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Searching for Patterns Thomas Chesney


Data mining is about finding patterns hidden inside data. It’s how the supermarket knows when your kids leave home or when your granny comes to visit; it’s how the credit card company detects fraud and how your insurance company decides whether to cover you. Searching For Patterns guides you through the techniques used to do this and the people behind them, in an easily accessible and entertaining way. Data mining is mathematical, but all the maths in this book has been kept separate from the main text, so you can skip it if you want. Data mining technologies have a wide range of applications from an online bookseller recommending a new book to an existing customer, to an autopilot flying a plane. The book does not shy away from the complexities involved, but explains them in a straightforward and understandable fashion. Searching for Patterns guides us through the tools and techniques that can be used to get to know things about people without having to ask. Also included is a review of the ethics involved in data mining.


2009 Paperback 160 pages ISBN 978-1-904761-24-2 £12.00

Understanding Mathematics Keith Gregson Without a basic understanding of maths, students of any science discipline are illequipped to tackle new problems or to apply themselves to novel situations. In this book, Keith Gregson covers a few essential topics that will help encourage an understanding of mathematics so that the student can build on their understanding and apply it to their own scientific discipline. 2007 Paperback 134 pages ISBN 978-1-904761-54-9 £19.50

Writing and Presenting Scientific Papers Second Edition Birgitta Malmfors, Phil Garnsworthy and Michael Grossman ‘All of us who are, or plan to be, professional writers … can make use of this book’ Poultry Science The aim of this book is to provide guidelines for preparing papers and presentations so that your message can be transmitted clearly and concisely to the reader or listener. Techniques for improving your writing, literature searching and training students in communication are also discussed. In this revised edition a few more topics have been added, such as electronic submission of manuscripts, writing statistics, and writing research proposals. 2004 Paperback 160 pages ISBN 978-1-897676-12-7 £22.50



The Physics of Rugby Trevor Davis Lipscombe What if Einstein played rugby? Surely Time Magazine’s “Man of the Century” might offer useful tips and techniques to defeat the opposition? In this book, the world of physics joins forces with the world of rugby, to show you how to tackle harder, pass safer, run faster, and scrum better - all the things you need to do to win. Blending simple physics, the kind you meet in high school, with anecdotes and stories from the world of rugby, Trevor Lipscombe takes us on a journey from scrum ruck and maul, to the running and passing of the offence, the chasing and tackling of the defence, through the kicking of penalties, to dressing for success in scorching summer sevens or winning in the winter. Physics at last comes alive, for here we look at a scrum, say, show what Newton’s laws have to say about it, and then use the physics to see how to improve rugby. For any rugby fan with a smattering of science, or any science buff who knows the rudiments of rugby, “The Physics of Rugby” should delight, entertain, and instruct.

Exploring Avenues to Interdisciplinary Research From Cross- to Multi- to Interdisciplinarity M. Karanika-Murray and R. Wiesemes (Eds.) This book consists of a collection of contributions on interdisciplinary theory and practice, as viewed through the experience of ‘new’ interdisciplinarians. It spans a variety of disciplines such as education, psychology, law, architecture, media, and health care. Its purpose is to contribute to the emerging literature and academic debate in interdisciplinary research and to give new interdisciplinarians a voice.


2009 Paperback 192 pages ISBN 978-1-904761-17-4 £20.00

2009 Paperback 208 pages ISBN 978-1-904761-68-6 £17.50

Occupational Health Psychology European Perspectives on Research, Education and Practice Jonathan Houdmont and Stavroula Leka (Eds.) This book is the third volume (2008) in the annual series from the European Academy of Occupational Health Psychology. The discipline of occupational health psychology concerns the application of the principles and practices of psychology to the understanding and management of the dynamic relationship between workers and their work environment. 2008 Paperback 340 pages ISBN 978-1-904761-82-2 £20.00



International Sheep and Wool Handbook DJ Cottle (Ed.)


This book covers a broad range of topics relevant to the sheep and wool industry in all the main regions of the world. Despite the importance of the sheep industry to Australia, the previous 1991 edition was the first publication to have brought together a comprehensive treatment of these topics. This revised book significantly expands on the earlier edition, containing 11 new chapters with all previous chapters updated and expanded. This book is fully international in scope, future developments in all areas are discussed and the sheep meat aspects of the industry are covered in more depth. The contributing authors are influential in the industry through their employment in international Universities, Departments of Primary Industry, research organisations and private companies.


