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Nationality Turkey Date of Birth 14.02.1994 Adress Sutluce Mah. Atmaca Sk. No:3 D:15 BeyoÄ&#x;lu | Istanbul Email Mobile 0545 872 91 78



Istanbul Bilgi University, Istanbul / Turkey 2012/2017 Faculty of Architecture Industrial and Product Design (Bachelor’s Degree) Transkript GPA: 2,74 Minor: Advertising


Photoshop, llustrator, Indesign



Rendering Keyshot


English | Intermadiate

projects Craftsman’s Diary

March 2015 – April 2015 Project in the 2nd year Industrial Design Studio at Istanbul Bilgi University. The project aims at setting up a connection between formal design education and artisanal aspect of design, which is on the verge of extinction.

experiences Repair Society

October 2014 Research and workshop about what repair means to our society today. Outcome posters exhibited at the 2nd Istanbul Design Biennial hub, Galata Greek Primary School.

Never Ending Bench

June 2014 Worked in groups to redesign Temporary Museum for and produce an open source Craft Cultures bench which lead me to learn December 2014 using VisualMill and CNC One week workshop with Design Academy Eindhoven as manufacturing in my 1st year a part of 2nd Istanbul Design of design study. Benches are still in use at Santralistanbul. Biennial, illustrating craft at the moment in Istanbul.

Intern | Türk Pirelli Lastikleri

August 2015 KOCAELİ Production internship for the 2nd year of the design study. Here, I learned a lot about industry, mass production, manufacturing methods and spent a lot of time in the tyre making ateliers.

Apprentice | GlassT

March 2015 – Aptil 2015 Şişhane, İstanbul Worked in the atelier that produces glass objects. Observed the artisanal values and the design network of the area for the project, Craftsman’s Diary.


In colloboration with MOSFED FURNISHOW Intercollegiate furniture design exhibition, january 2016. It was produced by Offi, ANKARA.

Foork is a special stool which consist two materials feeding each other; oak tree and cork. The stool is designed to be flattened to save space for interiors. It has a waist support different from the existing stools to increase the sitting experience. The waist support aims to prevent possible pain on the waist area while sitting and to direct the user to the best sitting posture.

oak natural and durable

cork natural, light and water resistant



In colloboration with Istanbul Bilgi University ID 202/302 Domesticity furniture studio, spring 2016. A work by Esra Tokat, Nur Seda Şahin, Utkan Kanberoğlu, Yağmur Kocaman.

Trinity is a modular stool designed for the seating of one person. It was designed in Istanbul bilgi university’s furniture design studio, under the name of ID 302 Domesticity . The stool aims to achieve practical use of it within the atelier. It consists of 2 main components that hold together with concealed connecting elements between. Trinity’s light and geometric structure allows it to be carried around, while it supports the seating experience with its visuality.


In colloboration with Istanbul Bilgi University ID 202/302 Domesticity furniture studio, spring 2016.

Kullanıcının yaşam alanında sehpa görevini üstlenebilecek ve bir takım nesneleri koymak, bırakmak, göz önünde tutmak gibi ihtiyaçlarını karşılayabilecek; yalnızca laptop kullanımı için tasarlanmamış ancak laptop kullanımı için az da olsa spesifikleşebilecek; diz üstü kullanımlarda mobiliteyi sınırlamayarak farklı oturma pozisyonlarına olanak verebilen; kısacası diz üstünde kullanmak istenmediğinde ama hala koltuk kanepe gibi oturma birimlerinde bulunulan anlarda kısa süreli kullanımlar için önerilmiş bir ev mobilyası.


Nursedasahin portfolio2016  
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