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ABOUT US We are a private prosthetics service located in the heart of Manchester Beast Prosthetics equips people to maximise lifes opportunity by providing immediate access to the leading prosthetic solutions and limb technology

We work with adults and children to provide the most effective solutions for those living with limb absence and limb differences.


OUR MISSION We will empower people to push themselves further by providing them with immediate access to the best possible prosthetic solutions that enable them to achieve their goals, aspirations and dreams.


We help you maximise your performance & opportunities

OBJECTIVES Always Be Person Centered Whenever we take action or make a decision, our clients, and our pride in the service that we provide to them, are at the centre of our clinical work and business. We will do everything we can to provide you with the best possible service and a bespoke solution for your needs.


All our therapists put their patients at the centre of everything they do. They will listen to you to understand where you are at the moment and what you want to achieve. We share in the excitement of the difference a new limb can make and have the knowledge and passion to help you get there.

Be Innovative Innovation to us means making use of the most recent developments in prosthetic techniques and limb technology to provide the best possible solutions for our patients. We use cutting edge solutions and advanced treatments to ensure we are always moving forwards, because we believe that if we do not then we are moving backwards. We invest heavily in innovation to deliver an advanced clinical service that is constantly evolving.

Facilitate Opportunities & Maximise Potential We want to help you accomplish your dreams. We do this by providing you with leading prosthetics solutions and access to a dedicated multidisciplinary team. By combining our knowledge of the leading limb technology and understanding of your desired lifestyle and needs, we will provide the prosthetic limb for you. Our multidisciplinary team work with you to set, manage and achieve goals. We understand that people’s aspirations are different,


OBJECTIVES Exceed Expectations We believe your expectations should be exceeded every time you deal with us. We aim to achieve this by providing you with immediate access to the best possible rehabilitation and performance services and products that maximise your satisfaction. We aim to exceed expectations by providing you with access to a multidisciplinary team of experts in prosthetics under one roof. For every prosthetic solution provided our team will consider how to maximise your performance, function, aesthetics, comfort, and satisfaction.


Be Accessible & Reliable We are committed to always being accessible and reliable. We provide everyone with immediate access to our services. Our therapists go out their way to ensure we get everything right first time and believe that reliability should come as standard.

We understand that providing you with the best prosthetic solution is the start, not the end, of our relationship. We are there to provide you with as much aftercare support as you need. We feel that a personal relationship between the prosthetics team and you is important so that we can understand your changing needs, solve any problems before they occur, and keep you aware of the latest prosthetic research and developments.



Prosthetic solutions Lower Limb We work with primary patients to start their prosthetic journey. If you currently use a lower limb prosthesis, our experienced HCPC, BAPO registered prosthetists can analyse your current gait pattern and identify how to increase your efficiency when walking, running or taking part in sport. We can also discuss what other services may be helpful to you over the course of the care we will provide.


We can provide a range of limbs and adaptations for sport, activities, comfort and cosmesis that are suitable for people who have undergone amputation or have a limb difference. We also offer limb trials to help you be sure that you are wearing the limb most suited to your needs. Upper Limb If you would like to see us about upper limb solutions, our prosthetists will assess your lifestyle, activities and goals to recommend the latest prosthetic solutions and technology. Our prosthetists, occupational therapists and physiotherapists work together to provide a holistic approach to rehabilitation.



The first step in any journey with Beast Prosthetics is to be fully assessed by an expert prosthetist. This includes both a physical assessment and a lifestyle aspect, ensuring that your prosthetist fully understands your personal requirements.

We offer expert report writing services and provide expert witness statements as requested by solicitors and case managers. Our clinicians have specific medico-legal training and experience of writing legal reports and of acting as expert witnesses.

We know that each prosthetic solution should be as unique as the person that will wear it. We want to know what our patients aim to achieve with their new limbs and will spend time discussing their lifestyle, health and goals to help us to recommend the best possible solution for each individual

All members of or multidisciplinary team are able to provide medicolegal services for clients with prosthetic needs. These include • • • •

Prosthetists Clinical psychologists Physiotherapists Occupational therapists


We offer a range of payment options and treatment plans to suit your budget



We work with primary patients to start their prosthetic journey. If you currently use a lower limb prosthesis, our experienced HCPC, BAPO registered prosthetists can analyse your current gait pattern and identify how to increase your efficiency when walking, running or taking part in sport. We can also discuss what other services may be helpful to you over the course of the care we will provide.


We offer a full paediatric provision for children and adolescents. Our prosthetists, physiotherapists and occupational therapists specialise in working with children and young people.


Healthcare Proffessionals Athletes Beast prosthetics provide access to the leading sports prosthesis solutions and technology. Running blades and sport specific prostheses enable athletes to reach their full potential

Solicitors and case Managers We provide reports for case managers and solicitors that are suitable for a variety of purposes. Findings following examination Independent expert opinion on prescription of prostheses Breakdown of costs to support calculations on quantum reports We can also provide a second opinion on previously commissioned reports within our field of expertise.

Referring your patients to our service is easy and beneficial for those patients with complex needs or medical history that we should know about. With a patient’s consent, we can provide quick turnaround reports about their assessments and ongoing treatment. At Beast Prosthetics we value interdisciplinary collaboration.

Primary Patients Our experienced prosthetists work with patients that are looking for their first prosthesis and help them to make the right choice of device. Patients are fully assessed to allow prosthetists to give the best possible advice and recommendations.

Charities and organisations We are always looking to work with other organisations to further increase the positive impact of our service.


What makes us different? At Beast Prosthetics we have complete freedom to recommend the most suitable solutions for each individual patient that we work with. Our clinicians provide limbs that utilise the latest in prosthetic technology in order to enable each person that wears them to meet their goals and exceed their expectations.


Referrals Beast Prosthetics provides services to patients who have been referred by healthcare professionals or via self referral. To make a referral to our service, please contact us at your convenience.


CONTACT US TODAY 6 Minshull St, Manchester, M1 3ED 0161 660 9282





We can provide you with prosthetics that are not available on the NHS

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