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Conference: “The plan of the nation – The path to the Dream of Kazakhstan”

2-3 News • History and Geography week • First steps of Project Based Learning at Nurorda • Creating your own image of peace

On the 11th of February, grade 10 students led a conference dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The aim of the conference was to discuss Strategy 2050: The plan of the nation – 100 concrete steps of Kazakhstan, the appeal of the President and the idea of people of the Eternal – Mangilik el. The national television station Khabar attended the event, wanting to showcase how Strategy 2050 was being promoted in Nurorda. In just a quarter of a century Kazakhstan has become not only a sovereign nation with an economy that’s part of the global network, but also an equal member of the worldwide community of nations. The current cohort of Nurorda students are the future leaders of Kazakhstan and it is fantastic to already see their involvement sharing the history and

building future of their country. Students presented a range of issues concerning the future of Kazakhstan, including industrialisation and economic growth, establishing an accountable state and Kazkah identity and unity. Aisulu Tusupova, Daniela Arbi, Aidana Sagynayeva, Adel Zhumangarina, Ayse Gesen, Zeynep Yelken, Ernis Malabayev, Shahin Gasanov, Ilyas Emirkhan Demir, Dina Merali, Dariya Makhat, Jakub Bartak, Daulet Alikhan and Zhuldyz Kapysh represented grade 10 and were outstanding ambassadors for not only the school, but for Kazakhstan. A special thanks to Mr Arstan Satanov, the Kazakh history teacher, for organising an event such as this for his students. Mr Arstan Satanov Kazakh history teacher

National English Olympiad

4 News •Russian Week in Nurorda • Быть учеником международной школы

5 News SHORT STORIES •The fortune cookie • The story of my life • A funny story about police officer • The road of the Superstar

6 Жаңалық This term saw the citywide round in a national English olympiad, held in Astana. Students gathered from all over Astana to complete in two stages, a grammar round and a speaking and listening section. After placing in the Almaty district round, grade 9 student Alisher Zhenis moved to the prestigious finals in Astana. He placed third overall in Astana, an outstanding achievement given the number of students who participated and the incredibly high level of English proficiency seen throughout the competition. His advice for students wanting to improve their English, “Make time everyday to practice, like through apps on your phone or watching your favourite TV shows in English.” Ms Elisha Ward, English teacher

•Қазақстан Тәуелсіздігінің 25 жылдығына арналған тағылымы мол 25 іс-шара •Неделя русского языка

7 Pre-school • Kiddie Fine Dining Activity • Learning about plants through experiments


History and Geography week

History and Geography week at Nurorda International School was dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It was said by the President of Kazakhstan, N. Nazarbayev, that “We need to look to the past in order to understand the present and foresee the future”. That is why the main aim of this subject week was to promote respect for the national culture, statehood, history and nature of Kazakhstan.

Map of the main events of History and Geography week

Event 1.“Projects’ fair”. PBL presentation 2.Conference in English. «The plan of the nation The path to the Dream of Kazakhstan». Program: 100 concrete steps of Kazakhstan, the appeal of the President, the people of the Eternal – “Mangilik el” idea. 3.“Historia” – creativity based game

Grades 7A 8-10 9A, 8A, 6A

Best picture competition for 1-5 grades

Theme: “Kazakhstan-2050”: How do I imagine future of Kazakhstan?” The main aim of this event was to support future development of Kazakhstan and highlight it through the vision of children. The President of Kazakhstan announced the Kazakhstan 2050 Strategy during his annual state of the nation address on December 15, 2012. The Strategy calls for widespread economic, social and political reforms to position Kazakhstan among the top 30 global economies by 2050. It is important that our students will contribute to achieve this goal.

