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NUPS: Edition 1

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NUPS: Edition 1


Editorially Yours It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the maiden edition of NUPTIALS wedding magazine. In your hands is a creative and informative piece of art designed to inspire great wedding ideas in the minds of aspiring couples in addition to providing them with information on wedding vendors both locally and internationally. In essence, NUPTIALS wedding Magazine is poised to connect aspiring couples to wedding vendors thereby facilitating the planning and execution of dream weddings. Some of the vendors that will be showed in the magazine include photographers, party rentals, beauticians, fashion consultants, home & event decorators, bakers, videographers to mention but a few.

Get to know and learn from Our Cover story designer The Lovely Ejiro Amos Tafiri. HER LIFE, HER WORK, HER PASSION, and the detailed and beautifully designed Cover story wedding dress.

Furthermore, we have also assembled a unique team of staff writers, contributors and freelance correspondents that will furnish readers with thought provoking articles that address the complexities of the 21st century marriage. For instance, the piece ‘Wedding Budget Control’ shares some tips on how to achieve a dream wedding on a ‘lean budget’ and consequently reveals to readers that engaging the services of wedding vendors is not the sole preserve of the super rich. I also invite you to read the thoroughly insightful and informative article on how “Self Awareness (or the lack of it) can affect marriages positively or negatively, as the case may be. It will be worth your while.

Get inspired and feed your eyes on the numerous eye candi featured as we have gone the extra mile to provide you with contents from different aspects surrounding the wedding and life after. And also to get you well equipped to answer the question. ”Why The Need For Another Wedding Magazine?”

Our Wedding Showcase which explores the inspiring journey to the wedlock of Omotola And Ekene Umejei, Busola Akomolede And Adekunmi Adesayo Balogun will encourage aspiring couples that against all odds, their dream wedding can be achieved. I also invite you to read informative and interesting articles like; ‘Maximize Your Marriage’, our Honeymoon Destinations (Dubai, Hawaii and Bora Bora), ‘Family Finance’ and lots more.

Our answer is: We COVER every aspect. We strive to be useful by providing a handy check-list to help with your planning, loads of quotes to keep you learning and the photography competition to keep you active. In all, this edition of NUPTIALS Wedding Magazine is an insightful, informative and thoroughly entertaining read.

The digital age has its inherent advantage and disadvantages, ‘I Love You Virtually’ Thank you!!! explores social media and its implication on relationships. Hot on its heels is a Omotola O. Okunola-Umejei prose on an issue that the 21st century wife has to contend with titled ‘My Man, Join our community His Mistress and I’.


NUPS: Edition 1


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NUPS: Edition 1



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NUPTIALS magazine, a quarterly publication by comments are most welcome.

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NUPS: Edition 1

NUPS: Edition 1


Check-list So you’ve started counting down to that special day. You’ve bought your dress...or only just broken out your piggy bank towards saving for your dresses, cakes and the thousand other things that will make your wedding a dream come true. Or maybe you’ve scaled those hurdles and are just putting finishing touches to all arrangements previously made. Whatever stage you are at, there are definitely a zillion and one things to get done and God forbid that you forget something or another. Well you don’t have to, that’s what checklists are for. With the checklist below, you can keep track of activities and the whole planning process. Have fun planning and executing...goodluck!!!

12-18 MONTHS  Announce engagement to family and friends  Discuss who is paying for what  Set wedding budget  Research vendors for ideas, services and pricing  Create wedding website  Choose wedding attendants  Begin compiling guest list  Mail save the dates about 6-12 months ahead of the wedding date  Research wedding dress and veil styles  Research and decide on wedding planner 8-10 MONTHS  Choose wedding colors  Choose bridal party attire style  Purchase wedding dress 6-8 MONTHS  Research and order wedding invitation  Begin planning wedding programs  Begin planning honeymoon  Chose cake style and baker  Reserve rental equipment  Reserve and book transportation to and from venues  Order wedding bands  Research 3 different nearby hotels at different price points for OOT (Out of Town) guests


NUPS: Edition 1

4-6 MONTHS  Choose and order flowers for wedding party, your bouquet, venues, cake and attendants.  Make honeymoon reservation  Research wedding day hairstyle  Choose groom’s men attire  Finalize favors and reception items  Plan welcome basket for OOT guests 3 MONTHS  Plan ceremony and reception sitting arrangement  Experiment with hair and veil with stylist 2 MONTHS  Book spa and beauty treatment for you and your wedding party  Review and confirm ceremony details with the officiates  Purchase gift for attendants  Do a dress fitting  Apply for marriage license from the registry 2 MONTHS  Finalize Transportation arrangement  Finalize sitting arrangement  Confirm reservation for OOT guests  Confirm that wedding party and parents have their fittings and attire complete

1 MONTH  Call vendors and confirm dates, times and location  Final dress fitting  Confirm honeymoon reservation  Pick up wedding rings  Pack for honeymoon  Order wedding programs 2 WEEKS  Get your playlists to DJ/Musicians  Delegate wedding day duties: gift table, guestbook, attendant, etc 1 WEEK  Prepare final payments to vendors  Layout wedding clothes to make sure you have everything THE DAY BEFORE  Mani / Pedi  Massage  Wedding Rehearsal  Get to bed at a decent HOUR! WEDDING DAY  Eat a good breakfast!  Allow yourself plenty of time to get ready  Congratulations! ENJOY the day! AFTER THE HONEYMOON  Send Thank You Cards or SMS as soon as possible  Enjoy your Marriage!

NUPS: Edition 1



NUPS: Edition 1

Wedding Budget Control By Yemisi Ogunbodede, Nigeria

As little girls we all dreamed of having top of the range fairy tale wedding ceremonies, the kind any princess would give a nod of approval. We dreamed of all white affairs, held outdoors so we could sail up the aisle amidst blossoming flowers. Put differently, as little built castles in the air.

Bentley, Cadillac, Range Rover Vogue and a Roll Royce, you’re my kind of person.

Back to reality, I am happy to announce that I am happily married and none of these happened. You guys needed to see this princess doing some serious cost control and savings during the planning of her wedding because she realized that as they I know we all had or probably still do have those say “the economy isn’t smiling” and prudence is the real order dreamy ideas in our heads of how of the day. The reality is that picture perfect our wedding day every bride needs a wedding would be. For example, I used budget whether she’s planning to dream of an all week affair. It a 50 guest affair or a show didn’t seem logical for a princess stopper. to get married in just a day, so for me it was going to be a wedding I have come to realize that week, the complete seven days. the months after the wedding We would start with a lavish are more important than the engagement party on Monday, D-day itself and as such should Cake and Wine tasting party on as much as possible get some Tuesday, a private spa treatment attention and consideration for me and my bridesmaids when planning a wedding on Wednesday. We have the after all you can only eat cake traditional wedding on Thursday, for so many days before your a catered wedding rehearsal on stomach starts to rebel. Friday, and the wedding proper on Saturday and of course These are some ways to Thanksgiving on Sunday. achieve your desired budget and keep your costs reined in. Thinking back now I wonder how many people would have showed Event Planners: up for this week long historical You can do away with event wedding and how much it would have cost to feed and planners by being organized and starting your wedding entertain guests on each day. I know you think this preparation early. What you actually need is a Day Coordinator, is outrageous, but you haven’t heard how many cars someone to oversee and coordinate the affairs of the wedding would be conveying my bridal party around on the day itself. Unfortunately family and friends cannot be relied on day of the wedding, well I needed just seven!! I guess for this job, because they also are a part of the event and there I have a thing for the number Seven. If you’re thinking is a tendency for them to have divided attention. Hiring a Day a Mercedes S-Class, a Lamborghini, Maybach, Lexus, coordinator is much cheaper that contracting an event planner

NUPS: Edition 1


for the whole wedding preparation and the wedding Most wedding gowns end up serving no other purpose than Day. occupying space or maybe leaving behind a memory as the case may be after the D - day, this is what makes renting more Wedding Dress: cost effective since pictures can also leave lasting memories. The wedding dress is the most significant wedding Alternatively, one can have a reasonable and affordable budget item for would be brides and must be handled with and still look as gorgeous as she wants to. This is achievable absolute care and attention. when you work with a specified budget, it requires you spelling out exactly what you intend to spend and discussing it with your dress maker to fit into your preferred budget rather than fitting into the cost of your dress maker. Wedding Shoes/Bag: The first thing you should know is that no bride ever uses the purse, it’s not even part of the day’s attire because there so much your hands are going to be doing on that day except for traditional weddings. Then the shoes, shoes are very important and what you need is a shoe that you are already comfortable in, most times brides can’t even comfortably wear the wedding shoes without groaning as it is very new and thus uncomfortable. Most of the time, the wedding gown almost always cover the shoes, so no one sees it except you deliberately raise your gown; critically think this through, is it not better to wear that your lovely shoe from your shoe rack that you have been very comfortable in? But to think of it, everybody wants to wear something new. So I suggest you go out for your shoe shopping bearing in mind that there is a limit to your expenditure rather than getting carried away with the numerous designers and designs in the boutiques. Go specifically for what you want and can afford and stick to your budget. Flowers: Fresh flowers are expensive and don’t even last long. Your bouquet of flowers can be synthetic and beautiful and once it is in the pictures; the memory archive of the wedding, no one can tell the difference. However when buying, pay attention to the different bouquets and use something natural and without stones. If you choose the ones with stones, the pictures will give you away as the camera’ flash will reflect on the stones. Decoration: This is also something that can be actively managed to reduce cost and keep within the set budget. First thing is to consider the number of expected guests while paying attention to the fact that the hall does not need heavy decoration to be beautiful.


