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Unlike other forms of advertising that have been around forever, text message marketing requires you to be deserving of access to your client base. The other forms of advertising only required some effort in putting together the ad, then paying for the chance to blast it out the masses. This approach is more like a shotgun approach. Yes, you can use demographics and yadda, yadda yadda however; you really do not know what you are going to get for results without spending a lot of money and praying to the advertising gods. Text message marketing on the other hand is quite is personal. We all have cell phones on our person or very nearby and when we receive a text message, there is a 95% chance of it being open. The person then has the choice to accept, ignore or opt-in for future messages from the sender. Most of the time the receiver of the message is either really excited about the offer for example, buy one beer and get 5 free; does not care to get hair extensions (bald male) or loves to eat at the restaurant where he get a free hot lava cake a la mode with every visit by opting in. Now if I opted in and wanted to get messages from my local watering hole, I would not mind them keeping me informed on a weekly basis. However if they started to text me every 5 minutes or even 1 time a day, I would get tired of it. I also hate the ones that do not honor the 160character limit and then I receive three or 4 pieces of one message in three or four individual text messages (those I really hate). Anyway, the key point I want to make is, once you have a client or subscriber to your messages/alerts you have to be more than someone marketing to the have to be RESPONSIBLE and CONSIDERATE with your access. Because what you have at the other end of your text message is a highly targeted client or customer who wants what you have to say and offer. This is a relationship and if you are not considerate and responsible with your text message marketing you will lose access to that highly cherished client or customer. For whatever reason the person opted in, you have to nurture and focus on building on that relationship. You can do that with awesome offers, treating them like gold when visiting your establishment or keeping them informed of which band is playing this weekend. The mistreatment of this relationship can be disastrous when you think about the how inexpensive it is, to get this client via text message marketing vs. what the client/customers revenue would be lost by deciding you are rude with your marketing and therefore opting out of your messages. Just like in every decision with your business, you need to have a plan. Prior to text message marketing, you not only need a plan but a lot of money and resources to set it up. With text message marketing it is very cost effective and can be set up in minutes. This can make it very easy to underestimate the power of this form of marketing. When you implement your text marketing solutions, the provider should also provide you with a plan. Provider Text Marketing Media out of Marlborough, MA not only provides the software and hardware, but they also provide a seamless integration into your existing marketing plan. If you do not have a marketing plan, they

will also provide you with the ability to rapidly create a customer loyalty program. Therefore, keep in mind how you manage your text message marketing campaign will determine your worthiness with your client base. Keep in mind, it is personal, you have to be responsible, considerate and bring value to your clients. In return, you will be rewarded with a loyal customer base that also loves to improve your bottom line. For all you bar owners looking for a hot tip to build a loyal client base, you cannot lose when you offer buy one beer and get 5 free when it comes to customer loyalty. Just let me know where you are located.

If you have questions go to for a video overview to learn how easy this is to implement for your business and/or service today

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==== ==== Click Here Find More FREE Ressources for Text Message Marketing ==== ====

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