Flash mob competition for 1-11 grades

Winners of History and Geography Week: Best pictures and models: Baltabayeva Anel 1 A, Mukhamediyeva Ayanat 2B, Dincer, Mahir Bora 2B, Chekayeva Malika 2A, Gadylbek Sanzhar 2B Best posters and models: Sartayeva Aidyn 5A, Kutyum Akbilge 5A, Parzhan Aliya 5A, Zhangir Amangeldiyev 5A, Haidarov Nurlan 2A, Kaliyev Ramazan 2A, Issakova Diana 8a, Kaliyeva Tomiris 8A,Kurtbas Nergis 5B, Kenci Suleiman Kerim 5B, Rokan Abdulhameeed 5B. Best projects: Gasanova Aigun 7A, Sapiyeva Kamilla 7A, Atalar Gupsenur 7B, Bulut Zeynep Sila

Theme «Let’s save environment for future generations». A Flash mob was presented by photo and video content – format. For instance, students danced, sang, drew pictures, took photos etc. and called for a save environment. Subtopics of this evet: save energy,

take care of nature, healthy lifestyle, saving paper, water, proper nutrition, exercise every day, nonwaste production and so on. The winner of flash-mob competition became 2A. We congratulate them on this achievement and wish them further success!

7B, Parzah Muhammedali 6A, Lukpanov Iskander 6A, Kattaubayev Miras 6A. Best flash mob: 2A and 3A Best panorama and decoration: 4B and 3 B “Historia” creativity based game: Merali Asyl, Zhaksylyk Magzhan, Sarsekeyev Nurbol, Nurbayev Bekzhan – 9A, Sadykova Nurel, Altybayeva Nailya, Martorell Mar, Balli Nursima Betul, Marden Dayana – 6A, Amankulova Eldana, Adam Nigina, Ashirali Ayaulym, Kaldaeva Meruert, Abdrahmanova Tamilla – 7A

Best models competition for 1-5 grades Period:25.01-27.01.2016. “Expo-2017” – future energy” models’ (projects’) fair. The vision of Future Energy is to highlight solutions and paths that ensure sustainable and safe energy development. First of all the competition was organised in classes and the best models were chosen by vot-

ing. There were 3 main topics for the fair: 1. Future architecture 2. Green energy 3. City: past, today, future The best works were presented on Thursday, 28th of January for the whole school.

First steps of Project Based Learning at Nurorda

During history week we organised the Projects Fair, where students presented their Project Based Learning products. Students had 2-3 weeks to complete their works. First of all we visited National Museum of Astana and students were introduced to the history of medieval Kazakhstan (entry event). Secondly, students discussed the driven question, “How to create a panorama?” The theme of the project was related to the national standard of the History of Kazakhstan culture, economy and policy of Kazakhstan in 9-13th centuries. Instead of only reading, students were given opportunities to imagine, create, explain, research, collaborate, share responsibility, generate ideas, discuss, decorate, design, question, ask, present, support, draw conclusions and solve problems. In a traditional history lesson students would maybe read 50 pages of text, but PBL provide divergent thinking, creative solutions and fascinating time during the lessons. Students learned planning project, Mind Mapping method, Affinity Diagrams or K-J Method, Decision Matrix Analysis, The Modified Borda Count. In conclusion students presented their projects to the whole school. I want to express gratitude to all our colleagues, students who supported us during the subject week. Mr Arstan Satanov, Kazakh history teacher


Creating your own image of peace Preserving peace is undoubtedly one of the key issues of modern society that unfortunately most countries fail to accomplish today. Through many years people have produced various visual representations of peace and some of these have become widely known nowadays. During our English class in Grade 7, we discussed if students can come up with their own images of peace and describe it briefly. After all students produced their designs, we voted to choose the best works that depicted the notion of ‘peace’. Salim Suleimenov, Adel Mussayeva and Nanda Shiju were declared winners of the campaign by collecting most number of votes, 18, 17 and 16 respectively. It is important that young people of today realise the essence of peace and make their own contributions by all means possible. Who knows? These images may become a source of inspiration for future generations as Sadako Sasaki’s 1000 paper cranes have become an inspiration for us these days. Mr Rinat Mautin, Vice Principal


Russian Week in Nurorda

Nurorda Russian week resulted in some fabulous success! Students took an interest in different competitions and activities that were organised by our Russian language teacher, Ms Zauresh Tuyakova. The decoration competition was held among all classes the whole week. Students tend to draw characters from the fable that was given to each class. Ms Zauresh came up with this idea to flourish our school corridors and to make a colorful atmosphere, which will always remind us about Russian week. All participants demonstrated hard work and a big effort; even thought our judgers wanted to highlight the best work that was shown by 5th grade.

