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JOSEPH L. BURROUGHS II United States Marine Corps (RET) Reclaimed -Nupe You Should Know





reg Hoyd is the Polemarch for the 2018 Reclamation Chapter of the year, Carlsbad Laguna Temecula Alumni Chapter, of the Western Province. He has a passion driven career working

in sports management, sports marketing and upper division education. He has held the position of president and polemarch of Carlsbad Laguna Temecula Alumni Chapter for 3 years. He became the fourth president of the


chapter that was chartered in 2009. Hoyd’s leadership has catapulted the charter to a national stage appearing in national media articles. The University of Mississippi alum and business owner has helped over 200 athletes secure athletic scholarships. In his rare downtime, Hoyd indulges in smooth whiskies, college football bingeing, collecting Mercedes Benz model cars and listening to

Editor in Chief Greg Hoyd Graphic Designer Aaron Foster

live music. Follow him on twitter @Coach_Hoyd.

Photo: Dian Burroughs

Brother Greg Hoyd

Articles: Andre Kirkendoll

Carlsbad Laguna Temecula Alumni Chapter Of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc 31803 Temecula Parkway Ste 123, Temecula, CA 92592. 909-480-1911

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RECLAIMATION Meet Major Joseph L Burroughs II (RET), as he komes home to Kappa.

Doing Major Work


Suits For Our Sons



Military Nupes


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J 5 Founders Day


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Kappa Alpha Psi Brothers

Are Fully Furnishing The First Apartments of Emancipated Foster Kid 2









Kids In California



The Two Programs Include: My First Boys to Men Twice a year CLT partners with foster youth agency Just In Time to supply emancipated foster youth with full furnishings for their first apartments as a way to bridge the gap from foster care to having to care for themselves. My First Home is the next coming event for CLT from their Guide Right Program. It will take place this coming fall of 2018.

Once a year, the chapter partners with foster youth agency Orangewood Foundation to supply brand new suits, tie tying tutorials and give aways for foster youth. The give away includes brand new suits, ties, belts, shirts and shoes. A tailor is provided at the event so that all of the suits are tailored to fit. Partnering with their fellow Fraternity Brother Kwame Jackson and his menswear and fashion accessory company “Ties By Kwame�


Brothers Are Outfitting Emancipated Foster Youth In California With Suits For


he brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi in California are doing some powerful work to prepare young men who emancipated with the things they need to succeed as young adults.

The men of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated are well known across US College campuses as being debonair, well dressed and stylish and it’s a designation Kappa men are all too happy to hold on to long after their college days are done. It comes to no surprise that the Carlsbad Laguna Temecula (CA) Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi in partnership with The City of Hope International Church in San Diego and New Birth Church in Temecula, both pastored by Kappas, hosted a Suits for our Sons Clothing drive. Fraternity brothers were able to collect and donate over 75 suits, 50 dress shirts and slacks, 47 ties, 20 pair of shoes, 16 sports coats an various other clothing items to the Just in Time Foster Youth Program, San Diego Urban League and San Diego Rescue Mission Dress for Success Programs. These programs give young men and women a chance at making a first great impression.

The initial aim and goal of the suit drive began a suit giveaway for Jitfosteryouth.org to help transition-age foster youth, ages 18-26, achieve self-sufficiency and well-being through their Bridges to Success program giving young men clothing and confidence they need to prepare for job interviews. However, as donations began to pour and space running low the Carlsbad Laguna Temecula Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc looked to other community service programs in need of professional attire. “We decided to take on this community service project because we realized that many young men do not have the attire to go on job interviews and simply present themselves as men who are employable,” Kappa Alpha Psi member and Community Service Organizer said, “the Bridge to Success as well as the other service organizations does an incredible job of preparing these young men to make that transition and we just thought it was fitting to aide them and do our part in ensuring that our young men are ready to go into the work force and dressed accordingly.”

Earlier this year, the Carlsbad Laguna Temecula Alumni Chapter was featured on Watch The Yard for fully furnishing the apartments of recently emancipated foster youth in California.