This book is the most comprehensive available covering all aspects of the international sheep and wool industry from paddock to plate and from farm to fabric. 2010 (Expected Feb) Paperback 601 pages ISBN 978-1-904761-86-0 £60.00

Livestock and Wealth Creation Improving the husbandry of animals kept by resource-poor people in developing countries E Owen et al (Eds.) This unique textbook is the product of a south/north, east/west collaboration, involving 105 contributors from 26 countries. It will be invaluable to all concerned with livestock keeping and poverty alleviation in developing countries, especially lecturers, students, NGOs, policy makers and those working with resourcepoor livestock-keepers. 2005 Paperback 601 pages ISBN 978-1-904761-32-7 £42.50

Yields of Farmed Species Constraints and opportunities in the 21st Century J Wiseman and R Sylvester-Bradley (Eds.) Can we expect the last century’s dramatic increases in yield to continue? What is the potential of today’s farmed species? How will new technologies affect the yields achieved in future decades? To what extent will pests, pathogens competing demands for resources or scruples about farming processes curtail our ability to innovate in food production? This volume debates possible solutions. 2005 Hardback 651 pages ISBN 978-1-904761-23-5 £70.00



Farm Animal Genetic Resources BSAS Publication 30 G Simm et al. (Eds.) Written to create awareness of and discuss key issues in this field, this volume covers the important topics of policy, the genetic basis for conservation, new opportunities for rare breeds, molecular and reproductive techniques to support conservation and conservation in action. 2004 Paperback 345 pages ISBN 978-1-897676-15-8 £39.50

Responding to the Livestock Revolution BSAS Publication 33 E Owen et al. (Eds.) This book discusses the Livestock Revolution which is occurring in some developing countries and a result of which is a gigantic increase in demand for meat and milk is predicted. The recurring question addressed is whether this will help or hinder the alleviation of poverty amongst resource-poor livestock farmers. 2004 Paperback 384 pages ISBN 978-1-904761-51-8 £37.50

Recent Advances in Pet Nutrition D-K Laue and LA Tucker (Eds) This book covers the current state of our knowledge in companion animal nutrition as well as exploring the all-important issue of how these developments are conveyed to pet owners through marketing. 2006 Paperback 211 pages ISBN 978-1-904761-11-2 £45.50


The role of globalisation and implications for poverty alleviation


The Shrimp Manual V Alday-Sanz

This will cover information related to shrimp physiology/anatomy, production, diseases and health management and post-harvest issues relevant to producers and processors. Late 2009 Paperback 650 pages ISBN 978-1-904761-59-4 £TBC



RECENT ADVANCES IN ANIMAL NUTRITION These volumes are based on the proceedings of the University of Nottingham’s highly successful annual Feed Conference. In order to meet the challenges facing the animal feedstuffs industry, it is vital that the technical knowledge produced by researchers is disseminated and put into the appropriate context to meet the needs of producers and consumers alike. Thus, on each occasion experts are invited from around the world to address a number of topical issues. The clear, informative style of the volumes in the Recent Advances in Animal Nutrition series keeps all those involved in the animal feedstuffs industry up-todate with important issues. For full contents lists of all available volumes, please see our website ( PC Garnsworthy and J Wiseman (Eds.):


2009 NEW

(expected early 2010)


2010 Hardback 350 pages (approx) ISBN 978-1-904761-05-1 £65.00

2009 Hardback 350 pages (approx) ISBN 978-1-904761-04-4 £65.00



2007 Hardback 376 pages ISBN 978-1-904761-03-7 £65.00

2007 Hardback 388 pages ISBN 978-1-904761-02-0 £65.00



2005 Hardback 400 pages ISBN 978-1-904761-01-3 £62.50

2005 Hardback 308 pages ISBN 978-1-904761-00-6 £60.00

Nutrition-Based Health Nutricines and Nutrients, Health Maintenance and Disease Avoidance Clifford A Adams Animal health has major implications nowadays for the food supply, public health and international trade. However, there is increasing reluctance to rely upon therapeutic solutions to animal health using drugs and medicines. Consequently Nutrition-based Health is the only available strategy to avoid disease and maintain health in animals. 2007 Paperback 178 pages ISBN 978-1-904761-58-7 £35.00

Redefining Mineral Nutrition JA Taylor-Pickard and LA Tucker (Eds) Featuring papers from some of the world’s leading authorities, the aim of this volume is to re-examine the current status of mineral recommendations and to look at how minerals are applied in feeds for poultry, pigs and ruminants. ReDefining Mineral Nutrition is aimed at nutritionists and animal producers as well as students and researchers studying animal and applied biological sciences. 2005 Paperback 295 pages ISBN 978-1-904761-30-3 £45.00



