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LOG LINE When renowned Australian criminal defense attorney Daniel Foxx frees a psychopath, he is forced to ee to Bali. But Karma is a true force in this new world, and Foxx must suffer the pain of once again using his extraordinary abilities if he is to solve the dark ritualistic murders that now curse the Island of Gods.


On the Island of the Gods, the Balinese believe that evil must be balanced in order to maintain a cosmic order over chaos. All human actions are repaid by Karma - positive or negative - regardless of the laws of courts or the rule of man. In this world Karma is a true force. And there is no one in Bali with worse Karma than Daniel Foxx. Foxx was once Australia’s top criminal defense attorney – the secret of his success; an ability to recall and experience memories in a heightened state of awareness. But his celebrity life was destroyed when he helped his client Edgar Ryan walk free of a murder charge. Ryan kidnapped Foxx and his legal team, torturing and murdering his colleagues in front of him and earning himself the serial killer moniker ‘The Artist’ for the gruesome scarification he inflicted upon his victims. The Artist etched and inked over half of Foxx's body and then disappeared. Foxx, physically and emotionally traumatized, fled to Bali, leaving his wife and daughter behind. But The Artist is out there, waiting to return and finish his masterpiece.

Amidst the celebration of Ngrupuk, where giant demons are paraded through the streets to drive evil from the land, Foxx has a romantic encounter with Jada, a mysterious American. But when Jada is murdered by a demon-masked assassin, Foxx is implicated and only Putu, the streetwise leader of a ragtag band of orphans, who witnessed the crime can exonerate him. Her body is found mutilated and covered in obscure cultish insignia and the community fears a terrible “Leyak" (a demonic shape shifter) is stalking the island. With tensions rising, responsibility falls on the High Priestess Sinta to protect the balance of the Tri Hita Karana, the sacred Balinese philosophy for harmonious living. Foxx is arrested as a suspect for the murder. Deprived of his medication and subjected to intense interrogation, Foxx battles a descent into madness as the demons of his past start to rise.

Daniel Foxx must now prove his innocence and with the assistance of Ida “Ayu" Indrasari (an ambitious female attorney who believes he is innocent) and Bagus Sutrisno “Gus” (a local ‘shit-out-of-luck’ detective who does not) rescue the orphan Putu and solve Ultimately proven as the work of a vast underworld crime syndicate that is hollowing out cadavers and placing drugs inside them to smuggle around the world. But solving the case will require Daniel Foxx to use the ability he has so desperately avoided, and that means not just facing his traumatic memories of The Artist’s crimes, but continually reliving the ordeal in unbearable and agonising detail. Only the legendary wisdom of the Balinese holds any hope of Foxx escaping his tragic fate. Though perhaps no escape is possible. For The Artist is coming, and here, Karma is a true force.

OVERVIEW Bali Sutra is a gritty crime drama elevated by the kind of authentic existential depth that audiences have now come to crave and expect from their premium television. This depth is native to the world of the series. This is noir thrust into the vibrant, steamy, tropical world of Bali. Bali Sutra will powerfully explore the contrasting world-views of eastern and western society through the prism of the thriller genre. It is a series that will challenge western perceptions of good and evil and share the lived wisdom that the

Island of Gods has long held; that is order to live in harmony both forces must be appeased. While Bali Sutra utilises the proven ‘fish out of water’ formula, the broader power of this series is in exploring the universal human need for connection through the interactions and relationships of the key characters. The profound transformation of the central character, Daniel Foxx, a nihilistic lone wolf, will be made possible through his repeat collisions with eastern philosophy and culture.

THE SETTING Bali, renowned as a paradise on Earth, has long served as a refuge to the damaged foreigners that wash up upon her shores. But, beset by the maelstrom of modern tourism that is her economic cash cow, the local law enforcement struggles to combat the rise of crime syndicates, corrupt commercialism and malign foreign inuence. The seaside resort village of Pemuteran, bound to the south by a smouldering volcano and the sea to the north, has only a single road in and out. The village is a microcosm of greater Bali with its melting pot of local Balinese, transmigrants and foreigners. While tourism has created great wealth for seaside landowners, just a short walk from the beachfront it’s a different story. Out of sight and mind of the resorts, local farmers barely scratch a living from crops and livestock while the ďŹ shing community struggles to survive on meagre catches. Foxx has chose Pemuteran as his refuge, a place to hide in obscurity, but there is no escape from Karma.

STATUS Australian company Seeding Time Pictures P/L is the intellectual property rights owner ( The pilot/first episode spec script is available. Six one-hour episode outlines are ready with sufficient story detail to expand the episode count. The central character has a multi-season story arc. Peter Ladkani (, an experienced crime-thriller director, is attached for season one. The creative team is ready to build the series bible and scripts. Co-production and finance interest has come from Europe, the USA, and Asia.



