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since September 2015

Principal’s welcome back speech I would like to welcome you all to the School Year 2016-17 at Nurorda International School.

Education is dynamic, creative and innovative process; and the school staff, together with the parents and the students themselves, will help to make this a reality for all students. The NIS faculty is dedicated to students in helping them to achieve academic, sporting, cultural and lifelong learning. I want to take this opportunity to thank Nurorda International School staff for their

continued professionalism, excellence and commitment. It is your teacher’s motivation inside and out of the classroom that will help to create a year that is bright with opportunities. However, even more importantly, the students themselves will have to take action to further their education. Our young ladies and gentlemen too are beginning to realise that they cannot merely sit back and expect the greater school community to do everything for them. They are realising the importance of self-motivation and must be prepared to help themselves. I also would like to congratulate Grade 1 pupils on their first classes. This is an exciting moment to see their first steps into their education and beginning the journey as life-long learners. I have no doubt that if they remain motivated in the classroom and will achieve their goals by the usual cooperation with their parents and the school. Welcome back to school! Mr Muharrem Ustun, Principal

First bell ceremony 2016 The First Bell Ceremony 2016 was an impressionable event that marked the start to a year full of adventure, learning and moments that will stick with our students for the rest of the year. The event opened the gates for the first graders into the realm of possibilities that is Nurorda. Held on 29 August and hosted by Alisher and Aziza of grade10, the ceremony had students from across primary and secondary performing songs, dance and poetry to commemorate the beginning of the new academic year. The president of KATEV International Foundation, Mr Darkhan Ote, and our principal Mr Muharrem Usten both welcomed students new and old and wished them gold luck in their endeavours throughout the upcoming academic year. Mr Sayasat Nurbek, one of Nurorda’s parents, also stressed the importance of our students in shaping

both the future of Kazakhstan and on the world scene. He highlighted the challenges facing a 21st century student, but stressed at the heart of effective teaching and learning lies at the ability of a school to create a caring environment conducive to learning. Best of luck to all our students in the 2016-2017 academic year! Elisha Ward

№6 (07) September 2016 Dear parents and students:

Congratulations on another successful school year! We wish all of our students, parents and teachers a happy and safe new school year. We extend you a great big handshake and we want you to know that we are so happy to have the privilege of getting to see you again. We hope that you would love our enriched new school year program. Teaching and learning is a 2-way relationship of planting and reaping. When we see our students “planted in the NURORDA garden,” we receive our reward all over again. Thank you so much from the administration to all parents and students. Thanks parents for your support of your child’s learning and your faithfulness in attending the events and performances. Everything you participate in counts to your child, even though the younger students cannot possibly understand the sacrifice of time which you have to make to do so. By showing up, it’s like in any family, you show up because you are committed to the community itself and to your child’s place in it. Actions speak loudly, so it is a great advantage to your child to be able to see and feel this sense of community. There is an added bonus of increased selfesteem as children overcome their own fears and perform before others, knowing that you are there. That is not to say that parents who have other obligations are not doing their part. Everyone has to do the best they can with their own schedule and we understand that. Whatever you can attend will mean all that much more to your child. Things like your performances, sparkling events might be a wonderful way to fill in the blanks you have to leave on the attendance calendar at other times during the school year. We wish also to say thanks to our students who put forth so much effort and cooperation with practices, in order to present their best performance to the parents. You are a joy to watch as we adults look upon you and see how much you have grown, and think just a little bit about who you will become one day. Sunrise. Sunset. We are watching for the dawn of your grown up life where you will be a product of a good education and a wonderful supportive learning community. All those who have cared for you, guided you, taught you and parented you, will make a contribution, a little at a time to the beautiful person you will become. And then it will be your turn. Thank you all again, for all of your generous and heart-felt involvement this year. Mrs. Zhanar Moldabayeva Head of Kindergarten

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6 Pre-school • How do I teach thee? Let me count the ways. I teach thee with the heart, funand height! • CUPS

8 Pre-school • A memorable class picnic at kulager • World scholar’s cup global round • Teacher’s welcome back dinner

22 A level achievements

achievement given that these are exams developed for native English speakers and only 25-27% of all A Level candidates around the world achieve A-A*. We wish her the best of luck in her no doubt very bright future.

