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NU NEWS Issue 1

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elcome to our first ever edition of NU News Magazine! The latest Students’ Union publication produced by students, for students. In this issue, head over to our News Feed section to scope out the latest news and views from both campuses. Love sports? If so, then you need to check out Game. Set. Match. in the back! If sports isn’t really your bag but you’re quite the social media guru, you’ll know all about the NekNomination craze that’s been sweeping across the nation, so check out our feature in Spotlight on where it all started, and why it’s making people think twice about doing it. Then chill out in The Lounge with the latest on NU Radio and the newest music out, and skim on over to Cultura, where we’ve got some killer film reviews for you to feast your eyes upon. And, if that wasn’t enough, NU News has also compiled an entire section dedicated to you lovely students, named The Loop, with articles ranging from fashion advice, to tips and tricks when trying to save that bit of spare cash, to dead simple recipes you can try out in the comfort of your very own homes. What are you waiting for? Check it out!

Joe Frost Editor

J Frost

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news feed the latest news from both campuses

‘sugar daddies’ paying for girls tuition fee’s jenn stowell

by jenn rose stowell

uon to form harry potter inspired quidditch team it may seem like something from a fanstasy film, but quidditch is slowly making an appearance across uk universities.

by Jenn rose stowell


T IS a sport normally played by witches and wizards, but now it seems quidditch is the latest sporting craze in the muggle world. A number of universities have set up their own quidditch teams, and our own university is even considering it. If we do get our own quidditch team then they will be able to compete on behalf of the University of Northampton in different competitions, including the British World Cup and the Quidditch League. However there has been some opposition to the idea at our university: “Muggles can’t play quidditch”, said avid Harry Potter fan Charly Selway. Yet many seem to be enthusiastic after their initial confusion as to how quidditch can be played in the non-magical world.

Muggle quidditch started in 2005 in America, but it has taken it’s time to fully captivate the UK. Now the number of teams across the country is quickly growing as more people are beginning to pick up their broomsticks. Staying true to the original game, muggle quidditch involves the normal team positions: three Chasers, a Keeper, Beaters, Seeker and a new addition of Snitch Runner. All players require a broomstick between their legs to replicate the flying aspect of quidditch in the Harry Potter books and films. Just as in the original game, when a Seeker gets the Snitch the game immediately ends and that team gets an extra 30 points to add to their total. Despite many having doubts, quidditch is now recognised as an official sport.


VER one hundred students at the University of Northampton have signed up to the ‘sugar daddy’ scheme that helps to pay their university fees. The scheme on claims to match wealthy individuals, known as ‘Sugar Daddies’, with students, known as ‘Sugar Babies’, who are desperate to make money whist studying at university. The website was launched in America in 2006 but it wasn’t until last year that there was an increase in international students signing up. This of course means a bigger loan for students to pay off after graduating. Founder and CEO of, Brandon Wade, said that “Sugar Daddies provide real solutions to the problem of student debts”. Over one million students worldwide have already taken part, making it the world’s largest sugar daddy website. On average students get a monthly allowance of £5,000 from their sugar daddies to help cover their university fees. Sugar daddies are described on the site as “modern gentlemen” but often want something in return for giving their money away. The website does, however, ask the sugar daddies to ‘be brutally honest about who you are, what you expect, and what you offer.’

lgbt society host magical masquerade ball by zach patel champion

F the attic at Park Campus

EBRUARY is annually recognized across the world as LGBT History month, a month that celebrates the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community and its diversity. Within the Students’ Union, the third week of February was set aside as LGBT week. To mark the end of the week, the LGBTQ society hosted a masquerade ball in The Attic and Park SU. The Attic was well decorated with black and purple drapes across the walls with Venetianstyle masks pinned around the room and hanging from the ceiling. The event had an intimate and friendly atmosphere, which was open to all

students and staff at the university, not only the society’s 37 members. Second year Photography student Adam Gregory attended the masquerade ball, he said he had a great time and described it as an “elegant, beautiful and fantastic” night. Maggie Cotton, president of the LGBTQ Society said the turnout was better than expected, and added the ball was a good way to bridge the gap between the different societies across the university, and students in general. The society aims to continue running a range of socials this year, including film nights.