Carlsbad Laguna Temecula Alumni

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Zabber Thai Fusion 41789 Nicole Lane Temecula, CA 92591 Every Sunday 7pm

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Brother Thomas A. “Tony” Fraley Ph.D. was initiated December 11, 1959, at Alpha Phi Chapter. Brother Tony Fraley was a member of Carlsbad Laguna Temecula (CA) Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. Brother Tony Fraley was a loving husband, father, grandfather, brother, and friend. While we mourn the loss of a very good man, we also celebrate this Kappa man of achievement’s remarkable life and hope that it serves as an example to our beloved fraternity around the world to work hard to make their dreams come true, to be willing to explore and push the limits, and to selflessly serve a cause greater than themselves. Brother Thomas A. “Tony” Fraley Ph.D. was a 59year hero in the Bond of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity who always believed in Achievement. He served his family, community, and fraternity proudly, as a father, husband, businessman and investor. He also found success in the Western Province as a charter member of Carlsbad Laguna Temecula (CA) Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi. He remained an advocate of Entrepreneurship and as an Active Investor throughout his life and never lost his boyhood wonder of being a business owner. Brother Tony Fraley had a simple request. Honor his example of Achievement in Every Field of Human Endeavor and the next time you see a Brother in this Noble Clan of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc., think of Brother Fraley and give him a strong handshake.

Brother Tony (Alpha Fraley Phi, Winter - 1959)

We would like to thank all who have prayed for Brother Fraley and supported Carlsbad Laguna Temecula (CA) Alumni Chapter as we have served with Brother Fraley.



Thomas L. Battles, Jr Visits Western Provence CLTALUMNIKAPPAS.ORG






One Blood One Kappa Krimson Kares Senior Blood Drive

The Carlsbad Laguna Temecula (CLT)Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi® in a partnership with the American Red Cross, held their inaugural Blood Drive on November 17, at Starbucks, 29588 Rancho California Road Ste. K., in Temecula, CA. Brothers and members of the public were able to be screened and donate blood. These donations provide lifesaving resources for people of all ages. In all, 26 appointments were scheduled, along with ten (10) walk-ins who supported and participated in this year’s efforts. According to, Hilda, Ance, Senior Account Manager or the American Red Cross, “blood donors hold the power to save other’s in need of a blood transfusion.” When it comes to blood donations, researchers have found that African-Americans are under-represented among donors, and that minority donors in general are less likely to become regular donors. Increasing African-American donations is vital because blood types O and B, the blood types of about 70 percent of African-Americans, are also the blood types most in demand. The Polemarch for the CLT Alumni Chapter Greg Hoyd stated; “we’re extremely excited about giving back to our community, It’s one that touches us all personally, in addition it’s great that the American Red Cross is willing to come to local communities and creates a friendly environment for us donate blood allowing us to make a difference and impact lives.”

The Carlsbad Laguna Temecula

Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha 13 CLTALUMNIKAPPAS.ORG

J5 Founders Day

Carlsbad Laguna Temecula Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Hosted is #J5 Founders Day. 108 years of honorable achievement in every field of human endeavo #Carlsbad #Laguna #Temeculawinecountry