First one to see Mr Paul with all the correct answers wins a price!

Nurorda subject weeks - a brief introduction Every year, Nurorda organises Subject Weeks, which are filled with loads of activities like interactive games, tricky puzzles, experiments, presentations, quiz competitions and various other fun filled activities. Subject weeks are organised for Science, Mathematics and ICT, English, Kazakh, Russian, and History and Geography. We all find these weeks really exciting and challenging. It helps us to discover our talents, develop our logic and reasoning skills and also

gives us a wider knowledge about the History and Geography of Kazakhstan. We also get to watch beautiful concerts wherein kids get to showcase their talents. At the end of each week rewards are given for our excellence in the activities participated. Most importantly, you have lots of fun and get a welcomed break from the daily school curriculum. We really look forward to the subject weeks in Nurorda. Nanda Shiju, 8B

Drop everything and read “If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that,” says Stephen King.

At the beginning of this academic year, Nurorda incorporated 15 minutes of reading time into the students’ timetable. Thanks to this DEAR thought (Drop Everything And Read), children now get to read books, or in other words, get transported to a world of magic everyday! Such a beautiful sight to behold, the kids, smartly dressed in their new uniforms, engrossed in reading a real book! Apart from gaining knowledge, this is definitely going to help them improve their concentration power, stimulate their minds and increase their vocabulary and analytical thinking skills. It has been proved that reading allows you to relax,thus, reducing stress. To conclude, I would like to quote the words of Dr Seuss, in his book, I Can Read With My Eyes Shut, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” So dear children, read a book and earn the ticket to fly away to the wonderful land of mystery and knowledge. Ms Bineetha Shiju, Mathematics teacher

Азат елдің ар-намысы Ата Заң!

Халқымыздың танымында «Сегіз қырлы, бір сырлы» деген әдемі ұғым бар. Әдетте мұндай атау біліммен ғана шектелмей өнер, спорт сияқты сан алуан саланы қатар алып жүретін жандарға қаратыла айтылады. Осын­ дай игі ұстанымды мақсат ете отырып «Нұрорда» халықаралық мек­тебінде 2016-2017 оқу жылы бары­сында алуан түрлі үйірмелер жұмыс атқарады. Мәселен, спортқа бейім оқушыларды Айдынбек Малкеу, Родолфо Фуентес, Бақытжол Бекенұлы, Балнұр Дүйсен­ ғалиева секілді ұстазда­ рымыз қазақша күреске, футбол ойынына, суда жүзуге және үстел теннисіне баулыйды. Сон­ дай-ақ, өнер сүйер талапты баланың талпынысын театр және кино, дра­ ма, домбыра, гитара үйірмелері қанаттан­ дырады. Ал қиялы жүйрік, ойы ұшқыр оқушылар үшін дебат, судоку, робото­техника секілді клубтар жұмыс жүргізеді. Данеева Гүлжан, қазақ тілі мұғалімі

Сегіз қырлы...

Біз үшін дауыс беріңіздер! Біз 11 «А» сынып оқушылары Асқарғалиев Алижан және Мала­ баев Эрнис осы оқу жылында «Нұрорда» халықаралық мекте­ бінің президенті болу үшін, бағымызды сынап, сайлауға қатысқалы жатырмыз.Бірін­ шіден, бұл сайлау біз үшін маңызды екенін атап өткіміз келеді. Себебі, осы сайлаудың арқасында біз мектеп ішілік қоғамдық шаралардың жоғары деңгейде өтуіне , сонымен қатар

ішкі тұрақтылық пен тәртіптің одан әрі дұрысталуына кішкене де болса өз үлесімізді қосып, аяулы мектебімізге пайдамызды тигізгіміз келеді. Мектебіміздегі өтілетін қоғамдық шаралар мен көптеген қызықты мерекелердің сапасын көтеруді - өзі міндетіміз деп білеміз. Алдағы уақытта бізге артқан сенімдеріңізді ақтауға уәде береміз. 11 «А»сынып оқушылары Асқарғалиев Алижан Малабаев Эрнис

