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2015. Here we are. Here we go. After talking with squirrels for months, designing and researching for weeks and sampling for days, we are proud to present you the 2015 Line-up. Because 2015 will be a bright and positive year for nuts, we choose to use the same vibe in the colors. Choosing Nuts isnt only choosing for the best feeling and best quality, choosing nuts is making you board look better than it allready did. Choosing nuts is choosing for new level of board riding, and a new level in good looking. We can guarantee anybody will fall in love for you when you are with your board. Secretly they are in love with these grips. They want to see them, touch them. They wants your nuts.

Tom Haakman

TAILPADS What to say. If it’s 2015, and you still don’t have these tailpads you are missing out. Missing out big time. The 2 patterns, 8 mm arch, and comfortable foam makes an unbeatable combination. Not just some foam - it’s EVA foam, created by god, and named after Adam & Eva. Putting your feet on these pads the first time will make your heart jump. Make you smile. It will forget all the hard things in life. It will you make feel everything is good now. It will you make feel everything is like it should be.

35x32cm (14”x13”) | 3 pieces | 30mm tailblock | 8 mm arch | 3M glue |

ARCHBARS Our new designed archbar in 9 bright colorways is made to give your front foot the best grip in mankind. While we are allways searching for the best Design, we are sure our 2015 linup is the best on the market. The flat bottom side of the pad will ensure the 3M adhesive will stick better and won’t leave any room for water. These pads will outlive your board, will outlive you and will outlive this world.

50x7,5cm (20”x3”) | 8 mm arch | 3M glue

FRONTPADS Wether it is skimboarding, surfing, kitesurfing, wakesurfing, or riding a sup, we will make your board look Nuts. NO other brand on this planet does have so many colors like we do. Its like a angry baby armed with a paintball gun - colorfull. We will make you happy. We will make your feet happy, and we will make your board happy. Actually, this world would be a better place with more Nuts.

37x33cm (15�x13�) | 3M glue

ED JAKES MODEL Eduardo Joaquim Promodel When I was told I could have my own promodel I started with the idea of pads with the rasta colors. Because I really like reggae, and I had dreadlocks the past, and people reconize my vibes. After I did think a little further, I changed my mind and I thought it will be better to have my promodel with a draw that was made by a friend, who is designer. But later, when I talked with Tom, my sponsor of Nuts Traction, he gave me the idea of making a set of pads with a Aztec pattern. I think it was a great idea because it goes on the same vibe of the other project that I have, where want to have a tattoo in the same “tribal Aztec" style. The colors of the pads are inspired by the spring and The sunset on a summerday, after a great sesh. I really want to thank Tom for the patience he had for me, the friend he has been and also because he is my sponsor and my Boss!

Eduardo Joaquim Portugal




Javi Sola Gregorio Promodel










I would describe the SOLA model as a sick one, with a simple design, which also will be available in different colors that give you the liberty of combining them in craziest way. Last summer Tom told the riders of NUTS to let him know about our ideas for new 2015 pads designs. I sent him one by myself that I made at school. He really liked it and asked the other riders their opinions about it, which also were positive points! Then, a few months later Tom told me that the design I made it's gonna be my new pro model for 2015 and I was really stoked with it! I'm pretty sure you will love the SOLA pro model and I bet you'll get the best pads ever! Choose the Sola model and let’s go NUTS!

Javi Sola Gregorio Spain

WSL DONOSTIA MODEL WSL X NUTS The Westsidelocals is a collective of friends based in the Southwestern part of the Netherlands. They bring you a fine collection of worldwide clips as well as their own motion and stills with a healthy dose of humour. While doing this they earned their stripes and probably stepped on a lot of toes…so now is your chance to put your toes on their well-deserved stripes. The WSL Donostia tailpad, with its original San Seb stripe design, gives you that Burgundian feeling of eating cheese and drinking a barrel of fine wine after a good surf. Just like having a pack of cigarettes after sex, or maybe it’s more a cherry on the cake, or the burger to your beer, whatever floats your board. And your board will definitely float better after putting this baby on! It will make you feel like a cold shower on a hot summer night or sipping champagne by the fire in your cashmere sweater. Maybe the blue stripes will really match your eyes while gallivanting down the boulevard with your board, anyhow it will make your life ça va!