K.S. KuT 2 Per

Brother Andre Kirkendoll 16


Brother Evan Yancey



The fraternity was founded as Kappa Alpha Nu on the night of January 5, 1911, by ten African-American college students. The decision upon the name Kappa Alpha Nu may have been to honor the Alpha Kappa Nu club which began in 1903 on the Indiana University campus but had too few registrants to effect continued operation.[3] The organization known today as Kappa Alpha Psi was nationally incorporated under the name of Kappa Alpha Nu on May 15, 1911.[7] The name of the organization was changed to its current name in 1915, shortly after its creation. Kappa Alpha Psi initiate Frank Summers was one of eighteen members of the Indiana University Track team awarded the letter “I” in 1915. During this time there were very few African-American students at the majority white campus at Bloomington, Indiana and they were a small minority due to the era of the Jim Crow laws. Many African-American students rarely saw each other on campus and were discouraged or prohibited from attending student functions and extracurricular activities by white college administrators and fellow students. African-American students were denied membership on athletic teams with the exception of track and field. The racial prejudice and discrimination encountered by the founders strengthened their bond of friendship and growing interest in starting a social group.[8] By 1913, the fraternity expanded with the second undergraduate chapter opened at the University of Illinois—Beta chapter; then the University of Iowa—Gamma chapter. After this, Kappa Alpha Psi chartered undergraduate chapters on Black college campuses at Wilberforce University—Delta Chapter, and Lincoln University (Pennsylvania)—Epsilon Chapter. In 1920, Xi Chapter was chartered at Howard University. In 1921, the fraternity installed the Omicron chapter at Columbia University, its first at an Ivy League university. The fraternity’s first chapter in the South was established in 1921 at Morehouse College— Pi Chapter. Kappa Alpha Psi expanded through the Midwest, South, and West at both white and black colleges.[3] Some believe the Greek letters Kappa Alpha Nu were chosen as a tribute to Alpha Kappa Nu,[9] but the name became an ethnic slur among racist factions. Founder Elder Watson Diggs, while observing a young initiate compete in a track meet, overheard fans referring to the member as a “kappa alpha nig”, and a campaign to rename the fraternity ensued.[10] The resolution to rename the group was adopted in December 1914, and the fraternity states, “the name acquired a distinctive Greek letter symbol and KAPPA ALPHA PSI thereby became a Greek letter Fraternity in every sense of the designation.” Kappa Alpha Psi has been the official name since April 15, 1915.[5] In 1947, at the Los Angeles Conclave, the National Silhouettes of Kappa Alpha Psi were established as an auxiliary group, which membership comprises wives or widows of fraternity members. In 1980, the Silhouettes were officially recognized and granted a seat on the Board of Directors of the Kappa Alpha Psi Foundation. Silhouettes provide support and assistance for the activities of Kappa Alpha Psi at the Grand Chapter, Province and Local levels.[11] The Kappa “Kane” In the 1950s, as black Greek-letter organizations began the tradition of step shows, the fraternity began using the “Kappa Kane” in what it termed “cane


at the Rodeo NUPES The Bill Pickett

Invitational Rodeo

Segregation and discrimination wiped the saga of America’s black cowboys from the history books, however, from Wyoming to Texas, black cowboys were known for their ability to ride horses, specifically the roughest broncos that white cowboys would not touch. As a result, Wild West rodeos would cast black cowboys. As the sport began to pick up steam and audiences grew, organized rodeo associations were formed.

In 1947, a group of wealthy black businessmen, along with prominent East Texas ranchers, and a handful of black cowboys, the Negro Cowboy’s Rodeo Association was formed. It was the country’s first and only organized black cowboy assoThe Bill Pickett Rodeo celebrated 34 Years of being the ciation and has produced its own rodeos across the West. “Greatest Show on Dirt” July 21, 2018 at the Industry Hills Expo Center. The Carlsbad Laguna Temecula (CA) In 1984, Vason created the Bill Pickett Invitational Rodeo, the Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc., as only African American touring rodeo in the United States and participating sponsors, gathered for a fun filled evening throughout the world. Over the years, the event has traveled joined by family and friends. to more than 33 cities across the United States. Vason passed away in 2015 and his wife, Valeria Howard-Vason, is carrying The Nupes at the Bill Picket Rodeo featured Black cow- on the rodeo and Vason’s legacy as its current president and boys and cowgirls competing in a variety of events which producer. included Calf Roping, Bareback Riding, Bull Dogging, Ladies Barrel Racing, Junior Barrel Racing, Ladies Steer The Bill Pickett Invitational Rodeo will celebrate its 35th AnniUndecorating and gripping Bull Riding versary Saturday, July 20, 2019 6:30 pm. and Sunday, July 21, For 34 years and counting, the Bill Pickett Invitation- 2019 at 3:30 pm at the Industry Hills Expo Center. So; gather al Rodeo has highlighted black cowboys and cowgirls. your family, friends, co-workers, scout troops, rodeo lovers The rodeo was the brainchild of Lucious “Lu” Augustus and join the Nupes at the rodeo to see the dazzling Bill Pickett Vason. “Lu” had attended the Cheyenne Frontier Days, Invitational Rodeo. the Granddaddy of Rodeos. He thought the rodeo was entertaining but lacked black cowgirls and cowboys. For more information contact nupesofclt@gmail.com







