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Chukka Caribbean’s Good Hope Estates

8 Reasons to Have a



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This week’s issue marks the end of our two part feature on the beautiful Good Hope Estates; a Nuptials preferred venue for Wedding

Ceremonies, Receptions and basically ANY event. Nuptials also had a chat with Local Fashion Designer Rick B’s and explores the endless possiblities of getting your Bridal Gown or Tuxedo custom made by a TRUE professional.

Cover Bride: Mrs Jody-Ann Gibson Miller Gown: Fashion Designer, Rick B, Princeville Mall, Constant Spring Road, Kingston Photographer: Mr. Edward Massias


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8 Reasons to Have a Small Wedding .............4 How to Set a Wedding Budget......5 Rick B’s....................................6 to 8 NUP Health..............................9 Good Hope Estates................10 to 11 Great House Caterers...................13 Invitation Etiquette 101......................14

8 Reasons to Have a SMALL Wedding Smaller Weddings are Much More Cost Effective If you’re on the fence about having a small wedding ceremony, you might like to know that there are a lot of perks to doing so. While a large and lavish wedding may seem like a dream come true, the realities that accompany such a large affair might not be worth the extra dough and energy. Explore the following reasons as to why an intimate wedding might be the best route for you. 1. Large weddings require a

lot of energy and time to plan, which equals more stress. If you choose to have a small wedding, then you’re proactively cutting out unneeded stress during the planning process, as well as your wedding day.

guest list in order to have your wedding at one. Destination weddings tend to be on the smaller side anyway, since a lot of wedding guests aren’t able to get away. 6. The fewer guests you have, the more time you’ll have to allocate to each guest. It’s proper wedding etiquette to visit with each guest at some point during your wedding reception and thank him or her for coming. If there are 600 guests at your wedding, then this respectful gesture becomes almost impossible.

2. Are you planning a wedding or a production? Large weddings typically have banquet captains and wedding planners behind the scenes equipped with headsets and walkie-talkies that coordinate each step in the production. Smaller weddings don’t require this type of manpower and reflect that by exuding a more personal and relaxed 7. If you opt to have a smaller energy. guest list, then you can put more money into other aspects of your 3. The most obvious reason to wedding, for example your wedopt for a smaller wedding is be- ding dinner. Having fewer guests cause you’ll save money. Wed- could give you the opportunity dings, unless you go the extreme to be choosey about your wedminimalist route, are expensive ding food. regardless of the size, however you’d be surprised at just how 8. Fewer guests also means you’ll much you can save by cutting have more venue options to down the guest list. Every wed- choose from. For example you ding guest requires an invitation, could hold your wedding at a a meal, drinks, and a designat- home, in a backyard, a park, ed spot at your wedding; all of vineyard, restaurant, art gallery, which comes at a cost. or perhaps an adorable bed and breakfast. 4. If you have a smaller wedding, then you’ll be able to allocate more of your budget to There are two (or more) sides to your wedding getaways. How every aspect of your wedding nice would it be to schedule a planning, including the size of spa day a day or two prior to your guest list. The most imporyour wedding? Or going over tant aspect of this decision is that seas to an exotic destination for you know the pro’s and con’s of your honeymoon instead of hav- each, so that you can make the ing to stay close to home? right decision that fits your budget and wedding vision. 5. There are countless romantic wedding destinations to choose from, but if you’re working with a small budget then you’ll most likely need to cut down your Nuptials | 4

