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Ego’s a vice ... Karma’s a bitch. A young woman finds herself walking a tightrope between the traditional cultural expectations of Bali’s Island of Gods and the hedonism of the world’s best party scene. Promoter in Paradise is a timely comedic take on the “fish out of water” hero’s tale with a young woman finding her way in the cut throat, hedonistic event industry. Like Crazy Rich Asians, this story is dominated by a diverse, female driven, Asian cast but where the former is entrenched in glitz, glamour and excess, Promoter in Paradise straddles both the indulgent “good times” of Bali’s high end tourism and the traditional and culturally unique sensibility of daily life on the Island of the Gods. Despite Bali being a tourist mecca with over five million foreign visitors a year there has yet to be a series made on the island for an international audience. Promoter in Paradise is that series and reflects a view of Bali that is truly compelling: the contrasting experiences of people spending thousands of dollars a night indulging themselves or simply enjoying fantastic company and a meal at a street side stall for a dollar or two. Welcome to the fast paced world of Promoter in Paradise!

When Tuti, a young woman from the Bali ‘burbs crashes headlong into the ego fuelled world of Bali’s event scene she discovers that ramping up the fun is a cut throat business and finding balance between the intoxicating mix of glamazons, celebrities, insta-fame gangstas and Bali’s cultural tradition is no easy task, especially when the life of the party can be the death of relationships. If all else fails her Ma has a solid plan B: marriage, it didn’t work out for Ma but… The thing is Tuti’s got spunk, her own unique take on making sure the show goes on, plus she’s got some back up from one time major mover and shaker Tina and the ever trustworthy (but not always accurate) advice of Yoda wannabe-come-driver Gede. From the city’s back laneways through the Balinese heartland to the hedonistic all nighters, Tuti is on the ride of her life!

Pilot Synopsis Tuti, a recent college grad with big dreams is struggling to catch a break in the dog-eat-dog job market - especially with the added pressure of a Mother looking to see her married. Upon stumbling into the aftermath of a major party, Tuti accidentally lands a role with Bali’s premier Event Manager, Tina. It looks like Tuti’s dream might be within reach but Tina’s in a lurch: her P.A. Maya has defected to the opposition camp.

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With the big event only 2 days away, it’s up to Tuti to make sure the food and wine stay on the menu, the music keeps playing and the egos are stroked. Our young hero from the Bali ‘burbs is up against powerful forces determined to see her fail. Tuti must not only survive the next 48 hours but also pull off the party of the year to keep her dream alive.

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Overview Genre: Episodes:

Comedy/Drama 10 x 30 minutes

The overriding arc focuses on Tuti’s journey: her trials, failures, and victories. Episodes are framed around major events: an M.M.A. title bout and a fighter with an overwhelming desire to perform as a drag queen; a world-class surfing competition, a pro-surfer with a shark phobia and the spotting of a great white off Bali; Asia’s society wedding of the year with a primadonna wedding planner; a superyacht party with the Kazakhstan Mafia. Each event will backdrop two episodes of the series. The questions raised in the pilot episode will be explored over the course of the story: -

Tuti’s relationship with her Mother, the absence of her Father and her relationship with potential husband material Budi Maya’s defection to Katarina and her deep seated sense of opportunity lost Katarina’s past and the painful secrets she is trying to keep Tina’s health and business challenges Gede’s background and developing relationship with Tuti