11 New Silhouettes

What A Day!!! We successfully chartered 11 members to the CLT Chapter and installed their slate of officers this past Sunday at the home of Silhouette MeMe Hoyd, Chapter President. Board members in attendance: Silhouettes Paula Fisher, Deborah Moore, Cherlynn Tyler-Mitchell and Elsie Paulino. Thank you to those in attendance and to those members who desired to attend and was unable to do so. SilhouettesofCLT.org 20


One of the highlights of the evening was having the supportive Kappa men of the CLT Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. Their pride was undeniable. To demonstrate their appreciation of the newly chartered Silhouettes, the Kappa’s gifted the new chapter a check in the amount of $300.00 to kick their finances off




K OME H OM E TO K APPA Defense Meritorious Service Medal Meritorious Service Medal (3rd award) Joint Service Achievement Medal Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal (2nd award) Navy Presidential Unit Commendation National Defense Service Medal (2nd award) Southwest Asia Service Medal (w/ 1 campaign star)


Iraq Campaign Medal (w/2 Campaign stars) The Bronze Star for Combat Operations in Iraq. I was at a high point. That was the point I was able to achieve that Bronze Star. I didn’t realize that the mission that we were doing was being brief as high as the President through the Pentagon directly to the President. What are the successes that we were having? We set trends during that period of time in 2009. So,


We have Major Joseph L. Burroughs, United States Marine Corps retired. I just wanted to thank you for your time and commitment to the the country and the bond. You achieved a lot during your career. Why did you decide to call it a career after 20 years?

It comes with time in your military career where you have to make decisions based on your family versus your country, and so it came down to a point where I was at the climax of my career. This is 2009, and I am supervising ten A type personalities, Marines. We were an Iraqi transition team. I was a Team Chief, and we had the responsibility of bordering and helping the Iraqis achieve some form of competency to actually test them so they can start taking over their own operations. So we were there as advisors, if you will. And so, I was there on the border of Jordan, Syria, and Saudi Arabia, which was the western border of Iraq. During that period of time, we achieved quite a bit. What I didn’t

realize at that moment was that our team was actually the mission focus of effort. They were watching everything that we do because we had so many successes with Iraqi border forces, and we’re talking over 450 border forces that were spread out throughout those borders. We traveled an average of about 300-400 miles per day for the first 60-90 days on Humvee’s. We were out in the elements. We conducted combat operations to actually train and test and evaluate these Iraqis to make sure they’re able to take over their borders. We were one of the last teams that was on the border during the Obama administration as part of an exit strategy to pull forces out of Iraq. So with that, these guys, I brought them home, number one, alive. All of them got a chance to see their families. We did lose one, but we didn’t lose them on the battle field. We lost him to cancer. And so he passed. That was our corpsman. But the others, they continued to live their lives, and do great things, get promoted through the system. All of them were awarded commendations.

I was at the height of my career.

So, what else can I achieve? Have I climaxed at this point? And the answer to that was maybe, maybe not. I think I had. It wasn’t in the cards for me to be a commanding officer and Andre, at the time my three girls, twin girls were starting middle school, and my oldest was starting high school, and of course being an absentee dad or a dad trying to raise their kids over a satellite phone or Skype, doesn’t work that well. They needed me home more than they needed me deployed. Therefore, I had to make a decision at that point, and I felt good about it. I ended up retiring from military service. I had my retirement in December of 2009 after 20 plus years. During my retirement, I asked wife lovely wife Dian to remarry me again because we never had our honeymoon. I finally gave her a honeymoon after 20 years of service. So that’s how I wanted to end that chapter in my career.


Thank you for sharing, good brother tell me a little bit about your life as a Kappa?

