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The site, located within the vicinity of Pantai Kok is represented in the utmost serene, breathtaking scenery and this demands for minimal interruption to the natural environment. As the designer, the site is perceived as beautifully defined just as it is, hence the desire to highlight the site with a familiar response, recreating elements from the site. The complex attempts to demonstrate itself in camouflage, a conceptual idea adapted for this design, which brings about the intention to create a structure that can house a biotechnology complex within a loose, non rigid environment. In a way, the building is able to really disguise itself into the hilly surrounding, and become one with the site. The site is defined first of all with prominent features which should never be neglected such as the hills, water body and the beach. All of this might as well be the generator for the design, to make it an original. Site visit gathered an aspiration which has singled out the most repeating feature available on site, which is the curving profile of hills, and the vertical of tree trunks. These two is crucial in the development of design approach for the complex. Our building seeks camouflage both in planning, elevation as well as in material representation. This design relies upon the elements of surprise to function, hopefully will be able to provide a direct interpretation of camouflage to have the experience of spaces as a success. In terms of planning, layout for the building directs the orientation of movement throughout the site, fluidly directing to the next important space.


UiTM BSc Architecture Sem 08

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