spotlight a focus on : the neknominate craze

Conor letham

‘necknominate’: to down a drink, then challenge a friend to do the same within twenty four hours.

the harsh truths and critical dangers of neknomination

by Conor Letham


s some of you may have heard, there’s a new drinking game on the block that’s not only an online hit but also a tragic one. Welcome to the harsh truths of the NekNomination drinking game; it’s easily understandable and basic principle being to down a pint of beer in one go within 24 hours of being chosen to do it, after which they are to nominate one or two others to do the challenge. The drinking game’s name even derives from the words ‘necking’ and ‘nomination’ that should be an easy enough clue in itself, and is thought to have originated this year from Perth, Australia, though the first recorded effort was made by Ross Samson, a London Irish rugby player. It doesn’t sound too bad though, does it? I mean, on a night out I’ve seen plenty of people be it a friend or stranger who down their drinks so as to move onto the next tipple or to compete in whatever drinking game they are so invested in. I myself have even downed a pint, but who hasn’t? It’s when you note this game is played over

the internet that everything changes. The consequences of this being the release of a spawn of assumingly funny or bombastically dangerous concoctions on video, and that’s a problem. Young adults in particular are attempting to prove that they mean business after being nominated with frankly stupid quantities of alcohol, or in some cases even human urine. As of late, around five people have died as a result of drinking too much: one twenty-yearold man died from consuming a pint of vodka, another male having had two pints of gin. The gravity of this craze has even had police and lawyers warning through media, schools and universities of what could happen, even claiming that those who nominate their friends could leave themselves open to criminal charges such as manslaughter, though it would be difficult to see how these charges would actually stand in court should there be any such case. So what can be done? Unfortunately, very little. Drinking is a responsibility that is recognised to

be held by yourself, and so it’s up to those who are nominated to choose whether or not to participate. No one can tell you to play this game or not, even though we advise against it wholeheartedly. What you could do however is start a new kind of nomination, hopefully one that doesn’t involve particular risk to the nominated person or to those around them. In Brixton, two male students James Lucking and Will Wright decided to donate a pint of blood and suggest to others to do the same. If you’re squeamish about blood you could just do what the South Africans have taken to by doing a good deed for someone on condition they do one for someone else. So here’s our advice: go out and help a member of your local community, or even help another student in their work. It could be helping them with revision techniques, helping to carry the shopping back to their digs or even by simply publicizing their works on social media platforms. Maybe you could even tell us and we’ll publish it next issue, if you’re good enough.

facts about the craze - The craze has even spread to primary schools; a child aged 10 recently posted a video of himself downing a lethal cocktail - Over five people have died attempting the craze since 2014! 6 NU NEWS

n o i t a n i m o the nekn n i d e t a n i g i craze or n o d n o l h t i london w layer p y b g u r h s iri n o s m a s s s ro NU NEWS 7

The Lounge the latest music news, reviews and features

Amber is a third year journalism/film and tv student Amber matu

ben gray

ben is a first year broadcast journalism student

Dan nagrecha - DJ the glass collectors

NU radio at avenue students union

the many faces of nu radio are hitting the airwaves in style R

adio hosting is becoming increasingly popular here at The University of Northampton; the past year has seen a rise in the amount of students joining the NU Radio society. It is becoming a common framework for students to showcase their broadcasting skills, live on the air, every weekday. So where did the influx of keen radio hosts come from? And what exactly do the DJs of NU Radio provide for their listeners? The NU Radio studio, located in Avenue’s Student Union building, has been up-andrunning since the start of this academic year. With great new facilities and a well-equipped, spacious workplace to accommodate for special guest performers, it’s no wonder why so many students are jumping on the bandwagon. Kilian McIntosh, Editor at NU Radio, explained what his position involves and why so many students now want to host their own shows. “I originally got involved over two years ago to start a radio show, however, we didn’t