NUPS: Edition 1

Most people would try to convince you about taking on this by asking a friend/family member who is very eloquent certain halls and giving you reasons why it is the best to coordinate the reception for next to nothing. for you; truth be told, you alone know exactly what you are looking for. Wedding Accessories: just like the wedding gown, some of these might never be worn It is advisable to have a mental picture of what you again. Some of these can be rented or sourced from immediate would like your hall to look like and this will also help family and friends. Most of the accessories are so wedding in curtailing your expenditure towards hall decoration. oriented that most brides cannot make use of them after the You will also need to factor in the level of decoration wedding. It is cost effective for you to be able to pinpoint out required to bring out the beauty of the hall, some halls those accessories that you can continue wearing even after the require large and expensive decoration while some wedding. Accessories like head piece etc will definitely not be require minimal expenditure but yet come out classy. needed. Alcohol: This one of the biggest budget enemy, the truth is alcohol is expensive and can never be enough at events. If you stick with minimal purchase of alcohol and focus more on soft drinks and non alcoholic beverages you will save tons of money and also avoid embarrassment from people who get stoned on free alcohol. Note that what makes a wedding merry are the good people that have come to celebrate your wonderful day with you. Music Band/DJ: The current trend is hiring a music band and a DJ for the same occasion. Fact is both will be underutilized and you can never get your money’s worth, so why waste all that money? wedding reception is usually between three to seven hours at the most. Hiring a DJ and a Music band is an outright replication of same role. To cut cost, hire either of them and give a compilation of the kind of songs you would want them to play and by this, you will most certainly get your money’s worth to the fullest. These days if you go with a good band, you will get very good music and if you decide to go with the DJ, the party will rock on. It’s a question of choosing one out of the two. Master of ceremony: The role of the MC is very important in the wedding reception but that does not mean you have to pay some ridiculous amount of money to have someone master your ceremony for a few hours. You can save up

NUPS: Edition 1



NUPS: Edition 1

My man, his mistress and I By Olabisi Akomolede, Lagos Nigeria

We have been together for about a year now but he’s been with his mistress for 15 years! I guess you could say she was his first love! I knew about his mistress before we began our relationship and I had resigned myself to the fact that she played a role in his formative years. You see, in my opinion she made him the man he is today. She took up a lot of his free time so that he never learnt to womanize, after all; he could only handle 3 women at a time, his mother, his mistress and “a” girlfriend. Let’s be honest men are not notorious for their ability to multi-task and for my beau these 3 were sufficient! Amongst other things, his mistress gave him a topic to discuss when out with the boys, even though she was usually the source of 70% of his arguments. People could not just understand our love triangle. She had her good qualities; she imbued him with feelings of brotherhood or kinship towards men who shared similar passions; She was there when he had his first beer, and there when he lost someone close to him; She provided him with an afternoon of escape which might have otherwise been spent doing drugs or God knows what! Every relationship has their ups and downs, my man and his mistress had theirs. She had embarrassed him over the years making him the butt of the other guys’ jokes. Yet he stuck by her. She taught him loyalty and the true value of belief; No matter how often she let him down he was out the next weekend cheering her on. Dressed in her colors screaming loudly with joy! He was upset

NUPS: Edition 1

when she wasn’t at her best but always took it with an optimistic view, believing the next weekend she would be better! All in all I am grateful to his mistress for all she had done however, I need time too! So I did my research, I studied her pattern, asked my friends about her and monitored her movements. I discovered she went on holiday every year, so for a brief period during the summer he was all mine! I learnt to understand her code, her messages so I was one step ahead, so I could know when she was visiting and she would be out of town. 2012 was the year my boyfriend broke his pattern, he found another!! He had an affair; he cheated on US (his mistress and I)! My first instinct was to break things off; I was angry, disappointed and irritated. Worse of all came the self doubt, am I boring? Fortunately this new distraction lasted only the summer, but the moment she was gone the mistress was on her way back!! What’s a girl to do, Plan revenge? Spread lies about the mistress? Well I came up with a solution; I’ll introduce him to my own “loves” He’ll meet the ladies who shape my opinion about fashion! Two can play at that game! Don’t be too quick to shake your head at me in disapproval, I’m sure your boyfriend has a mistress of his own, you just know them by other names, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man U, Man City to name a few. So give me a call if you need to reserve a seat at my revenge plotting table. *wink!


Taking The Stress Out Of Weddings By Ife Fashoro, UK


NUPS: Edition 1

The perfect wedding is every woman’s dream, but planning for that perfect day can be the most stressful task ever! It can very easily take over your every waking moment and seem like a full time job. There are a million different things to consider and remember, and for now, we are just talking about your own desires; we haven’t considered those of your future husband or any of your parents! That’s right, you aren’t the only one that’s been dreaming of this day since forever; your parents, his and maybe even him have been having little fantasies of their one. Now the mission is to fuse all these dreams and expectations into one realistic plan and hopefully a pleasantly memorable day. First thing to get out of the way…and your head is to accept that you might never get a perfect wedding. As much as you want a fairy tale wedding, life is no fairy tale! There will definitely be circumstances beyond your control, the very least of which are weather and traffic. It will be a lot easier to go with the flow if you remember that a wedding is just one day that leads to the more important days ahead. Here are some tips on having a stress-free wedding: KNOW YOUR BUDGET AND STAY WITHIN IT Set a budget for the wedding. You need to know who will be responsible for paying for every single aspect of the wedding and how much has been budgeted. Knowing the limits of your budget will make decisions easier as you go along. Money talks can be uncomfortable but in this situation it is a necessary evil. You should adhere strictly to the set budget. KNOW WHAT YOU WANT Decide with your partner on the most important aspects of your wedding. These are the things that really matter to each of you and for which you would not be willing to make compromises. These could be your dress, or the cake or even the reception hall decoration. Whatever they are, write them down before you start discussions with family and friends. If you haven’t made these decisions you will most likely get confused when other people come up with suggestions.

NUPS: Edition 1

CONSIDER HIRING A WEDDING PLANNER A wedding planner will take a lot of the burden off you. Make sure you do your research before choosing a planner. It is important that you be able to get along with whomever you pick and that the person understands what you want. Once you have selected a planner, trust their judgment; wedding planners are experienced and can handle the littlest details of the wedding; things that might not even occur to you. While I’m aware that a wedding planner may not necessarily come cheap, they sure do take the stress off you. ASK FOR HELP Do not burden yourself with the misconception that you can and must handle everything yourself! Make sure you delegate certain things to your fiancé, family and close friends. Don’t wait until you start getting stressed to delegate; assign tasks from the get-go. Ensure you have someone with you when you attend appointments with florists, photographers, caterers and so on. HAVE A CHECKLIST You should have a checklist of everything you need to do. Once these are done cross them off the list so you have an idea of how far preparations are going. Have this checklist with you at all times so you can add things to the list as you remember them. TAKE BREAKS FROM WEDDING PLANNING You should schedule days when you do not have to do anything related to the wedding. No wedding planning meetings and no discussions with family or friends about the wedding. Do something relaxing. EAT, SLEEP AND EXERCISE Make time for yourself. Do not miss out on food, sleep and exercise due to wedding planning stress. It is important that you keep healthy in order to look good on your wedding day. Remember your wedding is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life; do not let the stress of preparations stop you from enjoying the actual day.



NUPS: Edition 1

Express yourself with the first customizable wristwatch brand in the country D@AC WATCHES


NUPS: Edition 1



Interview by Yemisi Ogunbodede

Tell me a little about yourself. Where are you from? What’s your educational background? What are your general professional and non-professional interests? I’m a native of Delta state, born and bred in Lagos. I have five siblings- four brothers and a sister, we are a close knit family. I had my primary education at Mayflower Junior School, Ikenne Remo, Ogun State; Secondary- Queens’ College Yaba Lagos, and Tertiary at Yaba College of Technology, Yaba Lagos. I love travelling, reading novels and watching movies. I’m a Christian- I love the Lord. What does fashion mean to you? It’s my means of expression, a platform through which I can leave my imprints on the sands of time through the works I produce, and my source of earning a livelihood. How would you define Nigeria’s fashion? It’s a fast growing industry, with huge economic potentials. It needs funding and


a more enabling environment to maximise its potential. It also needs some sort of regulation. Do you think social and economic factors have affected Nigeria’s fashion over the years? Oh yes of course, but water always finds its

level and since clothing is a basic need of man, for every socio-economic level, there is always a clothing solution provider, or a gap to be filled by one. When did you realize you wanted to become a fashion designer?