As a part of student involvement, each class were assigned to make a model of Russian culture items, grade 3A made Russian samovar (traditional device used heat water for tea), grade 3B made a Russian folk art platter that gathered much attention from students, grade 4A showed us traditional Russian spoons and grade 5A demonstrated the nested dolls. Each class represented the models, which was a great success because students demonstrated brilliant performance. On the last day of the week, secondary school students performed the staging fables, where the best result was shown by 6A grade. The second place took 11th grade that demonstrated an amazing perfor-

mance with a fable Quartette. The third place was shared in between two classes, 10 and 8. The whole week students were preparing for this performance to bring every moral of the fables to life. Nurorda students and teachers

would like to express its gratitude to Russian language teacher Ms Zauresh for organising such a wonderful week. On Monday assembly all participating students were given certificates and presents. Togzhan Amangeldina, 11A

Быть учеником международной школы

Быть учеником международной школы - большое преимущество, потому что есть возможность получать знания вместе с детьми разных национальностей. Находясь в поликультурной среде, мы учим культуры, традиции и языки, что помогает ускорить общее развитие и расширить кругозор. Наши учителя стараются сделать всё, чтобы ученики могли быстрее адаптироваться. И прекрасно, если ученики могут общаться на разных языках: казахском, английском, русском. Например, в нашем классе есть ученик Якуб. Он рад, что есть возможность усовершенствовать русский язык. По отбытию в Словакию, он продолжит обучение в русском классе. В своём интервью он отметил,

что ему всегда уделяли время и внимание на уроке русского языка. Более того, своевременно выполняя задания и тесты, получилось добиться хороших результатов. Так в настоящее время Якуб стал намного лучше понимать прочитанное. Следует отметить, что просмотр телевизионных программ, чтение и общение с одноклассниками заметно ускорили процесс изучения языка. Хочу обратиться к ребятам нашей школы: интересуйтесь другими языками и культурами, ведь это поможет осознать уникальность разных стран и познать мир во всём его разнообразии. Узнавая себя и других, мы можем прийти к настоящему взаимопониманию. Таким обра-

зом откроются новые горизонты, что может сделать нас уверенными в завтрашнем дне. Желаю

всем удачи! Капыш Жулдыз ученица 10 А класса


With English Week quickly approaching, students are preparing a range of exciting activities and projects. Grade 9 has just finished a short story unit that showcased

The Fortune Cookie «I’m finally going on a date!» cried out Joshua, searching his wardrobe for something appropriate to wear. He used to have his outfit ready to go, but after seven years of bad luck, he gave up. He’s now 24 and lives in his mother’s old house. He dropped out of school,

hoping to be a famous artist. That did not work out, obviously. Dressed and ready, he sprayed his favourite cologne on himself, which he had had since his ninth year in school. Coincidentally, it was the same year he dropped out. He fixed his mop of hair in the mirror and wished himself good luck, which he’d been doing since his

father left for work and never came back. Sad, really. He looked at his watch and ran, realising he was supposed to leave 5 minutes ago. After 20 minutes in traffic, he finally reached his destination - The Panda’s Call. It was a cheap Chinese restaurant, which he wasn’t proud of. His dream first date was in Venice. Panda’s Call couldn’t even be called a restaurant. It was built into a worn out building in a shady alleyway. He can’t believe how his date accepted his offer. *** It was reaching the end of the night and they decided to leave

The story of my life

…After some thought I realised that he had me under surveillance and I needed to trap him. I took a gold watch, which I took from the house and went to a pawnshop. A few minutes later I reached the pawnshop handed over the watch and bought a pistol with 6 shots. Then I went to the docks knowing that he would follow me. Once there I hid behind the barrels so that he didn’t notice me immediately. When he came I heard the creaking of the floor, and then he came and I wanted to shoot , but he grabbed my arm and snatched the gun out of my hands. He said that if I didn’t go with him he would kill me. I got up and knocked the gun from his hands. He started to fight me. He threw me on the floor and started to raise the gun, I came across an old whale hook… Muhammad Mussayev

their unique creativity. Read on for a peek at some of the work that will be showcased during English Week.