Phytogenics in Animal Nutrition


Natural concepts to optimise gut health and performance Tobias Steiner (Ed.) The term “phytogenics”, also referred to as botanicals or phytobiotics, describes plant-derived compounds incorporated in animal feed to improve productivity of livestock through amelioration of feed properties and promotion of the animal’s production performance. In the last few years phytogenics have gained considerable attention in the feed industry. This compendium represents a review of existing knowledge, as well as a basis for future research and development for scientists and the feed industry in order to develop efficacious phytogenic preparations for animal nutrition. 2009 Paperback 192 pages ISBN 978-1-904761-71-6 £35.00

Acidifiers in Animal Nutrition This book provides an overview on the use of acidifiers in animal nutrition & their beneficial effects on livestock and aquaculture. It contains a compilation of papers from research institutes and the industry worldwide related to that topic. The editor and authors who contributed to this book hope that further scientific development in this area will boost discussions on future research, leading to more in-depth knowledge on the mode of action and benefits of acidifiers in animal nutrition. 2007 Paperback 98 pages ISBN 978-1-904761-40-2 £25.00

Recent Developments in Non-Ruminant Nutrition J Wiseman and PC Garnsworthy (Eds.) Following demand and the success of previous compendia, it was decided to bring together chapters with the common theme of non-ruminant nutrition under one cover to provide a very convenient reference for a wide range of subjects under this general heading. The book is an extremely informative collection of reviews of high scientific quality, which will appeal to teachers, students, researchers, and the animal feed industry worldwide.


C Lückstädt (Ed.)

2006 Paperback 490 pages ISBN 978-1-904761-34-1 £55.00

Selenium in Nutrition and Health Peter F Surai This book provides information about selenium as an important part of integrated antioxidant systems in animal and human bodies responsible for maintaining health. It contains practical advice in relation to effective usage of selenium supplements, including optimal forms and doses. It also combines fundamental information on selenium biochemistry and metabolism. It also presents the most recent findings, unresolved puzzles and future directions for selenium research. 2005 Hardback 974 pages ISBN 978-1-904761-16-7




The Mycotoxin Blue Book E Duarte Diaz (Ed.) The Mycotoxin Blue Book focuses on the field occurrence of mycotoxins and on their physiological effects, including detailed information on types of moulds and mycotoxins and the conditions under which moulds flourish. The implications of mycotoxin contamination of feedstuffs for food animal species, aquaculture and companion animals are covered. Sampling and analysis are covered in depth as well as the threat of mycotoxins to human foods. Finally, some of the practical means of ameliorating the negative effects of mycotoxins are addressed. 2005 Paperback 348 Pages ISBN 978-1-904761-19-8 £55.00

The Living Gut 2nd Edition


WN Ewing (with contributions by LA Tucker) The knowledge of the gastrointestinal microflora has substantially improved since the first edition of this book and new methods for studying the microflora have been developed. There is now considerable emphasis on the use of alternatives to antibiotic growth promoters in animal production. This includes discussions of enzymes, oligosaccharides, probiotics and organic acids. This revised volume gives a modern understanding of the microflora in the gastrointestinal tract and indicates how this can be managed in modern animal production without the reliance upon antibiotic growth promoters. 2008 Hardback 202 pages ISBN 978-1-904761-57-0 £28.50

Managing Gut Health Natural growth promoters as a key to animal performance T Steiner This book highlights the most important categories of natural growth promoters: Acidifiers, probiotics, prebiotics, synbiotics, feed enzymes, phytogenics and immune stimulants. Particular focus is placed on their characterisation, mode of action and potential benefits in different animal species, including pigs, poultry, fish, shrimp and ruminants. 2006 Paperback 106 pages ISBN 978-1-904761-45-7 £30.00

Interfacing Immunity, Gut Health and Performance LA Tucker and JA Taylor-Pickard (Eds.) Bringing together the disciplines of monogastric animal production, feed, gut physiology, microbial populations and immunity, this collection of papers aimed at practical nutritionists and meat producers aims to provide the link between these highly technical disciplines and practical animal production. As a useful update on the current status of such specialised topics as digestive physiology, gut microbiology and immunology, this book will also benefit students and researchers studying animal and applied biological sciences. 2004 Paperback 120 pages ISBN 978-1-904761-29-7 £30.00



Covering a broad range of topics relating to equine nutrition, veterinary medicine and exercise physiology, the volumes produced to date in the Advances in Equine Nutrition series have arisen from original research and reviews presented at the annual Kentucky Equine Research Equine Nutrition Conference for Feed Manufacturers. Kentucky Equine Research is an international research firm that specialises in equine nutrition and exercise physiology consultation and product development. The company has secured its place as one of the premier equine research organisations in the world by conducting and publishing state-of-the-art research, by collaborating with prominent universities and research institutions, and by disseminating advances in equine nutrition research to horsemen throughout the world.