ACHIEVEMENT Okay. Yeah, absolutely. I love talking about Kappa. One of my favorite topics. I’m going to share this from a vantage point of a 19 year old at the time, outside looking in. So, I’m at Savannah State College, and there are all of the divine nine sororities, and fraternities present. The Kappa’s had a plot on the yard. There’s a spot for all the fraternities and sororities on the yard. But the Kappa’s had a plot that was an actual shape of a diamond. It was an actual fountain layered with tiles, crimson and crème and I would see the brothers on the yard. They would be stepping. I would see ladies around them all the

brothers noticed me, and they vouched for me. I tell you man, from that point on, it was one of the greatest decisions that I ever made joining this great organization because throughout my career, Kappa followed me. It really did, and it helped me to meet people that I would’ve never met, to build relationships that I would have never have built had I not been part of this organization. So that is my claim to fame. So I pledged. Went over June 1st, 1987 during the spring at 12:01 Kappa time is when I crossed the sands, the line named Snupey . I was part of


Thank you for sharing, good brother tell me a little bit time. But something that I saw that really attracted me was the brotherhood that I witnessed. They would sing songs, something I didn’t see any of the other fraternities or sororities do. They sang songs. They had a lot of fun in terms of expressing brotherhood. And one of the things I also noticed no one could touch the diamond except a Kappa. None of the Kappa sweethearts, which we called them at that time, or the ladies that hung around could not be anywhere near touching that diamond. They could be on the outside or could be side by side with a brother, but that’s it or you could sit on the benches on the outskirts, but you were not allowed within that circle and that bond. Being exclusive, privileged few is what really attracted me during that period of time. I saw that.

the Ace club, number one. My three Sands

I wanted to be part of it. It’s something that drew me as a 19 year old. So I was in the Naval ROTC Unit. There were two other brothers that were there at the time that noticed me, noticed some leadership capabilities about me. I was on the drill team. One of them was a drill team commander, and both of them had pledged Kappa in 1985. They vouched for me. So I attended a smoker, and it was through them I received an invite.


So, even though I had great grades, I was a scholarship student, had some leadership capability, that wasn’t enough for me to get in. I had to be invited in. Okay? So those


Can you tell me more about the reclamation process?

Yeah. Absolutely. Well, I was reclaimed on March 2018. So why March 2018 and what happened between there from the time I graduated from college is probably the question. So let me just back track a little bit. I got commission December 1989, and from that point and time, starting that quarter before, I disengaged myself from anything fraternal for the most part because number one, I needed to make sure my grades were right. Number two, I was processing from civilian life to military service. I had Military Entrance Processing requirements (MEPs) to complete. I was heading to head to the basic school, just completed Officer Candidates School the summer prior to Fall Quarter, getting fitted for uniforms in Beaufort South Carolina, among other requires to include completing my academic requirements. So that process started Fall Quarter of 1989 and I disengaged from all fraternal activity. And then I graduated, and from that point on, my career as a Kappa didn’t necessarily end. I was still in it. But now I am in achievement mode.


Can you tell me more about the reclamation process? and I were named Sons of Survival. I think we’re called Sons of Survival because we started off with eight and we ended up with four crossing the burning sands. Gamma Chi was part of the Southeastern Province at an HBCU called Savannah State College, now Savannah State University. So can you tell me a little bit more about how you went from going to a smoker, transitioning to a Scroller? The process of attending a smoker, which is an introduction meeting to a scroller was conducted by vote by the brothers of the fraternity. They determined who would move on to be part of the scroller’s club, and all that is done by a vote. And those that were voted in were invited to attend meetings that would extend from winter quarter to spring quarter until the time by which you crossed the burning sands.

My diamond was kind of hidden a little bit because the mission of the Marine Corps, the needs of the Marine Corps begin to be more important at that point and time. It was my career. For a long time, I was not part of any Kappa events. I might have met a few brothers here and there through my travels. Like Okinawa, Korea, Camp Lejeune North Carolina, here in California, but nothing on a major scale because not only I was deployed a lot in my career, a lot of long hours, but I also had a growing family. So I had to balance that. And so, for a long time I wasn’t financial neither was I not only financial but neither did I attend meetings. The mission took over. So now I’m retired, and now I’m looking around and saying, “You know what, I think I need to get back involved in the fraternity again.” So it’s now 2014, and I find Carlsbad





Our quarterly socials have included a 2018 “Super Kappa Bowl Party,” a 2017 holiday party, and our weekly Temecula “Stiletto Sundays” socials are just a few ways we are reclaiming and deepening the bond with Kappa Men and their significant others. In fact, ‘Stiletto Sundays’ is now regarded as THE professional networking and Kappa reclamation event in southwest Riverside County!