NUPS: Edition 1

Though a science student, I was also drawn to making stuff with my hands growing up but it finally hit me in my SSS 1 while on excursion to the Fashion section of the Industrial Design Department, School of Arts, Design and Printing Yaba College of Technology. What was the first article of clothing you ever designed? That would be my clothing and Textile assignment in SSS3. I designed a waistcoat, camisole and long straight skirt with a high “shaba”slit on the side. What’s your favorite piece designed? An artist piece I named “Keep Lagos clean” I made it out of trash I picked up from the street. How long does it usually take you to construct a piece? From conceptualization to production and packaging, the time varies according to the design, but we usually give customers a two week window. What are some of your accomplishments as a designer? Barely a year into our existence, we were selected to showcase our Autumn/Winter collection at the prestigious Arise Magazine

NUPS: Edition 1

Fashion Week 2011, and then again in 2012. In March 2011 we were selected to represent Nigeria at USAID’s Origin Africa Designers Showcase in Mauritius. In the same year we showed at the Inaugural edition of Ghana’s Fashion Night Out, and showed our Spring/ Summer Collection at the Lagos Fashion Design Week in September. We were also selected as one the Designers to represent and showcase Nigeria to the rest of the world during the 2012 summer Olympics in London. Our designs have been featured in several local and international magazines, Newspapers, blogs, and TV programmes such as, Mania Magazine, Geneviève Magazine, TW magazine, Complete Fashion, Bella Naija, NN24, Mnet’s Studio 53. In our two years of existence, we have been the toast of various Nigerian celebrities - Senator Ita-Giwa, Omotola Jolade Ekeinde, Omawumi, Waje, Eva, Monalisa Chinda, Stephanie Okereke, Kate Henshaw and so many others. Who are some of your favorite designers? The late Alexander Macqueen, Ellie Saab and Zuhair Murad. Where can readers buy your clothes? My clothes can be gotten at Grey Velvet, Ikeja City Mall, Alausa, Ikeja.

How long have you worked as a designer? Since I graduated from Yabatech, that about 6 years now. Tell us something interesting and funny about you and your life as a designer that no one else knows about. I don’t know... I forget names easily. What are some of your favorite clothing stores/catalogs/websites? Grey Velvet Ikeja City Mall, not only because it stocks our two brands but also because it carries other great indigenous fashion brands with great offerings. What is the difference between E.A.T and D.E.A.T? Ejiro Amos Tafiri is the mother brand, the designs are more intricate, the fabric lush and generally very rich for the selfassured upwardly mobile woman, while DEAT on the other hand is the diffusion line, simpler, easy designs/ pieces for everyday and more pocket friendly for the younger, chic urban ladies. What do you believe makes a quality article of clothing? The accuracy of the cut, the quality of the fabric, haberdashery and accessories.


Do you consider yourself an artist? Definitely, fashion is an Art form hence I’m an artist.

although it’s been pointed out to me severally that I favour orange and grey.

What matters to you most as a fashion designer? The uniqueness and quality of my work

What are the current fashion trends in Nigeria and what trends are going to be in vogue in 2013 with focus on bridal gowns? Presently a lot of Brides are doing the bustier dresses with lace upper body and sleeves

What advice do you have for aspiring fashion designers? Be true to yourself, make sure it’s YOUR dream you are pursing, be smart, work hard and be diligent - then enjoy seeing your dream come to life.

What is the most important detail you consider when designing a bridal gown? A wedding dress is a dream dress, so what the bride wants is top priority, the theme and look she’s going for and of course the fit and finish of the dress

What do you like best about designing clothes? Being free to express my creative thoughts, and see them come to life.

Where can readers find out more about you and your work? On my website,, or my facebook page EjiroAmosTafiri

How would you define your personal style? Timeless, chic and relaxed What’s your favorite fashion accessory/ accessories? Sunglasses

10 Things you can’t live without I don’t think I’m super attached to anything except what pertains to the Lord, so My bible My rosary My devotional The others just make my life easier A vehicle Sunglasses Notepad or jotter Pencils and pen Phone (internet enabled) - Blackberry Laptop Photographs of my loved ones

How would you define the style your line exemplifies? Stylish and Chic What are some of your fashion goals? To build my brand into an international institutionalised brand. What are your rules and philosophy in both fashion and as a designer? To conduct business in an ethical manner, and produce quality merchandise. To be fair; doing onto others as I would that they do unto me, try and see the good in difficult situations and enjoy my work.

1st 3 books that come to mind I read loads of romatic novels, I never really bother with the titles

Where do you get your inspiration from? First and foremost God Almighty, the source of all inspiration, I’m also drawn to study various cultures and I’m inspired primarily by their various dress forms. What are your favorite colors to work with and why? I won’t say I have a favourite colour


I don’t have any specific favourite prints, it depends on what I come across… if I see what I like I get it.

Favourite movies None comes to mind Favourite colour Don’t have any

What are your favorite patterns [prints] to work with and why?

Your dream wedding plan A simple, lush, intimate ceremony and a memorable getaway afterwards.

NUPS: Edition 1

NUPS: Edition 1



NUPS: Edition 1

NUPS: Edition 1



NUPS: Edition 1

NUPS: Edition 1


The Role of Self Awareness in a Marriage By Adedapo Conde, Lagos Nigeria

We will discuss this concept in depth in subsequent editions as it will be prudent to do so. At this point, we would like to talk about a concept that is critical to good intrapersonal and interpersonal communication and subsequently a good marriage. This notion is termed Self Awareness. Self Awareness is simply the quantity and quality of information that you have about yourself. Quantity refers to the volume of information that you have about yourself while Quality refers to the authenticity or verity of such information. The importance of Self Awareness is captured in an ancient Chinese saying which says:

“A man that knows others is educated” “A man that knows himself is wise” “Man know thyself”

Good communication is one of the hallmarks of a successful marriage and that is why many counselors and experts harp on the need for intending couples to acquire or improve their interpersonal communication skills before they tie the knot. However, there is an equally important- yet ignored communication skill that is necessary for effective interpersonal communication and therefore a successful marriage. This is the intrapersonal communication skill. Intrapersonal communication skill summarizes a person’s ability to interact and relate with himself by constantly evaluating his belief systems, decisions and actions in order to ascertain their impact (either positive or negative) on his life or that of others. Intrapersonal communication, which is also referred to as ‘Self Dialogue’ or ‘Inner Monologue’ empowers a man to make decisions and take actions that will be true to his nature and philosophical beliefs. It is noteworthy that good intrapersonal communication leads to high self esteem, which affects our performance and subsequently our accomplishments in life.


The above suggests that one of the qualities of a wise person is self awareness. It is worthy of note that two (2) major factors are responsible for who we are; they are Nature and Nurture. Nature refers to the genetic elements that we inherit from our parents which are not rooted in our external environment. Thus, our Nature is a function of hereditary which is responsible for our blood group, genotype, height, eye color, complexion, IQ, hair color and length, shape of nose, body figure, temperament to name but a few. It will be apt to mention here that most ladies are more aware of the elements of their nature than their male counterpart. For instance, if you ask most ladies for their ‘stats’(statistics) they will start reeling out figures and alphabets that often confuse many men. Do not get me wrong, some men are also aware of their ‘stats’ but they often fall into the minority. Nurture on the hand, refers to the environment within which we are brought up. Its variables include family, community, peers, school systems, media, religious

NUPS: Edition 1

institutions, government institutions, and industry to name but a few. Nurture is actually responsible for our religion, belief system/ world view, taste/ preference, interest, motives, habits, sexual orientation, academic and career accomplishments to mention but a few. In this area, the men have a better grasp than their female counterparts. For instance, most men are more aware of the political climate around them than the women. They are aware of its effects on their lives on a daily basis and that is probably why more men are in politics than women. So my question to those young men and women that are planning to get married is “who are you by nature” (Physical and Biological make up) and “who are you by nurture” (Belief systems and Philosophical orientation)? Getting objective answers to these questions will open up new vistas about your personality and probably solve the mystery of why you behave the way you do. Hence, it will make your life less complicated as you will identify unnecessary baggage that you have picked up in the process of growing up and with the help of experts, those baggage could be dropped. Also knowing who you are simplifies the process of choosing the right person to spend the rest of your life with. Marriage is a lifelong union and it should be approached methodologically. For those already married, “it is better late than never” the decision to know yourself and perhaps your spouse is important, as this will dramatically reduce tension and misunderstanding between both parties thereby setting up your marriage for bliss and harmony. So the pertinent question is “how do I become self aware”? There are 2 main approaches thus Self Evaluation and Engaging the services of professionals or experts. I will suggest the later because it is highly scientific thus highly objective especially if you are about to get married. Some of such experts include Medical Practitioners/ Specialists, Psychologist, Psychiatrist and Marriage Counselors. The following scenarios might shed light on the advantage of engaging the services of professionals and experts over self evaluation. For instance, a lady who has once been raped must see a

NUPS: Edition 1

psychologist to treat the trauma of that event or else she will not enjoy her sex life in marriage. In most cases, she feels that she has “gotten over” the trauma but unknown to her it is lurking in her subconscious and springs forth anytime her husband wants to be intimate with her. This might lead to little sexual intercourse in the marriage and research has named (inadequate) sex has one of the major causes of divorce. Self evaluation might reveal to the rape victim in the instance above, that her traumatic experience is affecting her sex life but she needs professional assistance to overcome the trauma. She MAY NOT be able to overcome it by herself. Many cases of barrenness in marriages have been linked to low sperm count in the men. The trauma of victimization often experienced by most “allegedly” barren women could be reduced if prior medical evaluation had been done and stakeholders (including parents of both parties) had been notified accordingly before the marriage. Low sperm count can only be detected by highly skilled professionals, so self evaluation cannot work here. Medical counseling could also provide solutions that would not require countless nights of vigils or multiple spiritual interventions. It is quite important for a lady that was raised by an authoritarian father to seek professional/ psychological counseling because there is a tendency that she might detest any authority figure and would transfer her disgust/ displeasure for them to her husband and this might lead to constant arguments and quarrel in their proposed marriage. This concept is called “Transference” in psychology. I also suggest that couples go for psychiatric evaluation before marriage because some of the instance of wife battery is often linked to mental disorder. So, if there has been instances of physical violence in the homes of any of the spouses’ parents then they should seek the evaluation of a psychologist and if need be, a psychiatrist. In essence, your decision to get married should be an informed one; knowing fully well who you are and what you are going into. Self awareness of both parties in a (proposed) marriage helps put all the cards on the table, because the quality of our decision is linked to the quality and quantity of information available to us. So before you say I do, do you know who you are?



