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CLASS OF 1986 By Laina Raveendran Greene

On 27 August, the NUS Law Class of 1986 held its 30th Anniversary reunion. The class has been quite active about organising reunions over the years, and many look forward to them (especially those who live and work overseas). These gatherings give us a sense of belonging and a chance to reunite, relive good memories and make new ones. Even during our time at law school in Kent Ridge, our class was united thanks to an active group among us who organised activities such as carolling over Christmas. Once, we even planned a “co-ordinated attack” on a certain lady professor who would call on us to answer questions with LAWLINK 2016

“the lady over there in the red dress” or the “gentleman in the blue shirt”. We all decided to wear black and white to throw her off, but she walked in totally unfazed and without batting an eye at the sea of white tops and black skirts/pants, simply called on “the lady with the red shoes” – we had all forgotten to co-ordinate our footwear! Our professors told us that the Class of 1986 has always been very different from other classes – they probably say that to all

the classes! In truth, our class counts highranking government and judicial officials, partners of law firms, entrepreneurs, arts practitioners and members of many other professions among its ranks. It was very reassuring that despite the many notable achievements, everyone was just as warm, down-to-earth and welcoming as ever. We had a wonderful time reconnecting and learning more about each other’s lives since we last met, and even made a pact to try to organise more regular get-togethers.

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