Once Australia’s top criminal defence attorney, the secret of Foxx’s success was his ability to recall and experience memories in a heightened state. Now he lives alone in a small Balinese town; a washed up addict, scarred mentally and physically by his past. He spends his days in nihilistic despair, firmly at odds with the warmth and spirituality of Bali and her people.


Streetwise beyond her years and the unspoken leader of a small ragtag band of orphans, Putu is feisty as she is intelligent and possesses an innate sense of what is right. She would fight off a wild tiger to protect her friends and then ice his sore nose afterwards. Her greatest fault is she has no filter and does not tolerate fools, which doesn’t bode well for Foxx.


Sharp, idealistic and brilliant, Ayu is a dynamic young Balinese lawyer determined to shatter the glass ceiling of local gender politics and pioneer meaningful change - no matter who she pisses off along the way. Every heroine has one great love, and so does she; her career. Ayu avoids romance and all other emotional pitfalls that may potentially hinder her ambition.


Brave, dependable and thoroughly pissed off, local detective Gus is a long way from living out the dreams inspired by the silver screen heroes of his childhood. Caught between climbing the ranks and his family duties, he despises the compromises that come with policing in Bali. But what can he do? In his world Karma isn’t a true force, it’s just a bitch.


A Balinese priestess of rare insight, Sinta drowned as a small girl, but was called back from the after-life to serve as a spiritualist of true power. All look to her to solve their problems, but deep down she is still just a young woman struggling with the sacrifice her role demands and the commercial ambition of her greedy business partner and spiritual groupies.


Everyone believed Edgar Ryan was just another misfit. But then everyone always believed exactly what Edgar wanted them to. After torturing Foxx and murdering his colleagues, he was dubbed with the serial killer moniker ‘The Artist’. A brilliant intellectual psychopath and a true creature of nightmares, he cares only for his ‘art’. And Foxx is his unfinished masterpiece.


Jada was an undercover operative at the peak of her career. But even the best agents need support, and Jada had none. Left isolated and unaided on a dangerous mission, she suffered a tragic end when her backup plan involved putting her faith in Foxx.


The matriarch of the family’s businesses - of which trafďŹ cking is simply one of the more lucrative divisions. This Drug Queen has a particular talent for problem solving and removing obstacles. She is sophisticated, intelligent and uterlly ruthless.


THE SET UP A narcotics syndicate is running a distribution hub in Bali. The syndicate has been the focus of an international task force that, until now, had been unable to trace the method of distribution. The syndicate, contracted by a major European cartel, has a good thing going with a mortuary: tourists, dead from natural causes or misadventure, are the perfect vessels to ship drugs in. And, if the right nationality isn’t readily available, a hit-and-run or push under a truck will provide the perfect means of shipping undetected to any city in the world.

The Gunawan family has the perfect veneer of respectability but this is an old crime family with fingers in every black activity in Bali from prostitution to land grabs and gambling. But an international undercover investigation has long been underway and “Jada”, a narcotics agent, has hard evidence - if she can stay alive long enough to submit it. Unfortunately she chooses the wrong man as a shield: Daniel Foxx.

EPISODE 1 Present-day, Bali. A woman watches the harvesting of human organs and then their replacement with drugs into the body cavity of a dead tourist. Elsewhere Daniel Foxx wakes from a recurring nightmare in which he relives his torture at the hands of The Artist. We follow Foxx’s daily routine of dumbing down the noise and memories: opiates, booze and long, solitary, ocean swims. Nearby, Putu and her little gang befriend Jada, a beautiful and mysterious woman travelling alone. Putu leads Jada through the village and the preparations ahead of Bali’s most holy day, Nyepi – the day day silence. Later, Foxx sits in a bar trying to keep clear of the festival, a spectacle of noise, color and monsters, when he is approached by Jada. Jada is in mortal danger. She has crucial evidence - downloaded to a USB - that would bust open an international drug cartel, as long as she can stay

alive. She’s chosen the unwitting Foxx as a cover: a shield as she prepares her escape from Bali. But the noise of the festival triggers his condition and he leaves Jada alone and vulnerable. But Putu, is shadowing her too and when Jada’s pursuers strike, it is Putu who is entrusted to hold Jada’s USB safe. Putu is chased by Jada’s murderer in a deadly game of cat and mouse through village back alleyways and fields. She escapes into a deserted warehouse yard and hides the shiny USB in a statue of Ganesha. Fearful of returning home, she seeks out Foxx. Foxx, hung over, can’t accept Putu’s fanciful story of demons and murder, writing it off as a fantasy brought on by the festival and the two spend Nyepi in a grudging, silent stand-off. But dawn proves Putu’s story is true and when Jada’s mutilated, scarred body is found on the beach, an act of desecration on Bali’s most holy day, Foxx is arrested as the only suspect in the murder.

