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NUS Table Tennis Team - The NUS team at the IVP Finals 2013. Photo courtesy of Loh Kai Ying


have been playing table tennis since an early age. I was accidentally introduced to the sport by my (un)athletic brother when he caught on the table tennis craze during the 2000 Sydney Olympics and dragged me to beginner courses with him. I still remember how after one session, he quit, and I, albeit feeling a little betrayed, remained with the sport till today. Just seven years of age at the time, never once did I expect that

twelve years down the road, I would have so many achievements under my belt, and that I would be so indebted to my sport, Table Tennis.

I was invincible. Every gruelling training session honed my skills to perfection, and the arduous hours I put in only made me stronger as a paddler and as an individual.

Flashback twelve years, to a puny kid with a tiny ponytail, I would happily bounce off to trainings at the Clementi Sports Complex. I would train in the mornings, stay for lunch with my teammates, and continue with afternoon sessions. I never grew tired of trainings – With my table tennis bat in hand,

Of course, this sport taught me much more than the technique of playing. Through victories and defeats in the countless competitions I participated in, they taught me courage, determination, and how hard work takes you places. Perhaps to the average person, table tennis

is seen as just another ball sport, but it had a world of significance to me. Table tennis was my closest companion; it walked with me through thick and thin, taught me to toughen up in life, and moulded my overall outlook and character. It was my source of solace and comfort when I felt bogged down by schoolwork and personal problems. As clichĂŠ as it sounds, I can say that without this sport, I would not be the person I am

The RIDGE - March 2013 Issue  
The RIDGE - March 2013 Issue  

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