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In Nowadays , the population of the world had grow up and people need more food to eat to be surviving for the example, we need rice to eat everyday and also meat and seafood. For me I think everything is important to eat, but one thing I interest in it is shrimp. So our team designs to go to shrimp farm like how they live and the process to do a shrimp farm so we get to meet a man who are the header of the shim farm and now we are going represent the way of shrimp farm life as the photograph. The handers are very well come to us and also let’s us in the place that normally no one can eater only the staff. I think this is a good chance to let’s to showing this .

Lets get start

Firstly scene att the early morning around 6 o’clock , The one who name P’pui he is a header of this shrimps farm . He drive a truck inside the shrimps farm for bring the labor to feed a food and check level of water .

Time to feed

When the sun goes up about 7-8 o’clock . He prepare a food for shrimps by the Put in the boat basin before leaving to feed which in Each day he have to feed all 8 shrimps farm

Prepare a boat and body

After P’pui finish prepare a food for shrimps . prepare a boat and himself , before he rowing he has to clean his body by wash hand with soft alcohol and put his boot shoes potassium and checking boat before he rowing to feed a shrimps .

Rowing together

It’s time to rowing a boat for feed a food . when paddle out to feed the need for expertise because one hand must throw the food and one hand have to paddle .

Checking Shrimp

after feed a food P’pui have to checking color of shrimp body by lift the dipper up and check how they feel through color and how they jump which will show how they respond with temperature .

Close up the shrimps

An estimated 90-day-old shrimp are delivered to the seller. This shrimps is an old about 45 days, which is in about half of the organization of the market. By the way he show this shrimp because this shrimp is in case to be a good quality shrimp .

Water level

P’pui must to check to level of water after check quality of shrimps . He need to check the water level in order to take a look at the salinity of the water and quality of water.

Refill the disinfectant .

After checking quality of water he see that . The water is too dirty so he take the water disinfection to put in the water which must be a reasonable amount otherwise , shrimps will be have react .


In the evening , he almost done his routine but not at all because he have to feed a food to shrimp again at 9 pm and also check oxygen at 10 pm at night . Moreover , this picture is about 6 pm which made me relax due to it really beautiful and chill .

Relaxing time for P’pui

When the sunset he always drink alcohol which make him happy and relax . Because for whole day he have to order and control the 5-6 labors and sometime labors did not follow his command which make him stressful

Shrimp farm  

Photographic image

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