NUPS: Edition 1

NUPS: Edition 1


VENZA, CROSSTOUR REVIEW What comes to your mind when you see a Toyota Venza and Honda Crosstour? What comes to mine are Crossovers that have SUV-like functions and utilities, but with a chassis and drive train similar to cars than a traditional truck-based SUV. The Toyota Venza has the underpinnings of a car and useable interior room equating it to a more comfortable ride, as well as a better gas mileage because of lighter construction and smaller engine. They exist in front and all wheel drives with model year from 2009 till present. Toyota Venza comes in 2.7 litre 4Cylinder that makes 182HP or 3.5 litre V6 engine that cranks out 268HP both mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission. They have MPG (Mile Per Gallon) of 20 City/ 26 Highway. The MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) for the models 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 include USD25,975, USD26,275-29,550, USD27,125-30,400, USD27,425-37,915 and USD27,85039,020 respectively.


Venza has a long list of standard features which include fog lamps, 19” alloy wheels, 34 lb 20” alloy wheels (V6) XM satellite radio, 6-disc CD charger, dual-zone climate control, electromagnetic auto dimming rear-view mounted audio controls. Major options include auto high beams with HID lighting, heated side view mirrors, power liftgate, leather seat surfaces, 4-way power passenger seat, panoramic glass moon roof, smart key system, 13-speaker JBL sound system with Bluetooth, voice-activated touch screen DVD navigation system, backup camera and a rear DVD entertainment system with a 9-inch display and 2 wireless headphones. Toyota Venza sits relatively low to the ground, which makes it easier for passengers to get in and out. Thus, in terms of everyday usage, the Venza is an excellent, highly refined choice for just about anyone who needs to haul kids, pets and other family recreational cargo. On the other hand, Honda Crosstour comes in 2 trim levels – EX and EX-L. The EX comes with automatic headlights, a sunroof, dual zone automatic climate control, power front seats, a rearview camera, Bluetooth and a 7-speaker audio system with a 6-CD changer and an iPod/ USB audio interface. The EX-L adds bigger wheels, leather upholstery, heated front seats, driver memory settings and premium audio. They exist in front-wheel drive with model year from 2010 till present. Honda Crosstour offers a choice of 2-engines – a 2.4 litre 4-cylinder with 192 HP and MPG of 22 City/ 31 Highway or a 3.5 litre V6 with 271 HP and MPG of 20 City/ 29 Highway. Both are matched to a 5-speed automatic transmission. The MSRP for the models 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 include USD29,670, USD29,990, USD27,755 and USD27,230 respectively. Handling is aided by front and rear stabilizer bars along with a front shut tower bar and the steering in hydraulic assiststanding apart from electric-assist systems that have been introduced across the new Accord line up. Therefore, if you enjoy the utility and versatility of an SUV while preferring the car-based platform of the crossover SUV, the Venza and Crosstour will provide a credible menu of platform and features, along with its own, singularly stylistic agenda. Either of these cars would be great for a wedding convoy or even just for conveying the couple to and fro the events of the D-day. They also make for a perfect wedding gift particularly because they are very comfortable family vehicles.

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NUPS: Edition 1


This column is dedicated to two photographers competing for photographer of the year. Please flip the page to see the works of Laphy Photography and Jenuel Photography. An award will be given to the winner who will be announced in our next edition. A page will also be dedictaed to the winner in our next edition. To vote, please send the name of your preferred contestant to

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Laphy Photography


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Jenuel Photography


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Family Finance By Adedapo Conde, Lagos Nigeria

Research has shown that finance related problems are second only to sex as the major cause of tension and quarrels in marriages and if not appropriately managed, these problems could result in separation and perhaps divorce. The roots of finance disputes are often found in belief systems, lack of communication, lack of planning and trust... or more appropriately, the lack of it. As a first step in tackling the age long money palavers on the home front, some thought provoking questions must be asked - Who earns what? How is the family money kept? and How is the family money spent? The answers to these questions more often than not, help dredge up resentments that may have been gnawing at the hearts of spouses {not our aim} and hopefully steer them in the direction of a multifaceted recovery {Goal!}. Who Earns What? In today’s society… globally, homes where wives have equal or even more earning power than the husbands are becoming increasingly popular. In some cases, the wives are in fact the *breadwinners and have been for the past few years, making increasingly popular the turn of the century term “Stay at Home Dad”. This situation often results in tensions in these homes and has, in some cases, resulted in broken homes because both parties have been unable to pool their resources together and act as a team. Some would blame all of this on the decline in economic activities which has forced men who used to be proudly and gainfully employed out of the labour market while a second school of thought swear that it is the increase in tertiary education of the girl-child in the past 20 years- that has equipped a lot of women with skills that grant them access to high paying jobs, thereby increasing their income level relative to that of men. Whichever way one leans, this shift in income levels has created a Breadwinner vs Head of Family conundrum that challenges some of our traditional beliefs about marriage. For instance, culturally, there is a generally held notion, even


among the womenfolk that “for a man to remain the ‘head’ of his family, he must earn more income than his wife”. This mindset is flawed as most religions and traditional institutions promulgate that the man is the head of the home irrespective of his level of education and income. While I am not an advocate for lazy men, there must be a reason divinity assigned leadership in the home to the man without hinging it on income or other criteria. Ladies who tend to base their respect for men on earning power could learn a thing or two from the omniscience ones and change their mental model. Qualities like self control, integrity, patience, ability to listen, open mindedness, courage, focus, adaptability, insight and foresight should be the ones that endear you to a man because they make or break effective leaders. In all of these the menfolk are not blameless. Some find it hard to come to terms with the notion that their wives can and do earn more than themselves. Somewhere in their hearts lurks the unfounded fear that they might be robbed of the needed authority to head the home successfully. It is so bad that some do not even allow their wives to take appointments that might result in more income while some wives in turn keep salary increasing promotions secret. Men should realize that as long as they are going to allow their wives to work, there is always the possibility that the wives might eventually out-earn them. It is pertinent that men deal with their pride and acquire skills that will help them manage and multiply this commonwealth. There is also always the option of seeking the help of financial and career experts for counsel on how to enhance their income earning ability. Finally, I would like to believe that a couple’s responsibility to each other transcends who earns what. The vows they made in the presence of God and witnesses; solemnly promising to live with each other according to God’s ordinance in the holy estate of matrimony; to love, comfort, honor, and keep each other in sickness and in health, and forsaking all others, and through God’s grace promising to be faithful and devoted to each other as long as they both shall live also includes things such as respect, security (both physical and psychological) and trust irrespective of who butters the bread.

NUPS: Edition 1

NUPS: Edition 1


BRIDES COLLECTION Dresses and accessories: ‘Yes I do’ Bridals 08168385779, 08103076289 Make-up: Ovoke Makeovers 08082670606 Hair: Flaunt It Salon 07036524041 photography: Laphy Photography MODELS Oyinkansola Iyanda Omolara Okunsanya Lillian Uwalaka Seun Eyitayo


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GROOMS COLLECTION Suites: On’s & Tol”s MODELS Ladi Okuntola Ileri Adeyeye Onamusi Tolu Faweya Femi


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Grooming, Personal Hygiene And Marriage By Adedapo Conde, Lagos Nigeria

What’s Grooming? Any effort at maintaining cleanliness and a ‘good’ appearance of the body especially the hair, skin, nails, mouth and teeth. Fundamentally, grooming stems from personal hygiene although it has evolved to focus more on appearance especially through the use of cosmetics, perfumes and fashion apparel. Neglecting personal hygiene has dire consequences for intending couples although some of these consequences (e.g. Body Odor) might not be detected during courtship, especially if both parties agree to desist from pre-marital sexual activity. However, when the truth is discovered after the wedding ceremony, it might reduce intimacy (odor can reduce sexual activity) between the couple and might lead to extra marital affairs and maybe divorce. Hence, it is wise to solve the problem before tying the knot. Below are some of basic personal grooming tips for some parts of the body; Head and Hair Looking after your hair and scalp is essential to maintaining a good standard of personal hygiene and it is an essential


part of grooming. Good head and hair management can add to your sex appeal and keeps you attractive to your spouse day-in day-out. According to research, the average person loses an average of 90 strands of hair per day however if you notice that your hair is looking and feeling dry or that it snaps anytime you comb it, then you might be suffering from brittle hair.. Asides from genetic reasons, two of the main causes of hair loss are stress and diet. Too much stress can cause the tiny blood vessels of the scalp to constrict, hampering the supply of oxygen and vital nutrients to the roots of the hair. Experts also believe that poor nutrition and exposure to too much sunlight can contribute to brittle hair, therefore hair loss. Thus, they propose management of personal stress levels in addition to an adjustment in diet to reflect more protein intake. Furthermore, the intake of plenty of water, fruits and vegetables is advised. Hair should also be kept at a length and style that each individual can maintain. Guys can maintain their hair by having a hair cut at least once a week and washing it every day using shampoo or soap. After washing, they should

NUPS: Edition 1

make sure that it is rinsed and dried well. Ladies should visit their salons for nice hairdos as frequently as particular hair dos would require. Carrying a rough and untidy hair is unattractive and can be unappealing to people around us but most especially one’s spouse.

various problems and according to experts, Body Odor is one of the most common problem; however some individuals have perfected the art of masking body odor with deodorant and perfumes therefore dealing with the symptoms rather than the cause of the problem.