go live until 2013,” he said. “Now I organise all of the shows and timetable everything, I organise events and training for all 22 shows.” It seems he has made quite the impact during his time as NU Radio’s Editor. “The support has been amazing, it’s great to see 15 radio DJs go up to 45 in the space of a year!” He added: “Anyone can get involved who studies here. We train them on the system, Myriad, give them presenter training and training on how to produce a show.” Along with mentoring, Kilian hosts The AOK Show with Ollie Johnson every Monday evening. Earlier on in the day is Urban Radio, hosted by students Kanem Hutchinson, Ben Sarpong and Sophie Clarke. Kanem said: “We play Rn’B, house, hip hop and dance. We’ve been doing it since the beginning of first term, it’s been really fun.” They play a mix of entertaining games on the air to interact with their listeners, as do Joe Frost and Gabby Romano on Tuesday nights for The Wave, where they regularly

invite guests to do live studio performances. The Glass Collectors, Jimmy Bowman and Dan Nagrecha, put out alternative playlists on Thursday nights, followed by Richard Byles with all the best dance tracks on The Catalina Wine Mixer. For a more cultured approach, tune in to City/ Sound on Wednesdays with Charlie Trotman and MJ Hall. Charlie said: “Cities are not just collections of buildings; they have different music, different cultures and different sights. City/Sound focuses on a different city each week playing music from that city. We also host live acts in the studio and are always looking for new acts. If you are interested in indie music, culture and travel, you’ll love City/Sound.” Whether you’re a budding DJ or a performing artist looking for exposure, NU Radio is a great networking system, right at your disposal. The eclectic bunch of society members host shows that range from sports news to punk playlists to guarantee there is something to suit everyone.

by amber matu

by Ben gray

Bombay Bicycle Club: ‘So Long, See You Tomorrow’ 10/10 H

aving kick-started their career with three albums in as many years, indie four-piece Bombay Bicycle Club looked to Eastern influences for their fourth record. This one’s been less rushed, and arguably their most anticipated release to date. With the quality of their first three albums unhindered in the slightest by their quick succession, a longer wait has produced a fine collection of songs, with So Long, See You Tomorrow. It kicks off with a trio of songs

that thrash with punchy drums and riffs that push the band into the rock genre for a time, but elements of their piping synths remain. “Carry Me”, the first single from the album, is by far their most punchy, immediate song to date, with anthemic horns exhibiting their new sound. However, the album does have its more melancholic moments midway through on “Home By Now” and “Whenever, Wherever”. The pacing soon kicks up a notch with “Luna” that builds

on several astronomical crescendos. Highlight of the album “Feel” is the biggest departure from their traditional sound, sounding almost Bollywood in its intro. The closing title track is a little lacklustre in comparison, but neatly rounds off a significant step in the evolution of the band’s sound. So Long, See You Tomorrow is a diverse, ground-breaking effort for Bombay Bicycle Club, who show no signs of tiring. One can only wonder where the band will venture next.



ollowing up on debut album On a Mission, electronic-pop songwriter Katy B shows no sign of slowing down on Little Red. Opening with the appropriate “Next Thing”, she boasts coherent dance production coupled with a superb hook; “we’ll be onto the next thing / leave them wanting more”. As if her last release didn’t leave us with that feeling. Diving straight into single “5AM”, it again is another example of the singer’s ability to write genre-busting songs, as is clear throughout the album. Sometimes this plays to a disadvantage – at times it all sounds penned to be chart-friendly and occasionally lacks

experimentation. Yet, as far as mainstream pop/dance records go, this is up there with the best of its kind. Collaborations with talents Jessie Ware and Sampha are highlights of the record, alongside the vocally-sublime lead single “Crying for No Reason”, that weaves a piano ballad with Katy’s signature beats. It’s borderline disco suppressed by the lyrical subject of bottling up emotions, making it the standout track of the album. Little Red closes out with “Still”, a slow, mellower affair than the up-tempo rhythms and energy of the rest of the album. It could certainly be a sign of things to come.



