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Summer 2014


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SOUND OFF with Beats by Dre + Alexander Wang


DESIGNER PROFILE with Reggie Wilson of Puma

18 INTERVIEW with David Barranco of ROOT 20






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letter from the nuso team ISSUE #02

NU SNEAKER ORDER, an ADDICTED 2 SNEAKERS production, is the premier magazine for the consummate sneaker collector and the sneaker-obsessed. As the pulse of the sneakerhead community, this web-based publication is dedicated to showcasing through compelling editorial, brilliant imagery and stirring multimedia the latest trends in cutting-edge athletic footwear, the designers who create them and the sneakerheads who love them. And because the world of sneakerheads is about more than just innovative design, NU SNEAKER ORDER will also feature the fashion-forward accessories and clothing that show off the best of today’s high-design kicks.

Art Director JonJon, Derek Smith Fashion Director Gabe Andre Sales Director Daniel Jean-Gilles Photographers Pascale Daniel Alice Liao Marketing Team Ryan Joseph, Michael Marotta, Jesus Salcedo, Eric Ficocelli Contributors NYHeat, Effectus Clothing, 8and9 Clothing, 4UCaps, Levity Live, Solepack, K.N.O.W Apparel, Rdynamics, Puma. Contributing Writers Astride Myria, Pascale Daniel, Dyahan Felix, Myria G.J. Thanks to the Models Justin Andrew, Ariana Dyahan, Michael Marotta, Ryan Joseph, Braille Diaz, Erik Jefferson, Kiyon Santos, Nadine Aspilaire, In-The-Cut Exclusive

The Voice of the Sneakerhead

Editor Alice Liao

Summer 2014

Editorial / Sales

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Nu Sneaker Order is published seasonally, four times a year. No part of this publication may be used without written permission by the publisher. Š 2014 A2S Nation, LLC (Nu Sneaker Order). Every effort is made to avoid errors, misspellings and omissions. If, however, an error comes to your attention, please accept our sincere apologies and notify us. Thank you for reading!



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s u mme r 2014

www.n u sn e akero rd er. co m

Kicks + iKen = Complete Style

nu swagg



The first look of the soon-to-bereleased Li-Ning Way of Wade 2 Low, “Diablo” sizzles with its kinetic design of zigzagging stripes and bold, electric colors.

This ice hockey-inspired Goons Jersey Tee in classic black-and-white is a musthave and a keeper. Wear it to show off your Jordan Oreo 5s or frame it to show off on your memorabilia wall.


Innovative in function and look, the SP-1 backpack accessory stores your kicks when you’re on the go. Dual compartments made of heavy-duty nylon each feature a neoprene sole that allows the bag to expand for larger shoe sizes.


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s u mme r 2014

www.n u sn e akero rd er. co m


Enjoy 360 degrees of viewing pleasure when you display your kicks in the Ice Box. The see-through case easily doubles as a replacement box and can be customized with lighting for more dramatic viewing.


Punches of bright tropical colors against a black backdrop make the Sunset Haze Tee ready for any occasion.

PUMA Girls of Blaze

The exclusive GIRLS OF BLAZE DISC COLLECTION by Solange is the first range of PUMA Disc footwear made just for women. Edgy and stylish with pops of vibrant color, it draws inspiration from the sights and sounds of Brazil.

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Complement your Retro 6 Air Jordan Carmines with the high-flying Wings Jersey. Made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton, the shirt fits true to size and is guaranteed to match your kicks.


Inspired by iKen Watches: a buildyour-own watch system, iKen Shades are a perfect combination of fashion, versatility and fun! The shades are made from 5 independent components, that you pick in the colors of your choice and put together to build your very own pair of customized shades.


Turn heads with the fresh Royal Stars Floral Brim Snap Back hat, which is available now!

Roos x shane + shawn

A well-loved classic gets a fresh, hip look in the ROOSxShane&Shawn collection, a collaboration between KangaROOS and designers Shane & Shawn Ward. The new sneaker line offers a nod to the original ROOS with the brand’s signature side pocket while channeling the pulse and beat of contemporary music, nightlife and cool culture.


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s u mme r 2014

www.n u sn e akero rd er. co m

494 Glenbrook Road Stamford, Ct.



have air customs Interview with Michael Javier How long have you been customizing sneakers?

I started customizing in late April or early May of 2013 and have formed a portfolio of more than 20 customs. So far I have only painted on Nikes and Jordans, but at some point I’d like to branch out to Adidas and Reebok. I almost did a pair of dress shoes once, but the customer never fell through with the order.

What’s your favorite custom you have done and why?