Advances in Equine Nutrition IV NEW The latest volume in this series is a collection of original research and review papers presented during Kentucky Equine Research nutrition conferences held in Lexington, Kentucky. Conferences feature international authorities on nutrition, exercise physiology, and veterinary topics pertaining to the horse. These authorities have not only refined nutritional requirements of horses, but they have also discovered ways to most effectively deliver nutrients necessary to fuel horses in all athletic endeavors, to achieve sound growth in young horses, and to ensure nutrient requirements are being fulfilled in reproductively active horses. Interspersed among scientific topics, practical feeding and management considerations are offered. 2009 Hardback 503 pages ISBN 978-1-904761-87-7 £65.00

JD Pagan (Ed.) This volume reflects recent nutritional issues in horse management. Thus, feed supplements, especially those aimed at preventing joint problems and supporting an effective immune system are discussed. Management of feeding during stressful conditions is covered, as are specific problems like managing underweight and older horses, mycotoxicosis, sports nutrition and the role of nutrition in managing the respiratory diseases.


Advances in Equine Nutrition III

2005 Hardback 503 pages ISBN 978-1-904761-28-0 £45.00

Advances in Equine Nutrition II

Advances in Equine Nutrition

JD Pagan and RJ Geor (Eds.)

JD Pagan (Ed.)

2001 Hardback 547 pages ISBN 978-1-897676-78-3 £30.00

1998 Hardback 566 pages ISBN 978-1-897676-83-7 £25.00

COMING SOON - CHECK WEBSITE FOR LATEST INFORMATION Chiropractic for Horses to Maintain Health and Wellness A Reddy Chiropractic is a progressive science ever increasing in popularity all over the world. With alternative therapies becoming more accepted internationally, the population are challenging the profession with an ever increasing thirst for knowledge and understanding. It is hoped that this work will become a teaching aid to give a more thorough understanding of both the science of chiropractic and the day to day management of animals and their health. 2010 Paperback Approx 250 pages ISBN 978-1-897676-82-0 £TBC



Farriery: The Whole Horse Concept The enigmas of hoof balance made clear DW Gill This book has been written to appeal to all relevant audiences, i.e. in the tackroom, the forge and the surgery. It is easy to read and understand and above all, the book is informative and thought provoking. The gulf of understanding between owner, farrier and veterinary surgeon is bridged, by bringing together all interested parties to share a common pool of knowledge and understanding of natural biomechanics, technique and systems practiced. 2007 Hardback 163 pages ISBN 978-1-904761-55-6 £35.00

Applying Equine Science Research into business BSAS Publication 35


J Alliston et al. (Eds) The result of collaboration between equine scientists and industry figures, to bridge the gap between data collection and its application within an increasingly discerning marketplace. Indeed, many companies in the equine sector now appreciate the relationship between product success and well conducted independent research. 2006 Paperback 328 pages ISBN 978-1-904761-14-3 £39.50

Nutritional Physiology of the Horse Julian Hill and Andrea Ellis Nutrition is an essential part of daily management of horses. It affects health, welfare and performance. In natural surroundings the horse would spend up to 65% of time foraging for food. The digestive system reflects this behavioural process. Whilst recent advances in equine nutrition have improved our knowledge of how to optimise the feeding of horses under different physiological challenges, this book tries to incorporate the interaction between nutritional and behavioural requirements. 2005 Paperback 272 pages ISBN 978-1-897676-46-2 £45.00

Emerging Equine Science BSAS Publication 32 J Alliston et al. (Eds) The importance of the equine industry to the rural economy is now beginning to be recognised. Because the horse is not treated as an agricultural animal, little money has been put into research. Nevertheless, many organizations have been increasing research activities, and this book pulls together the results of recent thinking. 2004 Paperback 252 pages ISBN 978-1-897676-47-9 £39.50



Control of Pig Reproduction VIII


SRF Vol 66 H Rodriguez-Martinez, JL Vallet and AJ Ziecik (Eds) As a continuation of the earlier volumes in this series, the proceedings of the 8th Conference provide an authoritative and up to date source of information on research in pig reproduction. This will be an invaluable resource for students, teachers, veterinarians, consultants and technologists with an interest in all aspects of pig reproduction. 2009 Hardback 344 pages ISBN 978-1-904761-39-6 £75.00

Control of Pig Reproduction VII SRF Vol 62 This authoritative and up-to-date review covers recent research in reproduction: from fundamental studies to applying research to improve reproductive efficiency. Covering recent developments in gonadal function; uterine-embryo interactions; nutrition/environmental effects; controlled reproduction and the (potential) application of innovative reproductive technologies, this volume will be an invaluable resource for all those with an interest in all aspects of pig reproduction. 2006 Hardback 348 pages ISBN 978-1-904761-33-4 £45.00

