No.: 311

aloe vera Aloe Vera Gel Provides moisture for your entire body! It’s 99% oil-free and made of pure aloe vera plant juices, scent-free and suitable for every skin type. Invigorating, cooling and soothing all at the same time. Ideal for sensitive, irritated problem skin. This gel supplements any Vegas care program and is a necessity in your travel cosmetics case. Particularly suitable for alleviating sunburn. 200 ml Item No.: 312

Aloe Vera Cellulite Lotion Intensive care for problem zones. With 50% aloe vera, rich in valuable ingredients, this lotion is pleasantly mild, non-greasy, and easily absorbed. 200 ml Item No.: 315

Massage Glove Helps increase blood circulation, for revitalized, smoother looking skin.. Item No.: 804


Aloe Vera Hand Cream This cream consists of 50% aloe vera extract and nourishes and protects your hands. Applied regularly, it helps maintain the skin’s smoothness and elasticity. Recommended for highly exposed hands. Non-greasy, easily absorbed. 100 ml Item No.: 310

Aloe Vera Toothpaste Effective protection against periodontosis and tooth decay. Bacterial enzymes are inhibited Jinhibited by amino fluoride, and the high concentration of aloe vera supports the healing of injuries to the gums and the entire oral cavity. The perfect mouth and dental care, with the freshness of natural peppermint. Aloe vera content: 50% 75 ml Item No.: 320

aloe vera Aloe Vera 2-in-1 This shower gel gently cleans your body and hair, while providing moisture protection at the same time. 200 ml Item No.: 313

Aloe Vera Hand Wash Lotion Liquid soap for customers with higher standards. Strong cleansing agents and 50% aloe vera substances help prevent chapped skin. Strong enough for busy hands and mild enough for your face. 200 ml Item No.: 314


„Tender loving care for men“

A man’s skin reflects his health and vitality. It loves to be pampered with our after shave and facial cream products. The Aloe Vera Basic Program (made with natural aloe) revitalizes stressed skin.

aloe vera

Aloe Vera After Shave Balm Soothes and regenerates skin after shaving. Used on a daily basis, the gentle aloe vera lotion, easily absorbed, keeps you feeling refreshed and prevents skin irritation. 100 ml Item No.: 308

Aloe Vera Facial Cream for Men Men like to be well-groomed. Ideal for regenerating and protecting the tender facial area. Regular application helps prevent the formation of fine lines and wrinkles while providing moisture to make your skin look supple. Goes on cool and relieves skin irritation.. 100 ml Item No.: 307


Q10 Beauty Concept for dry, mature skin requiring extra nourishing.

Our energizing skin care formula, unique and ideal for every skin type.

A force of energy for your skin! The natural aging process reduces the Q10 level in your skin cells and thereby increases your risk for fine lines and wrinkles. The Vegas Q10 Beauty Concept, created with coenzyme Q10, a substance produced by your own body, supports the optimum regeneration process of your skin.

Q10 care Witch Hazel Cleansing Lotion High-quality plant extracts gently clean pores of makeup residue and environmental deposits. Deep-cleansing emulsion with its hamamelis properties moisturizes and soothes at the same time. 200 ml Item No.: 401

Witch Hazel Facial Toner Facial toner for sensitive skin types. Soothes irritated skin with every application. 200 ml Item No.: 402


Q10 Beauty Concept Basic Care Set Contains: Facial Toner, Cleansing Lotion Day Cream, Night Cream

Value price Item No.: 499

Q10 care Q10 Eye Cream High-quality emulsion targets delicate eye area. Regenerates and strengthens with extra nourishment, re-energizes exactly where needed, supported by the addition of co-enzyme Q10, naturally present in your body. Together with other ingredients, it makes your skin feel silky smooth and aids in the prevention of fine lines and wrinkles.

30 ml Item No.: 405

Q10 Day Cream High-quality, moisturising day cream with the body‘s own Q10 coenzyme. Particularly suitable for mature, demanding skin. Vegetable oils, i.e. avocado and jojoba oils, care for your skin all day long, keeping it soft and smooth. Built-in UV protection shields your skin from harmful environmental damage.

50 ml Item No.: 403

Q10 Night Cream Extra nourishing night cream with your body’s own co-enzyme Q10. This cream actively and naturally regenerates your skin during the night. Its moisturizing and skin care agents, i.e. oils from macadamia nuts, jojoba, avocado and peach, help your skin regain its youthful appearance.

50 ml Item No.: 404

Q10 Décolleté Cream Intensive care and extra nourishment for neck and décolleté area. This cream stimulates microcirculation and thereby helps prevent premature aging.

50 ml Item No.: 406


Q10 care

Takes care of your skin while giving you a healthy tan. Self-tanning made easy. Regular use of this product rewards you with a light, natural-looking tan. We made the application process uncomplicated, stress-free and as easy as putting on a body lotion.

