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Welcome to AOSpine AOSpine is a unique professional medical association of spine surgeons with both local and international presence. We represent some of the world’s greatest talent in spine care, and our community has grown to more than 6,000 members. Many of our members invest significant time, energy, and resources to ensure that the high standard of education and research developed by AOSpine over the last ten years continues to advance today. Some of our achievements include: • The implementation of our Curriculum in all AOSpine educational activities worldwide. This program is supported by a strong faculty program that guarantees the best educational experience in our courses. • The further development of the AOSpine Knowledge Forums, where working groups led by key opinion leaders generate knowledge by conducting clinical studies and publishing evidence-based recommendations.

Jeffrey Wang Chairperson, AOSpine International

In addition to these achievements, AOSpine continues to invest in basic and translational research. We offer state-of-the-art educational courses and fellowship programs to augment the surgeons’ knowledge in the principles and techniques of spine care, enabling them to establish and nurture professional relationships within their country and around the world. Our annual Global Spine Congress brings together our members from around the world and offers a unique academic platform to spine surgeons, orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, and researchers to educate, stimulate debate, and advance knowledge in the field of spine care. AOSpine relies on the expertise and enthusiasm of our members who have contributed to the many successes so far, for which we are very grateful. We welcome new members to join us and help maintain AOSpine’s reputation as the leading global community of spine surgeons. Sincerely, Jeffrey Wang Chairperson, AOSpine International

About AOSpine

AOSpine is the leading global academic community of spine surgeons dedicated to generating, distributing and sharing knowledge through research, education and community development. Established in June 2003, the organization is led by the AOSpine International Board.

The Board guides and supports the AOSpine regions, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, and North America. Each region drives local activities within the AOSpine international network. Today, AOSpine has an active community of over 6,000 members and 12,000 associates, surgeons, and researchers.

Claudio Lamartina AOSEU Chairperson

Roberto Chapa AOSLA Chairperson

Paul Thng AOSAP Chairperson

Michael Fehlings AOSNA Chairperson

Abdulrazzaq Alobaid AOSME Chairperson

AOSpine Research

Advance with our latest research discoveries

AOSpine Education

Benefit from lifelong learning opportunities

AOSpine Community DevelopmentÂ

Join the leading global community of spine surgeons

AOSpine Research AOSpine drives and transforms spine care through a variety of pioneering research programs. Members exchange evidence-based knowledge by participating in experimental and clinical studies.

Daniel Riew International Research Commission Chairperson

Teams of experts gather in intra- and inter-regional research programs and create valuable synergies between science and practical surgery. AOSpine continuously innovates spine surgery, offering its members the chance to be involved in the scientific advancement of spine care worldwide. Members also benefit from our research mentoring program enabling them to conduct their own projects.

«Be at the forefront of global spine care research.» AOSpine Education AOSpine fosters lifelong learning for spine surgeons worldwide. We offer educational activities that are developed and delivered by expert faculty, providing specific pathology courses based on a comprehensive competencybased Curriculum. The new Spine module of The AO Surgery reference offers a practical reference tool for surgeons working with patients suffering from a type 1–6 Lenke Deformity, complements our online offering.

Germán Ochoa International Education Commission Chairperson

Highly interactive educational programs involve the learners. By encouraging them to develop mentoring skills, AOSpine ensures the dissemination of know-how to the next generation of spine surgeons.

«Learn which surgical strategies provide best results.» AOSpine Community Development AOSpine’s strong academic credibility translates into attractive membership benefits designed to keep you connected to the latest advances in spine surgery. AOSpine encourages its members to generate, distribute and exchange knowledge while also allowing them to build professional relationships both locally and globally. The AOSpine website provides a platform for users to stay connected with the community and to keep up-to-date with the latest educational and research news.

Carlos Tucci International Community Development Commission Chairperson

A range of initiatives and activities, across five regions, ensure the continual strengthening and growth of our leading global community.

«Join the leading global community of spine surgeons.»

AOSpine Research Network (AOSRN) The AOSRN gathers an interdisciplinary group of experts conducting collaborative translational research on intervertebral disc regeneration and degeneration. Currently, AOSpine is sponsoring three collaborative and two single center projects. In addition to the clearly defined programs, AOSpine also supports individual projects through AO Foundation’s Research Institute in Davos, Switzerland.

Collaborative Projects: • Biomaterial-assisted Cell-based Therapy for Disc Degeneration—Barbara Chan (Hong Kong) • Mimicking Developmental Biology to Regenerate the Intervertebral Disc—Keita Ito (The Netherlands) • Discovering the Genetics and Regeneration Potentials of the Intervertebral Disc—Danny Chan (Hong Kong) & Daisuke Sakai (Japan)

The AOSpine Curriculum AOSpine fosters lifelong learning, providing spine surgeons with a comprehensive, modular, and competency-based Curriculum for continuing education. The AOSpine Curriculum is based on the competencies that enable spine surgeons to perform effectively across six areas of pathology in their practice setting and to meet the standards of the profession. Delivered through a combination of faceto-face events, distance learning, and self-directed resources, the Curriculum offers educational activities for all levels of experience in six areas of pathology.

To join the AOSpine global community, visit our website at to: • Broaden your global professional network • Discuss specific cases with colleagues worldwide • Benefit from AOSpine’s strong global academic credibility Students and Residents profit from a 50% discount on the membership fee.