Under Polemarch Greg Hoyd’s leadership, CLT Alumni continues to prosper, realize the ideals of Phi Nu Pi, and contribute to our community.

All of the good work of the Fraternity is made possible by the participation and commitment of its membership. In only a year’s time thirteen (13) reclaimed Brothers have recommitted to share in the work of the Fraternity. Each has committed to enjoying the personal satisfaction of advancing the causes of the Fraternity, and to give back to our community in the name of Kappa Alpha Psi. Our increase in Chapter membership by 13reclaimed Brothers (a 108% increase over the Chapter’s 2016-2017 financial membership base) has had the concomitant effect of increasing the Chapter’s monthly meeting attendance,participation on vital standing and ad hoc committees, and contributions to the local community in ways that best fit Chapter volunteer schedules and interests in our defined Tri-County service area.

A Salute to Our Newest

Members 2017-2018



Brother James Alston Brother Joseph Baker Brother Anthony Bloodworth Brother Dave Briggs Brother Joe Burroughs Brother Michael McGinnis Brother Joseph Monroe

Brother Lenard Morris Brother Mark Moxley Brother Terry Rayford Brother Garry Roberson Brother Philander Steward Brother William Vincent

ARE YOU NEXT When we crossed those ‘Burning Sands,’ we committed ourselves to the ideals and noble purpose of Kappa Alpha Psi. We have all benefited in no small way from the lessons learned from, and through our association with, this great Clan. Accordingly, the following reclaimed members heard, felt and received this calling, and in so doing recommitted themselves to these noble ideals for the good of Kappa Alpha Psi:



The greatest thing one man can do is to give another man a helping hand during a crucial moment in his life–and that’s exactly what a group of Noble Men from the Carlsbad Laguna Temecula (CLT) (CA) and Irvine-Anaheim Alumni (IA), Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. did Saturday August 11th In Irvine as they volunteered their time, talents and treasures to partner with Women Helping Women (WHW) project for their Dads Matter Dress for Success, Employment Readiness Workshop. WHW formerly known as  Women Helping Women, is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization with the mission of providing the unemployed and the underemployed the skills and resources they need to get and keep a good job.


Since 1993, WHW has  served over 90,000 job seekers referred by over 275 partner agencies at no charge.  Each year thousands of job seekers participate in programs focused on equipping each of them to be the most marketable candidate for the job they seek. The Carlsbad Laguna Temecula (CA) and Irvine-Anaheim Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi eagerly answered the call when presented with a wonderful opportunity, inspiring service in the public’s interest, to serve as personal stylist and assist with WHW Dress for Success program. On this occasion these most noble Kappa Brothers assisted men with selecting professional clothing, and essential accessories such as shoes, belts, and ties as well as personal hygiene items which are all instrumental in helping men look professional and polished during job interviews, which helps them gain employment.


First impressions are often lasting impressions and the appearance of a job seeker is the first thing that potential employers see stated Greg Hoyd Chapter Polemarch in the open forum. Numerous assumptions are often made about the ability to perform at a certain capacity, based on the way a job seeker is dressed, so presenting yourself in an appropriately professional manner is of the utmost importance. The Kappa men brought forth a message that learning the value of presenting a professional image, which includes how to put together an appropriate head to toe interview look that exudes confidence and enhances personal style gives job seekers a competitive advantage in the job market and can mean the difference between getting a second interview or the job.   These Kappa men working with WHW prepared these men to be confident and well-dressed job seekers and to be successful in their job search by helping them understand the importance of creating and maintaining a professional image. With your support, Dads Matter, Dress for Success and similar programs like them can continue to empower hundreds of thousands of men on their path to independence.