қорғап, ұстанып отырды. Әр сыныптағы тәрбие саға­ тында оқушыларға мемлекет­ тің әрбір азаматы Ата Заңды құрметтеуі, заңдарын бұлжыт­ пай орындауы міндеттері айтылды. Сынып жетекшілері өз оқушыларына түрлі көрнекі­ лік, презентациялар арқылы «патриотизм» ұғымын сіңіруге, қалыптастыруға тырысты. Ме­ млекеттің әр азаматындағы патриотизм - өз елін, жерін, ұлт­ ын, рәміздерін, тілін, мәдение­ тін, рәміздерін білу, сыйлау, сүю, қастерлеу сияқты әрекеттерінің көрінісі. Ата Заңымыздың берік болуын бүкіл ел тілейді. Өткізілген іс-шаралардың, тәр­ бие сағаттарының мақсаты орындалсын деген тілегіміз бар. Оқушыны кемел келешекке жетелейтін, тәлім-тәрбие беретін тәрбие сағаттарының саны арта берсін. Дүйсенбекова Айжан

Өлшемнен ауып кетпеңіз... Араларынан қыл өтпейтін екі дос бар еді. Тату-тәттілігіне ел қызығатын. Екеуінің сыртқы кескін-келбеттері ғана бөлек еді. Бірі екі күнде бір рет ауыз ашатын өте арық болса, екіншісі тамақ жегенді ұнататын толық еді. Бір күні осы екеуі бір елге сауда мақсатымен жол тартты. Біраз күн жүріп бір мейманханаға аялдап, сол жерге түнейді. Кезек тамаққа келеді. Тапсырыстарын беріп, дастарханды неше түрлі тамаққа толтырып тастады. Осы кезде көрші дастарханда отырған кісі алдында отырған біреуден «Бір күнде негізі канша жеу керек?» – деп сұрады. Түрінен ғалым екендігі байқалған ол «Үш жүз грамм жеткілікті ғой», – деді. Бергі дастархандағы толық кісі сөз өзіне тиіп отыр деп түсінгендіктен, «Соншалықты аз нәрсе адамға не күш береді?» – деді. Ғалым кісі болса оған күлімсіреп: «Осыншалықты ғана жесең, ол сені көтеріп жүреді, ал бұдан көп жесең сен оны көтеріп жүресің. Осыны ғана жеуің сенің бойыңды тіктеуіңе жетеді. Бұған не қоссаң, соны көтеріп жүретін жүк тасушысына айна­ласың. Тамақ өмір сүру үшін керекті, болмаса тамақ үшін өмір сүруді б і л д і р ­ мейді», – дейді. Ғалам­ тордан алынған

3 3

нұрорда жаршысы

After two years of dedication, a special congratulation goes to Axaule Alzhanova, who was a part of last year’s graduating class. Axaule received three As in her A Level examinations for Biology, Chemistry and History. This is an outstanding

Конституция – саяси, мәдени, рухани және экономикалық дамудың құқықтық қайнар көзі. Ата Заңды ұстану – мемлекет дамуының, қоғамдағы азаматтық келісімнің негізі. Ата Заңды қас­ терлеу ұлттың ұлы парызы. Осындай мерейлі мерекеге орай «Нұрорда» халықаралық мектебі жаңа оқу жылының алғашқы тәрбие сағатын «Мен өз елімнің патриотымын» тақырыбымен ашты. Тәрбие сағаттарында Ата заңның бастауы, өткен тарихы, маңызы, болашағы сөз болды. Ата Заңның тарихы, өткені мен бүгіні және болашағы жайлы айтылды. Сондай-ақ, Қазақ даласындағы «Қасымның қасқа жолы», «Есім ханның ескі жолы», Тәукенің «Жеті жарғысы» бүгінгі Ата Заңымыздың ертеректе қаланған іргетасы іспеттес. Халық тарихы көп қиын кезеңнен өтсе де, заңдарын алға тартып,


Summer camp 2016 in

“Lesnaya skazka”

