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Mystery at school

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Mystery at school There’s a thief in Holly and Ethan’s school. So the friends decide to do some investigating. After all, they love police work and Holly has read lots of detective stories! page 3

Ivy Find out about this evergreen plant that climbs.

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Sweet dreams

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Nibby to the rescue! Nibby’s friend Felty has been kidnapped. He needs your help to save him!

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Trip to the museum Ariol and his class go to see the Ancient Egyptian mummies at the museum. It’s an interesting trip but Ariol is a bit bored…

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Mystery at school By E. Vendrame Illustrated by Clotka


A d v e n t u


D e t e c t i v e



e city

in th

Chapter Inves

2013 Detective story



N o v e l s

The investigation begins I’m Holly. I have blonde hair and green eyes that are shaped like almonds. (Mum says I get them from my great-grandfather who was Vietnamese.) I love reading detective stories. I go to the library once a week after school to borrow books. So I’m an expert on police investigations! The town where I live is small and nothing ever happens here. But a few months back, stuff started disappearing from school. Luckily, I knew what to do! 5

The first thing to disappear was cutlery from the kitchen. The cook counted the knives, forks and spoons several times and found that four were missing. Then a few rolls of toilet paper disappeared and some soap. Mrs Bell’s hat went missing too. Two blankets for nap-time also vanished from the nursery! Everyone at school was talking about who the mystery thief could be! 6

I could not believe it when I heard that the head teacher had chosen Mr Malik to organise the investigation. What a disaster! Let me explain‌ Mr Malik was the school caretaker and was always in a bad mood. Every day he complained about us to the teachers and told us off for getting in his way. He looked at us crossly if we even went near him. He always carried a broom in his hand and sometimes shook it at us in a scary way. So what kind of a detective was he going to be?


Ethan and I agreed that we would track down the thief before Mr Malik. Ethan was my best friend. We sat next to each other in class and he was my partner when we played at being detectives. Ethan had wild, curly hair and was always daydreaming, his head lost in the clouds. It was really funny to hear his answers to Mrs Bell’s questions in lessons.


That morning, Ethan and I hid under the stairs in the playground to discuss our plan. We had just got there when we heard Mr Malik coming downstairs. He was shouting at the top of his voice that someone had stolen his bucket. Without thinking, we ran out from under the stairs. It was a bad idea because, of course, Mr Malik spotted us running away! It was not a great start to our investigation.



Things have disappeared and Ethan and Holly decide to investigate. But Mr Malik spots them running away…



A perfect plan After break time, things started to go wrong. Mrs Bell noticed that someone had taken her scarf. Ellie was crying because her snack had disappeared and even the bean bag in our reading corner had gone! Then the head teacher came to our class. Mr Malik was with her. He glared at all of us. Then he stared straight at me and Ethan and asked, “So where were you two at break time?” 11

Ethan blurted out, “Er… we were in the playground, on the bench near the gate.” “Really,” said Mr Malik. “Now isn’t that interesting…” That was a big mistake! As usual, Ethan was on another planet. He had forgotten that we had hidden under the stairs to plan our investigation. Mr Malik would definitely think we were lying! 12

When the bell rang at the end of the day, we hurried out of school. As we walked past Mr Malik, he muttered, “Be warned you two! I have got my eye on you!” On the way home, Ethan said, “I have a plan, a perfect plan! It can’t fail! We will come to school really early tomorrow, before the gates are open. We will climb over the fence and leave something on the bench in the playground…”


I said, “Brilliant idea! When the thief comes, we will surprise him or her. It is a perfect plan! But what can we leave on the bench?” “My towel. The one I take to swimming lessons!” said Ethan. Ethan did spend a lot of time daydreaming but he was always full of good ideas!


The next morning, we arrived at school early. Climbing over the railings was easy-peasy. Ethan went first and I followed. But then disaster struck… Suddenly Mr Malik appeared. “Aahhh! I caught you!” he yelled.


Mr Malik asked us to empty our schoolbags but all he found was Ethan’s swimming towel with his name on it.