EPISODE 2 Foxx, in the police lock-up and deprived of his drugs, starts regaining his considerable mental acuity, but the cost is high and he begins suffering visions: hallucinations of his traumatic past.

Putu meets her friends on her way home and discovers "strangers" have been spotted hanging about the orphanage. She understands it's not safe to return and that she must find somewhere else to seek shelter.

Foxx is sweating through his withdrawals when local Detective Gus Sutrisno enters his cell and begins to interrogate him. But Foxx raises enough questions about the murder to convince Gus to broaden his inquiries.

The terrified community turns to Priestess Sinta, for answers. Murder on a holy day is a terrible omen. Sinta must act before people start jumping at shadows, especially as rumors of demonic possession swirl through the village.

Detective Gus, following up on Foxx's queries, is shocked to discover that nobody resembling Jada has ever officially entered Indonesia. Gus goes back to talk to Foxx only to discover his Chief Detective has taken over the case. Putu tries to recover the USB only to see the statue, along with many others, on the back of a truck heading off in a cloud of dust. And while Putu looks for the USB, Jada’s murderers search for Putu.

Foxx, battling wits with the Chief Detective, knows that Jada's death must be part of something much bigger. Then he is suddenly released and Detective Gus is told to drop the case. Foxx, hyper-alert but strung out, staggers through his door only to face Putu and her gang hiding inside.

EPISODE 3 Foxx has Putu replay each detail of her time with Jada. It’s clear that the missing USB is important enough to kill for and that Putu and the kids are in danger. Moreover, Foxx, still dealing with hallucinations, is less than a perfect guardian.

Jada’s mission was unsanctioned, putting future cooperation between international drug enforcement and the Indonesian authorities at risk should the truth get out. It would also be the end of her handler’s career.

There is a spate of tourist deaths: a motorbike plunges over a cliff into the sea; a partygoer dies in a hit-and-run; someone is given the wrong medication and suffers anaphylactic shock.

Jada remains unclaimed as an unwanted ‘Jane Doe’. Priestess Sinta gets permission to clean her body. She examines the supposed black magic symbols, but they are wrong somehow, lacking in power and meaning.

As tourists leave the village in response to the unsolved murder and media speculation, Foxx becomes a convenient scapegoat for local and foreign business owners. Detective Gus is frustrated knowing that strings must have been pulled at the highest levels to bury Jada’s case. Jada’s handler is working hard to make the whole thing disappear.

Foxx tries to get Putu to agree to go under police protection, but she refuses. She has a healthy distrust of authority, plus she wants that USB back. Anyway, she has an alternative plan. And a grudging bond is beginning to form between Foxx and Putu.

EPISODE 4 Putu drags Foxx to Priestess Sinta as in Bali, a person such as Sinta can on the spirits to help find lost objects. But the best Sinta can offer is that what they seek lies beneath the waters. It seems to Putu that Sinta is more interested in trying to understand Foxx, than the missing USB and there is truth to this as Sinta senses his internal torment. Drug Queen, Kristina Gunawan, decides on direct contact with Foxx personally. She is charming, confident: a businesswoman who has done her research. She charms him, gets under his guard, and then drops the hammer if he doesn’t give her what she needs then everyone in his circle will die. Jada’s Handler also seeks Foxx out, trying to get the evidence he needs to move against the traffickers. He and Foxx make a deal. Furious with losing face in front of Gus, his Chief Detective

is obsessed with getting Foxx charged not only Jada’s murder but also other unsolved cases and, as he uncovers more about Foxx’s past, he becomes convinced Foxx was in cahoots with The Artist. Putu’s gang, now running their own investigation, discover there is an undersea temple and that statues, including those of Ganesha, have been lowered to the seafloor. Foxx takes it on himself to swim out and free dive the sea temple. He plunges below the surface and for the first time in days finds some silence and in doing so contemplates simply letting the ocean currents take him to the black depths of oblivion…

EPISODE 5 Foxx is close to blacking out and letting all the pain just disappear, but then he sees it, the Ganesha described by Putu. He retrieves the USB and swims to shore. Foxx watches the video files on Jada’s USB and the full horror of the Drug Queen’s crimes is laid bare: a multiple body count representing victims from around the world brutally killed, sliced open and turned into drug vessels. But before Foxx can hand in the USB, Putu is tracked down by the Drug Queen’s thugs, kidnapped, and as a hostage. Foxx offers not only to give up the USB but also to exchange himself for Putu.

