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Peter lived in a big house near the ocean with his parents and his dog, Sausage. Peter didn't have a brother or a sister but he had many games he could play by himself and was happy although he felt a little bit lonely. One day, at school, they sent some balloons up into the sky. Peter wrote his name and his adress on a card, attached to the balloon. The red balloon flew into the sky until he disappeared from the sight. It flew for five days and finally fell in a little wood near a poor village. In this little village, lived Jack with his mother, his five brothers and his grandma. Like every day, he walked at the wood to search leaves. But this special day, he found the red balloon. He picked it up and ran home. "Mummy! Look at that ! I found a red balloon and there is a card with an adress!" Jack began to write a letter to Peter : Dear Peter, I received your balloon. I would like to meet you. Jack. Some days later, Jack and Peter were playing football in Peter's garden. Jack was happy to play in a big garden with his new friend and Peter was happy to have a friend to play football with and not be alone anymore.

Peter & Jack  

A little history from lucky guys! ;)

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