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PERSONAL TRAINING Our highly motivated and well experienced team of certified personal trainers are ready to help make physical activity an essential part of your life. Our trainers work with you to design a custom program that reflects your personal needs, interests, and goals. Trainers are with you every step of the way, providing the expertise to help you achieve your personal best.


Whether your goal is to decrease body fat, build muscle, or train for a marathon, a trainer can keep you on track, motivated, and focused.


Small Group Training is perfect for those who want to sweat with friends. Groups of two to five people work with one of our trainers who will create a workout program that is tailored to fit the group’s needs.


Private yoga addresses your individual needs by providing you with the tools necessary to improve breathing, flexibility, posture, and muscular balance. Private yoga sessions allow you to focus on the mindbody connection.


Working with a Pilates instructor allows you to focus on your personal needs and build strength, flexibility, and balance. This method focuses on breathing and coordination, while improving alignment and posture on the Pilates reformer. The use of the reformer and other Pilates equipment help to lengthen muscles and produce successful results. Pilates Reformer Training The Pilates reformer is an apparatus, in which resistance is provided by body weight and spring load, offering full range of motion, increasing flexibility, and building strength. Discover the power of Pilates by working with one of our trainers. Visit for more information. 9

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Northwestern Recreation Program Book 2018-2019  

Northwestern Recreation Program Book 2018-2019