West Side Locals The Netherlands

V FOR VALENCIA MODEL Gerardo Valencia Promodel My plans for 2015 will be much better than all the years I've had. This year I will skim more competitions and will give everything while I do. Between the waves I will continue my life as usual, partying with friend and having a good time. I’m glad to represent this brand of pads, it really has been best for me! They are very good, and I’m very grateful to nuts for supporting me. It took me a little while to make a design, but after a day of school, just before I went to The beach this came up my mind. This model stands for the stoke when you go to the beach, The solid stoke we all life for. I hope you feel the same way when you use this pads, get out and ride good waves.

Gerardo Valencia Mexico

JAPEACE MODEL SKIMPEACE X NUTS My hope is PEACE for world skimmers, To be a strong and unique sport together. Some rivals, but be a family, a group of friends. The recent years showed many bad stuff, All over the world. Choose for peace! I hope these grips are reconized for this view on the sport. I hope people will try to be more like a family. It’s really lovely to see how skimboarders are helping out now, and I hope to see more! The Japeace model is THE model for people who want to be part of that, to spread the good vibes. The colors represent the different people we are, the different colors of life, combined in 1 model. Also the colors are like the Japanese Seaons! Green - spring,land Blue - summer,wave Orange - Autumn,sand White - winter,snow

Masa, Japan


Nuts. N U T S. Never Unveil The Secret. But.. The name Nuts does have a longer story. Unknown to many, but one of the best stories in history of mankind. Going back to 1944. WW2, Ardennes, Belgium. A group of allied soldiers is surrounded by German troups, near the town of Bastogne. They are low on food, medicines, ammo and the cold winter is taking his toll. The Germans placed big cannons all around them, and after several days of surrounding, the German general sends out a letter to the allied forces. It´s an surrender note. They have 2 hours to surrender. After that, the Germans would completely bomb down the area. The allied forces, under the command of Anthony McAuliffe made a short and simple anwser‌ NUTS! It boosted the moral of the Soldiers sky high, and the following days they survived the attacks of the Germans. 2 Days later the sky cleared, and over 300 airplanes came to the rescue. What followede is history. Crazy. Stay positive. Do what you feel is good. Stay true. Stay Nuts.


Pattern The grid is a combination of a diamond grid pattern that consists of 3mm thick diamonds, and a square grid that consists of 3mm thick squares

Material We use thinner and lighter high quality EVA foam that doesn't absorb any water. This saves weight, and makes your board feel more responsive and snappy

Adhesive We use only the best (industrial grade) 3M adhesive, thats even stronger than most other brands use. In 2014 we gave the 3M adhesive an extra update, So you can be longer on the place you love the most! Kicktail We did a redesign on the tailblock, making it the first off its kind. The new design will be barely to not noticable when riding the board, but will increase the ammount of air trapped under the pads much, wich results in even a longer lifetime. We did upgrade the kicktail to 30mm, with a 45 degree anle. Height The base foam is 2mm with a 3mm pattern on top of it. This makes the perfect combination between a soft landing and keeping feeling with your board. Both the arch in the tailpad as in archbar itself is 7mm high, so it delivers extra traction and guides like a optimal orientation point






Coming soon.





Distributors Japan



Skimpeace productions

Eduardo Joaquim

Mathieu Taxy


Mexico (main)

Mexico (mainland)

Rob Morris

Mike Velazquez

Luis Gutierrez


Not listed?

Mathieu Taxy


Are you looking for Nuts but your country is not listed? Send us a message and we will help you with pleasure!

Credits Ed Jakes model

V for Valencia model

Artur Costa | Free skim mag Tiago Carreiras

Marco Arroyo

Contact Oliver Harrault | Groovy baby

Sola model Oliver Campoy Diana Rios

Frontpage + Intro Artur Costa | Free skim mag

NUTS HEADQUARTERS Westergeest 87A 1911 AH Uitgeest The Netherlands

Nuts traction catalog 2015  

Welcome to 2015.

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