the restaurant. Jenny left for the restroom, just as the cheque and fortune cookies were being introduced to the table. Joshua was staring out the window, thinking about how cute their kids would look like when he noticed something strange. A group of seven men in black gathered around the building opposite the alleyway. Something didn’t feel right. Trying not to pay attention to it too much, he took a sip of his coffee and opened his fortune cookie. It read: You are in mortal danger. Leave Jenny alone, or die… Alisher Zhenis

A funny story about a police officer

The road of the Superstar

Jordi arrived to his first try-out for the team. He felt embarrassed because he wanted to play on the team, but everyone looked at him. He would be more calm if he had experience. After his first try-out the trainer was shocked by Jordi, because he scored 5 goals. But the trainer did not want to take him on to the team. He was upset, but it didn’t matter, he decided to prove to the trainer that he can get into the team and prove to the coach that he is a good

My name is Sam. The only thing you should know about me is that I don’t like my job. I work at New York Police Department.

player. Jordi began to train everyday, running 3 kilometers, engaging in the gym and improving his skills. After two months of training, Jordi choose to go to try-outs for a second time. He was nervous. The trainer saw Jordi and said, «Again you? I told you that you can’t play in our team, my team.» «I improved my skills and I will prove you that I’m an awesome player,» answered Jordi… Nursultan Kazistay

If you thought that being a policeman is a dream job then you made a huge mistake. Many children think that being a policeman means to fight against criminals and saving people’s lives, while in reality guys like me are busy with paper work or saving cats from trees. Despite a fact that a policeman’s job is far from getting dream job status ordinary people and especially children continue to think about us as heroes… Margulan Kuantkan



Қазақстан Тәуелсіздігінің 25 жылдығына арналған тағылымы мол 25 іс-шара Биыл Қазақстан Республикасы Тәуелсіздігінің 25-шы мерейтойы тойлануда. Осы айтулы мерекеге орай «Нұрорда» халықаралық мектебінде қаңтар айында ұлттық тіл, дәстүр, мәдениет, тарих, «Мәңгілік Ел» атты Жалпыұлттық идеясы, «Қазақстан-2050» жалпыұлттық Стратегиясы, «Ұлт жоспары – 100 нақты қадам», Елбасы дәстүрлі жолдауын ұлықтау мен насихаттау мақсатында 25 көлемді ісшара ұйымдастырылды. Білім ордасы басқа да мектептерді бұл науқанға белсене ат салысуға шақырады. Айтулы іс-шаралардың қатарында «ЭКСПО – 2017 көрмесі – елдіктің ерен жемісі» атты көрме. Оқушылар мынадай 3 бағыт бойынша макеттер жасады: I. «Болашақтың архитектурасы» II. «Жасыл экономика» III. «Қала: кеше, бүгін, ертең» Мақсаттары мен идеялары – Қазақстанды қалай көркейту, дамыған 30 елдің қатарына қосуды насихаттау, «ЭКСПО-2017 болашақтың энергиясы» көрмесін қолдау, табиғатымызды аялау. «Қазақстан-2050»: Мен Қазақстанның болашағын қалай елестетем? “Kazakhstan-2050”: How do I imagine future of Kazakhstan? атты сурет жарысы. Оқушылар тақырып бойынша сурет салып, сынып ішінде таныстырды. Сынып дауыс беру арқылы ең үздік суретті таңдап, мектеп ішілік сурет жарысына қатысты. Келер ұрпақ үшін қоршаған

ортаны сақтайық! атты тақырыпта флэш-моб. «Let’s save environment for future generation» flash-mob. Бұл іс-шараға сынып пен жетекшілер қатысты.