HOSTED BY Irvine-Anaheim Alumni, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc


he 2018 C. Rodger Wilson Leadership Conference was hosted by the Irvine-Anaheim Alumni, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. The two-day conference was held Sat, Oct 20th through Sun, Oct 21st. Meetings took place on the beautiful campus of UC Irvine in Don Bren Hall, Irvine, CA. Accommodations were available at the  Wyndham Irvine-Orange County Airport Breakout sessions highlighted excellence in achievement, these sessions also provided valuable information and discussions on how to properly document chapter achievements and principals to use to instill leadership traits in its membership at the local levels. National and Local Fraternity members shared important information on issues necessary for continued achievement. According to Brother Larry Ferguson, the conference was a resounding success, “ I had a great time with the bond, and the information that was put out was transformative. It is my opinion that all that attended felt it was a success. I heard a great deal of praise from those who attended. All of those presenting was very well prepared and informed. The scheduling of the meetings, the topics and even the local accommodation were all superbly arranged. It will be a hard act to follow, and I am sure that next year’s organizers will look to emulate the success of the Irvine chapter.” According to Brother Brian Edwards, some of the highlights was having an opportunity of meeting the 33rd Grand Polemarch, and two Elder Watson Diggs Award winners. He continued to state that he learned some valuable tools in which he will take back to his chapter which will be very beneficial, which included various community service opportunities and properly documenting our efforts. Most importantly the significance of documenting and taking pictures for our archives. Its paramount that Chapter’s nominate and submit deserving Brother’s to be recognized for their valiant efforts. The MTA certification was also a great course. Here participants gained the knowledge on the policy, procedures, and proper conduct when dealing with interested candidates of our Noble bond so they are not hazed.


The highlight of the weekend for Brother Greg Hoyd, Polemarch of the Carlsbad Laguna Temecula Alumni (CLT) - CA Chapter of KAPSI was the opportunity to presented the Grand Polemarch with our CLT chapter Pin. The awesome part was he demanded that we do it right and pin him with the Chapter’s pin. Brother Dennis Hodges Vice Polemarch, lined up and pinned the 33rd Grand Polemarch Thomas L. Battle Jr., with the official Carlsbad Laguna Temecula Alumni Chapter Of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc’s Pin! The Bothers of the Carlsbad Laguna Temecula Alumni CA Chapter of KAPSI are training the leaders for the next 20 years and believe in inspiring service in the public interest. They currently have a Krimson Kares Senior Kappa Blood Drive scheduled for November 17th and a Kappa Derby Day May 4th 2019 to benefit Just in Time Foster Youth. The Brothers of Carlsbad Laguna Temecula Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. are making moves

Kappa Alpha Psi (CLT) Derby Viewing Party: General Admission includes Admission, Specialty Reception Station Dress : Track Fashionable.

About this Event It’s no secret that The Kentucky Derby is about more than just horse racing, the Carlsbad Laguna Temecula Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi would like to cordially invite you and yours to our Inaugural Kappa Alpha Psi Sundress & Seersucker Derby Day Party at The Hilton Del Mar. Join us Saturday, May 4th 2019 from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Ladies, grab your sundresses and pastel hats. Gentleman, break out your seersucker suits and bowties! Join us for an amazing afternoon as we view the 145th running of the Kentucky Derby. TV coverage begins from 1:00 p.m. to 4:20 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. The 2019 Kentucky Derby will begin at 3:46 Pacific Time. Fancy Hat Contest || Best Dressed ||Viewing of The Kentucky DerbyII Music || Dancing ||Sorority Stroll-Off|| Door Prizes II DRESS CODE WILL BE ENFORCED Dress Code: Track Fashionable Derby day is a day for spring dresses (both long and short), suits, leather shoes and heels. While it’s all about the hat for the ladies, it’s all about the color palette for the gents. Pastels, tropical colors, plaids and stripes are all popular choices. Accessorize with bow ties, hats, suspenders, and leather bags. Tickets include access to Specialty Reception Station. Event Includes Iced Tea, Freshly Brewed Regular and Decaffeinated Coffee and Tazo Tea Selection General Admission: $85.00