Season One Guide

Episode 1 Tuti finds herself working for Bali’s premiere event manager Tina with little instruction, a confusing list of talent to trace, and a nemesis in the form of Tina’s former personal assistant Maya, now working with arch-rival Katarina. She also has to deal with her Ma’s “plan B” and the confusing advice of Gede as her guide into this new world. Tuti manages a win with the paparazzo but blows the chance to bring in a celebrity chef. Tina is facing a challenge of her own, Maya realizes maybe the grass is not much greener, and Katarina reveals a secret. Episode 2 Tuti’s desire to prove her worth to Tina gets a boost when she books the Island’s premier DJ before coming unstuck when Maya manages to shut down the venue. Tuti isn’t giving up without a fight, and she manages to convert the most unlikely place in town into the hottest place to be - but she is still missing an ingredient - food! And Gede proves he’s more than just a font of unfounded wisdom when he brings the village Mamas to the party. Episode 3 The biggest names in professional surfing hit the Island of Gods, but waves aren’t the only thing to worry about, as Tuti prepares the former world champ to host the party. But our champ is still fighting his fear of getting back into the water after a shark encounter. Onshore, Ma tries to set up a date with Mr plan B, Budi, and Katarina hatch a plan to leverage Maya’s Father’s playboy image as a means of control. Tina receives more distressing health news and the need to make drastic life changes.

Episode 4 Tuti's surf champ suffers a meltdown when a great white shark is seen cruising the beach. Gede brings his Balian (shaman) Ketut to clear the waters of menace, and it becomes clear where Gede has learned his philosophy of life. Tuti receives a letter from her father asking her to join his Jakarta business and his new family. Katarina's relationship with Maya's Father is causing her concern. Tuti decides the only way to get the champ back into the water is to paddle out with him. Episode 5 Tuti’s family situation comes to the fore as she struggles with meeting her estranged father. Kazakhstani gangsters show up wanting a cruise party with Bali’s most bold and beautiful. Katarina flaunts her relationship with Maya’s father even as she begins to fall for him. Tina is increasingly distant, leaving Tuti feeling overworked, underappreciated, and wondering if Maya was right to abandon ship. Escaping on an overnight cruise seems like a good idea, even if it does involve some very shady individuals. Episode 6 Things get weird on the cruise when the axes come out, and Tuti surprises with her aim. The party turns to panic when an influencer under the influence goes missing. Gede tries some Balinese magic to locate the missing person, and Tuti discovers even gangsters have a soft side. Back on the Island, Maya and Tina have a heart-to-heart that could leave Tuti looking for a new job. Ma pushes the Budi agenda one step further in the hope of winning Tuti’s Father’s support.

Episode 7 China’s biggest celebrity couple arrives for their Bali wedding visual extravaganza. Tuti must deal with the primadonna wedding planner, a flakey groom, and bridezilla. Maya considers whether she should stay on with Katarina as her Father announces plans to move to Bali. Ma gets the wrong message when she hears what Tuti is working on and thinks another wedding is finally on the cards. Episode 8 What should have been the wedding photo opportunity of the year becomes a potential disaster as the monsoonal clouds brew. Gede brings in Balian Ketut to stop the rain as Tuti confronts her stormy relationship with her family. Meanwhile, Maya gives her Father an ultimatum overheard by Katarina, and Tina decides to undergo medical treatment. The wedding party is on the cliffs, the lightning and cameras flash, and Tuti begins to understand the power of trust. Episode 9 Tuti, frustrated by Tina’s constant M.I.A. approach, decides to take on a mixed martial arts charity event without approval. Katarina gets a shock when a friend from her Berlin soap opera days shows up, with old secrets, and an entourage. Tuti finally has a heart-to-heart with Budi with unexpected results. And the toughest man in M.M.A. confesses his lifelong dream to perform as a drag queen. Episode 10 Tuti takes the M.M.A. champ to Bali’s most notorious drag queen bar where his performance is not only caught on camera but goes viral ahead of the match. Katarina’s Berlin secrets start to catch up with her. Maya is the only person she can turn to as her #metoo past comes to light. Tuti, with the help of the ladyboy A team, coaches the champ back into the ring to prove there’s more to being a man than brute force.

