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A NEW CHAPTER celebrates the continuing evolution of NUS Business School at the National University of Singapore. It highlights the hopes and aspirations of the school as captured through a day in the life of the students, faculty and staff. And, indeed, what is a school but the embodiment of the spirit of its people and the environment? As NUS Business School looks to the future with conviction and confidence, the strong commitment to excellence is clearly evident — from its rigorous academic programmes and research to its world-class faculty, and from the state-ofthe-art classrooms and training laboratories at the new Mochtar Riady Building to its students and vibrant campus life.

From its humble beginnings as a tiny department with a handful of faculty members and some 20 students in 1965, NUS Business School today is among the top business schools in Asia with more than 130 faculty members and some 2,700 full-time students from all over the world. As the numbers grew, so too did the school. The Mochtar Riady Building now serves as the iconic gateway to the school, a modern symbol of its deep commitment to its tradition of excellence.

The Mochtar Riady Building, the flagship premises of NUS Business School, represents our creativity, forward-thinking and encompassing spirit to build one big community of students, alumni, faculty, friends and associates, coming together to create meaningful exchanges.� Prof Bernard Yeung Dean and Stephen Riady Distinguished Professor

8.30am l A typical day at NUS Business School begins

When I showed my family a photo I took at the Mochtar Riady Building, they told me that the school looked more like a hotel! I agree; it’s an impressive building. It will remain in my memory for years to come as a symbol of NUS Business School, a home that welcomes us every day to enrich our learning and help us foster meaningful friendships.� Jenny Wu The NUS MBA, Class of 2012 Immediate Past Vice-President, The NUS MBA Student Council 2010/11

A NEW DAY Situated in Singapore, at the heart of Asia, NUS Business School is the ideal place to learn Asian business within a global context. An integral part of the extensive campus of the National University of Singapore, NUS Business School offers students many learning opportunities to realise their potential, build their careers and develop strong networks of friends and connections with the future leaders of Asia.

The new Mochtar Riady Building provides us with the infrastructure necessary to handle changing technologies and new approaches to teaching and learning. It brings students, alumni, faculty, staff and industry partners together in a world-class facility.” Peter Tay Yew Beng BBA (Hons), Class of 1975 The NUS MBA, Class of 1987 Immediate Past President, NUS Business School Alumni Association

TOP LEFT NUS Business School staff… walking the extra mile to deliver support excellence. TOP RIGHT Beyond the classroom… UCLA-NUS Executive MBA participants discussing a case study. LEFT Bonding time for NUS BBA students as they await the start of classes. OPPOSITE PAGE Upstairs and downstairs the Mochtar Riady Building… seminar rooms, breakout areas, laboratories to excercise the body, mind and soul.

9.30am l Action heats up in the classrooms

I feel part of a vibrant academic community that opens tremendous opportunities for research and applies 21st century teaching methods. These engage my students in a learning journey towards becoming true leaders and innovators.� Assoc Prof Jochen Wirtz Academic Director, UCLA-NUS Executive MBA

A CLASS ACT With a world-class reputation for delivering the best of East and West in business education and research, our distinctiveness lies in our ability to integrate the breadth of Western business concepts and practices, with a unique focus on the vibrant Asian region. This is made possible by our top international faculty members, a constantly-enhanced curriculum and numerous initiatives for students to get

up close to the action in Asia, interact and experience different cultures. NUS Business School students can tap into the university’s diverse academic offerings and easily augment their studies with double degrees, a concurrent degree, double m a j o r a n d m i n o r programmes that transcend faculties and disciplines to engage one’s mind and heart to the fullest.

My learning experiences have been very rewarding as much as they are challenging. I have access to first-rate facilities, and our new premises provide us with an environment conducive for group discussions and inspired thinking.’’ Camillus Kang BBA, Year 3 President, Bizad Club, 24th Management Committee

10.45am l Taking a quick breather from his hectic schedule

At the business school, we create a forum where we facilitate and encourage the intensive exchange of ideas that leads to thought leadership, impact in our society, in business practice and in our decision-making.� Prof Bernard Yeung Dean and Stephen Riady Distinguished Professor

IN PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE Advancing academic excellence continues to be a key area of growth and success. Our faculty members have had their research published in top journals, won numerous research awards, and taken leadership roles in international academic organisations and conferences. They are equally active in sharing their views with the business community through forums and frequent media commentaries on the business issues of the day.

TOP Professors Richard Arvey and Audrey Tsui with their team from the Centre for Strategic Leadership

Professionals hard at work TOP RIGHT BBA programme office steering the course RIGHT BBA student getting a helping hand

24 September 2010 l Grand Opening of the Mochtar Riady Building

At the grand opening of the Mochtar Riady Building (from left) Prof Tan Chorh Chuan, President, NUS; Mr Wong Ngit Liong, Chairman, NUS Board of Trustees; Dr Ng Eng Hen, Minister for Defence, who was then Minister for Education; Dr Mochtar Riady, Founder & Chairman, Lippo Group; Mr S Dhanabalan, Chairman, NUS Business School Management Advisory Board; and Prof Bernard Yeung, Dean, NUS Business School.

