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Range Hood Project Air Manager Anadolu University Graduation Project with Mekappa Company Year 2013

New generation range hood...

“Air Manager�

Analysis of Range Hood Analysis of Range Hood Firstly, I began this project for defining the people’s interaction with range hood. I thought how range hood effects on people and how I can improve interaction of range hood. It's possible to survey problems of range hoods in two subjects.

Sensory Effect - It creates noise while it is working.

- It creates an atmosphere in the kitchen by lighting.

Functional Effect - Generally bad odors and humidity doesn't remove efficently from the kitchen. - Performance of lighting.

- It is difficult to clean surfaces of range hoods. - The filters get dirty fastly.


Idea Sketches Comfort

Idea Sketches

How it works?

When one leaf opens

When two leaves open, according to concentration of scent in the kitchen

When three leaves open, according to concentration of scent in the kitchen

When some one cooking on cooker

The leaves are designed as concave for absorbing bad air in an easy way. The leaves open untill 80°.

The concave parts of leaves covered by filters. The edges of leaves covered by band led for lighting. You can create your atmosphere in your kitchen.

When you cook something on cooker heating sensors perceive and all the leaves open. Thanks to the big leaves which are outside, waste heat, bad smells and air don’t disperse in the kitchen.

Usage of Air Manager The usage of “Air Manager� at Bars, Pubs and Cafes: Air Manager is sensible to odors. The leaves of Air Manager moves to direction of bad odors and polluted air. Usage of Air manager is suitable for bars, cafes and pubs where people smokes, eats aperatives and drinks hot coffee,tea. Also thanks to band leds which are edge of Air Manager, the atmosphere in bars, pubs and cafes can be controlled. Although Air Manager works automatically also it can be controlled by remote controller. User can control level ventilation and lighting also user can control color of lighting, atmosphere in the kitchen.

Inox Enterance of Pipe

Range Hood Engine and Blades

The Connection Between Blades and Elastic Pipes

Elastic Pipes (polythene) Silicone Connection Piece of the Big Leaves Servo Motors of the Big Leaves The Motion Engine for the Small Leaves Silicone Connection Piece of the Small Leaves

The Hinges of the Big Leaves The Hinges of the Small Leaves

The Big Leaves The Part where Odor Sensor Band Led Lighting The Small Leaves Aluminium Filter The Part where Odor Sensor

Mopet Project Mioped Anadolu University 7. Semester Year 2012

Moodboard Moodboard ve Enviroment


In this project a user profile and enviroment have been defined.


And while designing moped, it based from user's and enviroment's characteristics.



Minimal Summery


Area of Usage Carrying Bag

Carrying Important Things

+-5:+-5 /+-2+1

Wallet /C=97/E+<

);BCC<A:4: Bazaar Bag

Laptop, Notebook Sun Glasses

Carrying Sport Equipments

Personalizing the Moped

Flipper and Snorkel )HE95B4E7 Waterboard Canoe Paddle Ball

Changable Rubber Handle, Seat Personal Graphical Stickers

Sketches and 3D Models

Mioped Mioped Mioped is designed for young people who lives countryside and hasnt driving licence. It has hybrid motor. Its ecofriendly, rechargable and when there is low batter it works with benzin.

Choose Your Color! Color Options Except white and soft colors there are other color choices.

Final Product


ergonomic seat

rubber for feet

indicator systems mirrors

enterance for electricity enterance for benzin

changable rubber handle

Kitchen Project Chef Pan University of Genoa Exchange 2nd Semester Year 2012

Combining East and West


How to Use Sac?

People use generally sac on the fire inside or outside.

Sac is used for cooking types of breads.

Sac is used for making tomatoe sauce with omlette. People use generally sac on the cooker with fire or electricity.

People use sac directly with electricity.

Sac is used for cooking 6.*= ,8@D,12,4.7D/2<1 D vegetables.