Foxx, now within the trafficker’s walls, starts to learn of Drug Queen’s links to major European narcotic syndicates using his heightened sense of hearing – he is soaking up information and storing it away with computer like accuracy. On the outside Putu is trying to help Detective Gus in locating the Drug Queen’s stronghold but her information is limited. Priestess Sinta works to help decipher the clues hidden in Putu’s mind. The Artist is now a visceral presence, a clear voice in Foxx’s head. Foxx knows if he can’t get out he will soon he will become the syndicates latest victim and The Artist’s presence becomes an invisible ally. Foxx hovers between fantasy and reality as he works on escape.

EPISODE6 Foxx is correct in assuming that the Drug Queen plans to use his body as the next human container for her “export” business. But Foxx has been in this situation before, and his experience with The Artist becomes a secret weapon. Jada’s Handler pulls strings to help Gus build a black ops team to infiltrate the syndicate’s stronghold, but this requires Gus to get his Chief Detective on board. Meanwhile, Putu and her gang mount their own “black op” in the form of a distraction involving homebaked fireworks. As Foxx runs towards the exit, Detective Gus storms the stronghold, and the Drug Queen’s gang is arrested after an explosive final showdown.

Foxx is freed and the Drug Queen is taken down but now the European drug syndicate has to find someone to fill the void and punish those responsible for lost business. Priestess Sinta officiates over Jada’s funeral in a traditional Balinese service that helps heal the community. Foxx and Putu take Jada’s ashes and spread them above the sea temple. Foxx, back in his bungalow, contemplates a bottle of pills. He throws them in a drawer, pulls out his laptop and calls his daughter. Prologue Denpasar airport and an immigration officer questions a well dressed, lone male traveller.


peter ladkani - director Peter is a Hungarian born filmmaker based in Munich, Germany with 20 years of experience as a director in high profile series, TV movies and Films. Peter directed the international crime series Cape Town (2016) set in South Africa based on the best selling novel Dead Before Dying from Deon Meyer. Peter is prolific director of crime genre directing episodes of the successful German primetime series Letzte Spur Berlin (Last trace Berlin - 2017) for the German TV Channel ZDF, Bad Cop (2017), Der Amsterdam Krimi (2018) and Mordkomission Istanbul: Thailand (2018).

joseph j. u. taylor - creator - writer Joseph is an Actor, Writer, Director and Producer who has lived and worked in Indonesia for twenty-six years. Joseph was unit director for Tina Arena’s Reset Tour Movie in Australia (2016), a consulting producer on the feature documentary Power of Pearl (2018) and wrote, acted in and produced Dark Waters (2018) for ABC TV - Iview, was the local producer in Bali for the Swiss Feature Luchsinger and the Gods, and Director/Writer/Producer for Promoter in Paradise As an actor, Joseph has appeared in over fifty films and numerous TV series

lliam worthington - writer

javier guevara - cinematographer

Lliam is a multi award winning writer, director and producer. He is the lead writer, producer and director at New Realms Films.

Javier Guevara (Cinematographer & Colorist) completed his studies with a specialisation in Film Direction and Cinematography in Argentina with 10 years of professional experience in films, videos, commercials and documentaries.

Lliam's debut feature film One Less God (2017) won “The Grand Jury Prize” and “Industry Choice Awards” at the Dances With Films Festival in Los Angeles – ranked in the top 20 indie film fests in the word. These wins were followed up with “Best Picture” at the Byron Bay International Film Festival in Australia, and has since been acquired for theatrical distribution in Australia, NZ, India, China and Japan in 2018. Lliam is leading the Bali Sutra writing team.

Javier has worked for major clients, multinationals (Netflix, Coca Cola, American Express) and Indie Films (Screening in Cannes, New York, Montreal, Guadalajara and on Australian TV). He is a specialised in post-production, and an expert on DaVinci Resolve, the most powerful suite for editing, sound design, color grading and delivery.

maury marcano - creative development Maury Marcano is dedicated to development as a creative producer. Maury has been developing creative documents for leading brands and production houses around the world. She has worked on dozens of documentaries, commercials, and ďŹ ction projects as a director, writer, producer, and camera operator. Her documentary, The Way that We Came (2014), was widely praised and screened at international ďŹ lm festivals including the Festival du Film du Monde in Montreal, Festival de Cine Latinoamericano de la Habana, Festival Internacional de Guadalajara, Festival Venezolano de Cine en New York and more than twenty other major venues.


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