Oral Hygiene Neglect of Oral hygiene can lead to health and social problems. A typical health problem is tooth decay - which causes tremendous pain as a result of holes created in the teeth by the activities of bacteria. However experts believe that chronic tooth decay and gum infection automatically lead to halitosis (mouth odor) and if this condition is not expressly treated, it might hamper sexual relations in a marriage because kissing is often times the first step towards consummating love or affection. The importance of managing our oral hygiene stems from the fact that it is cheaper to prevent oral or dental problems that it is to treat. But if you notice bleeding (especially while brushing), hole in the teeth (that cause pain) and bad breath, it will be wise to consult a dentist for diagnosis and prescriptions.

There are 2 schools of thought about the cause of this condition. While some argue that it is cause by Internal Imbalance others argue that it is caused by Toxin and Localized Infections. Proponents of the internal balance/ toxin theory posit that the human body gets rid of undesirable toxins and gases from the blood stream through the skin, mouth and lungs. These experts believe that the consumption of too much fatty food (fried food, animal and dairy products) and processed food leads to the production of toxins and noxious gases in the gastrointestinal tractwhich is later absorbed into the blood stream. To correct the imbalance and reduce the undesirable toxin level, experts advise diet adjustment by increasing the consumption of fresh food with lots of vegetables and fruits. It is also advised that you should desist from smoking as well as drinking too much alcohol and coffee. It is also believed that this imbalance can lead to mouth odor too.

To prevent mouth infections and bad breath, dentist advises us to steer clear of black coffee, red wine and black currant as well as food with high sugar content. Smoking should also be stopped or avoided because it can limit the supply of oxygen to the gum therefore causing bad breath as well as discoloring of the teeth. We should also develop the habit of visiting the dentist regularly for oral cavity check up, as this can lead to early diagnosis and treatment of any infection. Regular brushing of the teeth and tongue at least twice a day using toothpaste that contain fluoride should help remove food particles stuck in the teeth and also protect the teeth from decay. Furthermore, flossing and the use of an antiseptic mouthwash daily should get rid of any remaining food particles that the brush could not reach. It is also advised that our mouth be rinsed well after every meal. Children should be taught the importance of oral hygiene and correct techniques for brushing and flossing at the earliest age possible. Prevention at this age will reflect through-out their adult life. Oral hygiene is important for physical, social and psychological needs. By ensuring a satisfactory regime is employed, many conditions can be prevented. Skin The Skin is Man’s largest organ and it is often afflicted by

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Those in the camp of the localized infection believe that body odor can be caused by some yeasty infection in certain areas of the body -that is prone to being sweaty. Some of those areas include the armpits, groin and feet. It is advised to seek medical assistance for diagnosis and prescriptions. Other infections such as Eczema and Rashes also afflict the body and might be caused due to reaction to contact with irritant or heat or dirty underwear. Basic skin care tips includes regular baths twice a day and also immediately after sweaty activity. We are also advised to shave our pubic hair regularly, so that they do not soak up sweat. Avoid sharing soap, sponge and towel because it might lead to infection especially if the other party has an infection. It is also advised that creams could be applied to the skin to enrich it and prevent unnecessary dryness. There are creams for dry, oily and normal skin in the market; the key thing is to confirm your skin type as this would inform you of the type of cream and soap to use. Taking care of one’s body hygiene is very important in order to maintain a good relationship with the people we live with


Red Themed Wedding

A theme makes a wedding more personal, more coordinated and definitely more beautiful. A theme is a uniform idea that the couple or more honestly the bride wants their wedding to project. These ideas could be depicted in the style of wedding decoration or with colors. One color that’s getting increasing popular is red. A few years ago, it would have been considered too brash, loud or even vulgar. But not so today! On a light note, I’m wondering what has changed? Has the colour ‘Red’ stopped being the aforementioned or is it that today’s brides have become those things… “too brash, loud or even vulgar”? On a more serious note, Red is a vibrant and wonderful color, it is also the color of love and romance and in my opinion, nothing makes a wedding prettier and brighter than a pop of red. There so much room for expression, the hall deco, the shoes of the bride and/ or those of her bridesmaids, paper napkins, invitations and even guest dress codes. What’s more? Red combines deliciously with many other colors! Venue: There are a thousand different ways that a wedding venue can be done in red. It could be either with a dash or a splash. For instance, you could have red balloons hanging from the tent or hall ceiling. Red petals could be littered down the walk way or even on tables. Tables: Use white or silver table covers, with red napkins. You can also fill transparent bowls with decorative red colored sand or red roses in vases. Favors: Your theme could also be incorporated in the favors you give your guests. Heart shaped candy, cupcakes with red icing, heart shaped mini frames etc. Even if you are not getting married on Valentine’s Day or during Christmas, incorporating a red theme won’t be a bad move for a beautiful and inspiring event.


NUPS: Edition 1

NUPS: Edition 1


Night Themed Wedding Arabian nights, A mid-summers night, starry night themes are a few examples of night themes. Though more popular among high school prom, a starry night, has to be one of the most beautiful themes in existence and it may be achieved without over extending your budget. It is advisable to hold it indoors, as it will be horrible if there are no stars on the night you have chosen or it rains, you may also want to have your wedding during the day. The starry night decorations are based on the colours like white and yellow for the stars and table cloth, and blue, black, purple, gray, and silver for the rest of the decorations. For wedding favors star shaped candy, or candy dipped in white frosting or white chocolate will further emphasize your theme.


NUPS: Edition 1

NUPS: Edition 1


WEDDING FAVORS Favors were originally designed to share in the joyous occasion and pass along good luck to guests. They have since evolved to thanking guests for sharing in their event and to provide a memento of the day. Favors can be edible, functional, or decorative. In Nigeria today favors range from the practical: trays, graters, mugs to the ridiculous “agege” bread and butter, no wedding is complete without *souvenirs*. So whatever your preference, be it practical, quirky or just plain cute, these are a few ideas that won’t break bank.

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These favors can be used as decorative knickknacks in the homes of your guests which guarantee that your wedding will not be easily forgotten. For classy and practical favors: Spoil the ladies with these adorable purse hooks Fill up these gumball machines with sweet treats Add a touch of romance with the sole mates shoe polisher and love-knot bottle stoppers. Give your guests a little treat for their wedding favor: choose from a wide range of chocolates, cookies and sweets. For glamorous favors, decorate mini bottles of Champagne with cute little colorful tags.


NUPS: Edition 1

NUPS: Edition 1


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NUPS: Edition 1

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NUPS: Edition 1

Quotes ow ish s i , h t d o n' t l o them a l l of os eY to ďŹ t o y u , ' v o e d g o tt our you a g OU ow ! n im n e t m -Un A know k s n u ov own cce age weathers eve ing ssf love ry daily, ul ries to be ju sto t t t h u ose b st rm P u t ti ac a s you human, s ch and out tions ny st p e a fa e r min lasts beh e ut i g as i e hed, b are felt lure c if s very n u ccessfully d in s kee h p ew t ire th u ct e hea you h os r t -H u m e ou r live b s to elen hether we se w w ize ard s, them or no t must be a h t reb ce t uilt e ver fect is to r e chan ep ge

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NUPS: Edition 1

Maximise Your Marriage Special contribution by Alero Imo (Mrs).

As you prepare for this new phase in your life do bear in mind that though the wedding and the accompanying ceremonies last for a day‌ or two at best, marriage is for a lifetime, and in order to make the marriage work, certain things must be put in place. First and foremost is to put God first in your marriage. It is He who will give you wisdom to be able to cope with and make the most of the many seasons of your marriage. In marriage there are a few items on a checklist which I recommend you and your partner go through.

NUPS: Edition 1

Communication: There must always be communication between the two parties; a marriage without communication is dead on arrival. No skill is more critical to your oneness than good communication. Communication nourishes and sustains a relationship. Perseverance /Forgiving Each Other: As you seek to move towards oneness in your marriage, you will experience times of disappointment and hurt. These times do come and are often times of growth if well managed. For any marital conflict to be truly resolved, humility is needed and forgiveness should be


appropriately sought and given in all situations. Forgiveness requires that you move beyond the issue, as if wiping the slate clean and daring to trust again. Respect Each Other: Remember to see each other as part of one another. Cultivate positive attitudes and motives towards each other. Desist from verbal assault. Lack of respect one’s hurts their feelings of selfworth and subsequently has a negative effect on the union.

that, next to God, there is nothing that grows a marriage as much as love.

Willingness/Eagerness to Grow Together: Growing together often requires taking time of your busy lives to focus on each other. This requires spending quality time together which doesn’t always mean the same thing as proximity to one another; it’s about deepened communication, understanding each other’s feelings, addressing issues and enriching one’s marriage irrespective of how many years have been spent together.

Simple things like chores around the house can be an undeniable expression of love. Doing chores can be a very powerful expression of love and devotion to your mate. It is also important to do these acts of service out of love and not obligation.

Growing together will bring a couple closer and in years to come will fill up a memory bank that you can reminisce about in the future. Laughing Together: Laughing is a natural gift that has the added benefit of promoting physical and mental wellness. Even doctors have confirmed it’s therapeutic value. One of the great joys of marriage is that so much time is spent together that a couple shouldn’t run out of things to laugh about. To increase laughter in your marriage, you and your spouse must always recognize funny moments and make it a habit to share them. This shouldn’t be a problem if the earlier advice of communication is being heeded. Unconditional Love: What’s that? It’s a love that has no bounds, makes no demands of reciprocation, and is not affected by the behavior of the spouse. Your next question…”Is it real?” Well, it can be as real in your marriage as you make it. Just remember


There are various ways of showing unconditional love to your mate. These may be physical, verbal, visual. Joining in activities that your partner loves to do whether it’s sitting on the couch and having a brief conversation, or playing a game together or even watching the Premier Football league together is a love language that is showed by many.

