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1. What´s the difference between hardware and software?

Hardware is a physical resoures Software is a set a computer programs

2. What are the MS Word tools you have worked during the first part of the course?

Menu bar - toolbar - formatting bar – standard bar – task bar

3. What´s the usage or application you can have for the Smilebox?

This application is used to give life to images and videos, create a variety of online formats that can be shared with students, family or friends.

4. List the process you follow to publish a creation on issuu


Create document in Microsoft Word Convert it to PDF Sign in Issuu Upload Browse Type Uploading your file Open Share

5. Mention and insert images of all computer devices (input and output)

input: keyboard, mouse, light pen, scanner, disk manager, modem Out: monitor, printer, speaker, projector, plotter, usb



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