It is significant that our building is named after Dr Mochtar Riady, the founder and chairman of the very successful Lippo group. The Riady family represents a kind of entrepreneurial spirit that we all aspire towards. Their generous gift to the school, one of the largest we know in this region, also represents a devoted spirit to higher education. That in itself is the spirit that we believe in, and a spirit that we want to live up to.� Prof Bernard Yeung Dean and Stephen Riady Distinguished Professor

THE GROUNDBREAKING MOCHTAR RIADY BUILDING Designed from ground up to be environmentally-friendly, the Mochtar Riady Building testifies to the school's keen intent to foster an environment for the creative pursuit of academic excellence. The structural designs are geared to conserve energy, with the upper floors enjoying the flow of fresh air and the building interior naturally lit by a dramatic open-air skylight. BELOW James Riady with Dr Ng Eng Hen, Minister for Defence, who was then Minister for Education; and Stephen Riady with Dean Prof Bernard Yeung.

12 November 2007 l Groundbreaking Ceremony

VIBRANT STUDENT LIFE: ON AND OFF CAMPUS A heady mix of academic excellence in the classroom and unforgettable student events on and off campus, coupled with the exhilaration of overseas experiences caps the NUS Business School experience. This is the unrivalled place to stretch your imagination, form life-long friendships, discover your potential and work towards fulfilling your ambitions. Opportunities abound for the intrepid student whether it be assuming leadership of the Bizad Club, the school’s premier students’ organisation, or participating in an overseas International Case Competition or study trip abroad. Yet others may find satisfaction in pursuing active causes such as social entrepreneurship to benefit the community.

Anytime l A strong spirit of dynamism beyond the classroom

LEFT Bizad Club student leaders preparing for their annual general meeting. OPPOSITE PAGE A show of camaraderie and esprit de corps... NUS Business School students and staff with their winning float. A bull's eye, indeed!

4.30pm l Taking a hands-on approach to learning

BRINGING THE WORLD TO SCHOOL Leading-edge facilities and software like these at the Centre for Asset Management Research and Investments (CAMRI) laboratory enable our students and researchers to conduct full-scale investment management research and analysis, and perform portfolio construction, backtesting, and risk management exercises. The centre also engages faculty, academics, practitioners and scholars from around the globe in conferences, lectures and forums, which are open to the financial and investment community.

The Mochtar Riady Building is a fitting symbol of the school’s approach to business education: cutting-edge, forward-thinking and all-encompassing. The building is designed as a multi-disciplinary facility, where all units, departments and student bodies integrate and coexist. Everyone benefits from and takes ownership of our world-class resources and facilities such as the Investment Management & Trading Laboratory where our students' learning is intensified through relevant, hands-on experience.� Prof Joseph Cherian Practice Professor of Finance and Director, Centre for Asset Management Research and Investments

NUS Business School graduates are highly sought after by employers locally and regionally, and the key is a highly professional and dedicated Career Services Office. The office organises career coaching, skills workshops and networking events among its recruitment activities. LEFT Students have convenient access to internet stations in the school building. BOTTOM RIGHT Students browsing through reference materials at the Career Services Office.

6.30pm l While others wind down for the day, evening classes for MBA students get underway

The professional and cultural diversity of our MBA and Executive MBA students provides valuable peer-to-peer learning and networking opportunities that complement the international curriculum.

LEFT Outdoor courtyard on the sixth floor – a convivial setting for faculty, students and staff.

HIGHER CALLING The school’s MBA and Executive Education programmes are designed to equip students to respond effectively, adapt quickly and succeed in today’s fast-paced, constantly-changing and complex world. A unique blend of global best practices, combined with a strong Asian focus, enables our students to advance their careers in a wide range of industries across the world with particular strengths in Asia’s fast-growing economies.

The UCLA-NUS Executive MBA programme is a stand out because of the double degrees from two prestigious institutions, and the academically rigorous modules. Likewise, the talented lecturers and learning experiences with fellow participants from different parts of the world make this programme completely rewarding, professionally and personally. I would start all over again even though I am working full time as a management consultant in my home country in Denmark.” Michael Leck, Implementing Consulting Group UCLA-NUS Executive MBA, Class of 2012

6 July 2011 l Commencement Ceremonies

NURTURING LEADERS Since its inception, NUS Business School has been a fertile breeding ground for aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders. With its culture of excellence, NUS Business School is well placed to nurture tomorrow’s leaders and create impactful knowledge to bring inclusive and sustainable growth for the benefit of all society.

One word to describe my experience in NUS Business School would be 'awesome'! I’ve never been given so many opportunities. The exposure and experiences were truly incredible. They improved me in many different ways... in finance, marketing, operations. I'm a better person than I was before entering the university – I can interact with confidence and analyse problems in a very logical fashion. I’ve made friends within the school, as well as international friends from across the world, and will continue making friends with other NUS alumni.” Tobias Chen Zhaonan BBA (Hons), Class of 2011

TOP As NUS Business School students celebrate their success at school and mark the start of their adult working lives, it seems the sky’s the limit. LEFT Commencement 2011 saw more than 900 graduates receiving their bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees. Among them was the first cohort of graduates from the Master in Public Administration and Management.

Photographs Sha Ying Peter Tan Richard Koh Words Amy Balan Design Ace:Daytons Communications

NUS Business School: A New Chapter  

NUS Business School: A New Chapter