How to Set a Wedding Budget You’ve said “yes” and set a wedding date. Now, how to tackle the barrage of wedding planning details? Before you dive in, you’ll want to set a budget. Without taking this important first step, you risk soon drowning in the cost of calla lilies and string quartets. Begin by selecting your wedding theme and venue, which will determine the style and cost of many of your wedding components. For instance, a beach wedding is often a simpler affair, with fewer flowers, flourishes, and red carpet details than a grand ballroom reception. A destination wedding can be costly, but might mean fewer guests. Your relative costs will vary according to the type of wedding. At this point you’ll also want to roughly determine how many guests you will invite, which will greatly affect the cost of food and drink, among other things. One rule of thumb is to expect to pay approximately $3000 (JA) per guest. You might adore those 27 second cousins, but they could put a sizable dent in your budget. Discuss expectations for budget and guests with your fiancé and parents so that everyone starts out on the same page. Make a List Make a list of the different wedding elements and decide with your partner where you want to splurge and where you’d be willing to cut back. Include flowers, cake, alcohol service (open bar, beer and wine or just champagne for the toast), invitations, entertainment, photography, videography, dress and tux, favors, transportation, and any other elements that your vision and venue might require. For many brides, the wedding gown and the photography are the two elements that should not be compromised on. Your wedding memories will be forever captured in your photography and videography, so you will most likely want a top-notch photography and a video package

that will allow you to own and limitlessly reproduce the images of your big day. You’ll want to look and feel your best both on your wedding day and in the photographs you’ll keep forever, so consider going for a dream gown. Chances are that your guests are not going to remember the look and flavor of your wedding cake or the color of your flowers, but they will remember how gorgeous you looked, so carefully consider your priorities. Do the Math A little research will tell you that the average wedding costs approximately $500,000 (JA). That might be a lot more or a lot less than you’re planning to spend, but it does give you a rough idea of what kind of costs you’ll be working with. Bear in mind that every wedding is unique and that the costs will be unique, as well. Maybe your beach or front-yard venue will be free, giving you more to spend on food and beverages. Maybe your favorite band(a must have) is a bit pricey, in which case you might opt for a chicken dinner instead of filet mignon. A little more research will bring up something similar to the following cost breakdown of the typical wedding. While there are no hard and fast rules about what to spend on each component of your wedding, the following chart might be a good place to start. Your wedding day is your individual vision that will reflect the two of you, so definitely change or break the rules and improvise where necessary! Sample Wedding Budget Breakdown * • • • • • • • • •

Reception: 50% (Site; rentals; food; cake) Ceremony Site: 2% (Location; Pastor) Wedding Attire: 10% (Gown, groom’s attire etc) Photography/Videography: 10%-12% Flowers: 10% (Bouquets; boutonnieres; décor) Stationery: 2-3% (Invitations; programs; thank-you notes) Wedding Rings: 2-3% Transportation: 2-3% Gifts: 2-3% (favors) Nuptials | 5


Bride: Mrs Jody-Ann Gibson Miller Gown: Fashion Designer, Rick B Princeville Mall, Constant Spring Road, Kingston Photographer: Mr. Edward Massias


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Groom: Mr. Ian Redwood Tuxedo: Fashion Designer, Rick B Princeville Mall, Constant Spring Road, Kingston Photographer: Mr. David Gordon Nuptials | 7

With the advent of more fashion shows in Jamaica, we are being exposed to more local designers who are causing us to sit up and take notice. In planning your wedding fashion and designs are two very important aspects.

are not aware of: he also designs and creates wedding dresses and tuxedos!

Traditionally, brides and grooms-to-be visit boutiques in order to choose their dress or tuxedo. Your choices are limited to what is available and so

Rick B has been designing and creating unique pieces for the past twenty-four years. This all started as an innocent hobby in his brother’s tailor shop where he would re-design clothes bought to suit his taste. He had a passion for both machines and cars and this was fulfilled in the using the old Singer sewing

after months of searching you will settle on the best of those choices. You are okay with your choice; however, this is not a unique choice as this is a rental. Creating suits and dresses that are more “you” are easier than you think. After numerous conversations with married couples and those about to get married Nuptials decided to share how simple it is to get your design for even less than your rental. Rick B is known for his extravagant lines especially Code Red Line which was recently launched but there is also another side that many persons

