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Video conferencing software can take you anywhere you want to go Whether you want to have a private business conversation, a committee meeting, a sales meeting or personal chat, web video conferencing can get you connected around the country, and around the world. What do these guys have in common? · Mike Filsaime · Tellman Knudson · Tod Gross · Stephen Pierce · Michael Cheney · Frank Dousa · Mike Koemings · Frank Bauer · Frank Raumbauskas · Frank Kern Well they have all been using Internet video conferencing in there successful online marketing strategies. Previously, video conferencing has been too expensive and difficult to use for most small and medium-sized business and all but the most successful Internet marketing gurus with large budgets... but not any more... There are companies that have developed a new platform to represent a virtually untapped video conferencing market; small and medium-sized business. And some are providing the services at ridiculously cheap price points, even as low as $9 per month and, making the service available in multiple language formats including; English, Spanish, German, Russian and Brazilian Portuguese, and promising more languages to come. Economic conditions around the globe and rising environmental concerns are creating a new level of awareness and demand for new greener ways to open communication channels. Controlling the cost of travel is one of the ways industry leaders are looking at to survive during a tough economic climate, and video conferencing is fast becoming the medium to save in this area. The benefits of leveraging video conferencing solutions are obvious: quicker sound decisions, improved business continuity, environmental compliance, and of course reduced travel costs. With

people spending less time in transit and more time focused on their core competencies, it naturally leads to improved results. Forget the standard instant messaging software; this new technology takes you beyond all that. Now you can talk face-to-face with business associates, sales reps, and friends and loved ones using your PC and a web cam. Need a more professional use? How about HD video conferencing software with PC desktop sharing and Q&A features? No dialling in and no special software, your attendees just click on a link and they are into your conferencing centre. Add to that an ability to record the session for later on-demand playback and you are on a winner. BENEFITS OF USING VIDEO CONFERENCING IN YOUR BUSINESS: NO SPECIAL SOFTWARE Many of the new platforms do not require participants to dial-in or download any special software, all they need to do is click on a link and they are into your video conferencing centre. EASY TO USE With a few clicks of the mouse and you are broadcasting and switching between the all the features. SAVE ON BUSINESS TRAVEL Franchisee and board meetings can now be conducted through Internet video conferencing; no need to fly everyone back in. SALES MEETINGS & TRAININGS Weekly meeting with your sales reps is now a breeze and the reps can join the meeting from anywhere on the planet proving there is an Internet connection. This is ideal for regional and interstate recruits and sales personal and includes the ability for participants to engage in a Q & A session NEW PRODUCT RELEASES & DEMONSTRATIONS Have a new product release? No problem, invite participants to view the new product line presentation and demonstration on-line. You can even record the demonstration for later ondemand playback for those who cannot attend the live presentation. TRAINING SESSIONS FOR NEW STAFF MEMBERS New staff training can now be conducted on-line through your video conferencing software. This is ideal for regional and interstate recruits and sales personal and includes the ability for participants to engage in a Q & A session. SEMINARS & CONFERENCES No need to hire a hall or conferencing centre. You can now do all your seminars online via video (webinars). Just set a time and date and send participants the link. And, if the participant cannot attend on the day, no problem, you can record your seminar or conference for later on-demand viewing.

REMOTE ON-SITE PROBLEM SOLVING Get a visual of the problem on a job site and have your experts provide or walk the employee through the solution via video. SOME VIDEO CONFERENCING FEATURES TO LOOK FOR: COST-EFFECTIVE Internet video conferencing should not be expensive. There are plenty of providers so it is not hard to find high quality cost-effective video conferencing solutions. HIGH QUALITY Most users demand high-definition video with clear crisp audio and reduced background noise. EASY TO USE As it is meant to be for everyone the video software should be easy to use for you and your participants with just a few clicks of the mouse to gain access and start broadcasting. If your attendees have to dial in or go through too many steps to view your video broadcast then it becomes too difficult or time-consuming and they won't bother. TYPE OF VIDEO DELIVERY SYSTEM Is the broadcast streaming video or progressive download? In the days when downloads were an issue, streaming video was the go. But now with unlimited download plans readily available, progressive download has made a big comeback. COMMUNICATION OPTIONS Many video conferencing platforms allow text Q&A sessions and, private text and video chat facilities. DESKTOP SHARING The ability to share your desktop screen with participants, including power point presentations and videos. AUDIO/VIDEO CONTROLLERS Disable or enable your or participants web cam or microphone at any time. TALK NOW FEATURE One click to enable voice to be broadcast to members logged into your conference room. PRIVATE ONE-ON-ONE MEETINGS The ability to have a private one-on-one meeting with any of the participants at any time during the broadcast. HANDS-FREE FEATURES Moderator can click tab to speak hands free. GUEST SPEAKER FACILITY Provides the ability for you to introduce a guest speaker from anywhere on the planet.

MUTE CURRENT SPEAKER Moderator can mute guest speaker at any time. REMOVE CURRENT SPEAKER Moderator can remove guest speaker from room at any time. BAN CURRENT SPEAKER Moderator can ban guest speaker from room ISSUE MODERATOR FUNCTIONS Moderator can issue moderator functions to end-user MULTIPLE MODERATORS Create multiple moderators for your live events CHAT TO ALL PARTICIPANTS Text message all guests CLEAR TEXT CHAT Moderator can clear all text chat posted BROWSER SIDE TABS Expands browser window size MEMBERS/GUEST LIST Lists all members and guests present in room CONFERENCE SETTINGS Systems settings for controlling conference room set up ACCESS TO SHARED FILES Ability to send files to guests in room 1-1 FULL DUPLEX Enable MODERATOR to go into a private video and audio conversation with an end-user. DESKTOP SHARING Moderator can display desktop to end-users COUNTRY OF ORIGIN FLAGS Moderator can see country flag to members location POWER POINT PRESENTATIONS Converts and presents your Power Point Presentations LIVE SHOW & PRODUCT PRESENTATIONS Live streaming video

RECORD & PLAY BACK Moderator can record full audio/video of presentation for archiving and later on-demand playback. MULTIPLE ROOM PACKAGES Facility for extra rooms displayed on-screen so you can drag and drop members into other rooms for separate meetings. IN-BUILT VIDEO PLAYER Broadcast video and movies to your end-users COMPLETE VOTE MODULE Take live on the spot polls and surveys COMPATIBLE WITH ALL OPERATING SYSTEMS Ideally the video conferencing software you select should be compatible with all operating systems. PROFIT-SHARING Is there a profit-sharing program in place for introducing new clients? Whether you're interested in video conferencing software for business or to stay in touch with your family, it is not hard to find a cost-effective video conferencing software solution that is right for you. Paul Holcroft provides small business internet marketing solutions including business opportunity lead generator systems, video email marketing, video conferencing, video production, unlimited private labeled reseller hosting packages and robust prospecting and sponsoring systems.

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==== ==== Click Here for The #1 Video Marketing Software Available Today ==== ====

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