TARGET AUDIENCE Promoter in Paradise’s target demographic is young adults 17-25 years of age. The story is skewed towards an educated, female audience. The primary languages are English and Indonesian, with a southeast Asian setting and cast, we expect it to resonate in the region and be popular with people of Asian heritage living globally. Tara Adia (Tuti) is a star on the rise. She has just released her latest album and is presently in the middle of a publicity tour promoting both her music and Promoter in Paradise ( The incredible success of Crazy Rich Asians demonstrates the broad appeal of Asian characters in stories that break away from Hollywood stereotypes.


Promoter in Paradise Pilot Episode was filmed at multiple locations around Bali in late 2018.

Production accessed some incredible and exclusive locations including OMNIA Day Club, Sake no Hana restaurant, Gate 88, Baliana Villas, Sanur Beach, Sukawati Markets & many culturally significant areas of Bali.

Extensive behind the scene video, still photography and interviews were recorded throughout the shoot and edited into 8 x 3 minute episodes for online release providing excellent publicity collateral and social media marketing.

Pitch trailer:

Promoter in Paradise Pilot screener: LINK ( password = PiP2019)



Key Cast & Characters

A village girl at heart and Tuti has never ventured into a nightclub and Bali’s party scene is as far away from her homelife as Mars but this young woman has real grit and what she lacks in sophistication is more than made up for by sheer determination. The daughter of an absent Javanese father and a single Balinese mother Tuti has yet to discover where she fits in culturally.

TUTI Tuti is fresh out of college and luck… the only thing that will keep her Mother from marrying her off is a good job but finding one is easier said than done.

Tara Adia is a talented classical musician and pop singer with a rapidly growing fan base who made her big screen debut as the lead in the film Sara & Fei – Stadhuis Schandaal. Tara recently released a new album and is currently working on an Indonesian mini-series.

Maya is sophisticated, intelligent and ambitious. Maya knows how to mix it up with international celebrities and get the party going, but under all of this she yearns for some meaning in an often-shallow world. Maya sacrificed the chance of travelling with a potential soulmate in exchange for career and the promise of rapid advancement. But the promises have yet to be realised and Maya is starting to pay for some poor choices. In many ways she could be an older-sister/mentor to Tuti - they have much in common but a relentless need to prove herself can be a blinding character flaw. Natasha Gott plays Maya and has worked in Indonesia, Australia and

MAYA Natasha Gott plays Maya and has worked in Indonesia, Australia and has appeared in the feature films The Carousel Never Stops, Turning, Pai Kau, Petak Umpet Minako, Indera ke Enam & After the Dark.

Gede is Balinese to the core and a haphazard Yoda to Tuti’s Skywalker. He knows this island front and back (well, except when he doesn’t). As Tina’s driver, he’s in on all the secrets but sometimes his interpretation of events leads to chaos. Gede is a philosopher and, if only we could decipher his frequent words of wisdom, we might actually learn something.


Gede is played by Artist and Actor Geed Indra Saputra. Geed appears in the international feature films Lost in Paradise: Luchsinger and The Gods and Dead Squad along with the Bali made short Sepatu (Shoes). Geed owns an Art Studio in Ubud.

Hailing from somewhere in Eastern Europe, Katarina came to Bali to both escape and make her mark. She’s Tina’s chief rival in the event game and brings a STASI like sensibility to playing it. Like many foreigners, she needs a local proxy and, right now, that just happens to be Maya. Despite her foibles and “win at all costs” mentality, Katarina harbours a deep sense of longing and a secret. Katarina is a victim of #metoo, a terrible relationship with a powerful man that saw her flee her homeland, friends and family to reinvent herself in Bali Sarah Mühlhause breathes life into Katarina. Sarah is best known as Carla Rohnstedt in the long running German series Anna and Love.

KATARINA In 2012 she was voted “best villain” on German TV. Sarah has also had lead roles in the feature films: Fuga de Cerebros, Neanderthal and The Time We Call Life.

Tina is a genuine major player in Bali’s event scene. Part sister confessor, part creative genius, part slave driver, Tina is the one who pulls it all together, herding her crew and hired talent forward to stage the really big shows. She’s worked with all the major venues and has brought some of the big names in entertainment to this small island but lately she’s been slipping up.