Why do our children need summer camps? They need camps firstly just to relax, and to experience change to their daily lives. They may be tired after a long year of school and homework, and the Over the course of a student’s academic career they meet so many people, creating lasting friendships with their classmates and close bonds with their teachers. Every summer Nurorda takes its alumni on a trip down memory lane by inviting its past students to a reunion dinner. It has become a tradition where students who have gone on to further studies or have entered the work force come back to their ‘second home’ each summer and visit their teachers, classrooms and most importantly the friends that they made in Nurorda’s walls. This year was no different, and it was a fantastic opportunity to hear the achievements of our past students. We thank our alumni for sharing their experiences with us and look forward to seeing them all again soon.

camp is a huge chance to move far outside their daily routines. Our summer camp this year took place in Borovoe, in an area named Lesnaya skazka. It was my first experience being a leader of a sum-

mer camp and what I noticed was… Camp is action-packed. The children spend so much time being at home and school. Camp gives them a huge opportunity to get moving. Children run, play, jump, hike, climb. They never stop moving from the time they wake up till they collapse into bed at the end of the day. Camp unplugs our children from technology. Nowadays, students spent their time watching TV, playing computer games or chatting online, or just tied to Instagram. Camp is a chance to be in the real world, a place of wonder and fun. You can do everything and it will be real. Real friends, real emotions! Camp challenges. You never know what you can do until you try. Yes, you don’t know the limits of your abilities about sports or in a team until you go to a camp. There

Welcome to kindergarten you can find new friends, learn to play in a team, show your artistic talents and you have a chance to discover and develop your passion. Camp brings us together. We spent a great time with students. We played games, had water fights, shared meals, interacted with kids face to face and sat around talked about everything that we were interested in. Camp allows children find a world with fantasy they have inside. Children may practice being the best they can be. It is not only a great time for children, but for teachers too. Fresh air, free time, and our lovely kids around to share this with. There are no borders between students and teachers, no rules. You are just playing, talking, spending good time and you are all just friends! Mrs Danara Ablemetova, 6A Homeroom Teacher

Annual alumni reunion dinner

At school children from new associates, come in contact with other kids of different temperaments and form new ideas and habits. It is here that they prepare themselves for the stage of life. So, welcome to a child-centered and friendly school where they will give them a great importance to nurture themselves. Our first few days in school were

room routines. Each day, children need to prepare themselves to engage into exciting and eye-catching activities for them to enjoy the whole day in school. They had fun dancing and singing different nursery rhymes, and did creative arts and craft as part of daily exercises. So many things await them make their childhood years remarkable.

Hurray for the new great year that surely will help their development, enhance their skills and improve their abilities to become independent learners and competitive individuals. Miss Candy A. Abogada Sunshine Kids Homeroom Teacher

Playtime is learning time The first day of kindergarten is exciting, exciting, exciting! The teachers can’t wait to see their new pupils and meet their parents. The pupils on the other hand would like to know if there is a familiar face in the class that they can recognize an old classmate, perhaps a neighbour or a family friend. Parents are also looking forward to meeting the teacher, assistant teacher and see what the classroom looks like. Questions, questions, ques-

Why lunch is so important to students learning process?

definitely awesome, we had the chance to introduce their names and familiarize with their classmates, teachers and the school. They learned how to dress up themselves with less supervision, eating on the table independently, and washing hands before and after meals. These simple instructions will give impact to their daily life as they practice these class-

tions! There are a lot of questions in each parent’s mind. Will my child cope up for the day? Will he/she like the new classroom? Will my child be able to mingle with other children? Will he/she relate well with the teacher? Whatever the parent’s question may be, I was sure that at the end of first week, those were all answered. During the orientation week, kindergartners were introduced to different activities that they will do

within the academic year and were given the tour of the school. As we all expected, their favorite part of the school is the playground. The warm weather complimented the day to spend most of the morning and late afternoon playing outdoors. We adult sometimes think that children do not really learn anything from playing. However, it is during play, that children also

increase their social competence and emotional maturity. Smilansky and Shefatya (1990) contend that school success largely depends on children’s ability to interact positively with their peers and adults. Play is vital to children’s social development. Miss Marilyn Lobo Homeroom Teacher – Shining Stars

Starting the school year 2016-2017 Why lunch is so important to students learning process? There are various studies that prove kids who eat breakfast perform better at school. Truly, the

same logic would be applied over to lunch. Students who aren’t nourished cannot focus nor consecrate on academics. For this reason, the school committed itself to pro-

vide healthier and nutritious food in every meal. The healthier the meals are served to kids, the better the kids do in the class and improve their productivity. Therefore,

to ensure a proper education, the students need to be fed properly and completely. Thus, eat right, be SMART!