machines that carried a huge wheel which could be used to simulate a steering wheel. When he was forced to give up his first love - carpentry he threw everything he had into tailoring as it was called back in the days. He realized some time later that ‘tailoring’ was boring and thus fashion desiging for him was born. Fashion desiging means the world to him; he stated that each day is an opportuntiy to create “a whole new world” that will bring happiness to someone. Whilst he derives many joys he also cautioned that if you want to be a

fashion designer you must be very dedicated as it is a full-time job, with no set vacation days; simply put fashion designing is not a walk-over job. For him, some of the best perks are the different types of persons and personalities he meets and the smiles he get for jobs well done in addition to the exposure. Tapered fitting garments have been all the rage

and Rick B does not see this going away anytime soon. He is quite sure this will even be around in 2012. In closing, Rick B hinted at a new line of ready-to-wear clothing that will be coming out this winter. This line well have the signature Rick B look and feel; however, it will be done to include the taste of the wider public. Picture: Rick B Writer: Jennifer Groves-Jackson Photographer: Jason Jackson

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Some messages coming out of your mouth Sign of: Gastroesophageal reflux disease bypass the vocal chords. Turns out that your (GERD) teeth, gums, and surrounding tissues also have Older adults, especially, are vulnerable to plenty to say -- about your overall health. teeth that appear to be cracking or crumbling “Your mouth is connected to the rest of your away. The enamel becomes thin and almost body,” says Anthony Iacopino, dean of the translucent. But this erosion isn’t a normal University of Manitoba Faculty of Dentistry consequence of aging. In fact, it can happen and a spokesperson for the American Dental at any age. Association. “What we see in the mouth can have a significant effect on other organ systems Disintegrating teeth are usually caused by and processes in the body. And the reverse is acid that’s coming up from the stomach and also true: Things that are going on systemically dissolving them, Iacopino says. The cause: Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD, also in the body can manifest in the mouth.” called acid reflux disease). GERD causes So stay attuned to the following warning stomach acid to back up into the esophagus messages, and have worrisome symptoms -- and from there, it’s a short distance to the checked out by a dentist or doctor. mouth for some of the damaging acid. GERD is a chronic disorder caused by damage or Dental warning other changes to the #1: Flat, worn natural barrier between teeth plus the stomach and the headache esophagus. Sign of: Big-time stress


Messages Coming out of our Mouths

What else to look for: Dry mouth and heartburn are related GERD symptoms. Many people (But in an older adult are surprised to in someone else’s care learn they’re -- in a nursing home, tooth-grinders. After all, they do this in their sleep, when they’re not aware of it. And they for example -- these complaints may go underestimate the physical toll that stress can unreported.) Cracking or chipping teeth in a place on the body. “Crunching and grinding younger person is also a telltale sign of bulimia, the teeth at night during sleep is a common the eating disorder in which the sufferer causes sign of emotional or psychological stress,” says herself (or himself) to vomit before digesting. Same net result: Stomach acid washes up into Iacopino. the mouth, over time disintegrating the tooth You can sometimes see the flatness on your enamel. own teeth, or feel it with the tongue. Or the jaw may ache from the clenching. What else to look for: Headaches, which are caused by spasms in the muscles doing the grinding. Sometimes the pain can radiate from the mouth and head down to the neck and upper back, Iacopino says. Mouth guards used at night can relieve the symptoms and protect teeth.

Yahoo Health

Dental warning #2: Cracking, crumbling teeth

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Something old, something new, somet blue...


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hing borrowed and something


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Nuptials Jamaica

Wedding Planners & Consultants Services include: Decorators (Ceremony & Reception) Djs & MCs Caterers Designer Wedding Cakes Bridal Attire and Dress Rehearsal Bridal Make-Up Photography Ceremony & Reception Venue Sourcing Bouquets, Boutonnieres and Corsages Wedding Favors and wedding accessories Wedding Invitations & programmes Budget Creation and Control Contact Us today!! Tel: (876) 939-9324 or (876) 541-9152 Email: Website:

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conditions apply.