There’s something that is eating away at her focus, something she’s hiding. In the pilot Tina was played by real life Event Manager Tina Ardie; however, this role is open for re casting a well known Indonesian/Asian actress.

A study in contradictions Ma/Ni Wayan is a single mother masking her personal struggles by living vicariously through her daughters and Tuti in particular. Married young and to a man her family didn’t approve of lead to isolation and cultural alienation. Her family did have a point, once she’d had children and helped build the family business her husband left her. In spite of her own experience with men, she sees Tuti’s future might best be served with the right marriage. Ida Ayu Swadiatmika plays Ma. Ida is a popular Balinese actress with many credits in Indonesian drama and comedy. Ida recently acted in the Swiss Feature - Lost in Paradise: Luchsinger and the Gods.


Guest Cast Opportunities With Bali’s magnetic pull and year round ease of access ( not to mention amazing accommodation and amenities) there is a fantastic opportunity for enticing known international personalities in guest roles. Meanwhile, the island itself is home to wide variety of interesting people with great on screen presence and is the frequent haunt of social media influencers who could appear in cameos that boost awareness of the show. Given the event theme backdrop the casting of sporting identities, singers, social media influencers and other celebrities in cameo roles is open. Who wouldn’t want a stint on Promoter in Paradise? The Producers have already held discussions with well known Indonesian talent including Hamish Daud and Alex Abbad who are keen on the show and the opportunity to act in English and Indonesian.

Online Story Game The writer has been working with game developers Positive Gaming to produce an online interactive story version of Promoter in Paradise. The Beta version of the game will launch late this year. Players have the opportunity to inuence character choices throughout the story. The game Promoter in Paradise is an additional means of garnering audience interest in the television series and developing long term fans whilst also gathering intelligence on the popularity of characters and storylines.

The Creative Team

Joseph was unit director for Tina Arena’s Reset Tour Movie in Australia (2016), a consulting producer on the feature documentary Power of Pearl (2018) and wrote, acted in and produced Dark Waters (2018) for ABC TV - Iview and was the local producer in Bali for the Swiss Feature Luchsinger and the Gods.

Joseph J.U. Taylor (Director/Writer) is an Actor, Writer, Director and Producer who has lived and worked in Indonesia for over 25 years. As a founding partner of Seeding Time Pictures, producing content under the mantra Stories That Matter.

Joseph’s has a second TV series in development a well known European director attached and a German executive producer actively raising finance in Europe. As an actor, Joseph has appeared in over 50 films including the award winning One Less God, numerous TV shows (Strike Back, The Singapore Grip, Deadly Women, Home & Away, The House of Bond).

Natasha Gott is a Creative Producer, Writer and Director working with some of Jakarta’s most exciting production companies. Natasha was the Writer/Director on Behind Locked Doors (short documentary) and Dari dan Untuk (short) and a contributing Writer on the feature The Carousel Never Stops turning and the HOOQ ( parent company SONY) television pilot Heaven & Hell. She is also Writer/Producer for the upcoming feature Dukun/Shaman. As a creative, Natasha brings a wonderful understanding of both the changing face of Indonesia and a depth to the the young characters in Promoter in Paradise.

She celebrated great success in 2009 in the Spanish film: Fuga de Cerebros, which premiered at the Malaga Film Festival and won the Audience Award going on to reach number one in the Spanish cinema box office. In 2010, she worked opposite US actor Jon Chardiet and British actor Martin Jarvis, as the lead Barbara von Schmerling in the comedy Neanderthal. The film won several international awards, including 'Best of Show 2011' at Indie Fest. Sarah Mühlhause (Writer) is an actor and Writer born in Berlin who completed an acting education at the Freiburg Drama School. Her first film role was The Time We Call Life (2008) produced by ZDF.