Physical touch for many mates is when they feel most loved by their mate who speaks this love language loudly; physical touch can make or break the relationship. All marriages will experience crisis. In such cases, physical touch is important. In a crisis situation, a hug can communicate an immense amount of love for that person. It is important to remember that this love language is different for everyone. What type of touch makes you feel secure is not necessarily what will make your partner happy. It is important to learn each others dialects. Marriage is a beautiful thing when experienced right. You have to be in it, body and soul, if not, it won’t work. So here’s wishing you a happy married life and I hope this article will serve always as a refresher from time to time, keeping you hopeful when you take that step, that even as your marriage is good it can get better. And if your marriage is struggling that it can also be restored. God bless your Union.

NUPS: Edition 1

The Much Awaited Wedding Night By Seyi Ayinla, UK

So you’ve spent the day with friends, family and all your guests. You’ve hopefully had an amazing wedding, you take off your wedding gown, he takes off his tuxedo… its time for the much awaited wedding night.. A lot of people associate wedding nights to the day a girl gets dis-virgined; well that’s not always the case. Your wedding night is the first time you and your husband share sexual intercourse as man and wife. People tend to have a lot of expectations and sometimes over think things. Here are a few pointers to get you ready and ‘in the mood.’

sharing kisses, holding hands, the odd buttom squeeze when no one’s looking, etc will get you excited.

1. It’s okay to be too tired for any action on your wedding night. It takes a whole lot to stand through an entire day and keeping a happy face, let alone staying up all night. If you’re tired, wait till morning. One night of abstinence has never killed anyone.

6. Take some time out to ensure your room’s ready for both of you. Scented candles, rose petals, love songs playing quietly in the background, etc will help you get in the mood. Its your ‘solo time,’ ensure that you ward off any form of distraction – nosy friends & family members, kids, etc. It should be all about JUST THE BOTH OF YOU and NO ONE ELSE.

2. If you already had sexual relations before the wedding, I think it’d be a good idea to keep your hands off each other for at least 2 weeks before your wedding. That way, you build up the desire. 3. Sex talk – Talk to each other about what you’d expect and what you’d love the other person to do. Build up your expectations. Tease each other with sensual thoughts, talk about your fantasies. Normally the sex that follows will most times be extremely intimate and amazing.

5. Pick an outfit – Don’t just wear your standard bra. You set time aside to shop for a wedding dress, do the same for your wedding night. Visit a lingerie store/adult store, get something adventurous (make sure you look good and feel confident in it though). This isn’t only for the ladies, guys can also search for something that makes them look irresistible.

7. Take it slow – You want to enjoy your ‘wedding night’ so don’t rush things, savour every second, every tiny bit of the moment. Foreplay is a great way to get in the mood, don’t jump straight to intercourse, discover things about your spouse that you’ve never imagined possible. Don’t feel pressured to over please, just go with the flow and flow with the rhythm of things. Experiment!!!

4. Flirt with each other – This is a great way to get in the mood. While the wedding’s going on, flirt with each other, obviously you need to be modest about it. No one’s asking for a lap dance in front of 1,000 strangers. Little things such as staring into each other’s eyes,

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Busola & Adesayo

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Caterers: Sweet Sensation Decorators: Bukky’s Decors Make up: The Magic Wand Music: Sir Shina Peters Location: Dolphin Estate Open Field. Photography: Demola Ogunaike Photography

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Busol & Ade

Busol & Ade 82

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la esayo

la esayo NUPS: Edition 1



Omotola & Ekene

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WEDDING SHOWCASE Décor 524 Events Make-up and Gele BMPRO Wedding Dress Ejiro Amos Tafiri Evening Wear Ejiro Amos Tafiri Aso-oke’ The Root of Aso-oke Trad Accessories Eternal Circle Groom’s outfit Kola Kudus Cake Sweet Indulgence Dessert Chocolate Candi Cock tail April Events Church Archbishop Vining Memorial Cathedral Church Reception Venue Lagos Country Club Trad Venue Johnson Agiri Agricultural Complex Hall Master of Ceremony MC Sacramento

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Omoto & Eke 86

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ola ene NUPS: Edition 1



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I Love You… Virtually By Tunde Leye

My phone beeped and I saw the universally recognized and unnervingly addictive red indicator light on my blackberry blinking intermittently. I think I have phone addiction, because I actually had to restrain myself from abandoning what I was typing on my laptop and reach for the phone. With serious effort, I willed myself to finish the sentence I was typing, and then reached for the phone to check which of the various social media apps on my phone had sent me a notification. It was twitter. I quickly launched the application and I saw I had a mention. Somehow, it always feels cool to be mentioned on twitter. Someone had followed me on twitter and was notifying me. That was even cooler. It meant someone I didn’t know from Adam had found the things I say in the virtual world of social media interesting enough to want to see more without solicitation from me.

I’m normally a slightly nerdy looking lady, with subdued hair, neutral colored clothes and a small voice. My life revolved around the lecture, library and hostel triangle in school. And when I left school, my life became more exciting. Or so I liked to think, until I realized that I had merely replaced one triangle with another – office, hangouts and home. That was until I discovered social media. I became an avid blogger and within a year of blogging, I had amassed quite a following on twitter, plenty likes on my facebook page and my blog was getting thousands of hits daily. It was like a dream come true. I escaped the drab and droll of my daily existence by escaping into another persona in cyberspace – the exciting, bold, witty and vivacious Alter Ego. So when I saw this tweet where the handle @


NUPS: Edition 1

hunkified notified me he was now following me, I ditched Nerd and Alter Ego responded “with a handle like that? Hell no!” He came back with a retort “have you checked the avi? That’s really me #smiles” Out of curiosity, I actually opened his avi and saw this *dramatic pause* HUNK! But from experience on social media, I knew people used all sorts of generic pictures to represent themselves. He had roused my interest enough with his satire though, so he earned a follow back and an equally satirical notification that I was now following him. And so, the conversation moved from my timeline to direct messages on twitter and we moved to becoming facebook friends and finally exchanged BB PINs. By this time, we had been friends for about a month, and I still called him hunk but had confirmed that the fine picture on his avi was really him. We talked virtually every day and we got closer and closer. He lived in Abuja while I lived in Lagos. After two months, he asked me out and I was over the moon. I had always desired a man who would fall in love with my mind, and not my body (I wasn’t drop dead gorgeous anyway, but I was knock you over smart). And here was this guy who had interacted with my cyber space Alter Ego persona, which is more or less an abstraction of my mind and has fallen in love with me. I had heard that gorgeous guys usually surprised everyone by dating a babe that was really not as hot as their family, admirers and fans expected them to date when they eventually wanted to date seriously. I convinced myself that this was the case with us. I only gave it a brief thought, before saying YES!

Months into the relationship, he began to hint at getting really serious, and I was elated. I told everyone about him. I felt loved and cherished and wondered how I could be so lucky. This must be what people meant when they said a match was made in heaven. Then one day I tried to tweet at my hunk like I normally did and twitter gave me an error. I opened the error, wondering what was wrong with twitter this morning that it wanted to get in the way of my romance. I got the shocker of my life. My hunk had blocked me. I raced to my followers list. He wasn’t there. Like someone in a trance, I raced to facebook. He had unfriended me on facebook too. It was then I went to my BBM and tried to ping him. He was no longer on my contacts list. I sat on my bed, tears streaming down my eyes. I couldn’t contact him. I didn’t have his phone number. I didn’t have his address in Abuja. I didn’t have his friend’s numbers or PINs. My hunk disappeared from my life, never to be heard from again. Follow Tunde Leye on twitter @tundeleye and read his blog at Read comments and comment on the article @nupsmag #iloveuvirtually

And so, our beautiful romance began, we shared everything. We shared pictures, we shared voice notes; we tweeted at each other and retweeted each others’ tweets. We liked each other’s facebook posts and pictures and updated our status to “In a relationship” on facebook.

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Honeymoon Destinations


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The people of Hawaii would like to share their island with you because there is so much to offer. It is about the fresh, floral air that fills the atmosphere and energizes you. The warm tranquil waters refresh you and help you experience nature in its rare form. The breath-taking beauty renews you. Whether it’s your first time or you are a returning visitor, there are experiences that will entice you completely. Getting to Hawaii The American embassy is located at; no 2 Walter Carrington crescents, Victoria Island Nigeria and no 2 columbia close office, Colorado street, Maitama Abuja. Phone no: 234-1-460-3400. The visa requirement for getting to Hawaii is as follows; 1 Your passport must be valid for up to at least 6months 2 Two passport photograph 3 One Nigerian cover letter 4 One Nigerian online visa application form completed and signed. 5 Your Itinerary Flights to Hawaii • Lagos to Honolulu through British airways cost $1897 for round trip • Lagos to Honolulu through Lufthansa cost $2062 • Lagos to Honolulu through KLM costs $2125 • Lagos to Honolulu through Air France cost $2165 • Lagos to Honolulu through Air United cost $201 However you should know that Atlanta is the most popular and most used connection for one stop flights between Lagos, Honolulu, Hawaii. Also hotel transfers from Honolulu international airport to Waikiki hotels cost $40 for two adults on a round trip. One way transfers cost $24 for two adults. Experiencing Hawaii Paradise Cove No trip to Hawaii is complete without a traditional island luau, it is the ideal place to begin your honeymoon, the next evening after your arrival. An evening at paradise cove will expose you to the rich culture and also a first class entertainment performed by professionals. Upon arrival you are greeted with a cocktail and a special Hawaiian arrival ceremony. Your dinner is enjoyed to the beat and pageantry of Polynesian dancing and the chest-slapping Samoan fire knife dance. Paradise cove will always remain the perfect memory for a true Aloha spirit of the island. At paradise cove, you can choose from the list of packages they offer on a daily basis. They are listed below.