Perfecting the Pig Environment Paul Smith, Hugh Crabtree and Nick Bird


CJ Ashworth and RR Kraeling (Eds)

“Perfecting the Pig Environment” draws on the experience of ‘early adopters’ who have made much use of technology as a means of making pigs feel more comfortable and boosting the profits of those who keep pigs. It helps define best practice and encourages its uptake for the benefit of pigs, pig keepers, processors, retailers and consumers. The book demonstrates what able stock people already know the most productive pigs are those attentively nurtured within a health and welfare conscious regime. 2009 Paperback 96 pages ISBN 978-1-904761-81-5 £28.00

Pig Environment Problems Paul Smith and Hugh Crabtree Although a technical publication, this is written for students and professionals who want to understand and enjoy pigs and enhance pig comfort. It aims to help both pig people and engineers obtain a better grasp of the key components of the pig environment and establish some common ground. It nurtures an attitude of continuous improvement that will not only better the lot of pigs and pig people but also increase the likelihood of improved consumer satisfaction and sustained profitability. 2005 Hardback 166 pages ISBN 978-1-897676-18-9 £20.00



Paradigms in Pig Science J Wiseman et al. (Eds) Regular meetings on Pig Science held at the University of Nottingham within the Easter School series, have become an established part of the international conference calendar with gatherings held every 4-5 years. Principles of Pig Science was held in 1993; Progress in Pig Science in 1997 and Perspectives in Pig Science in 2002. The latest meeting was held in July 2007, to coincide with the Chinese Year of the Pig, named Paradigms in Pig Science. 2007 Hardback 550 pages ISBN 978-1-904761-56-3 £70.00

The Appliance of Pig Science BSAS Publication 31 JE Thompson, BP Gill and MA Varley (Eds)


This volume discusses how the pig industry, as a whole, can close the loop and meet the needs of today’s researcher, processor, producer and consumer. Views are presented on five key areas of debate: Science into practice; Who matters? The changing market; A return to competitiveness; Dealing with the inevitable; Innovation and inspiration. Also included is a chapter on the nutritional control of Salmonella (workshop) together with the posters that were presented at the meeting. 2004 Paperback 204 pages ISBN 978-1-904761-50-1 £37.50

Pig Production Problems John Gadd’s guide to their solutions John Gadd Solving problems on pig farms doesn’t get any easier with the passage of time. This is an intensely practical book which deals with pig production problems all over the world. As well as compiling a series of checklists, the author provides the reasons why the actions should be considered and, where available, gives the back-up evidence from trial work. Equally important are the econometrics (cost-effectiveness) of the advice given - the author is a pioneer in this field. 2003 Hardback 591 pages ISBN 978-1-897676-34-9 £65.00 2nd EDITION DUE 2010 - CHECK WEBSITE FOR LATEST

Pig Production What the textbooks don’t tell you John Gadd Full of practical advice this unusual and innovative book discusses in depth as many as 50 subjects which, for understandable reasons, may not have been adequately covered by the 35 pig textbooks in the author’s reference library. Five sections deal with pig business management; minimizing disease; new developments in current and future pig production; ideas which maximize profit; and 14 subjects written specifically for the stockperson/pig technician. 2005 Paperback 263 pages ISBN 978-1-904761-21-1 £37.50



Broiler Breeder Production S Leeson and JD Summers This book provides a look at all aspects of broiler breeder production and management, starting with specialised genetic programs as developed by the primary breeders and ending with two chapters on very practical, handson aspects of breeder management. There is extensive coverage of health management, feeding systems, environmental control, lighting programs and all aspects of male and female reproduction. Recognising the diversity of management systems worldwide, the authors cater for breeders in both temperate and warm climates, and also for controlled environment vs. curtainsided housing systems. This unique publication is an essential reference for all professionals involved in broiler breeder production. NB This is a digital reprint from University Book’s 2000 edition - no new material has been added 2000 Paperback 339 pages ISBN 978-1-904761-79-2 £25.00

Commercial Poultry Nutrition - 3rd Edition Commercial Poultry Nutrition has become the standard text for all involved in the commercial poultry industries. This 3rd edition is a major revision with virtually all sections being updated to accommodate the ever-changing genetic potential of broilers, layers, turkeys, waterfowl and game birds. The major new look is a double column format for ease of reading. Some 80% of the Tables and Figures have been revised or replaced, and the book is expanded by some 20% to 420 pages. NB This is a digital reprint from University Book’s 2005 edition - no new material has been added 2005 Paperback 416 pages ISBN 978-1-904761-78-5 £40.00