A school is a place of learning for a child. It is a training ground for him/ her. During the first days of school, getting to know students is very challenging for educators. Of prime importance is attaching names to faces. Remembering a student’s name is the first step in building a relationship that can make a year successful. Below are the pictures of Rainbow Kids activities during the first days of school. The kids danced and sang inside the classroom. They also had coloring and writing activity. Mrs Rowena Kabigting Homeroom Teacher - Rainbow Kids

3 5

2 6

How do I teach thee? Let me count the ways. I teach thee with the heart, fun and height! Teaching place value in year 2 is a center piece concept docked to primary years and middle school Mathematics curriculum framework. It is absolutely required that learners must develop a substantial foundation of the place value concepts by the end of year 2. Helping learners to unlock the concept for better understanding place value will resonate in their skill of demonstrating procedural fluency. According to the research, students’ experience using physical models to represent hundreds, tens, and ones can be effective in dealing with place value issues early in the curriculum (Sherman, Richard-

son et. al, 2014, Education.com). In the long term, teachers should think how to develop instruction that will help the young learners to enjoy learning while making a solid understanding to the concept. The idea of preparing good materials emulates on Mr. David’s morning reflection...While reflecting I came up to rebranding the song Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes into Place Value Song/Game. First, we sang together the Ones, Tens, Hundreds, Thousands and Ten thousands to the tune of Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. After that, we played a game called Place Value, learners point to their toes when

Maths Teasers. Year 3,4,5 Problem A Ferrari Formula One car uses 2 litres of fuel every kilometre, how much fuel would it use to travel 50 kilometres?

Year R,1,2 Problem Danny had been looking forward to his birthday. He had invited 34 friends around but 6 could not make it. He wondered how many would be left to join in the fun.

Grade 4 Science.

I say ones! , knees when I say tens! , hips when I say hundreds! , shoulders when I say thousands! and head when I say ten thousands!. Lastly, I used manipulative it’s like a wooden educational toy or “aba-

cus-like toy” to represent the group of ten in plenary session and provide more collaborative activities. Learners enjoyed the so much fun while demonstrating numeracy and procedural skills.

Grade 4A & B have been learning about human and animal skeletons in their science lessons this term. The Skeleton is important as it helps us move, supports our muscles and protects our vital organs(such as the heart and the lungs). In groups, Grade 4 made skeletons out of pasta shapes. One of the group lay on a large piece of paper and the others drew around them. The group then stuck the pasta on the shape to show where the bones should be.

Did You Know1: There are 206 bones in a human skeleton! Did You Know 2: Some animals (like spiders) have their skeletons on the outside! Did You Know 3: A Shark’s skeleton is made out of cartilage, similar to your nose!


Did You Know?

There are 206 bones in a human skeleton!

Some animals (like spiders) have their skeletons on the outside!

A Shark’s skeleton is made out of cartilage, similar to your nose!

CUPS We have introduced a reward system in Primary Section called CUPS.The purpose, in line with our mission, vision and core values,

aims to encourage our students to have a sense of pride in their achievements, as well as, developing team and community spirit.

С - Collaboration and Team work

P = Positive Behaviour

Drawing Around the body

Choosing What to use.

…and the feet!

Sticking the “Bones” onto the paper!