He looked cross as he muttered, “I have no proof that you are the thieves but I’m keeping my eye on you. The next time, I will catch you red-handed.”* * catch you while you are doing something naughty.


Ethan’s perfect plan had turned into a nightmare. Mr Malik started following us around every break time. When the other children noticed, they stared and pointed. They thought we were the thieves… It was horrible! Suddenly, during afternoon break, Maya cried, “My sports bag is gone! Someone has stolen my sports bag!”


Well, it could not have been us. Mr Malik had not taken his eyes off us! That’s when Ethan and I noticed something strange‌ 21


There has been another theft at school. Mr Malik suspects Ethan and Holly. Then they notice something on the fence.



A clue There was a piece of red cloth on the railings. I was sure it had not been there that morning when we had climbed over! While Mr Malik talked to Maya, Ethan went over to the railings to fetch the piece of cloth. “It’s Mrs Bell’s scarf, the one that was stolen. What shall we do?” he asked me. “Hide it. I have a plan. Let’s meet after school…” I didn’t really have a plan… So I spent the maths lesson trying to think of one. At last, I got a great idea! 19

After school, Ethan and I found a quiet spot. I told him about our next perfect plan. “There’s no school tomorrow because it’s a teacher training day. Let’s tell our parents that we are going to do our homework at my uncle’s house. We can go and visit him and tell him what happened. He’s really cool and he has a dog called Maggie who is a great tracker. If she sniffs the scarf, maybe she will lead us to the thief!” “Yes, maybe she will! Anyway, it’s a great plan!” said Ethan full of excitement. 20

The next day, everything went smoothly. My parents were happy that I was going to see Uncle Ray. Ethan’s parents were pleased that their son was doing his homework with me. My uncle Ray is great. I love him. I can tell him all my problems. He always tries to help me. I knew we could trust him. He would never give our secret away!


He listened to our story and said with a laugh, “If Maggie finds the thief, she will get a medal and you can invite me to the awards ceremony!”

As we got to the school gates with Maggie I thought, “What if we really do find the thief? What if he or she is armed?” Just thinking about it made my legs go wobbly like cooked spaghetti.



I looked over at Ethan. He didn’t seem to be worried. In fact, he looked excited… If I told him I was frightened, he would call me a scaredy cat… So I clenched my fists and stood up straight. In a strong voice I said, “Right, then, let’s go and catch this thief!” It was time to make the pact that all detective partners make. We spat on the ground, raised one hand and said solemnly, TOGETHER PARTNERS OREVER! F PARTNERS

it Sp

it Sp


Holly and Ethan make a detectives’ pact. Then they set off with Maggie the dog to look for the thief.



The old train station Ethan let Maggie sniff Mrs Bell’s scarf and then Maggie trotted off down a dirt track. Amazing! She was a real detective dog. She knew exactly what to do! Ethan could not believe it. He said, “Do you think she is following the scent of the thief or is she just going for a walk?” “Hmm… It’s difficult to tell… Maybe she is looking for Mrs Bell! Who knows? But let’s follow her anyway. Maybe we will get lucky!” 24

Maggie kept her nose to the ground and headed for the old train station just outside town. No one had used it for years. People said that it used to be a pretty, little station, all painted in bright colours. Then one day, a notice was put up to say it was closing. Since then someone had covered the walls with graffiti. Now nobody ever went there‌


Maggie had led us to the station and both Ethan and I were starting to feel a bit nervous. But neither of us wanted to admit it. We had made a pact, after all! Maggie found the front door and started scratching on the wood with her paws. W OO F

I began to turn the door handle very slowly, trying not to make any noise. Ethan whispered, “Don’t you think we should call the police?” “Let’s see if there is anybody in there first…” 26

“Okay, then. Let me open the door,” said Ethan. “If the thief attacks me, you run and get help.” Ethan kicked the door hard to scare whoever was inside. It made a loud noise as it opened. We walked into a dark space…


The blackness was terrifying and there was a high-pitched whistling sound. It felt like it was going to burst our eardrums. The whistling stopped and then started up again‌ once, twice‌ Then there was silence. I was so scared that I could not move. I wanted to turn back, but just then the door slammed shut behind us. I reached for the handle and tried to turn it. It was stuck!