S Leeson and JD Summers

Scott’s Nutrition of the Chicken - 4th Edition S Leeson and JD Summers This new edition represents a total update and revision of all the important aspects of nutrition and metabolism covered previously, together with new chapters on Digestion, and Natural Toxins. The reference material reflects the most recent research conducted in all areas of poultry nutrition and metabolism of the major nutrients. The Chapters on Energy, and Proteins and Amino Acids cover in detail the most recent methods of quantitation and partitioning for maintenance and production. The classical sections on Vitamins and Minerals have been extensively modified to cover all aspects of potential interactions and antagonisms together with consequences of simple or induced deficiencies. 2001 Hardback 608 pages ISBN 978-0-9695600-4-3 £20.00



New Insights into Fundamental Physiology and Peri-natal Adaptation of Domestic Fowl Yahav And Tzschentke (Eds) New Insights into Fundamental and Peri-natal Adaptation of Domestic Fowl is a compilation of 19 manuscripts from different topics presented in the symposium on Fundamental Physiology of the European Working Group of Physiology and Peri-natal Development in Poultry which was held in Berlin. 2006 Paperback 214 pages ISBN 978-1-904761-44-0 £25.00

Nutritional and Digestive Disorders of Poultry Simon M Shane


With contributions by Lucy A Tucker This text has been prepared to guide veterinarians, laboratory diagnosticians, nutritionists and students in their professional activities relating to diseases, parasites and malfunction of the digestive tract of commercial poultry. The interrelationship of intrinsic and environmental factors in the context of intensive production systems requires an appreciation of the multifactorial etiology resulting in dysfunction. 2006 Paperback 160 pages ISBN 978-1-904761-35-8 £35.00

Poultry Welfare Issues Beak Trimming P Glatz (Ed.) This book covers welfare and production issues associated with beaktrimming in poultry and reasons for it, it’s history and new methods under development. Its focus is welfare issues associated with the practice. Ethics of beak-trimming and cannibalism are assessed. Beak anatomy, acute and chronic pain and the physiological changes in the bird are examined. Other areas include evaluation of production, egg quality and health of birds relative to the severity and method of beak-trimming. 2005 Paperback 174 pages ISBN 978-1-904761-20-4 £35.00

Poultry Environment Problems A guide to solutions David Charles and Andrew Walker Practical housing and equipment aims to provide for birds’ biological, economic and welfare needs. Using the scientific principles behind the biological responses of poultry to their environment, many of the needs and responses discussed in this book are applicable to indoor and free range systems. 2002 Paperback 88 pages ISBN 978-1-897676-97-4 £20.00



Reproduction in Domestic Ruminants VI SRF Vol 64 JI Juengel et al. (Eds) This supplement contains reports on male reproduction; ovarian function including follicular development and oocyte-cumulus cell function; neuroendocrinology; corpus luteum function; reproductive management; reproductive function of deer, buffalo, yaks and camelids; embryo technologies; embryo gene expression; fetal-maternal interactions and fetal development. 2007 Hardback 590 pages ISBN 978-1-904761-47-1 £75.00 Earlier volumes of this series available - see website for details

Herbivores BSAS Publication 34 Application of silvo-pastoral and mixed grazing systems to domestic herbivores, and the management of wild herbivores, requires an improved understanding of their nutrition. The great diversity of forages and browses results in a wide range of intakes and digestibilities by the animal. Antinutritive secondary compounds can also affect quality. Thus, an overall evaluation of forages and browses needs an integration of measurements of these factors. 2005 Paperback 311 pages ISBN 978-1-904761-52-5 £37.50

Calf and Heifer Rearing Principles of rearing the modern dairy heifer from calf to calving PC Garnsworthy (Ed.)


CA Sandoval-Castro et al. (Eds)

This volume considers every aspect of rearing calves, from physiological principles to practical systems. The topics are covered by an international selection of experts in their field. Aimed at technical advisers, researchers, extension workers, veterinary practitioners, progressive farmers, academics and students, this book covers every stage of production to achieve successful lifetime performance. 2005 Hardback 352 pages ISBN 978-1-904761-22-8 £70.00

Feed Into Milk A new applied feeding system for dairy cows C Thomas (Ed.) This manual explains the background and principles involved in deriving the FiM system and provides the rationale and the equations for the prediction of intake and the calculation of the requirements and supply of energy and protein (CD-rom included). In addition the manual recognizes that an applied feeding system is only part of the process of diet formulation and provides a series of decision support systems (DSS) to assist in building rations for dairy cows. 2004 Paperback 72 pages ISBN 978-1-904761-26-6 £35.00



Meat Inspection handbooks by Andy Grist Aimed primarily at students undertaking examinations in meat inspection, these fully illustrated books guide the reader through anatomy and physiology; explaining the diseased state, including how diseases can be recognised at the inspection stage and what action should be taken; parasites and their zoonotic potential; neoplasia (tumours); “Conditions encountered at post mortem inspection in abattoirs” illustrates graphically some of the lesions and abnormalities to look out for; and the three final sections give a brief overview of anatomy, causative agents of disease and possible diagnoses of specific lesions, listed by anatomical parts.