Single Center Projects: • Biologic Repair of the Intervertebral Disc—Lisbet Haglund (Canada) • Quantitative MRI of the Intervertebral Disc Degeneration—Tugan Muftuler (USA)

AOSpine Knowledge Forums AOSpine Knowledge Forums are study groups designed to generate knowledge for the five spine pathologies (spinal cord injury, degenerative disease, deformity, tumor, and trauma). By publishing evidence-based recommendations, reviews, meta-analysis and performing studies, our Knowledge Forum outcomes assist our members in their clinical decision making.

Each AOSpine Knowledge Forum is led by a steering committee of five to ten worldrenowned experts that have been selected based on their medical education, clinical research activities, scientific publication, and peer recognition. Counting on a number of key opinion leaders to lead the forums, AOSpine ensures the dissemination of the latest advances and outcomes to the community.

«Interact with pathology-focused working groups of key opinion leaders.» AOSpine Faculty Development Investing resources for faculty development and management has been critical in establishing AOSpine’s academic reputation. With the guidance of the AOSpine Education Commission (AOSEC), faculty development programs have continuously evolved and expanded. Spine experts are given the tools and skills to become better teachers,

making them experts in education, equipping them with the skills and tools to develop and plan their own courses based on the Curriculum. Progressing through the different faculty roles requires profound interest and commitment to learning. All faculty positions have an application, nomination or recommendation element,

followed by a transparent selection or approval process, and concluding with certification and assessment. It is no secret that faculty development is the key to a successful teaching role for surgeons; it also provides opportunities for faculty to challenge themselves while advancing their careers.

«Become an expert faculty and train the next generation of spine surgeons.» AOSpine membership benefits Education & Career Development Member Programs Members are eligible for • Fellowship programs • Research Mentoring programs Online Education Videos, lectures, webinars and live surgeries with demonstration of the latest techniques and advances in spine surgery.

Educational Events Special Rates & Discounts Members profit from fee reductions for • Global Spine Congress • World Forum for Spine Research • AOSpine global, regional and local courses CaseBase Online tool enabling members to post and discuss clinical cases in public and private groups.

Scolisoft Interactive library of surgical cases and solutions regarding adolescent idiopathic scoliosis.

Information & Networking AOSpine website Gateway of information for facilitating dialogue, exchanging knowledge, sharing experience, and accessing membership benefits.

Member Directory The opportunity to connect with our AOSpine members worldwide

Knowledge Forum Tumor

Knowledge Forum Deformity

Knowledge Forum SCI & Trauma

Knowledge Forum Degenerative / Biologics

Chairmen Stefano Boriani and Ziya Gokaslan Members Charles Fisher, Laurence Rhines, Peter Varga, Chetan Bettegowda and Norio Kawahara.

Chairman Lawrence Lenke Members Kenneth Cheung, Christopher Shaffrey, Ahmet Alanay, Yong Qiu, Sigurd Berven, Marinus DeKleuver, Ito Manabu, David Polly and Steve Lewis.

Chairmen Michael Fehlings and Alex Vacarro Members Robert Grossman, Jens Chapman, Marcel Dvorak, Bizhan Aarabi, Cumhur Oner, Armin Curt, Frank Kandziora and Shanmuganathan Rajasekaran.

Chairman Jeffrey Wang Members Darrel Brodke, Jim Youssef, Tim Yoon, Jong-Beom Park and Hans-Jörg Meisel.

Global Spine Congress AOSpine organizes the annual global Congress with the aim to educate, stimulate discussion and debate, and advance the field of spine care. Clinicians, researchers and colleagues from other disciplines highly appreciate this

platform to present the latest results of their clinical studies and basic research to a truly global audience. This congress is where the global spine community meets, where new connections are made, and where emerging

technologies are presented. See you at the next Global Spine Congress. For further information, please visit:

World Forum for Spine Research The World Forum for Spine Research is the podium for everyone interested in the latest findings in the field of intervertebral discdegeneration and regeneration – from fundamental to translational and clinical

research. The event is a great opportunity for surgeons to get in contact with peers and researchers from all over the world and to be at the leading edge of science. The WFSR has established itself at the forefront of

Online Journals Full-text access to spine-related journals including • Spine • European Spine Journal online • Journal of Neurosurgery: Spine online • Journal of Spinal Disorders & Techniques • Clinical Orthopedics & Related Research • Journal of Orthopedic Trauma

• Journal of Trauma: Injury, Infection & Critical Care • Journal of Pediatric Orthopaedics • Journal of Pediatric Orthopaedics Part B

international spine care research through its commitment towards supporting researchers in promoting scientific innovation, collaboration and contribution. For further information, please visit:

AOSpine Publications Books and e-books AOSpine Members receive a 20% discount on AOSpine books and e-books. Evidence-Based Spine-Care Journal (EBSJ) Journal assisting spine care professionals to find, describe, and develop top-quality evidence in spine care.

Global Spine Journal Peer-reviewed AOSpine journal featuring original reviews, commentaries, technical reports, and case studies covering all spine pathologies.

Advancing spine care worldwide AO Foundation Established as a medically guided nonprofit organization in 1958, AO Foundation is dedicated to providing excellence in the surgical management of trauma and disorders of the musculoskeletal system. AOSpine is a professional medical association of spine surgeons; a clinical division of AO Foundation.

The aim of the AO pioneers was to scientifically evaluate AO Foundation’s place in the care of the injured and, where appropriate, to refine surgical practice and ensure optimized outcome for the injury victim. Today, the AO Foundation fosters one of the most extensive networks of over 10,000 surgeons, operating room personnel, and scientists in more than 100 countries.

AOSpine International Stettbachstrasse 6 8600 Dubendorf Switzerland

T +41 81 414 27 32

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