From 2010 to 2012, she was Carla Rohnstedt in the series Anna and Love. In 2012 Sarah received a German TV Award as “Best Villain”. Sarah now lives, writes and acts in Bali.

Orlando Bassi (Producer) has a long artistic career in film and television as a Makeup and Hair specialist, Art Designer and Director/Producer. He established an internationally renowned Makeup and Wig manufacturing centre in Bali supplying major international stage, screen and TV shows including Les Misérables, Cats, Hercules and Game of Thrones. Orlando also built Movie Studio Bali – a state of the art film production studio equipped with an incredible array of analog film and modern digital equipment, editing suites, a sound booth, stages and cinema. The studio works with international and domestic collaborators and filmmakers.

Movie Studio Bali also boasts an onsite team of expert set designers, costume makers, makeup and hair artists.

Javier Guevara (Cinematographer & Colorist) completed his studies with a specialisation in Film Direction and Cinematography in Argentina with 10 years of professional experience in films, videos, commercials and documentaries,

Javier has worked for major clients, multinationals (Netflix, Coca Cola, American Express) and Indie Films (Screening in Cannes, New York, Montreal, Guadalajara and on Australian TV).

Maury Marcano (Development) was born in Caracas, Venezuela. From an early age she experimented with theater, music, dance and poetry going on to complete an honours degree Audiovisual Communications.

He has specialised in post-production and is an expert on DaVinci Resolve, the most powerful suite for editing, sound design, colour grading and delivery.

Her first documentary as director The Way that We Came, (2014) a polemic story, was widely praised and screened at international film festivals including the Festival du Film du Monde in Montreal, Festival de Cine Latinoamericano de la Habana, Festival Internacional de Guadalajara, Festival Venezolano de Cine en New York and more than twenty other major venues. She has worked on dozens of documentaries, commercials and fiction projects as assistant director, writer, producer and camera op.

Javier loves to solve the needs of a film in the simplest, most beautiful and effective manner. His combined artistic and technical background allows a fluid approach to all filming projects.

She worked with renowned directors Juan Taratuto and Armando Bo, Oscar winner for his original script Birdman and nowadays is dedicated to develop Nusa Film projects.

Joe Yaggi (Producer) is an award-winning producer/director based in Indonesia since 1993. Since then, he’s taken his company, Jungle Run Productions, from their early days in extreme sports into conservation, social communications,

broadcast television, and international production services with clients around the world including National Geographic, Discovery, NBC, Animal Planet, Disney Channel, PBS Nova, MTV and many more.


In 2011 Joe and his team began distributing factual television programs to Indonesia’s Local TV stations and now represent 75 stations and media markets to Indonesia’s advertising industry.

was awarded the Sir Samuel Griffith

With offices in Bali and Jakarta, Joe and his team are looking to deepen their engagement in Indonesia’s expanding film and television industry.




Manager) was born in a remote rural village in North-East Thailand and educated in Australia from age 16. Struggling with English, Arun found her voice through the medium of film. She Scholarship and completed a Bachelor of Fine Art (2010) with 1st class Honours in Film at Queensland College of Art (2012). Her ongoing work explores





cross-cultural context. In 2018, she won the Asia Pacific Screen Award (APSA) Brisbane Short Film Fund. As a founding partner of Seeding Time Pictures, Arun has sharpened her skills

on projects in Australia,Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, South America and Europe.





Production for Promoter and Paradise and is creating an in-depth




Tina Ardie (Contributing Producer) is the owner and manager of Bali Events - the number one and longest running event company in Bali. Tina is uniquely placed to provide input on stories for the series - let’s face it, she has seen it all! Tina is well connected with every major venue on the island providing a wealth of opportunity for sponsored access. Tina pulled off the coup of getting Bali’s hottest Day Club OMNIA - on board the pilot. Tina is also the publisher of the YAK magazine in Bali

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copyright: Seeding Time Pictures Pty Ltd, 2019

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