The full colour photographs make these invaluable tools for all those for whom knowledge of anatomy, diseases and other conditions is required, including veterinary surgeons and meat inspectors within the abattoir.



2008 Paperback 220 pages ISBN 978-1-904761-83-9 £40.00

2006 Paperback 93 pages ISBN 978-1-904761-38-9 £30.00




2006 Paperback 296 pages ISBN 978-1-904761-53-2 £40.00

2007 Paperback 248 pages ISBN 978-1-904761-46-4 £40.00

‘No one will go far wrong having these texts on hand in the working environment, whether it be preparing for qualifying exams, revising knowledge or teaching students or plant inspection assistants.’ Tim Udall OBE The Meat Hygienist 16


Spot the Difference: are cheetahs really just big cats?


This book draws together information from a variety of sources on comparisons between what is known about cats vs what is known about cheetahs. It is relevant to the husbandry and breeding of captive cheetahs and assesses the validity of the assumptions often made when using the domestic cat as a model for the cheetah. 2009 Paperback 250 pages (approx) ISBN 978-1-904761-60-0 £TBC

The Barbary Macaque Biology and conservation JK Hodges and J Cortes (Eds.)


KM Bell

This book sets out to present a synthesis of current knowledge of the biology of the Barbary macaque with the combined aims of i) emphasising aspects of comparative and evolutionary significance and ii) addressing issues relevant to the management and conservation of the species both in captivity and in the wild. 2006 Hardback 294 pages ISBN 978-1-904761-31-0 £55.00

Gamete Biology Emerging frontiers in fertility and contraceptive development SRF Vol 63 In recent years, an impressive progress has been made in our understanding of the developmental processes involved in the formation of the spermatozoa and egg in various species. Interestingly, using stem cell biology, researchers have created both male and female gametes from totipotent cells. Further, progress has been made in our understanding of cellular and molecular basis of the sperm-egg interaction leading to fertilization. 2007 Hardback 556 pages ISBN 978-1-904761-43-3 £75.00

Spermatology SRF Vol 65


S Gupta et al. (Eds.)

E. Roldan et al. (Eds.) This book reveals the enormous potential that the study of spermatozoa has to improve our understanding of basic questions about evolution and about cellular function, and to develop new ways of manipulating sperm cells for applied purposes. 2007 Hardback 552 pages ISBN 978-1-904761-48-8 £75.00



The Alcohol Textbook - 5th Edition WM Ingledew et al (Eds) The Alcohol Textbook, in its 5th edition, is designed to provide in-depth knowledge of the processes of making fuel ethanol and distilled beverage alcohol. The authors are a mix of select university professors, research scientists and prominent members of the alcohol industry. Located in countries where the industry already thrives, most have had considerable involvement in teaching the multidisciplinary aspects of the alcohol manufacturing process. The book fills a void in the scientific literature that is also addressed by Ethanol Technology Institute’s Alcohol Schools and Operators Schools for new employees and continuing staff – many of whom have had little exposure to the discipline due to the rapid growth of production plants around the world. Like the Schools, the textbook is designed to avoid commercialism. This text has been expanded and adapted to provide the most up-to-date treatise of its kind, as the industry moves from art to science, grows and is inundated with new technologies that make decisions more difficult to make regarding plant layout, design and operation. 2009 Hardback 552 pages ISBN 978-1-904761-65-5 £160.00

Distilled Spirits FOOD AND DRINK

Production, Technology and Innovation JH Bryce, J Piggott and GG Stewart (Eds.) The distilled spirits industry is changing rapidly to meet the demands of globalisation. These demands are being met by the use of completely novel raw materials and also by the continued development of raw materials that are currently in use. Novel spirits of high quality are being manufactured at a price and with flavours that meet the aspirations of consumers. These products are being made at a time of ever increasing demands by legislatures to ensure that production is sustainable, with a minimal impact on the environment. As always, the continued growth and success of well established brands makes them a target for those who try to produce counterfeit products and take advantage of the established name of a product that has been developed and perfected over many years. Therefore, in 2008 there are many exciting challenges facing the distilled spirits industry, but also a number of threats. This book on distilled spirits contains 50 chapters which arose out of the Worldwide Distilled Spirits Conference - 2005 organised by the Institute of Brewing & Distilling, Scottish Section. 2008 Hardback 262 pages ISBN 978-1-904761-64-8 £55.00