Q10 - Perfect Summer Bronze Moisturize your skin and get a tan at the same time. This cream goes on light, is easily absorbed and has a very pleasant fragrance. You can build up a light tan in 3 to 5 days, and you are in control of how intense you want your tan to be.

100 ml Item No.: 407


Woad, part of the mustard plant family, has been well-known for over 4000 years. People from different parts of the world have taken advantage of this natural plant substance. The ancient Egyptians as well as the famous Greek physician, Hippocrates, recognized its value and importance for their lives.

Our Vegas Woad Care Series has taken the beneficial properties of this plant to an even higher level and sets a new milestone for healing cosmetic care products.

woad extract Woad Day Cream A light cream for dry, sensitive skin, it regulates the natural balance of moisture and improves the overall ability of your skin to act as a barrier against potentially harmful outside factors. 50 ml Item No.: 512

Woad Night Cream Extra nourishing, rich night cream for dry, sensitive skin. Supports your body’s regeneration process and helps prevent premature aging. 50 ml Item No.: 513


Woad belongs to the cruciferae (mustard plant) family. Extracts taken from leaves and seeds are used in the manufacturing process of cosmetic products like shampoos, shower gels and skin care items.

Woad Extract Basic Care Set Contains: cleansing mousse, day cream and night cream

Special pricing Item No.: 599

woad extract Woad Cleansing Mousse Mild cleansing foam for your daily cleansing regimen. This creamy foam contains extra mild cleansing properties and valuable substances to regenerate moisture in your skin. 150 ml Item No.: 510

Serum for Problem Skin Used regularly, this skin care product will considerably and visibly improve problem skin. Our highly concentrated ingredients contain antibacterial properties proven to reduce impurities and prevent skin irritation. 50 ml Item No.: 511


special care Face and Body Peeling Refreshing peeling gel for your face and your entire body with woad extracts and exfoliating granules. Gently lifts away surface residues and superficial impurities. Gives your skin a smoother appearance and facilitates absorption of additional care products. 100 ml Item No.: 550

Premium level skin care products Vegas Cosmetics is proud to present a new and interesting addition to our existing line of skin care products. The unique combination of highly concentrated ingredients and antibacterial properties makes this product a great first step in your daily skin care regimen, as it prepares your skin for follow-up care by gently removing superficial impurities. Peeling Brush For facial care and a gentle peeling effect. Facilitates the absorption of peeling products. Item No.: 803


Our goal at Vegas Cosmetics is for our customers to enjoy relaxation and wellbeing, harmony of body and soul, while promoting exceptional care products for clean and healthy skin.

This philosophy also extends to our often neglected feet. Our feet work hard all day while exposed to pressure and many stressors. For this reason, Vegas Cosmetics has developed a new line of foot care products.

foot relief care

Deodorant Spray for Feet

Foot Care Cream

Created with natural oils and rosemary extract, our deodorant spray pleasantly invigorates and revitalizes tired feet. With its special formula, this product will act as an antiperspirant and deodorant

A non-greasy emulsion for busy feet. Aloe vera gel and essential oils gently provide moisture and skin protection. When used after each bath or shower, your feet will regain their supple, healthy appearance.

100 ml. Item No.: 601

100 ml. Item No.: 602


color concept Single Color Compact (case only) Extravagant color!

Item No.: 781

Vegas Cosmetics shows you how to present yourself with exciting decorative high-class products.

Color 4 hazelnut/matte Eye Shadow Refill Our new and revolutionary concept offers you pure luxury and enables you to prepare and mix your own eye shadow from the variety of our Vegas Color Collection. With the patented Refill Clip System, you can create your own individual shade of eye shadow or change colors at any time!

Color 1 silver/gloss

Color 5 highlight/matte

Color 2 white/matte

Color 6 chocolate/gloss

Color 3 soft gold/gloss

Color 10 aubergine/matte

(When ordering, please indicate the item number of the single-color or triple-color compact and the desired color index numbers.) 3g. Item No.: 703


Applicators, 5 piece package, double-sided Item No.: 806

Color 13 teal/gloss

Eye Shadow Refill When ordering, please indicate the item number of the single-color or triple-color compact and the desired color index numbers. 3g. Item No.: 703

Color 14 teal/matte

Color 15 bright lilac/gloss

color concept Color 21 mocca/matte

Farbe 11 terracotta/matte

Color 23 jade/gloss

Color 17 bright crocus/matte

Color 12 dark violet/matte

Color 21 mocca/matte

Color 16 pink/gloss

Color 19 charcoal/gloss

Color 22 pastel rose/gloss

Color 18 charcoal/matte

Color 20 pearly grey

Color 24 denim blue/gloss


color concept Blush Powder (Refill))

Color 4 light terracotta

Color 6 aubergine

Color 5 brown

Color 7 pastel

Lets your face appear youthful and radiant. Take advantage of our Refill System, and put together your own color combination. (When ordering, please indicate the item number of the singe-color or triple-color compact and the desired color index numbers.) 3g. Item No.: 709

Color 8 light rose

Color 9 dark rose

Triple Cartridge (case only) Item No.: 780


Compact Powder For a natural, no-shine appearance (includes applicator sponge) 10g. Item No.: 701

Color 1

Color 2

Color 3

color concept Foundation Creme Modern, light makeup formula (includes applicator sponge) 15g. Item No.: 712 Color 6 Color 5 Color 3 Color 2

Loose Powder

Color 1

For a refined complexion, helps keep makeup from running or fading. 20g. Item No.: 702

Color 1 Color 2

Magic Powder Light Powder with exclusive gloss effect. For face and dĂŠcolletĂŠ. 10g. Item No.: 711

Blush Applicator Brush (retractable)

Blush Applicator Brush

When you are on the go

Made with natural hair for a perfect application of blush and powder.