Тақырыпқа сай фото немесе видео форматында флэш-моб ұйымдастырылды. Өткізілу жолдары: би билеу, көрініс, сурет, селфи, панорама, карикатура,

Неделя русского языка По традиции, после предметных недель казахского языка, истории, в нашей школе проводятся дни русского языка. В понедельник – открытие! Забавная кукольная медведица, наряженная в красный сарафан, восседая на стуле перед самоваром, в окружении берез и цветов, встретила утром учащихся школы. Такое начало вызвало праздничное настроение. Как принято, состоялась линейка, на которой учащиеся 4 «А» и 6 «А» классов в занимательной форме ознакомили учащихся с предстоящими мероприятиями 11 и 12 февраля. Учащиеся начальных классов подготовили макеты самоваров, подносов, ложек, кукол. Прекрасные творческие работы вызвали огромный интерес учащихся и взрослых. С вниманием школа рассматривала представленные рисунки учащихся третьих классов. Конечно же, все ждали конкурс «Шоу-талант» и конкурс инсценированной бас-

ни. Борьба разгорелась «нешуточная»! Искрометная русская «Калинка» в исполнении девочек 3 «А» покорила весь зрительный зал, жюри. Яркие костюмы, актерское мастерство и интересное содержание инсценированных сказок - вот что оценили

члены жюри в конкурсных номерах 4 «А», 5 «А». Милые улыбки вызвали ученики 3 «В» класса своим чтением наизусть стихотворений русских поэтов! Не успели утихнуть аплодисменты, как сердца взрослых вновь наполнились радостью:

ән айту, т.б. шығармашылық тапсырмаларды орындау. Мақсаты: электр энергиясын, қағазды, тамақты, суды үнемдеу, салауатты өмір салтын ұстану, қоқыс тастамау, қоршаған ортаны қорғау, экологияны сақтау, табиғатты аялау. «Мәңгілік ел - қазақ халқының ұлттық идеясы» атты тарихи-эссе бәйгесі. 8-11 сыныптар арасында өткізілді. «Ұлттық мұра айшықтары» атты қазақ халқының қолданбалы қолөнері сайысы өткізілді. 1-5 сыныптар өз қолымен ұлттық бұйымдар, музыкалық аспаптар, қазақша қуыршақ, әшекей бұйымдар жасады. Мектеп кітапханасының ұйымдастырылуымен«Тағылымы мол тарихи еңбектер» атты тарихи кітаптардың көрмесі өткізілді. Мақсаты: Оқушылардың бойында тарихи кітаптар оқуға қызығушылығын ояту. «Көшпенділер» тарихи-трилогия оқу акциясы апта бойы әр күн 15-30 минуттен кітап оқу науқаны жарияланды. Мектептің «Қазақстандық жол» атты тәрбие-білім орталығында 10 сыныптары үшін «Ұлт жоспары - қазақстандық арманға бастайтын жол» атты ағылшын тілінде конференция ұйымдастырылды. 6-9 сыныптар арасында «Тұма тарих – Мәңгілік елдің бастауы» атты жобалар көрмесі және “Historia” атты тарихи танымдық және шығармашылық ойыны өткізілді. Бұдан басқа тәрбие сабақтар, пікір-сайыстар, танымдық ойындар, отандық фильм көрсетілімдері, сөзжұмбақтар шешу жарыстары, ұлттық ойындар сайыстары, мұражайға саяхаттар, дөңгелек үстел, панорамалық безендіру көрмелері, т.б. өткізілді. Астана қ., «Нұрорда» халықаралық мектебі, Сатанов Арстан

учащиеся 6- 11 классов представили свои творческие работы. Из уст детей полилась русская поэтическая речь мастера художественного слова, баснописца Ивана Крылова! Актерские приемы, найденные и воплощенные детьми в инсценировке басен, сорвали овации зрителей! Игра Махат Дарии покорила сердце учителя истории Арстана Сатанова! Игра Юджеил ВиктораБора понравилась помощнице завуча Алие Хамитовне! «Пляшущие горы» в исполнении ученика 11 «А» класса Есжан Ерасыла явно претендовали бы на номинацию «лучшая мужская роль», если такая была бы объявлена! Зрители испытали огромное наслаждение от игры шестиклассников, представивших басню «Ворона и лисица». Члены жюри также высоко оценили игру юных актеров: 1 место – 6 «А», 2 место – 11 «А», 3 место – 8 «А», 10 «А». Бурю положительных эмоций испытали все участники мероприятия. По словам учителей и детей, неделя удалась! Туякова З. С. учитель русского языка