Bringing Bliss and Dreams Together

cialize in French, Italian, Mediterranean as well as Caribbean cuisine, where we are know to put a twist on the traditional. Throughout everything that we do, we make it our pledge to not only go above our clients expectation and beyond there imagination, but to also provide our own unique twist and approach to it. Away from our catering service we also provide some outstanding fruit & vegetable carving masterpieces, our adored edible fruit arrangements, our bar service as well as event planning and venue decor.

Theo Smith is a 22 year old recent graduate of the University of Technology, Jamaica, who attained his honours in a Bachelors of Science degree in Food Service Management. Currently Theo is now the Catering Executive and Owner of Great House Caterers, which has started full time operations in May. Theo is now known for his fruit and vegetable carvings, adored Edible Fruit Arrangements and his unique twist on traditional French, Italian, Mediterranean and Caribbean dishes, such as his Jerk Pork Balls with a Rum Pineapple Jerk Sauce which recently won a prize for the Gleaner’s Grill-off Recipe Competition and will be served at

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the Healing Hearts Taste of the world. Now Theo is preparing to launch his contract lunch service division of Great House Caterers, which is scheduled to start off in August and will have his unique creations at an affordable price for his corporate clients. At Great House Caterers we spe-

Theo Smith, BSc. Catering Executive Great House Caterers (876) 408-5986 greathousecaterers

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The Right Way to Invite Guests to Your Wedding Wedding invitations are one of the most time-consuming and daunting aspects of getting married. But they don’t have to be a source of stress. Once you’ve been introduced to proper wedding invitation etiquette you can get to work figuring out who to invite and what sort of invitations to send.

Start by Saving the Date Share your excitement about your upcoming wedding by sending a save-the-date card to your guests. Different from a formal invitation, this card lets guests plan ahead of time. Etiquette for wedding invitations dictates that these cards be sent several months before the event. Out-of-town guests need plenty of time to arrange for travel, and parents of young children need time to arrange for babysitting. If you’re having a destination wedding, it’s particularly important to send a save-the-date card. These days, couples are getting creative. Save-the-date magnets and photo cards are particularly popular alternatives to a plan paper save the date card. Choose the Stationary Whether you purchase your wedding invitations online or through a local vendor, it’s important to look at samples. Invitations range from classic, formal designs to modern designs in unusual shapes and sizes. Depending on the theme of your wedding and your personal style, you may choose a classic or funky design. Research Etiquette for Wedding Invitations When choosing your wedding invitations, be sure to address the invitees properly. Depending on marital status and other factors, the wording can change.

Your card vendor should be able to give you excellent tips on wedding invitation etiquette, including how to word whether or not children will be welcome at the ceremony or reception. While it may seem arbitrary, invitation etiquette is a time-honored tradition that should be upheld, even if your invitations are modern or unique. Address Invitations Properly Whether your invitations are casual or highly formal, they should be addressed by hand. If your handwriting isn’t up to par, enlist a friend or hire a professional. This can be a big task, so give yourself plenty of time. The fronts of the envelopes must be addressed, as well as the inside envelopes if applicable. Your return address should be included for guests who will not attend. When addressing the invitations, avoid abbreviations with the exception of state abbreviations—for the sake of timeliness with post office delivery. Visit the post office to look into purchasing stamps that match your stationary. Get the Timing Right Be sure to start looking at invitations at least four months before your wedding. Start the addressing process at least a month before you send the invitations. Send your invitations about eight weeks before the wedding. This gives guests around two months to prepare for the wedding. Ask that RSVP notices be returned no later than three weeks before your wedding, so that you can finalize seating arrangements and give final head counts to your vendors.

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Amazing Wedding Attire by Rick Bs  

This week's issue features Local Fashion Designer Extraordinaire, Rick B. We'll focus on his beautiful collection of Wedding Attire.