Types of Sac and Ancient Pans concave

ancient pans which are used in Anatolia Relax sac with gas convex

sac with electricity concave pan


Chef Pan Chef Pan

Chef Pan is an electrical pan. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s combined with cultural kitchen of

east and west. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s inspiration is coming from Sac. Sac is a type of pan which is used in Anatolia commonly. The aim of this project is designing a new pan with technologic and also



Final Product

This application can be used for two sides convex and concave.

Handles of pans are flexiblee.

Urban Furniture Project Abyys University of Genoa Exchange 1st Semester Year 2011

Concept The concept of abyys is cell constructions. Aim of this project is creating a construction by making empty spaces in concrete.

Cell Constractions


Abbys Abbys is a product family it made by concrete for campus areas. This project is made with corporation of MAXXI company.

Wall-Fence These spaces are made for making plants grow up. For examples creepers,potted plants also soil can be put inside of these spaces.

Bench According to antropometric datas the most suitable angle is 15 for sitting and for lying it changes between 15 and 90. Sitting surfaces changes 45-60cm.




Hennebique Project Redesign University of Genoa Exchange 2nd Semester Year 2012 Group Project

Inspiration The area of Hennebique is so important. But Hennebique building is used as storage. The aim of this project is redesigning Hennebique and designing how its important, and making people point out here.



Working Area Some photos were taken for making analysis on the Hennebique area

Context P.Principe Station P. Principe Station is one of the important train station in Genova.There are lots of passengers because Genova is a touristic and historical city.

Maritime Station Genova is an important city about marine trade for many years. Because of this reason, Maritime Station is another important station for oversea passengers. Parking Problem

Economy Faculty Economy Faculty is very close to the area that we work.This area doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t satisfy the studentsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; necessities.There arenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t enough places for catering and accommodation for students.

Calata Darsena Calata Darsena is a high school for naval students. These students need catering and a place for having fun.


Terrace Resturant Disco Bar

Accommodation and Hotel


Car Park


Hennebique is an old concrete building which is being used for storage now. Also Hennebique has an important position.But itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not being used in effective wayin Genoa.In this project we made redesign for revaluing the Hennebique building.

Sketches and Models Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s made like sandwich construction. The floors seperated by the functions. There are stairs also outside. People can use for going other floors. Also in night there is a lighting system for outside. The corners of building are covered by window people can have rest and watch the view of the sea and port.

Lighting Project Reflection University of Genoa Exchange 1st Semester Year 2011

Concept Reflectionâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s concept is the characteristic of Venice. Venice is a fascinating city.

Repetitive Linkers

You can find lots of things in here.



Chic Impressive Style

Faรงon de Venise Faรงon de Venise is a brand which produces modular and repetitive lamps, classical Venice style chandeliers but with different and modern definition.

Reflection Reflection is a modular lamp. It was designed for the competition of Faรงon de

Venise (LIGHT4) brand.

Faรงon de Venise Body of reflection is made by aluminum and the moduls are made by acrylic . There are color choices for body and modus. Moduls are turning around the body and the lamps are inside of the body. Moduls reflect the light which is coming from body.

Logo Design Galeazzo Alessi 500th year Anniversary ResponsabilitĂ Sociale Liguria University of Genoa Exchange 1st Semester Year 2011

Galeazzo Alessi Galeazzo Alessi was an Italian architect from Perugia, known throughout Europe for his distinctive style based on his enthusiasm for ancient architecture. He studied drawing for civil and military architecture under the direction of Giovanni Battista Caporali.


ResponsabilitĂ Sociale Liguria Regione Liguria This logo was designed for the one of the corporation in Regione Liguria. It contains stones because this kind of stone is speacial for Ligurian Region.Also it represents increasing. Colors are white, red and gray. Because of red cross.Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s in flag of Genova also in Liguria Region.

Logo Font: HelveticaWorld Slogan: Crescita Sostenibile

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