Meat Cuts and Muscle Foods Second Edition An International Glossary Howard J Swatland The three principle aims of this substantially enlarged and revised volume are to define standardised patterns of meat cutting and ethnic variations, to provide a ready reference to the mainstream muscle foods available commercially or being developed scientifically around the world, and to help explain the properties of different meat cuts and muscle foods in terms of meat quality. 2004 Paperback 258 pages ISBN 978-1-904761-15-0 £30.00



The Renal System Explained


An Illustrated Core Text Sunita R Deshmukh and Newton WK Wong This book offers the exam-going student’s perspective with the expertise of experienced, specialist contributors. It is primarily written for pre-clinical undergraduate students but also serves as a comprehensive guide for clinical students and a reference for science professionals. It contains core knowledge, identifies and emphasises essential learning points, and also enables readers to explore additional information if they are so inclined. Comprised of clear and concise explanations of key concepts and illustrated with colourful figures and tables throughout, the book covers renal anatomy, physiology, histology, embryology, pathology and clinically relevant aspects with integrative case studies. 2009 Paperback 164 pages ISBN 978-1-904761-84-6 £24.99

Medicinal Plants from the East


The purpose of this book is to give its readers a comprehensive and complete compendium of medicinal plants from the East which will provide them with a logical concept that will be used as a compass for the discovery of drugs. Many of the plants have not yet been studied and readers may use it as a reference material to start new research projects or to start international research collaborative programs. Clear, precise, botanical plates for each plant are used. Details on flowers, fruits, leaves, even anthers are given. Each plate provides origin of the herbarium, location of the plant and date of collection, plus some field notes including ecological data. A very precise botanical description, based both on fresh samples and herbaria, is also given.


C Wiart

Also included is a fully searchable CD-rom which enables the reader to search for plant names, diseases, countries, or any other parameter. No other existing book covers so many disciplines of sciences and geographical distribution. 2009 Paperback 712 pages ISBN 978-1-904761-85-3 £95.00

COMING SOON - CHECK WEBSITE FOR LATEST INFORMATION Anatomists and Eponyms: An Illustrated History of Anatomy Kurt O Gilliland and Royce L Montgomery The current trends in most medical school curricula have reduced the subject matter in Human Anatomy to its barest essentials with the elimination of all eponyms. Both students and teachers are now deprived of learning the history associated with many of the former great anatomists. The objective of this book is therefore to introduce eponyms with pictures or plates depicting the investigator for which the anatomical structure is named. Only the more common eponyms associated with the various anatomical systems of the human body are included. 2010 Paperback 250 pages (approx) ISBN 978-1-904761-73-0 £TBC



Ultrasound of the Chest


William Kinnear and Maruti Kumaran This book is for clinicians, to help them learn how to ultrasound the chest, using trans-thoracic ultrasound. It is mostly concerned with simple bedside scanning, but also includes information on more advanced applications, to give the reader an idea of what a skilled radiologist, with a more powerful instrument, can do. 2009 Paperback 68 pages ISBN

978-1-904761-42-6 £15.00

Non-Invasive Ventilation


William Kinnear Non-invasive ventilation has come a long way since its early use in specialist units. Now in common use on all wards, it is vital that everyone who comes into contact with non-intensive ventilation equipment on the front line of management of respiratory failure has access to high quality, practical technical information. 2007 Paperback 154 pages ISBN 978-1-904761-41-9 £29.50

Anatomical Terms and What They Mean Terry M Mayhew Nowadays, medical, dental and science undergraduates in English-speaking countries lack the basics in Latin and Greek – the languages from which all anatomical terms derive. The glossary presented in this book takes the wordroot of key anatomical terms, explains their meanings and gives examples of their use in anatomical and other contexts, including everyday English usage. 2001 Paperback 130 pages ISBN 978-1-897676-79-0 £16.50

Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering Vol 25 S Harding (Eds) A well-established hardcover review series with one new volume published each year. Each volume contains approximately 15 original, major review articles covering important developments in industrial, agricultural, and medical applications of biotechnology (wide sense), with particular emphasis on the genetic manipulation of the organisms concerned. 2008 Hardback 494 pages ISBN 978-1-904761-66-2 £75.00 Volume 26 available soon - see website for details



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NUP catalogue 2010

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