My favorite custom that I have done is probably the “Gamma Galaxy” Air Maxes. The technique I used to paint the galaxy pattern is very complex and I figured it out on my own. I’m always proud of my galaxy customs because I can say to myself, “You taught yourself how to do that.” I don’t use any stencils for it. I didn’t watch any videos to learn how to do it.

What’s your favorite sneaker in your personal collection?

My “Playoff” Jordan 11s. I’m not one of those hypebeasts who wants a pair because it’s “cool”; I like them because of their history and design.


nu snea ker o rde r

s u mme r 2014

It was the first basketball sneaker to feature a carbon-fiber plate on the sole and to have patent leather on it. Both were major breakthroughs for the sneaker game from both the visual and performance perspectives.

Are there any other customizers out there that you look up to?

Well, obviously, there’s Mache. He’s a legend in the game and I hope to be on his level some day. Then there’s El Cappy, JBF, Gourmet Kickz. The ones who have really influenced my thought process are the ones I’ve made connections with. One of my supporters on Instagram and the Sole Collector Forums from Day One is @jbiggs216. I also want to give a big thanks to Grinch over at @bayareagotsole, Reggie from @bayareawdywt, Tony from @solewest, Preme from @ wupreme666 and @wupr3me, Wil from @wilthecreator, and Stretch from @sneaker_whores. They’ve all helped me out more than they had to and have really made this a great experience for me, thank you.

www.n u sn e akero rd er. co m

must have

sneaker apps

Kicks on Fire



Nice Kicks


J23 - Jordan Release

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Unlaced s u m m er 2 0 1 4

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nu collection

K.N.O.W. Apparel Reebok

Nike Brand Solepack The North Face

8and9 Clothing Belief


nu snea ker o rde r

s u mme r 2014

www.n u sn e akero rd er. co m

Aura Gold Known Apparel Jordan Brand

8and9 Clothing

Nike Kobe9

LoMein Clothing

Vac Nation

8and9 Clothing Park Av Clothing w w w. nu s neakero rd er. co m

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LoMein Clothing Stussy Diamond Supply

Jordan Brand

Puma Solepack


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s u mme r 2014

www.n u sn e akero rd er. co m

Obey Been Trill x Mallratz Jordan Brand Nike

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Park Av Clothing Nike

8and9 Clothing


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s u mme r 2014

www.n u sn e akero rd er. co m

sound off Vac Nation Collection

with beats by dre + alexander wang




Alexander Wang partnered with Beats by Dre to design an exclusive limited-edition collection of custom beats products, including the (1) Studio Headphones, (2) The Pill portable wireless speaker and the (3) Urbeats earbuds.

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nu s ne a ker o r d er


nu snea ker o rde r

pu ma for rd es ign er ea tw foo

reggie wilson


designer 16

s u mme r 2014

www.n u sn e akero rd er. co m

Discovering he had a natural talent for drawing at a very young age, Baltimore, MD native Reggie Wilson knew he wanted to do something with art when he grew up. His initial ambition was to be a cartoonist, but then he was sidetracked by basketball. “Shaq and Penny were my favorite players as a kid,” Wilson says. “I wanted to be in the NBA.” Playing pro ball was soon replaced by a dream of designing car and then wrestling in the WWF, where his favorites The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin captured his imagination. High school, however, reignited his love of basketball. And from there, it seems inevitable that he would end up where he is now, finding success in a profession that combines two of his passions: athletics and art/design.

How did you become involved in footwear design?

As with a lot of other kids growing up in an urban setting, sneakers were a huge part of the culture—along with sports. My favorite shoe as a kid was the Shaqnosis, but I was also into the Fila Grant Hills, Iversons, and Jordans. My parents thought it was stupid to buy Jordans because they were so expensive. I finally got my first pair of Air Jordans (low top white and blue 15s) in ninth grade. From there, I just started buying and collecting all the retro Jordans while learning about the performance behind the designs from Eric Avar, Aaron Cooper, Tobie Hatfield, etc. After graduating from high school, I took a job with FedEx, loading and unloading the trucks, but realized that I was too skinny to lift heavy packages for the rest of my life. So I did some research on what shoe designers went to school for and, in 2005, enrolled in the Art Institute of Philadelphia, where I majored in industrial design.

When did you start at PUMA?

I started working at Puma in May of 2011. My good friend from college Yurri Mial had just joined its running team in late 2010. The company was looking to add people to the team, so Yurri put my name out there and I’ve been here every since.

How do you approach designing for the future?

The future of design (not just shoes) will be based on embracing technology in our daily lives even more so than we do now. In 10 years, products will incorporate technology that we never would have thought of 20 years ago. Right now, we have smart phones, but around the corner, I see smart cars, houses, beds, paint, and shoes. In the past, technology was a barrier for a large segment of the population because it wasn’t intuitive. The technologies of the future will be so smart and intuitive that you won’t even know they’re in the products. This will allow people who aren’t techsavvy to adapt to technologies far more complex than those of the past. Technology will become like air: It’s everywhere but you can’t see it.

