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ORTS CENTER as a function hall, provides a rehearsal space primarily for dancers but may be converted for use for other performing arts. However, while the above two art rehearsal spaces may only be booked and used by official student groups and societies, the anteroom - consisting of practice and studio rooms - are open to all students for usage. As these rooms are much smaller than the dance studio and dance atelier, they may be more appropriate for musicians to ‘jam out’ before their gigs. POP Quiz : Where can you enjoy a delightful slice of cheesecake with a brew of hot coffee while perusing the latest Stephen King horror novel? “Sure, I know! Where else but Star…” Let me just stop you right there before the name of the most ubiquitous coffee joint rolls off your tongue. Rather, I’m talking about the new lifestyle bookstore called Book Haven and its partner bakery café, Cedele. True to its name, the bookstore is a terrific refuge from the hustle and bustle of campus life. Time becomes an irrelevant commodity as everyone drifts around the store at their own pace. Whether you’re running your fingers through the newest John Grisham novel,

side-swiping the latest Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 at the Digital Lifestyle section or clutching that savoury smoked salmon sandwich at Cedele, it is evident that Book Haven has something for everyone. Seeing as how Book Haven even has its own Gifts and Novelties section, I’m sure you’ll know where to head to if you ever need to throw an emergency birthday party. “Edusports is the icing on the UTown cake. It really rounds off the entire experience as a resident, and with it, UTown becomes more and more like a home. The variety of food options available in Edusports is astounding. Especially for someone with dietary restrictions like me, having so many choices is a Godsend.” says Ikhsan Suri, a third year Physics major NUS student residing in Tembusu College. Indeed, when an online petition raising concerns on the lack of Halal food options at The Deck began circulating late last year, NUSSU and the Office of Estate and Development sprung into action to address these concerns. On top of assuring students that there’ll be a minimum of two Halal stalls at The Deck come June 2013, the foodcourt

The new bookstore on campus from

at Edusports, Flavours@UTown, has opened with three of its food stalls certified Halal. With delicacies ranging from Western to Vegetarian, students have the choice of eating their meals while enjoying the day breeze or in an air-conditioned environment. Either way, patrons may soak in the view of the lush greenery that Town Green has to offer, which Flavours@UTown overlooks with aplomb. Without a doubt, Edusports is the perfect addition to UTown with its blend of performing arts, sports and teaching facilities. In line with its intent to enrich peer learning and enhance social and cultural interactions, the Edusports complex will play host to live performances and film screenings as part of the NUS Arts Festival

2013. And while the annual NUS Open House is traditionally held at the Sports and Recreation Centre at the Kent Ridge Campus, this year will see Edusports become the central location to showcase NUS to all prospective students and their parents on 16th March 2013. It sure looks set to be an exciting month of March! Lastly, you must have realized how often I have brought up Town Green in this article. As abundant as this space is, one thing it definitely lacks is privacy. So the next time you’re at Edusports, head up the staircase just next to the Si Chuan food stall at Flavours@UTown - and remember to bring your camera along!

The RIDGE - March 2013 Issue  
The RIDGE - March 2013 Issue  

March 2013 issue of THE RIDGE - the largest student-run magazine in the National University of Singapore