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Sp a in OMAS elona, C c r a À B M , AY t re 1984 N Ú R IA ove m b n d v isu a l a r ti s n d n 2 a r to D o B: a tr c e il lu s com Fre e la n a. m y a uria w ww.n ma nuriaay 901 4 c e lo n a 1 5 D I, B a r 615 S E , n s ig (g iv e n h ic D e it h In D e s ig n p a r N G IO in w AT e g re e books FORM n t ly - D a l il lu s t r a te d e r r ja , B a ru C n y L lo t d ig it rt) e f e s o p is x e e D s i r D ’a r t - Cou Adobe s i L ir io , r a t io n, E s c o la a n Ig y t b s S o n Il lu - FP G r c e lo n a s o , B a ll , B a r c e lo n a c e lo n a a l’ E s c o la J o Maraga a - M a n g a t a r t ís t ic , IE S g le r f p a in t in - B a t x il urses o o c ll a - sm


rid 2010-2011 next publicaDelia López, Mad ction of books of lle co of t ou lay d - Design an tion, 2011 2010-2011 , Valencia, Spain rsion of the Miguel Martínez rationof the free ve st illu d an t ou lay Jean Giono - Design, taba árboles”, de an pl e qu e br m ho book “El

10 ment de Piera, 20 Town Hall of DisPiera - Ajunta of e calendar the th of t ou lay d an - Design Piera ILL UST RAT ION S and PUB LIS HED BO OK S Bienvenido al Hospital, Barcelona, 2009-10 - Illustration and layout in spanish, catalan and euskera Fundació Josep Laporte, Depósito legal: B-25.722-2009 / B-8.715-2010 / B-8.716-2010

¡Cuídate!, Estrategias de compre nsión lectora, Barcelona, 2007 - Illustrations for exercises noteboo ks Editorial Teide, ISBN: 978-84-307-0 921-2 Depósito legal: B-38.465-2007 Iguana Magazine, USA, 2006-09 - Illustrations for children tales, sev eral


Greeting Star, USA, 2007 - Greeting cards onsale online (ww


0”, OSX 2 - iM a c e lC o r e In t 2GHz 3GB 2 Duo, A5 DDR2 In t u o s 3 , a c r ím o c a -W r e l· le s , aqua t fi a r G s ig n p , In D e , etc... o s li h o s o , t s o li c Ph ames: and... - Progr press, Freeh kX - Quar

2009 ner jr. Barcelona, ió: Graphic desig ac ic and un ial er om at C m N e AD rporat ts of manuals, co ar al fin d an ut yo - La d illustrations for congresses an na, 2009-10 Laporte, Barcelo p se Jo in several ió ac nd Fu h and notebooks yc pt tri of ts ar al - Layout and fin languages

illustrations in support video /multimedia Fundació Josep Laporte, Barcelo na, 2008-09 - Flash animations and illustrations for website: target adults: www.itinerariodelpacie target children: www.itinerariodelp infantil, Suïssa, 2008 - Illustrations for website Global Comm, Brasil, 2007 - Illustrations for tv spot for Christm as Campaign 2007 of Lojas Pompéia (Brasil), Barcelona, 2007 - Traditional animation for website

land People club O TH ER W O R KS eeting Card for Ro gr as tm ris Ch : ia vity Software Roland Iber as sample for Pixti n tio ra st illu e: ar Tivity Softw ing of chips La Brasa: packag ion logo days, etc. for wedding, birth DisPiera: corporat ns tio ra st illu s: comission Several personal

Núria Aymà | | nuriaayma@ 615 514 901

m | www.nuriaay

illustrations for manual for medicals and patients on diabetes Fundaci贸 Josep Laporte 2010

Book “Bienvenido al Hospital” Fundació Josep Laporte, 2009 Illustrations, design, layout and final arts ISBN: B-25.722.2009

Book “Bienvendio al Hospital”, Fundació Josep Laporte, 2009 Illustrations, design, layout and final arts | ISBN: B-25.722.2009

Illutrations for website and children’s book Fundació Josep Laporte 2008-09

Flash animations for website, Fundació Josep Laporte, 2008

Illustrations for website and children’s book Fundació Josep Laporte 2008-09

Illustrations for tv spot for Christmas campaign Lojas PompĂŠia Brasil, 2007

Some of the Greeting cards for (USA) sale online, 2007-08

Sample illustrations for text book. Editorial Teide, 2007

Final project for Illustrations studies, in Escola Llotja BCN, 2007

Children illustrations persnal works 2006-07

Illustrations for children tales Iguana Magazine USA 2006-07

Personal works

Personal works

Book Nuria Ayma ilustration ENG  

- iMac OSX 20”, 2GHz IntelCore 2 Duo, 3GB DDR2 - Wacom Intuos3 A5 - Grafit, aquarel·les , acrí- www.nuriaa lics, olis, etc... - Prog...

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