ettering rockers Temples have been getting lots of attention over the past year, in the lead up to their debut album ‘Sun Structures’. Noel Gallagher revealed himself to be a fan of the band, who are the best thing to come out of Kettering since… well, there’s a first for everything. Sun Structures opens with the band’s very first single “Shelter Song”, a song that encapsulates their nostalgic guitar-led sound (no wonder Noel’s a fan). What is most surprising about this record is the

variation and consistency. Some of the album’s later tracks can’t quite match up to the more melodic first half, but luckily it’s these that redeem it. The title track has some fantastic riffs, and it continues throughout previous singles “Keep in the Dark” and “Colours to Life”. The latest single, “Mesmerise”, shows that their music can be accessible to the mainstream whilst equally uncompromising in quality. Some of the tracks that haven’t been previously released as singles prove to be the strongest. “Move

with the Season” is a stomping tune, swaying between dreamscape and full-on thrashing drum sections. “A Question Isn’t Answered” marches throughout with a clapping beat and lo-fi sound. What’s noticeable about all the tracks is that they are given the time to breathe, with long track lengths (not Justin Timberlake long) that allow for some standout instrumental sections Temples’ debut Sun Structures is a psychedelic homage to classic rock, which falters at points but provides satisfaction as a whole to the genre.



everything from the world of culture

neil tillbrook

jack lawrence kenny englefield

‘Her’: a tale of romance, cybersex, heartbreak, and scarlett johannson by jack lawrence NU news rating: 9/10


pike Jonze’s Her gives us an unlikely love story between a man and his computer operating system. Before you think this is a man falling in love with SIRI on his iPhone, it is in fact much more beautiful than this. The OS1 (voiced by Scarlett Johansson) starts off being Theodore’s (Joaquin Phoenix) helpful operating system, but soon grows a

consciousness of her own and ends up falling in love with the lonely Theodore who, after some time, shares her affection. Like all good love stories, it is powerful and dramatic and we are left therapeutically crying over the film’s brilliance. Joaquin Phoenix locks us into the character of Theodore. He is a lonely, half divorced writer looking for some connection in his life, therefore we instantly relate to him and in some way almost act as a surrogate mother for the duration of the film. So, when the unorthodox relationship with Samantha comes along, we are happy so long as he is. Merely through the voice of Scarlett Johansson, we can understand Samantha’s new life and sympathise with her confusion towards human life, her fear of her own capabilities and her personal love of Theodore. Other great performances include Amy Adams, playing Theodore’s close friend, who ends a relationship and finds comfort in her own personal operating

system. She sums up the film with one of her lines: “I think anyone who falls in love is a freak, it’s a crazy thing to do, it’s kinda like a form of socially acceptable insanity.” The communication between the two is so responsive and romantic that it’s hard to believe it’s just Joaquin responding to Scarlett Johansson’s voice. This can only be down to great writing, direction, and acting, something the film is filled with. The world created by Jonze is like our own, except with a few parts of life exaggerated such as buildings, offices, phones, and fashion. Because of its not so unbelievable futuristic setting we connect with the world more, almost hoping that it actually becomes as bright and happy as shown in the film. ‘Her’ reinvents our view of love of all kinds, and that it exists and will exist in many forms as our world goes on. Although I’m not one to fall in love with programmed systems, this film makes me understand how you easily could, especially if it has the voice of Scarlett Johansson, or Ryan Gosling, either one.

‘inspiration’ photography exhibition:


wo University of Northampton HND photography students have recently curated their very first photography exhibition. The event, labelled ‘Inspiration’ has showcased Morgan Masson and Natasha Brooks’ works for members of the public to view. The exhibition opened on March 1 and is running from the 3rd -15th March in Unit 1 Market Walk in the town centre. It will be open from 11am to 5pm Monday to Saturday for the two weeks. Morgan is extremely excited for the event: “This has been a great opportunity for us both to gain experience in curating a show. It has been a pleasure to work with such talented people and we are both so thrilled to see where this exhibition may take us.”

sales booming for errol flynn by kenny englefield

The Chief Executive of the Errol Flynn Filmhouse has said that he is very happy with ticket sales since its opening last year. The cinema, named after former Hollywood great and onetime Northampton resident, Errol Flynn, opened in July 2013 and so far has seen a remarkable demand for tickets. “The Errol Flynn Filmhouse has gone from strength to strength since opening in June last year, selling over 15,000 tickets in the first six months, with films regularly selling out,” said chief executive Martin Sutherland. “We’re enjoying great support from existing customers of Royal & Derngate, but nearly 1,200 bookers in this initial period were completely new to us. As well as attracting film enthusiasts into the town centre, we also know from customer feedback that a lot of people who haven’t gone to the cinema for a long time have become regular filmgoers again.” Located next to the Derngate theatre, films

