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The leading male hormone, testosterone, is responsible for a number of functions in a man’s body. And we all know its vital role in increasing muscle mass and strength. But as the T levels drop rapidly after 30, many men begin to lose their lean muscle growth. Then, the question comes. Can testosterone supplements help in improving muscle mass? In this blog, we’ll take an unbiased approach into this issue and find out the real truth. Almost every T-Booster available in the market claims to increase muscle growth, but there are only few that actually work. So, is there a testosterone booster to put on lean muscle? Let’s find out.

Testosterone Supplements and Lean Muscles Main function of these testosterone pills is to perk up the body’s natural levels of testosterone. You can expect male virility and masculine traits as long as your body has the optimal levels of the hormone. While some T-Boosters in the market are not that effective, there are some that contain specific muscle-building components.

Based on our team’s research, there are three ingredients that are scientifically proven to boost muscle mass. Coincidentally, some of these are also present in top testosterone boosters. Top muscle-building ingredients in testosterone supplements are:

#1. Zinc is one such mineral that we all need in our body. While most people take the mineral through their diet, it’s unfortunate that many of us lack the required amounts.

Let’s see how Zinc helps in muscle mass growth:  

It’s responsible for protein synthesis required by muscles Zinc is vital for Insulin-like Growth Factor (the hormone that promotes muscle growth)

One research into Zinc’s effects on testosterone found men who received 30 milligrams of the mineral per day showed increased free testosterone in their body. And free testosterone means enhanced ability to stack on muscles.

#2. This Indian herb has the capacity to enhance libido and stamina. Fenugreek also has powerful antioxidant properties to keep free radicals at bay.

It helps in the following ways for muscle mass:  

Increases insulin release that accommodates protein and glycogen synthesis for muscles Clinically tested to promote testosterone release

As it boosts strength and stamina, people with enough Zinc in their body also feel energized for their workouts and other endurance activities.

#3. The role of Vitamin D in healthy bones and disease protection is not unknown. But what some may not know is its effects in enhancing muscle strength. Latest scientific data finds the role of Vitamin D in muscle mass.

Scientists carried out an in-vitro study using muscle cells, insulin, leucine, and Vitamin D. These researchers exposed muscle cells to insulin, leucine, and Vitamin D. The research results showed enhanced protein synthesis due to the addition of Vitamin D to leucine and insulin. Thus, this study stresses on the role of Vitamin D in protein synthesis of muscle cells. All that said, we do think testosterone supplements with these ingredients can work at improving muscle size.

Our Recommendations Based on our analysis, we find three T-Supplements that has at least two of the above ingredients in their composition. 

TestoGen: This is a product by Wolfson Berg Limited. It has a total of 11 natural ingredients to boost the body’s ability to produce more testosterone. Moreover, it includes Zinc and Fenugreek extract in optimum amounts to offer muscle-building benefits to its users. Prime Male: The testosterone booster combines current scientific research to create a formula that only contains specific ingredients. The best part about Prime Male is its use of the most absorbable form of the ingredients. Note: We find many of our readers cannot decide between TestoGen and Prime Male. For those readers, we’ve created this Prime Male vs TestoGen article. Do take a look to find the T-Booster that works for you. However, both of these t-boosters are pretty effective in helping you surge your testosterone level. TestoGen is a uniquely powerful and natural testosterone booster whereas Prime Male is one of the best t-booster.

Hunter Test: Hunter Test offers a clean formula to boost testosterone and muscle mass. In fact, it contains components specifically for amplifying muscle mass growth. The manufacturer understands low muscle mass is the top symptom of low T count. As a result, they develop a formula designed to reverse these effects.

Check out Prime Male vs Hunter Test for a thorough comparison of the T-Boosters. Hopefully, you found the above Information informative. Did you enjoy reading the article? Let us know what you think in the comments segment below.

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