What do you hope you achieve through your design?

First, I would like to make shoes that function at a high level for the sport or activity that they were designed for. Form follows function. Secondly, I would like to create stories that relate to the consumer buying the shoes.

Are you a sneakerhead?

Yes and no. I have a good understanding of sneaker history, a “decent” collection, and I love shoes to death. But until I build an extension to my house to accommodate my growing collection

w w w. nu s neakero rd er. co m

or spend my rent money on a rare pair of shoes, I can’t claim sneakerhead status.

Whats your favorite sneaker on the market today and why?

The Kobe 9 is my favorite shoe right now because of its one-of-a-kind colorways and collar height, as well as its design inspiration. It’s also endorsed by my favorite athlete. I haven’t had a chance to play in them yet, but normally the Kobe line is dialed in from a performance standpoint. I would say it’s the most unique shoe of the year.

What and who inspires you to be creative?

I’m mainly inspired by nature. Most of the problems that we are trying to solve as designers, nature has already solved. Usually nature has solved the problem in a very pure way, without having to worry about many of the limitations and constraints that we designers face.

If you didn’t design sneakers what would you be doing?

Your guess is as a good as mine. I would probably be driving a delivery truck for FedEx.

What are your favorite sneakers you had a part in creating?

It would have to be the Puma Crossfox, which is a cross-country track spike that was released last year. The athletes who have used it like it from a performance standpoint. I was inspired by images of cross-country athletes running through mud and a puma cat jumping out of water. When people see that shoe, they normally are able to make that connection without me telling them the inspiration behind it. My upcoming Faas 500 v4 would be a close second.

What’s your favorite sneaker in your collection?

My favorite shoe in my collection is probably my Huarache 2k4. I like the fit and cut of the shoe from a performance standpoint. The design is simple and clean. I think it is a classic. The advertisements for the shoes were dope, too!

What advice can you give to the youth today who are interested in becoming footwear designers? Look at shoes as functional products instead of fashion pieces. Have you ever used a product and just said, “This was smart how they designed this”? Those are the type of products that people hold onto and keep coming back to. We as designers should be looking to attain this with everything we design. Try to solve a problem with a shoe, create a new way of doing something that makes things easier for consumers.

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interview david barranco of ROOT


David Barranco is cofounder of Root, an upscale men’s clothing store located in the heart of exclusive Condado, Puerto Rico. When did you first open the store? We opened our first store in 2011.

Have you expanded since then?

Since then, we have expanded to Colombia and Argentina, and soon we will be in Fort Lauderdale.

Have you seen fashion trends change over the years?

Yes, but as we make only 15 items per design, many of our clothes are on-trend before a trend catches on.

Have you collaborated with other companies?

At this moment, we have a partnership with Camper shoes that allows them a special room for display in our stores.

What is your hottest selling item in the store? Our best selling items are definitely polos.



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www.n u sn e akero rd er. co m

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the hot ATLANTA Fly Kix ATL 275 Peters St SW Atlanta, GA 30313

Expressions 486 Washington St. Boston, MA 02111 Laced 569 Columbus Ave. Boston, MA 02118

Sole 123A Luckie St. Atlanta, GA 30303


Epitome 252 Pharr Road NE Atlanta, GA 30305

Black Sheep 1504 Camden Rd., Suite 200 Charlotte, NC 28203

Standard 3393 Peachtree Rd NE Atlanta, GA 30326

Fresh Exclusive 2001 Commonwealth Ave. Suite C Charlotte, NC 28205


Velocity Sneaker Boutique 8925 JM Keynes Drive, #3 Charlotte, NC 28262

Nice Kicks 2815 Guadalupe St. Austin, TX 78705

BATON ROUGE Private Stock 3897 Government St Baton Rouge, LA 70806 Sneaker Politics 7566 Bluebonnet Blvd. Baton Rouge, LA 70810

BOSTON At The Buzzer 81 Harvard Ave. Allston, MA 02134 Bodega 6 Clearway St. Boston, MA 02115 Concepts 37 Brattle St. Cambridge, MA 02138


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CHICAGO Leaders 1354 672 N. Wells St. Chicago, IL 60654 RSVP Gallery 1753 N. Damen Ave. Chicago, IL 60647 SuccezZ 1329 South Michigan Ave. Chicago, IL 60605