Laguna Temecula Alumni Chapter. I got invited, found a brother, got invited, came out to a meeting. I attended a mixer in Carlsbad fellowshipped with the brothers. Things were going well. Now it is time for the formal meeting! Well a brother by the name of Ken McCain who I believe was the Strategus . He asked me to step out side of the meeting. He shared with me that I was not in good standing with the Fraternity. He further explained that I was expelled from the Fraternity. My mouth dropped! This surprised the “dickens out of me!” So, I don’t tell this story that often, but I was expelled. And I was shocked. Brother Ken McCain treated me with dignity and respect and he wanted to help as I am thankful. He asked what happened I had no clue. I couldn’t tell him what happened because I didn’t know. I started to dig and conduct my own inquiry because I knew that I had very little engagement with the “Frat” from the summer to end of fall quarter 1989. I later discovered there was a “line.” The chapter was investigated for alleged illegal activity where my name got caught up into it. And so, I had to clear that up. It was a couple of years before I was about to get that cleared up. The road was a little long for me to get back. But I loved the fraternity so much and what it did for me, even during my career of meeting Kappa’s from here and there, it was worth it to me to wait until I could get back on the scroll again. And through the help of Ricky Hertford, who is part of San Diego Chapter, and also a graduate of Savannah State College and a Gamma Chi Brother, early ‘70s; He introduced me to Dennis Hodges. He reintroduced me to Dennis Hodges the Kappa. See, I knew Dennis Hodges in the mid-90s because we attended the same church at New Creation Church off of Altadena Ave. in San Diego. I knew him as a man of God at that time. Never knew him that he had any affiliation at all with Kappa. He was the Vice Polemarch of Carlsbad Laguna Temecula. He introduced me then to Greg Hoyd, the Polemarch, who treated me like a brother with opened arms, like I never left, and I’m so thankful for that. And also a few others that helped out, Sam Knight of the San Diego Chapter, one brother that I actually made, Jeff Dinkins who was the Polemarch of Gamma Chi and was familiar with the incident Fall Quarter of 1989. Helped me write up my reclamation packet. So, I had to have a community of brothers to help clear my name. Man, I tell you it tasted so well when I found out March 2018 that I was finally back on the scroll.


The Carlsbad Laguna Temecula (CA) Alumni Chapter Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity was honored on January 5th at their Founders Day Event as a Community Champion for their Guide Right efforts in supporting foster youth in the local and surrounding community. The Carlsbad Laguna Temecula (CA) Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc., Toy Drive ran from November to December and began with a modest goal: The Mighty Men of Kappa Alpha Psi wanted to collect and donate 100 toys to Heart Matters Foster Family Agency.

We would like to cordially invite you to join the CarlsbadLaguna-Temecula Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity as we present our Inaugural Sundress and Seersucker Derby Day Party Saturday, May 4th, 2019 in beautiful Del Mar, California. Throw on your Derby best and come out to “The Greatest Two Minutes in Sports.” The Kentucky Derby is a chance for every woman to express her inner Southern Belle. So, don’t forget your Derby Hat for our Derby Hat Contest! Participants are highly encouraged to dress in your finest Derby fashion. Ladies, wear your favorite spring dress, gentlemen sport your favorite pastel Seersucker Suit, Derby Blazer, Printed Shirt, Linen Trouser or Pastel Chinos and festive bowtie.

The Men of Kappa Alpha Psi partnered with Heart Matters Foster Family Agency http://www. heartmattersffa.org/ who currently have 100 foster children ages 0-20 who were displaced during the holiday season and collected over 200 toys. According to the Guide Right coordinator; “It’s an amazing opportunity, we are big into helping kids … We are always willing to give back and do whatever we can do for the community... To be apart of something like this, it’s wonderful.” “The holidays are a special time of year, and we want to help spread the joy of the season to girls and boys in our community,” said Chapter Polemarch; “… We also thank the community and Zabber Thai Fusion for their generous contributions in helping us bring smiles to children in the community and surrounding areas.”




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