Kiddie Fine Dining Activity part of the table manners lesson, we had the chance to explain to our students why table manners and etiquette are important. To experience actual fine dining they wore their most beautiful dresses, ties and long sleeve shirts to pretend that we were in a restaurant. We served fruit and cookies, and amazingly they ate them slowly

Children are learning to navigate their world, communicate, and control some parts of their lives. At a young age they are still learning to control aspects of their lives, but eating is one of the first areas they will master. We can help them enjoy their limited power by giving them appropriate amounts of freedom when it comes to choosing foods

with proper manners. They also learned how to use a spoon, fork and plate properly. This activity is good practice for children not only here at school, but also to apply at home and on other family holidays. Teaching children as young as their age is a foundation of a responsible and an independent individual. Everything they see is beyond imagination, let’s help them put into an action. As Denise Waitley said, “The greatest gift you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence”. Miss Candy A. Abogada

and eating them. However, children are at most times messy eaters, using their little fingers to assist shoveling the food into their mouths, picking dropped food up from on the floor and they especially love to go somewhere while eating. Good table manners for children are important skills that should be developed when they are young. As

Learning about plants through experiments Young children have curious minds. They often have questions about the things around them. They are quite fascinated by plant life in general and flowers in particular. They have many questions about plants. Where do the plants come from? How do plants grow? Do plants need food and water to grow like humans and animals? They also have other questions like why some plants have pretty flowers, some have fruits, parts of some can be eaten as vegetables while some other plants do not have flowers, fruits or vegetables. How plants survive in extremely cold or extremely hot environments. And most importantly, why do we need plants? To study plants students not only grew them, but also did lot of experiments to learn many interesting things about plants along the way. Experiments are a fun way to look for an answer to a question

or to test an idea. Even though kindergarten students have curious minds, they are not yet mature enough to absorb answers to these questions in a theoretical manner. We, therefore, try to answer some of these questions through experiments, which also double up as fun activities. Our students recently participated in two experiments which were meant to make them understand that plants get their food through their roots and stems of the plants are medium for transferring food to all parts of the plant. In the first experiment, children learned where the water goes when a plant is watered? With this experiment, children discovered for themselves how essential the functions of roots and stems are to plant growth. We filled two jars with water and added two food colors (green and orange) and placed white flowers with stems in the jars.

Children were able to witness slow rise of colored water through stem into the flowers and the changing of the color of the flowers into green and orange. In the second experiment, we used celery instead of white flowers. In this experiment we followed similar procedure by filling jars with water, adding food colors and placing celery stalks in the jars. Children were able to witness slow rise of colored water through stalks and the changing color of the stalks and leaves. During the coming weeks, we

will demonstrate to the students how seed grows roots and stems through the experiment of seed germination in a plastic bag. We will also plant kidney beans seeds in pots with the involvement of students. Students will study growth of the plants and log the progress through drawings in “My dairy of bean plant”. We are hopeful that with these experiments, students will be able to get answers to many of their questions and acquire better knowledge about plant life. Busy Bees and Shining Stars



Meeting with representatives from American school On February 16 the representatives of Pioneer Academy visited our school. This is an independent college prep school for grades 5 through 12 which is committed to enriching the lives of students and ensuring their success in college and real life. It is located in the township of Wayne, New Jersey. Our meeting took place in the Conference Hall at 15:30 and lasted for approximately 40 minutes. During the presentation our students

became familiar with the school’s curriculum, social activities and the application procedure. At the end of meeting the students had an opportunity to ask questions to learn more about the school. This demonstrated students’ interest towards this school and these discussions can be seen as a prerequisite for successful applications to desired USA universities. Mr Almaz Amirkhan, College Councilor

5A Grade Khassen Ailin 10.02.2016 Askabzhan Ansar 14.02.2016 7A Grade Hanim Dias 13.02.2016 Yuceil Viktor 15.02.2016 Park Jong Hong 18.02.2016 10A Grade Ilyas Emirkhan Bartak 11.02.2016 Jakub Bartak 17.02.2016

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Nurorda Insights February 2016 issue  

Monthly publication of Nurorda International School containing articles contributed by students, staff and parents.

Nurorda Insights February 2016 issue  

Monthly publication of Nurorda International School containing articles contributed by students, staff and parents.

Profile for nurorda