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Núria Vila Olives Chocolate cake: Ingredients  1 box of biscuits.  1l of milk.  Liquid chocolate.

Directions 1. Put the milk in a bowl and wet the cookies one by one with the milk,

then put them on a plate. When you have finished, put over the biscuits layer of chocolate, covering all the biscuits. After that, put another layer of biscuits previously damped in milk. Then, another layer of liquid chocolate until the last layer, witch one must be of chocolate too. 2. You must to put the cake on the fridge for 3 hours more or less. 3. And that’s it, if you want you can add strawberry on the different

pieces. 4.


Plum - cake: Ingredients  4 eggs  200 g of sugar  200 g of flour  1 packet of yeast 

200 g of butter

Dash of vanilla

 150g of Cocoa 

Dash of milk

Icing sugar

Directions 1. Put the eggs and the sugar in a bowl and beat it. Meanwhile, mix flour with one

envelope of yeast. 2. In the egg and sugar mixture, add the butter and the dash of vanilla and beat it. 3. Mix the Cocoa and the milk on a plate/recipient. 4. Place 2 or 3 tablespoons of dough to the Cocoa and mix it. 5. On a mould put some dough, then the chocolate and finally the rest of the


6. Put the mould in the oven at 180ºC and leave the cake there for 45 minutes

more or less. 7. EAT IT! IS DELICIOUS! 

Brioche: Ingredients  1 kg of flour  150 g of sugar  150 g of butter  30 g of yeast  5 eggs  20 g of salt  1 lemon  2 g of cinnamon  2g of anise  2g of vanilla  2g of nutmeg

Directions 1. Mix the sugar the eggs, the yeast the flour, the butter, the cinnamon, the anise,

the vanilla, the salt and the nutmeg in a bowl. 2. Knead it and put it on the oven. 3. Take out the brioche and put it inside a mould or a plate. 4. SIT ON THE TABLE AND EAT IT! 



chocolate: Ingredients

 6 eggs  400 g of milk  600 cl of liquid cream  130 g of sugar  250 g of butter  30 g of flour


1. Put the 6 eggs, the 130 g of sugar in a bowl and mix it all. 2. Cook the chocolate and the butter in bain-marie. 3. Mix the two masses. 4. Add the 30 g of flour, the 400 g of milk and the 600 cl of liquid cream and mix it. 5. Put the mix in individual moulds and put them to the refrigerator for 2 hours

more or less. 6. Put them on the oven at 230ºC during 7 minutes. 7. HOPE YOU LIKE THEM! 

Françoise biscuits: Ingredients  800 g of flour  450 g of butter  400 g of sugar

 2 eggs  A piece of salt  100 g of coconut

Directions 1. Put the flour, the butter and the sugar in a bowl and mix it. 2. Add 2 eggs and mix it too. 3. Mix the mass with the 100 g of coconut. 4. When everything is mixed, roll it out. 5. When the mass is flat, do the forms that you want to have the biscuits. 6. Then put it to the oven at 210 ºC for 15 min more or less. 7. ENJOY YOUR MEAL! 

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Recipies nuria vila olives  

Enjoy it!