Maggie was still outside so she could not defend us. I heard her barking. We were prisoners in the darkness. I just managed to grab hold of Ethan’s hand when we heard the sound of footsteps coming towards us. I took a deep breath so I could scream. Then suddenly, something cold splattered across my face and took my breath away. Ethan let go of my hand and I could hear him trying to open the door so we could get out.


At that moment, a bright light came on. We could see two giant shadows on the wall. It looked like one of them was holding a huge stick… I was terrified. Ethan gripped my hand tightly. One of the giant shadows shone the torch in our eyes and a gruff voice said, “Who are you? What do you want? Are you thieves?”



Suddenly I was really angry. No one was going to accuse us of being thieves again! Without thinking I shouted out, “No, we are not thieves! But maybe you are! Why are you hiding, anyway?” I stepped forwards and tried to snatch the torch out of the mystery person’s hand. As I reached for it, the torch fell to the ground.


The bulb shattered and the light went out. We were in total darkness… Then I heard Ethan whisper, “I have got the door open. Let’s go!” We were about to run away when a little voice said, “It’s over, Theo. We have been found out.” Another voice answered, “Trust you to speak up at the wrong moment. They were just about to leave!” 33


Ethan and Holly are attacked by a mystery person hiding in the old station. The person is not alone‌



Guilty or innocent? The room suddenly filled with light. We saw a boy, who must have been about our age, staring at us angrily. Behind him was a little girl. She was the one who had opened the shutters and let the light in. It looked like the old station was their home. The old bean bag that belonged to our class lay across some benches in the corner with the nursery blankets piled up on it. That must be where the two thieves slept. 35


In another corner, behind a half-open door, were a sink and a toilet. That explained why the toilet paper and soap had disappeared from school. Mr Malik’s bucket was there too. The boy was holding a water pistol in his hand. He must have used it to spray water at me. There was also a whistle on the ground and a roll of kitchen paper that he had probably used to disguise his voice… Amazed, I asked, “Why are you living here?” 36

The boy glared at me. “None of your business! In any case, you have found us now so you can call the police!” “Hang on,” said Ethan. “We may have found you but we won’t tell the police until we know why you are living here.” The boy shrugged his shoulders. “Okay, we will explain. This is my little sister Zoe and I’m Theo.”


The four of us sat down on the ground in silence. Then Theo said, “Our mother had a serious accident last summer. She is in hospital and will have to stay there for a while. We had to go and live with our uncle but he’s horrible! He treated us like servants and made us do all the housework while he just watched TV. He didn’t let us start school because he wanted us at home, helping him. We got really fed up and since we have no other family, we took a bus and got off here.”


Then Zoe said proudly, “It was my idea to go and get things from the school. It was easy to climb over the fence and make this place more comfortable while we wait for Mum to get better.” Ethan and I were stunned at their story. “Listen…” said Ethan. “Maybe we can help you. I could go home and get some things that I don’t use.” 39

“I could bring you my lunch every day,” I said. “And other stuff to eat too…” We were making plans when suddenly, a loud voice made us jump. “Got you! At last!” Oh no! It was Mr Malik!


Theo and Zoe tell their story. Holly and Ethan decide to help them. Then Mr Malik appears…



One surprise after another Mr Malik said, “What’s going on here? But… these are all the things stolen from the school! Ethan and Holly, go home now. I know where to find you if I need you.” “No!” said Ethan. “We are not leaving Theo and Zoe!” “Oh yes you are!” said Mr Malik. “Or I will take you all to the police station right now.” “Go,” said Zoe in a quiet voice. 41

Ethan and I turned to look at Theo. He nodded sadly, telling us to go too. We walked slowly away from the station. Even Maggie was dragging her paws‌ We were both thinking the same thing: it was because of us that Theo and Zoe had been found out.