that are currently being shown at the 88 leather seated filmhouse include The Wolf of Wall Street and Gravity 3D, with plans to show 12 Years A Slave and American Hustle next month, especially after both films picked up awards at the Golden Globes and BAFTAs. The filmhouse also works in partnership with the university to hold a monthly Cult Film Club screening. “With our programme we’ve established a good mix of the cream of the independent and mainstream releases, along with the best of world cinema and documentaries. We’re also able to show a selection of classics from through the ages, and programme films that tie in with other events taking place. We have a monthly Cult Film Club screening, programmed in association with The University of Northampton, and we are also working with Q-Film, a new Northampton-based film club exploring gay and lesbian themes in movies.”

To find out more about errol flynn filmhouse, go to:

With two large c i n e m a chains in Northampton, most notably Cineworld at Sixfields and Vue at Sol Central, the Errol Flynn filmhouse has differentiated itself, largely through it’s low price tickets and strong social media interaction. “Being a small independent cinema we are able to react and adapt to the needs and interests of our customers, and reflect that in our programming, bringing back the most popular films for further screenings in subsequent months.”

FILMS TO WATCH OUT FOR: COMING this month TO A SCREEN NEAR YOU! by Neil Tillbrook Need for speed



o this is what Jesse got up to after Breaking Bad! Based on the popular video game franchise of the same name, the story centres on Tobey Marshall, (Aaron Paul) a street-racer who, after doing a stretch in prison for a crime he did not commit, enters a cross-country race to seek revenge. Did I mention that he also has a bounty on his head? Cut Jesse, I mean Tobey a break. Prepare for what promises to be a high-octane joyride into the underbelly of street racing, or at the very least, a pit-stop before the release of Fast & Furious 7.

The zero theorem (15) CAPTAIN AMERICA:


irector Terry Gilliam has been responsible for some of the most thought provoking pieces of film to grace the big screen, (Twelve Monkeys, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas) and this is no different. The film stars Christoph Waltz as Qohen Leth, an introvert computer hacker who works to find both the meaning and purpose of life. Waltz has long been an outstanding actor, and teaming him with Gilliam can but elevate the sense of realism created in a glimpse at an authoritarian future. Watch Twelve Monkeys for an idea of what to expect; I guarantee it will not disappoint.

he all-singing, all-dancing sequel to 2011’s The Muppets sees our fuzzy friends touring the world, European style. Everything is going well until they become unknowing accomplices of a jewel heist courtesy of Constantine, the world’s number one criminal. What stands out about The Muppet movies is the level of cameo appearances they generate. Every five minutes you recognise a face, and that hasn’t changed. Expect to see Tom Hiddleston, Zach Galifianakis and Lady Gaga to name but a few. If you have not seen the first, then I recommend it. It verges on the right side of guilty pleasure.




merica: land of the free and home of the brave. There are none braver than Mr Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), aka. Captain America, the man from the past who fights for our future, today. Struggling to find his purpose in the modern world, Cap’ throws himself into action when a soviet agent known as the Winter Soldier arrives to obliterate life as we know it. Intended as a sequel to 2011’s The First Avenger, Marvel is well known for action epics and strong narratives. Footage so far suggests that this latest offering delivers on all accounts, and then some more.



the loop student tips, tricks and opinions

tips and tricks: KIRSTEN GOLJAR

malgorzata ewa fietko

how to look stylish, for less by malgorzata ewa fietko


s students, we all know that we have limited budgets – particularly when it comes to clothes. Also, because we are constantly being bombarded with assignments and projects, we don’t necessarily have hours to spend on looking for bargain-priced clothes. However, we still care about our appearance and want to look good. With so little time and energy leftover for ourselves, how can we be ‘trendy’ without overspending? Well, the best way to save ourselves some time and money is, of course, online shopping. Although there are plenty of clothing websites, we don’t always know where and what to begin with. One of the best and quickest ways of finding bargains is to use fashion finders like www. or www.fashionfinder. The other way of saving time and money (and frustration) is to subscribe to newsletters of your favourite clothing brands. Thanks to this option, you can

receive emails with the latest news and promotions to never miss out on another sale or attractive offer again. Also, it is good to know that there are some interesting online stores out there that offer the latest high street fashion for affordable prices. On websites like, or, both women and men can find good quality clothes for prices even lower than these in the cheapest high street clothes shops. These online stores offer a lot of promotions and sales all year round, which can help to prevent us from overspending. Standard free shipping takes around 15 days, which unfortunately is longer than some might want. However, nothing is more exciting than waiting for clothes being delivered to your door! What’s more, you don’t even have to leave your cosy bed when it’s raining outside. What else could you need to be happy? Well, maybe a free pizza. Also delivered to your door.