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Orchid luau buffet ($119 per night) • Round trip transportation • Fresh flower lei greeting upon arrival • Mai tai greeting plus 2 exotic drink tickets • Orchid luau seating • Arts and crafts demonstrations • Games of skill and daring in the Hawaiian village • Royal court etc. Deluxe luau package ($150) • Round trip transportation • Fresh flower greeting • Deluxe seating • Visit to the royal court

Sea Life Park – Dolphin Experience Take a trip to the sea life park on your second day, it is just 25mins from Waikiki. One amazing fact you need to know is that dolphins are very intelligent animals, highly sociable and receptive to humans. With $82 (including round trip transport), at the sea life park, visitors will be provided a life jacket and given the opportunity to spend time with these beautiful creatures. You will be amazed at how they show off their acrobatic skills, as they dance around the Pool. You will enjoy being around the dolphins. Kahala Resort The Kahala Resort offers a special package to newlyweds, simply because they deserve the attention and favour they can get. In this hotel, honeymooners receive a $50 resort credit to use towards activities or a meal at Hoku’s Restaurant. The Kahala Resort is minutes away from Waikiki beach in Honolulu. Honolulu Beach After dinner and a wonderful night rest, it’s time to engage in some more fun at Honolulu beach. It’s your fourth day, and how else will you spend a splendid day other than the deep blue beaches of Honolulu.

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Shopping and sightseeing Shopping should always be a part of your travel plan, after all the souvenirs wouldn’t buy themselves. I consider it a crime to go honeymooning in Hawaii and not take home an item or two that reminds you of your experience besides the pictures. Amongst the places you can visit are; • Aloha stadium which is best known as the host to nationally televised football competitions. It is located at Honolulu and Waikiki • Ala Moana Center which is located at Honolulu and Waikiki • Kamaka Hawaii which is located at Honolulu sells handcrafted ukuleles made on O’ahu since 1916 As the one week honeymoon winds up, the best should be saved for the last. Spend some alone time indoors. You can engage in recreational or social activities provided by the hotel. A good idea will be to setup a private dinner with candles, a bottle of champagne, great food and music to kindle intimacy and romance. Accomadation in Hawaii Hotel Renew This hotel is located in Waikiki on Oahu. Its rates start at $159 per night for the Tie Knot Newlywed Package. The hotel’s on-surf school and sunset lessons are a regular hit with couples. For info visit Ko’a Kea This hotel was renovated in 2009 with honeymooners in mind. It is in the town of Koloa on Poipu beach in Kauai. The rates start at $329per night. For more info visit Grand Waitea Honeymooners visiting this hotel will enjoy a combination of decadence and Hawaiian culture. It has one of the most valuable and largest collection of international art on the Hawaiian islands. The romance package offers couples a side by side spa session, a four course dinner with exclusive wine pairing, champagne and Hawaiian flower petals. Ka’ana Pali Beach Hotel This beach offers an authentic Hawaiian experience. It is a special place because it teaches guest how to hula, play ukulele, make grass skirts and many more. Its rates start at $159 per night. For info visit Every newlywed deserves to have the best of times during their honeymoon. For every woman, it is a fairy tale. For every man, it is an expression of love and intimacy. Be creative, be romantic and enjoy the time of your lives during your honeymoon and many years beyond.


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There is something unique about islands, they are breathtaking and their incredible sense of nature has the ability to add color to romance. Have you ever imagined walking hand in hand along the sea shores, or just having a private picnic with that special one? If your answer is ‘yes’, then your dream is not farfetched! It’s achievable! All you need do is make plans to get to the paradise called Bora Bora.

Bora Bora is a small island located in the French Polynesia. The beauty and serenity keeps your senses alive and makes you eager to explore. Its surrounded by palm trees that glow through the rays of the sun and dancing back and forth as the wind blows, while the waves splashes against the sea sure. Imagine being immersed in a dazzling world of complete pleasure from the moment of arrival! Getting to Bora Bora The French Embassy is located at No 37 Udi Street, off Aso Drive quartier, Maitama, Abuja. Tel no: +234-946-023-00. For their Lagos office the details are; 1, Oyinkan Abayomi Drive,Ikoyi, Lagos Nigeria. Tel no: +234-1-462-8484 Email: In order to obtain a visa, the following will be requested of you; • A complete visa application • An original and signed Nigerian passport with at least 6months validity • 2passport photograph (on white background) • A laid out itinerary and confirmed reservation of return flight • A bank statement • An employment letter and late three years pay slip • Proof of accommodation for the duration of your stay • Medical insurance of N3,750( one week stay), N5,250(two weeks stay) for a medical cover of $30,000 in case of accidents or emergency during the period of stay • Visa fee of N12,300 (Obtainable as of January 2013 and subject to changes in foreign exchange)


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After securing your visa, the next step in getting to Bora Bora is flying into the capital city of Papeete, Tahiti. After arriving in Tahiti, you will need to transfer to air Tahiti. Your baggage cannot be transferred into air Tahiti, so you will have to claim it after you have gone through customs. You could use the space of time to change currency in the Tahitian bank which remains open for incoming flights. Once you arrive at Bora Bora, you will take a shuttle boat to the main island which cost 10pds, or some of the resorts send shuttles to pick up guests directly. There is no public transport once you are on the island, so you should make transport arrangements with the resort you have chosen. However, you are availed with choosing from a number of airlines available for your trip. They include; Air France - $9,691, KLM - $7,005, United Airline - $8,313 and Delta Airlines - $4,921. Also note that the rate for each airline differs and such rates are subject to changes.

Experiencing Bora Bora Bora Bora Photo Lagoon After you have rested on the night of your arrival, the lagoon is a smart choice to begin your honeymoon. The lagoon provides boat tours and day trips with professional photography. The memories of good times may survive in the mind, but they speak louder in pictures. The idea is to make sure that you don’t have the opportunity to forget such experiences. Coral Garden On your second day at Bora Bora, step out of your cozy room and find out what nature has to offer, observe and appreciate its beauty. The coral garden is a breath taker. It describes nature in its splendor because of its combined rich habitation of all kinds of flowers that leave the air scented, birds of various specie singing their favorite songs, fish playing in the pond and so on. It is an ideal place to be when you want some peace and quiet. If you want to take it further, you can join the snorkeling team most especially if you are not scared of water and life in the reef. Tahiti helicopters It even gets better on your third day at Bora Bora, if money is not an issue to consider, a tour on Tahiti helicopters is another level of fun you don’t want to miss out. With $275, taking a vantage view of the heart-shaped island called Tupai, will excite you. For couples who love adventurous, this is not an option but a must! Bora Bora Honeymoon Resort On your fourth day at Bora Bora you can honeymoon in Bora Bora like celebrityiesfor a discounted price. That piece of paper or certificate that says, ‘just married’ offers privileges in Bora Bora where honeymooners are favored. Some resorts provide a couple pampering in their exotic spa and a private dinner on the beach as treats for honeymoon couples. Safari bora bora tour You could leave the island for a few hours and take to the street on your fifth day. The safari Bora Bora tours provide a thrilling scenic ride to point of interest. A guide will give cultural, historical and botanical insight of the sights. On your way to explore sights, you will come across lush tropical flora and also World War II cannons which have for long become part of its history. All these for cost just $85, so if you’re looking for fun things to do, add this tour to your plan. On your sixth day, you should keep it quiet and serene. If you want to snuggle in bed all day, it’s your honeymoon after all. Assuming that you have a one week honeymoon, you may want to consider shopping to return home with souvenirs. Some of the best Tahitian shops are in Papeete, it is the biggest with the best selections and prices are cheaper there.

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Accommodation (all of the above cover for 6 nights) • Garden view with complementary breakfast through your stay for $293 • Eden beach activities include diving, snorkeling, kayaking and waterskiing for $252 • Le Maitai Polynesia, guests can enjoy traditional Polynesian singing and dancing, island cruises and scuba diving • Chez Nono is located on Matira beach, it has very comfortable rooms for as low as $147. Note: prizes per night ranges between N10, 999 – N42,000+ . For more information, visit, www.,

Beyond any reasonable doubt, Bora Bora is a place to be, a safe haven and paradise to couples who visit. Do not just build a fantasy in your imagination, make it a dream come true and give your sweetheart the treat of her life. It is worth the investment.


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How would you like to spend the most thrilling, romantic, memorable and of course adventurous moment with that very special one? It all begins with a choice, and your decision is not farfetched as we have come across a variety of options that are undoubtedly irresistible. Whether your taste is for adventure, solitude or perhaps a combination of both, your honeymoon must be worth the while. Let us begin with the magnificent Atlantis

Atlantis ($393 - $426 Per Night) Atlantis is the majestic focal point of Palm Jumeirah, a man-made island located in the magnificent city of Dubai. From the moment of arrival, you are engulfed with excitement at the sight of its dazzling world of complete pleasure and luxury. What makes it more fun is that for all guests logging in the hotel, it offers relaxation thrills especially for couples. These thrills include unique marine habitats, an exhilarating water park, pristine white beaches, world class cuisine, indulging spa and so on. Getting to Dubai After you have put aside an estimate of your budget for your trip to Atlantis, your next line of action is to obtain a Dubai visa which doesn’t usually require too much effort. The embassy is located at No 2 columbia close office, colorado str, maitama abuja. At the embassy, you will be required to present the following in order to obtain a visa; •Photocopy of your passport bio-data page


•2 passport photographs with white background •$200 for processing the visa • Medical insurance of N3, 750(one week stay), N5, 270(two weeks stay) for a health cover of $30,000 in the case of any accident or emergencies.