That evening in bed, I spent hours trying to work out what to do. I even thought of asking my parents to adopt Theo and Zoe. When, at last, I fell asleep, I dreamed that our new friends had gone to prison. The next day in class, I whispered to Ethan, “Do you think they are in prison?” “I don’t know,” he replied softly. I could tell he was feeling as bad as me. 43

We were in the middle of a lesson when the head teacher came in. She was holding Theo by the hand! Behind them was Mr Malik. “Children, this is Theo, a new student,” she said. “He’s joining your class. Please look after him. Theo, go and sit next to Holly.” Theo walked towards me, looking neat and clean and carrying a schoolbag. He had a big smile on his face. As Mr Malik turned to go, he winked at me!


At break, Ethan and I went to sit on the stairs with Theo. “Tell us what happened!” “After you left, Mr Malik took us to school and the head teacher phoned someone at the children’s services office. Then they phoned our mum. Our uncle had not even told her that we had left! Zoe and I are staying with the head teacher at the moment.” “Wow!” said Ethan. “I’m really amazed that Mr Malik did that!” 45

So that is how we became friends with Theo and Zoe. Together we set up a secret society for solving pupils’ problems. The stairs in the playground were our headquarters. Ethan and I decided that we would wait a while before doing any more investigations. Detective work is great but it’s exhausting! THE END


© Bayard Presse - J’aime Lire - September 2012.

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Ivy creeps and climbs over trees, walls and rocks. Come and take a closer look‌

Ivy plants have fruit called berries. They turn black when they are ripe. Never eat them because they are poisonous. Only birds can eat them. Ivy leaves stay green all year round. They are evergreen leaves.


Š GÊrard Blondeau.

Ivy has two kinds of leaves. The leaves that grow near the fruit are not the same shape as the others. We do not know why. Small aerial roots grow out of the stem. They help the ivy grip on to trees and walls. This ivy stem is close to the ground. Its roots absorb (soak up) water from the soil.

Some people do not like ivy because it ruins walls. But it helps some animals. Do you know how? 49

© Gérard Blondeau

Busy ivy

© Gérard Blondeau

In autumn, bees can still find food on ivy flowers.

Ivy leaves grow close together. They are a hiding place for lots of insects. Ivy berries ripen in winter when there is less food for birds. That’s lucky for the birds!








an asi

Incredible but true!

Ivy that grows on a tree does not hurt it unless it covers all the tree’s leaves. It protects the tree from the cold.

Ivy cleans polluted air. It absorbs (takes in) dangerous particles from car exhaust fumes.

© C. Baranger/Colibri © Bayard Presse - Youpi - April 2009. Text: E. Chanut. Illustrations: R. Saillard, colours: P. Castex.

In the spring and summer, many birds make their nests in ivy. This is a wren feeding her chicks.



© Bayard Presse – J’aime lire – September 2012. Created by J. Cohen, E. Reberg, B. Després,C. Viansson-Ponté. Story: J. Cohen. Illustrations: B. Despres. Colours: R. Chaurand.

Nibby to title the rescue! Evil Niark has kidnapped Nibby’s friend Felty. Help Nibby save him! First Nibby must pick up his keys from the middle of the maze and then reach his spaceship.


Nibby is following Niark.

Help him through the clouds but watch out for lightning!



© Bayard Presse – J’aime lire –

September 2012. Text: A. Almeras. Illustrations: Ohm.

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Eamon and family

No ah


Kwok Alice


Text: E. Guibert

Drawings: M. Boutavant

Trip to the museum All right, everyone‌ We are going to meet some Egyptian gods in this museum. I’m warning you, anyone who is naughty will be turned into a mummy!




it on! Bring Hee! Hee!


What are mummies, Mr Blunt? Can anyone answer Vanesse’s question?

They are dead people wrapped in toilet paper and lying in a coffin. Not a coffin! It’s called a sarcophagus*. Yuck!

* you say “sar-co-fa-gus”.