CONNECTICUT Salvin’s Shoe Inc. 1307 Main St. Hartford, CT 06103 In The Cut Exclusives 494 Glenbrook Rd. Stanford, CT 06906

s u mme r 2014

DALLAS DK Foot & Casual 5334 A-Ross Ave, Suite #875 Dallas, TX 75206

HOUSTON 8 One Sneaker House 13236-A Northwest Fwy Houston, TX 77040 Exclusive Taste 2600 Hwy 6 S (West Oaks Mall) Houston, TX 77082 House of Hoops 4400 North Fwy Houston, TX 77022

Las Vegas Knyew 3735 Spring Mountain Rd. Suite 206 Las Vegas, NV 89102 Shoe Palace 4300 Meadow Lane Las Vegas, NV 89107 Suite 160 3950 Las Vegas Blvd. South Las Vegas, NV 89119 Undefeated 4480 Paradise Rd. #400 Las Vegas, NV 89169

LOS ANGELES Attic 8010 Beach Blvd. Buena Park, CA 90620 Flight Club 503 N Fairfax Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90036

www.n u sn e akero rd er. co m

House of Hoops 8500 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90048 NIKETOWN Los Angeles 9560 Wilshire Boulevard Beverly Hills, CA 90212 The Holy Grail 604 W. Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90015

MIAMI 8and9 Clothing Company (Showroom) 7814 NE 4th Ct. Miami, FL 33138 Air Traffic Control 1601 Washington Ave. Suite 114 Miami, FL 33139 Foot Soldiers 100 SE 1st Ave. Miami, FL 33131 House of Hoops 1401 Pines Blvd. Miami, FL 33026 Soles Inc. 1345 Washington Ave. Miami, FL 33139 Air Traffic Control 1601 Washington Ave. Suite 114 Miami Beach, FL 33139



House of Hoops 1400 Wilowbrook Blvd. Wayne, NJ 07470

4 U Caps 2559 White Plains Rd. Bronx, NY 10467 4 U Caps 115 Dydkman St. New York, NY 10040

Packer Shoes 941 Teaneck Rd. Teaneck, NJ 07666 Rare Breed Footwear 16 White St. Red Bank, NJ 07701 Sneaker Lounge 301 Center Ave. Westwood, NJ 07675 Sneaker Room 267 Central Ave. Jersey City, NJ 07307 Sneaker Room 895 Broadway Bayonne, NJ 07002 TakeOver 547 Bloomfield Ave. Montclair, NJ 07042 House of Hoops 1400 Wilowbrook Blvd. Wayne, NJ 07470

NEW ORLEANS House of Hoops 6401 Bluebonnet Blvd. Baton Rouge, LA 70836 Sneaker Politics 3504 Servern Ave. Metairie, LA 70002 House of Hoops 6401 Bluebonnet Blvd. Baton Rouge, LA 70836

4 U Caps 3342 Palisades Center Dr. West Nyack, NY 10994 21 Mercer 21 Mercer St. New York, NY 10013 Atmos 203 W 125th St. New York, NY 10027 East West 369 New York Ave. Huntington, NY 11743 Extra Butter 266 Merrick Rd. Rockville Centre, NY 11570


House of Hoops 11 W 34th St. New York, NY 10001

West NYC 147 West 72nd St. New York, NY 10023

KITH 644 Broadway New York, NY 10012

ORLANDO House of Hoops 8001 S Orange Blossom Trail Orlando, FL 32809

Kicknetics 184 Martine Ave. White Plains, NY 10601


Les Clothing Co. 43 Clinton Street New York, NY 10002

Capsule 69 Yorkville Ave. Suite 104 Toronto, ON M5R 1B8, Canada

Native Goods 136 Irving Ave. Port Chester, NY 10573

Livestock 116 Spadina Ave Unit g1 Toronto, ON M5V 2K6, Canada

Nyack Sneakers 152 Main St. Nyack, NY 10960


Reflection Dynamiks (RDNMKS) 1095 Flushing Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11237

Flight 23 225 W 34th New York, NY 10122

Rime 157 Smith St. Brooklyn, NY 11201

Flight Club 812 Broadway New York, NY 10003

Sneaker Bistro 580 Route 112 Suite 17 Patchogue, NY 11772

House of Hoops 68 W 125th St. New York, NY 10027

Sneaker Lounge 8 Mill Rd. Eastchester, NY 07675

House of Hoops 2655 Richmond Ave. Staten Island, NY 10314

Supreme 274 Lafayette St. New York, NY 10012

Comonwealth 1781 Florida Ave. NW Washington, DC 20009 House of Hoops 3500 E West Hwy Hyattsville, MD 20782 Kickk Spott 1436 Wisconsin Ave. NW Washington, DC 20007

The Hundreds 96 Grand St. New York, NY 10013

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