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Summer camp 2016 in

“Lesnaya skazka”

Why do our children need summer camps? They need camps firstly just to relax, and to experience change to their daily lives. They may be tired after a long year of school and homework, and the Over the course of a student’s academic career they meet so many people, creating lasting friendships with their classmates and close bonds with their teachers. Every summer Nurorda takes its alumni on a trip down memory lane by inviting its past students to a reunion dinner. It has become a tradition where students who have gone on to further studies or have entered the work force come back to their ‘second home’ each summer and visit their teachers, classrooms and most importantly the friends that they made in Nurorda’s walls. This year was no different, and it was a fantastic opportunity to hear the achievements of our past students. We thank our alumni for sharing their experiences with us and look forward to seeing them all again soon.

camp is a huge chance to move far outside their daily routines. Our summer camp this year took place in Borovoe, in an area named Lesnaya skazka. It was my first experience being a leader of a sum-

mer camp and what I noticed was… Camp is action-packed. The children spend so much time being at home and school. Camp gives them a huge opportunity to get moving. Children run, play, jump, hike, climb. They never stop moving from the time they wake up till they collapse into bed at the end of the day. Camp unplugs our children from technology. Nowadays, students spent their time watching TV, playing computer games or chatting online, or just tied to Instagram. Camp is a chance to be in the real world, a place of wonder and fun. You can do everything and it will be real. Real friends, real emotions! Camp challenges. You never know what you can do until you try. Yes, you don’t know the limits of your abilities about sports or in a team until you go to a camp. There

Welcome to kindergarten you can find new friends, learn to play in a team, show your artistic talents and you have a chance to discover and develop your passion. Camp brings us together. We spent a great time with students. We played games, had water fights, shared meals, interacted with kids face to face and sat around talked about everything that we were interested in. Camp allows children find a world with fantasy they have inside. Children may practice being the best they can be. It is not only a great time for children, but for teachers too. Fresh air, free time, and our lovely kids around to share this with. There are no borders between students and teachers, no rules. You are just playing, talking, spending good time and you are all just friends! Mrs Danara Ablemetova, 6A Homeroom Teacher

Annual alumni reunion dinner

At school children from new associates, come in contact with other kids of different temperaments and form new ideas and habits. It is here that they prepare themselves for the stage of life. So, welcome to a child-centered and friendly school where they will give them a great importance to nurture themselves. Our first few days in school were

room routines. Each day, children need to prepare themselves to engage into exciting and eye-catching activities for them to enjoy the whole day in school. They had fun dancing and singing different nursery rhymes, and did creative arts and craft as part of daily exercises. So many things await them make their childhood years remarkable.

Hurray for the new great year that surely will help their development, enhance their skills and improve their abilities to become independent learners and competitive individuals. Miss Candy A. Abogada Sunshine Kids Homeroom Teacher

Playtime is learning time The first day of kindergarten is exciting, exciting, exciting! The teachers can’t wait to see their new pupils and meet their parents. The pupils on the other hand would like to know if there is a familiar face in the class that they can recognize an old classmate, perhaps a neighbour or a family friend. Parents are also looking forward to meeting the teacher, assistant teacher and see what the classroom looks like. Questions, questions, ques-

Why lunch is so important to students learning process?

definitely awesome, we had the chance to introduce their names and familiarize with their classmates, teachers and the school. They learned how to dress up themselves with less supervision, eating on the table independently, and washing hands before and after meals. These simple instructions will give impact to their daily life as they practice these class-

tions! There are a lot of questions in each parent’s mind. Will my child cope up for the day? Will he/she like the new classroom? Will my child be able to mingle with other children? Will he/she relate well with the teacher? Whatever the parent’s question may be, I was sure that at the end of first week, those were all answered. During the orientation week, kindergartners were introduced to different activities that they will do

within the academic year and were given the tour of the school. As we all expected, their favorite part of the school is the playground. The warm weather complimented the day to spend most of the morning and late afternoon playing outdoors. We adult sometimes think that children do not really learn anything from playing. However, it is during play, that children also

increase their social competence and emotional maturity. Smilansky and Shefatya (1990) contend that school success largely depends on children’s ability to interact positively with their peers and adults. Play is vital to children’s social development. Miss Marilyn Lobo Homeroom Teacher – Shining Stars

Starting the school year 2016-2017 Why lunch is so important to students learning process? There are various studies that prove kids who eat breakfast perform better at school. Truly, the

same logic would be applied over to lunch. Students who aren’t nourished cannot focus nor consecrate on academics. For this reason, the school committed itself to pro-

vide healthier and nutritious food in every meal. The healthier the meals are served to kids, the better the kids do in the class and improve their productivity. Therefore,

to ensure a proper education, the students need to be fed properly and completely. Thus, eat right, be SMART!

A school is a place of learning for a child. It is a training ground for him/ her. During the first days of school, getting to know students is very challenging for educators. Of prime importance is attaching names to faces. Remembering a student’s name is the first step in building a relationship that can make a year successful. Below are the pictures of Rainbow Kids activities during the first days of school. The kids danced and sang inside the classroom. They also had coloring and writing activity. Mrs Rowena Kabigting Homeroom Teacher - Rainbow Kids

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Nurorda Insights September 2016 issue  

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