Well, actually, we are going to meet a real mummy and find out all about her. Wow! Really?


Coats and bags in the cloakroom and… Use the toilet… All you need is a notebook and pencil. Er… Sir?

Yes, Pharmafluff? I don’t think my mum wants me to meet any mummies. Can I wait here? She can write you a note if you want.


Petula is not here today. Pity. School trips are no fun without her. I don’t like museums but I fancy seeing a real mummy!

The mummy is inside this tomb. The Egyptians called it a mastaba. We go in through here. Follow me.

Baaa! I’m scared to death!

It’s fine if you die here. You are already in a tomb!


What can you see in this corridor?

Good answer, Bizzbilla. The ancient Egyptians wrote hieroglyphs. Open your notebooks and copy one.

Drawings! Hieroglyphs*.

Aaaw! Do we have to?

* you say, “hi-ro-glifs”.

I like drawing… except when I’m told to! This one looks like Mumbellina.


Look, Mumbellina, it’s you! Very funny.

No, Ariol, that’s Thoth, a god with the head of a bird.

You see, Egyptian gods were exactly like us. They had two arms, two legs and an animal head.

Now let’s go into the death chamber where the mummy is waiting for us. Er… can I stay here? My drawing isn’t finished…

Sir, there’s even a dog here!

Come and stand quietly around the sarcophagus. Where’s the mummy?

More her…hee…hoo… roglyphs…

Is it someone really dead or just pretending?


Hey, Ariol! Look what I got at the entrance to the museum! Oh yeah, I know how those work.

Hi you old mummy with stinky feet! It’s the god Ramonoth… Pffff…Heehee!



You press the buttons and someone’s voice talks to you about the museum. Who cares! Let’s pretend it’s a mobile phone and call the mummy.

Give me that and stay by me, where I can keep an eye on you! I didn’t do anything! I was listening to the museum lady!

This old mummy is just lying here doing nothing! School trips are boring without Petula or Ramono.

What does the label say about her? “Hathor, queen of the skies, goddess of music, dance and love.”

Weird! I thought of Petula and suddenly there’s a cow!

I’m going to draw her in my notebook… and then I can show it to Petula.


Look, Petula, this is the goddess of love.

Oh, Ariol!

Hey, donkey, why are you drawing that cow?

Grr! I hate that nitwit Timberwolf! But he’s right. My picture isn’t very good…

None of your business. Anyway, I’m not even drawing it. Yeah, right! I saw you… and your drawing is rubbish!

I really want to show Petula this cow goddess. But how? You okay, Ariol? You look sad.


Later at the museum exit… Ramono, tell Mr Blunt that I forgot something in the cloakroom. Back in a sec.

There’s a shop just there. Maybe they will have what I want.


Excuse me, I’m looking for Heifer… She’s a cow goddess, queen of dancing.… Have you got a postcard of her?

YESSS! Here she is!

The postcards are over there.


Later, at home… Dear Petula, today we went to the museum and saw a mummy. Pity you missed it. Ariol.

© Bayard Presse – J’aime Lire – June 2012. Colours: R. Chaurand.

He went on a school trip to see the Egyptian art collection today. So? Did you like it?


There! I will post the card tomorrow. Supper is ready!

Yes. But why are there no Egyptian gods with a donkey’s head?


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The witch next door Alice would love to know how to make a magic potion. So she is really excited when she finds out that her new neighbour has all sorts of strange ingredients…

It’s a dust mite!

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A not very nice

2. Holly and Ethan’s first perfect plan is:

B boring

A to give the thieves a gift

C not very clever

B to catch the thieves leave something out C to for the thieves

3. Maggie is a very good:

A guide dog

A a water pistol

B tracker dog

B a sprinkler

C sausage guide dog

C a torch

5. The berries of an ivy plant are:

6. Ancient Egyptian mummies were laid to rest in:

A its roots

A gift shops

B its stem

B museums

C its fruit

C tombs

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Mystery at school

4. Theo sprinkled Holly with:

Profile for Nurture Craft

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