• In a search box, write what you’re looking for and always remember to be precise, because this eliminates items that you don’t want. • Customise SALE alerts by choosing brands and sizes that you’re interested in. • Sign up to website newsletters to keep on top of the latest trends.

0 - Asos Wool coat, £3 - Asos 5 £1 , rt hi ts ea Sw eap Monday Ch Jeans, £14 New Look Boots, £7 -

Total = £66!

my STUDENT view: ‘the problem with our generation’


urt Cobain once said that it was “the duty of youth to challenge corruption”, and yet I look at a Facebook feed bereft of political commentary. Voting turn outs are falling and confidence levels in politicians are at rock bottom in the wake of the expenses scandal, and the disinterest has increased most in 18-24 year olds, with this age group showing the lowest turn-out at the voting booths. My generation are seriously disinterested in politics, the majority of whom lack any coherent understanding of economic theory, and fail to grasp the implications of party policy on their own lives. This disease of ignorance and apathy will kill democracy in this country- and it will be my generations fault. It’s


so incredibly easy to bury our heads in the sand, to ignore the problems or accept populist myths because they provide a simple worldview, and an even simpler solution. Democracy will only ever work if we as a nation strive to be more informed and educated about the issues that our politicians debate, if we hold these men and women to a higher account, and if we become skilled and courageous in expressing our opinions. Our country is at a turning point- we can choose to accept populist myth and populist democracy, forgoing any hope for social justice through our political system and hoping that whatever the politicians do doesn’t affect us too much, or we can arm ourselves with knowledge,

and wield democracy like we never have before. So instead of seeing this article as an arrogant reprimand from a puffed up leftie, see it rather as an unashamed call for hope. We can change this country, and with a bit of a push maybe even the world, and the biggest thing in our way isn’t greed or corruption, but our own pessimism and apathy. On Thursday March 20th, the NU Green Party, Conservative, Labour, and Socialist societies will be having an inter-society debate, debating topics such as: Immigration, Education, and Energy. The debate will be from 7 onwards in HLT2 with guest speaker representatives from each party, including a member of parliament.

by bradley allsop

so long flappy bird, hello, everything else... by joe frost

In the wake of Flappy Bird’s unexpected departure from the android and IOS gaming world, dozens of new apps are cropping up, following suit of the screen-tapping sensation that captivated the world of handheld gaming. The latest offering, dubbed ‘Splashy Fish’ has quickly risen to the top spot for free downloads on Google’s PLAY store, followed closely by Jumpy Penguin, Hoppy Frog, and Silly Bird...

cheap ingredie


Et voila! Tres bien!

by kirsten goljar

Ingredients Five ingredients or fewer recipes (Serves 1) Ingredients from Aldi ½ Mozzarella ball (torn into small pieces) 50g Cheddar cheese (grated) 1 tbsp Wholegrain mustard Skinless, boneless chicken breast fillet 2x Streaky bacon rashers

Average cost per serving = £2.28


Jumpy Penguin

hoppy frog

silly bird

App of the month: 5by by kirsten goljar


his app is super easy to surf and keeps me continuously entertained. If you’re like me, I never know what to watch that’ll fit my mood. I know there’s a lot of content out there but I just don’t know where to start looking! So far I have found this app very interesting. Firstly, it asks you some personal questions, so the app can find video content related to your interests. My personal favorite is the channel ‘cute’. The app finds videos that are great for any mood or situation, for example, ‘On the john’. It’s great that the app works as a personalised collection of videos that allows you to embark upon a sea of online content, and another cool feature is that it picks out the best videos AND plays them continuously for an effortless stream of entertainment.