Item No.: 805

Item No.: 801


Liquid Foundation Makeup goes on smooth, gives your face a natural, fresh look, hides uneven skin tone. Easy to use, dispenser with pump. 30 ml. Item No.: 705

Color 2

color concept

Cosm metic Sponge, Cosmetic pie ece package 2 piece hable, facilitates the even application Washable, akeup of makeup. Item No.: 807

Color 1

Color 3

Color 1

Color 2 Concealer

Color 4

Color 5

Color 1: This concealer is ideal for hiding small veins around the nose and cheek area. Color 2: Helps you hide under eye circles as well as small impurities and uneven skin tone. 4g Item No.: 720


color concept Brush Set (6 per case) 6-piece brush set in a practical pocket-size pouch while on the go. Item No.: 802

Color 1 black

Color 2 grey

Color 3 brown Pencil Sharpener

Eyeliner Pencil

Item No.: 816

In 5 trendy colors Item No.: 717

Pocket Mirror with extension, diameter of 6.5 cm. Item No.: 815

Color 4 blue

Color 5 white

With foam rubber for small corrections and easy application.


color concept

Waterproof Mascara For thick, silky lashes 6 ml Item No.: 706

Color 1 corea blue

Color 2 black

Color 3 brown

Eyeliner For the perfect eyelid line. 5 ml. Item No.: 708



Cleaning Sponge, 2-piece package Washable, facilitates removal of makeup residues in connection with Vegas Cosmetics cleansing lotion products. Makeup Remover Item No.: 808 New – liquid makeup remover. Gently cleans and removes excess oils. 200 ml. Item No.: 715


lip care Lip Gloss Adds radiating gloss to your lips. 5 ml. Item No.: 707

Color 1 clear

Color 2 frosted brown

Color 3 frosted apricot Lip Brush Metal, made with natural hair, retractable.

Pencil Sharpener

Item No.: 813

Item No.: 816

Lip Liner Pencil in three trendy colors Item No.: 716

Color 1 red

Color 2 violet

Color 3 brown


Lipstick with Vitamin E In many fantastic colors, stays on extra long 4g. Item No.: 704

Color 3 frosted apricot

lip care

Color 3 frosted apricot

Color 12 frosted pink

Color 17 glittery bronze

Color 4 apricot

Color 13 auburn

Color 18 frosted auburn

Color 5 red

Color 14 frosted terracotta

Color 19 frosted auburn

Color 8 frosted aubergine

Color 15 frosted copper

Color 20 aubergine

Color 11 pink

Color 16 frosted sand

Color 21 glittery rose


Nail Polish Dries fast and does not streak. Available in a fascinating variety of colors to match your lipstick. 7 ml. Item No.: 710

Color 3 frosted apricot

nail care

Color 3 frosted apricot

Color 12 frosted pink

Color 17 glittery bronze

Color 4 apricot

Color 13 auburn

Color 18 copper bronze

Color 5 red

Color 8 frosted aubergine

Color 14 frosted terracotta

Color 19 froster auburn

Color 15 frosted copper

Color 20 aubergine

Color 11 pink

Color 16 frosted sand

Color 21 glittery rose


Nail Buffer (4 different surfaces) Polishes your nails and gives them a smooth look. A must have for sophisticated nail care. Item No.: 811 Nail File (fine and heavy duty grit) Item No.: 812

nail care Nail Polish Remover Box (acetone-free) The perfect solution for cleaning and maintaining healthy nails. Removes your nail polish thoroughly and easily (sponge included) 100 ml. Item No.: 719

Nail Polish Remover (acetone-free) High performance nail polish remover. Ideal for all nail care, giving hands and feet a well-groomed look. Can be used as a refill bottle for Nail Polish Remover in a jar. 200 ml. Item No.: 718

Clear Polish To improve the durability of nail polish. Also usable as nail polish. 7 ml. Item No.: 713

Nail Hardener Improves nail structure and helps maintain healthy nails. Can be used on its own or as a base coat in combination with other nail care products. 7 ml. Item No.: 714


vegas – beauty and elegance

Vegastrade Lda. Germany

Vegas Cosmetics was founded in May of 2003 and is now successfully established in over 10 countries. We are proud to offer our customers an extensive line of cosmetics and jewelry. Your


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