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JCI mission is to provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change. The biggest aims of our actions in Finland is to strengthen the members’ personal growth, to provide development opportunities and speed up our members work careers. JCI is global network of active citizens who share same interests. This network offers us unlimited opportunities that are waiting for us.

We dare to take actions when actions are needed.

TO me JCI offered once in a life time opportunity last summer when I participated in JCI Academy in Tokyo. The Academy offered unforgettable memories that I will cherish the rest of my life.

I spend a one of my best weekends ever in Academy´s home stay program with absolutely adorable Japanese non-English speaking family of four. I learned that it´s possible to create a really strong bond and friendship with another human without common language. Humanity and respect are enough. JCI Academy also changed the way I saw myself. I noticed that fear had bigger role in my life that I had realize. I didn’t really dared to take risks. I realize it while I was asked to jump on the glass with pare feet. “Totally insane! No way!” I thought and watched how my Academy fellows just did it. After few hesitating minutes I jumped too. I figured out how things that I fear are bigger in my head than they really are. At that moment I found my inner bravery and peace at once. THE most remarkable thing that I have learned from my international jaycee friends is that we are vanguards. We jaycees are people who are able to change the world better. We dare to take actions when actions are needed. You & me – Vanguards! MERVI VUORINEN National President, JCI Finland




MY name is Johanna Suominen. I’m from JCI Kouvola and I’m the National Information Officer 2016. My JCI career so far has been intensive and quite exceptional. I became a trial member two years ago and almost straight away I announced my interest in being on the board. A couple months later I found myself in the communications team refracting our chapter magazine Konuka. In 2015 I did the versatile board position as LIO at my local chamber. The election result didn’t end up in a regional position but a leap to a national one. Outside of JCI I work as a Development Manager at Hyötypaperi Oy. Hyötypaperi is a specialist in recycling services. We collect and process e.g. metal and scrapmetal, paper, construction- and demolition waste, forestry residues and other recyclable materials from manufacturing, logistics and other industries. My tasks are internal communication, customer reports, quality management systems and HR.


Meriitti 2/2016  

Member and stakeholder magazine of the Junior Chamber International Finland.

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