Preheat the oven to 200°C/fan 180°C/gas 6. Meanwhile, mix the cheeses and mustard together in a bowl. Once completed, cut a slit into the side of the chicken, creating a pocket; then stuff with the cheese and mustard mixture. Once stuffed, wrap the chicken with 2 bacon rashers – not too tightly, but enough to hold the chicken together. Grease the baking tray, place the chicken in the oven and allow to cook for 20-25 minutes.

Suggested side dishes This recipe is really easy to work with. I chose to serve the chicken with some potatoes wedges, as they are quick and easy. However, this dish can be served with rice, noodles, or even jacket potatoes. It tasted super delicious and was cheap to make, it required barely any effort at all.


game. set. match.

Bill scott

matt derrig

stallions comeback to conquer cambridge, 87-72 by bill scott & Matt derrig


orthampton Stallions succeeded in their last home league game against Cambridge Blues on Sunday night. After long delays until tip off, both sides looked warmed up and ready for the match. Leome Francis stepped up to the centre circle to contest the jump ball and managed to win possession for the home side. Unfortunately the first attack failed and Cambridge grabbed the rebound and had a fast break up court to put the first two points on the board. Northampton were unfazed by this and Johnny Yates managed two 3-pointers in quick succession. That quickly demoralised the away side after a strong start. From that point on, the first half was all Northampton. Francis showed his quality in the first half by getting taken to the free throw line and scoring both attempts, before managing


to block a jump shot from Cambridge. First quarter ended 33 – 16 to Northampton and the domination continued at the start of the second quarter. A well-executed fast break saw Leone Henry slam down a dunk. The stallions kept possession well and went for a long run and only allowed Cambridge to score a few baskets. Glodi Bomolo dribbled and feinted his way past the defence into the paint, finishing it off with a tidy layup making it 49 -21 to the Stallions. Cambridge called for a time out straight after. To finish off the half Leome Francis managed a brilliant buzzer beater for Cambridge - they couldn’t have imagined anything worse. The third quarter, however, Cambridge came out strong racking up consecutive baskets in an attempt to reduce the high deficit, with Stefano

Piano, a notable player on their team during that period, setting up plays. Cambridge were stunned once again shortly after by a Johnny Yates 3-pointer. Yates saw the opportunity to steal the ball from guard Nicholas Prus to start a fast break, and unselfishly passed to Francis to finish off the attack with a layup. The third quarter ended 8052 to the Stallions, the blues knew they had an uphill task in the final quarter and they were very offensive in those last 10 minutes, scoring 20 and only allowing Northampton to add seven to their score. After such a great first half, at the end of the game Northampton players felt they had let themselves down by allowing Cambridge to comeback in the second. Still, their strong early team performance was rewarded with an 87 to 72 triumph.

northampton stallions v cambridge blues

northampton give their all in First inter-uni wheelchair basketball competition by bill scott

blood, sweat and tears as northampton competed for glory


he University of Northampton’s Wheelchair Basketball gruelled their way to the quarter finals in the first ever British Wheelchair Basketball University Championships at the University of Worcester Arena on Sunday 2nd March. The game united players of all physical abilities and was the first competition of its kind in the UK, letting universities compete at a disability sport. This year there was fierce competition from five universities: The University of Worcester, Nottingham Trent University, Durham University, The University of Northampton and Sheffield Hallam University,

who all competed for the inaugural trophy. The University of Northampton’s Wheelchair Basketball President, Brian Hinton, said: “Every person that gets involved with our club, be it the Student’s Union, the students themselves, or outside organisations, there is always an extremely positive attitude towards wheelchair basketball.” British Wheelchair Basketball’s Education Officer, Oliver Mitchell, said: “British Wheelchair basketball has just begun to work within the HE [Higher Education] sector, and it is hoped that from this inaugural competition, the HE wheelchair basketball competition

Images courtesy of Paul beard framework shall be significantly developed and provide students with further meaningful competitive opportunities in the future.” Wheelchair basketball is a sport that is played during Paralympic games, and Britain as a country has never won gold, but has managed three slivers and four bronze medals since it was contested at the 1960 Summer Paralympic games in Rome. If you’re interested in giving wheelchair Basketball a go, then join them for one of their training sessions on Monday 7.30-9pm, or Thursday 9pm-10.30pm at Everdon Sports Hall, behind Park Campus.


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