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Also, there are a variety of airlines available for takeoff from Muritala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos to Dubai International Airport. The United Emirate is the airline that has the most non-stop trip from Lagos to Dubai, Virgin Atlantic, KLM, Qatar air all stop at Amsterdam for a connecting flight. Available flights from Lagos to Dubai • Dubai on Qatar air cost $644 round trip • Dubai on Kenya airways cost $691 round trip • Dubai on Ethiopian air cost $700 round trip • Dubai on Royal Jordanian cost $704 round trip • Dubai on Egyptian cost $779 round trip • Dubai on Emirate cost $821 • Dubai on Etihad cost $789 • Dubai on KLM cost $1,376S • Dubai on Virgin Atlantic cost $1,593 Upon your arrival at Dubai International Airport, you can hire a taxi to transport you to the hotel. Hotel transports from the airport to Atlantis cost $70. You may want to avoid booking hotel transfers with the hotels as they are more expensive compared to hiring directly from the airport. From the airport the meters starts to read at 20AED, which is flat. The minimum charge in the metro using a master card is 1.80 per person for journeys under 3km.

Experiencing Dubai Dhow cruise dinner (N8500) For a perfectly romantic getaway, this will be an amazing treat for you. Decorated with colorful lights and sitting arrangements, you and that special one can enjoy a perfect visual treat as the cruiser glides across landmarks of the beautiful city; like the heritage village, National Bank of Dubai, Dubai Chamber of Commerce and bridges across the creek Cruise boat Desert Safari (N8500) On the second day, you can set the ball rolling by taking a short journey to the safari, and enjoy the thrill. You get to embrace the spectacular views of the sunset during the tour, while a traditional Arabian welcome awaits you and of course the Arabian ambiance with a five star treat and traditional Arabian carpets, low tables and cushions for comfortable relaxation. Hot Air Balloons (N41, 790) One the third day, I recommend this experience for every couple seeking an adventurous stay. It is a time to keep aside all your worries and fear, glitz and glamour because the fascinating views leave you with long lasting memories. Aqua Venture Water Park (N11, 000) On the fourth day, you might want to cool off a little bit and take to the pools. With your tickets of just N11, 000, you are granted access to not only the aqua venture water, but also the lost chambers aquarium, where you can experience the mysterious ruins of Atlantis with its 65,000 marine animals while experiencing the ultimate Atlanta adventure Your fifth day could be more relaxing and void of activity. For instance, you can choose to relax at the beach, the hotel room, lounging by the pool side, swim if you can or/and play gulfing. On the sixth day, you can visit the city mall to purchase souvenirs, tour the city to appreciate what it has to offer and call it a day.

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Accommodation Atlantis is no doubt a haven and a wonder to behold; you would want to visit it over and over again. However, the magnificent city has got many other hotels that offer high quality service that will make your stay fulfilling. Amongst many are a few I have carefully selected Media One Hotel ($161) Media One Hotel is located close to Sheikh Zayed Road in the center of Dubai Media city. It is just a 30 minutes’ drive from Dubai International Airport, 45 minutes from Abu Dhabi, 20 minutes from Dubai world Trade Centre. Ramada Hotel ($49) Guests at this property will enjoy free access to the major cultural landmarks of this city. Burj-Khalifa, the tallest skyscraper in the world, Wild Wadi Water Park and the city mall are some of the famous attractions that guest can visit during their stay. Golden Sands Hotel ($95) Dubai international airport is just 30mins away from The Golden Sands Hotel apartments. The World Trade Centre residence is only 10 minutes away from the hotel. Golden sands offers an on-site restaurant, serving Asian cuisine, breakfast can be enjoyed in individual apartment daily. Premier Inn Dubai Silicon Oasis ($123) The Premier Inn Hotel is located just off Emirate Road and is within easy reach of Academic City, Dubai World Trade Centre and Business Bay. There is a restaurant and a bar as well as leisure facilities which include a rooftop swimming pool.

Whether you choose to go for an adventurous time or a serene retreat to renew your spirit, explore historic sites or experience the breathtaking beauty of nature, the most important thing is that your experience is worth the while and most fulfilling


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Take Advantage of ourDelightsome

event Services

Venue Decoration Cakes & Confectioneries Small Chops Training Event management Rental Services Chapman For more Information Contact: N0 26 olokode,lasu-ojo road,lagos Nigeria Tel 08055823925,08038053714 e-mail: or add us on BBM 2648219B

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........Giving you the best you deserve




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Choosing shoes for your big day is as important as choosing your dress. With so many choices and styles, one can get confused very quickly. However, it is important to remember why you need shoes in the first instance. We wear shoes primarily to protect our feet; any other reason is secondary and of less importance. I’ve put together some tips to help you choose your perfect bridal shoes Start shopping for your shoes early. Unlike your dress where there’s a possibility of you dropping/adding a dress size, your shoe size most of the time stays the same. This means you can start shopping for your shoes as early as you want to. You’d need your shoes to determine the length of your gown anyways, so you might as well get it in time. Go through all possible choices so your final decision is an informed one. Choose shoes that you can possibly wear again. A lot of items you buy on your wedding day would probably not work in any other setting so utilize the opportunity for those items that you can possibly repeat. A lot of bridal shoes can be worn for dinners/special events. Work with the theme/environment. A lot of weddings these days are held in outdoor venues - gardens/conservations, you need to carefully consider what shoes to wear. Heels would probably not be ideal else you’d spend the whole time trying to raise your heels from the sand/mud. Whatever your wedding theme is, think of that when shopping for your shoes. But don’t get carried away.

NUPS: Edition 1

Can you walk in those shoes? Remember not only would you want to feel very comfortable in your shoes, you’d probably have them on for at least 6/7 hours or more. In the Nigerian environment where most weddings consist of 3 or 4 events with several wardrobe changes, you need to seriously consider this. In as much as heels add a bit of height to your frame, it’s important to only go for what works for you as a person. If you’ve never been a high heel person, there’s nothing wrong with that, consider going for shoes with low kitten heels instead. Or you might want to consider wearing heels beforehand to get your feet and body used to it. Also, make sure you buy the right size; for some types of shoes, you might need to go a size up so remember that. Since you’d be in those shoes for hours, to avoid ending up with blistered, aching feet, wear your new shoes for at least an hour a day starting from a week before. Walk around the room in your shoes, that way you open up the shoes a bit more and it ensures extra comfort on the day. If you sweat a lot on your feet and experience swelling, try using shoe pads and sprinkle a bit of talcum powder to absorb moisture. Your shoes should be of very good quality; don’t buy shoes that will hurt your feet in the process because you’re trying to cut costs. Look out for bargains but quality is what really matters. Think of getting a feet massage/pedicure before your wedding day. This helps relax your feet and makes them slip into your gorgeous shoes easier.




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Lose It Ladies

Over the years, the Dieting has become a watchword for most Nigerians, particularly women. While I was watching an episode of a show “the Doctors”, I was amazed at the realization that most women think of food more than anything else in the world, even sex. Food is a very important part to the human body as it gives the body the nutrients it needs each day while reserving extras. Food is also eaten for pleasure and not because we are hungry. It sounds strange when we hear of women who count calories. We remind ourselves it is impossible to count calories and it won’t work for us African women because of the difficulty of knowing the exact calories in the food options available to us. However, there is good news. Working with the fact that Information is cheap in the 21stcentury; the “Social Network/ Media” has further improved fast access to information as we have instant connection to the internet on our mobile phones and can easily “google” anything and finds answers to queries,

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research any topic and stay informed to improve our daily lives. There is an app in “BlackBerry App” that has a list of African dishes and their calories. To get the app, simply type in the name in the search box of the  APP World, download & run. This app can also be found at To lose weight using the app, you have to make sure you eat less than the daily calorie requirement in order to maintain a desired weight. This app indicates your expected weight within a 5 week period following your daily routine. It also calculates the calories burnt through exercise in proper details. Ladies, we need to understand the need to take our health seriously and develop better & healthier lives. The earlier we do this, the better, to stay strong, sexy & FABULOUS!!!



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NUPS: Edition 1

To subscribe to NUPS If you have an African vendor catering for your wedding be it in make-up, photography, wedding dress, groom’s attire, décor, cake etc and you’ll love to be featured on the cover of our magazine, please get in touch with us at no later than a month to your wedding date. Send us your vendor list, dates, location and a picture of you. Time-capsule and pearl account holder of the Nuptials & more website stand a chance of getting free to half price for their wedding showcase in NUPTIALS Magazine. Visit us at today and register or upgrade your account. Platinum vendor account holders stand a chance of getting free advert space in NUPTIALS Magazine. We also cover individual weddings and couples get an overall discount off all our services at Nuptials & more and at NUPTIALS Magazine, get in touch with us today at and stand a chance of getting top vendors to cater for you at subsidized rates. We’ll make your day like a dream....!

Photo credits -Taiwo Kamson -Laphy

NUPS: Edition 1




NUPS: Edition 1