CUPS stands for :

U – Ultra Academic

Students can be awarded 1,2 or 3 CUPS for a variety of reasons. These points are given throughout the year and students should aim for the Platinum certificate by the end of the year. Bronze, Silver, Gold

S = Super PEMAI (PE, Music.Art, ICT)

and Platinum certificates will be given as children gain 75,150, 225 and 300 CUPS. Mr David Key Vice Principal

2 8

A memorable class picnic at kulager eat. We had salads, pizzas, meat and other delicious food. After our sumptuous lunch, we played dodge ball, tag, capture the flag, hot potatoes and football. We played for about an hour and a half and then everyone went back biking, ATV riding or simply stayed on the swings. We likewise had tea and

Together with our homeroom teacher, Ms. Ferizad and Mr. Sinan, our class decided to go on a picnic to celebrate our classmates’ summer birthdays. We decided to spend the day at Kulager Recreation Zone. Our plan was to meet at school at 10 am on the 3rd of September. We excitedly got into Our journey to Bangkok started with an 8-hour flight. We departed on 25th June and arrived on the morning of the 26th. The delegation from WSC (World Scholar’s Cup) met us at the airport and it was welcoming to see friendly faces after such a long flight. Our first day consisted of the opening ceremony and then a trip to one of the biggest malls in Bangkok to undergo the Scavenger Hunt. Over 1800 students battled it out to find the most creative places to take picture in order to win the game. Second day of the event, 27th June, started with the Collaborative Writing event. We had some problems at the beginning, but our students tried their best and showed excellent teamwork and really came together for the Team Debate challenge that followed. The third day was jam-packed and saw the Scholar’s Bowl, Debate Showcase, Talent Show and Cultural Fair. Students who partici-

cake and gave our birthday wishes to our summer birthday celebrators who each received a book as a present. Indeed, we had lots of fun this memorable day. I think this trip had a positive impact on all of us. It made us closer and strengthened our bond as a class. Aizhar Khassen 9A

the school bus and took the 30minute trip. When we arrived at Kulager, we rested for a while and looked around. We also took lots of pictures. The real fun began after that. Some of us went horseback riding, others sat on the swings, and others went biking. Later on, our teachers called us to come and

World scholar’s cup global round pated in the Talent Show delivered great speeches and participants were active throughout the show. The day ended with the Cultural Fair, attended by students from over 50 countries. The penultimate day was day for City Tour. We were in the Grand Palace and Wat Pho, as well as rode a boat on the Chao Phraya River. Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand with hot and humid weather and an interesting history and traditions. The World Scholar’s Cup is not just a competition for debates. Students that participated in the WSC showed great teamwork, critical thinking skills and leadership. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for students, one that was full of lasting memories. Mr Yerkmek Maksutkhanov WSC team supervisor

Teachers’ welcome back dinner

The Nurorda family is made up from students, parents, teachers and support staff from all over the world. At the end of every summer break we all come back from our respective homes, no matter how near or far. The annual staff dinner is a chance for all of Nurorda’s staff

«Нұрорда» халықаралық мекте­ бінің есеп күнделігі. 2015 жылдың қазан айынан бастап қазақ, ағылшын тілдерінде шыға бастады. Меншік иесі: «Нұрорда» халықаралық мектебі» мекемесі

Директор - Мухаррем Устун Редакторы - Элиша Анн Уард Әбутәліп Бану Редакция алқасы: Жолай Ұлдана, Маутин Ринат Дизайнер: Нұрбол Әбдібеков ИП «Stasrt+» басылып шықты

Редакцияның мекен-жайы: 010000, Астана қаласы, 23-13 к-і, 34 үй «Нұрорда» халықаралық мектебі Тел. +7 /7172/ 427 832 Факс +7 /7172/ 427 831 www.nurorda.org

members to embrace the new academic year together and this year in addition to our returning teachers we welcomed new local teachers, as well as new faces from the Philippines, Wales, Australia and England.

Назар аударыңыз: Жарияланған материалдар редакция­ ның пікірін білдірмейді. Автордың қол жазбасы мен суреттері кері қайтарыл­майды. Редакция мүшелері автордың мақаласы­ на жауап бермейді. Есеп күнде­лігінде жа­ рия­ланған материалдарды көшіріп бас­қан жағдайда сілтеме жасалуы тиіс.

Profile for Spectrum International School

Nurorda Insights September 2016 issue  

Nurorda Insights September 2016 issue  

Profile for nurorda