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By:Tracy Forsyth-Lundy Photos: Alan Ralph Without a doubt Zakk Wylde is known best for his unique style of hammering out mind blowing solos & riffs over the past decades with Heavy Metal legend Ozzy Osbourne. However there is much more to this “beer drinking, guitar playin’ madman” than his work with Ozzy. Black Label Society has been pounding out album after album since its conception in 1998 & now they are heading out on a North American tour this spring followed by a European tour this summer. Black Label Society is packed with talent, drive and absolute passion for the music they have created. Band members Zakk Wylde (guitars/vocals), Nick Catanese (rhythm guitar), John “JD” Deservio (bass) and Craig Nunenmacher (drums) have created some of the best rock/metal songs this music lover has heard in a long time. Songs such as “Suicide Messiah” - which will make you bang your head from the moment it starts, “Stillborn” - containing CLASSIC Zakk riffs, “Fire it Up”- giving a rock/soul groove at the start and melting into a metal style while consistently maintaining the soul feel throughout the song, are just a few examples of what this talented group of musicians bring to the table each night they rock their fan’s world. Shot To Hell is the title of their most recent album and it truly is a must hear for ANY Rock & Roll fan who cannot get enough of Zakk’s impeccable style of playing his axe. If you are missing any of Black Label Society’s albums in your music collection, then I’m afraid I have to inform you that your collection is quite incomplete. Zakk Wylde took the time to talk with me about the upcoming tour, the songs, the music industry and what his fans can expect from them in 2009. Thank you & hail to you for the starting of Black Label Society. Thanks doll! You have the song “In This River” which


is what most Zakk Wylde fans would not expect if they were to sit down and hear it. You hear the name Zakk Wylde and think “OK he plays with Ozzy & on stage is a crazy guy.” You hear the piano and actually have the opportunity to listen to how beautiful the song really is - were your fans taken aback by you showing that side of yourself? Ah…well look it, with Ozzy I’m at home and everything and I love the mellow stuff. I love listening to Elton John as much as I love listening to Sabbath or Soundgarden. So I mean the whole thing is I love mellow stuff - The Eagles, all classic rock stuff you know, I listen to Sarah Maclachlan - she’s awesome. I love the mellow stuff as much as anything. I mean good music is good music, know what I’m saying?

Exactly, it will speak for itself if it a good song; it does not have to be classified into a genre, it will just grab a music fan. Yeah - just because I love heavy stuff you know - there has always been mellow stuff flying around. Shot To Hell has been out for a while now & it’s the album you are out promoting yah? Shot To Hell was the last one we’re getting ready to do some dates right now, we’ll head out and do a Black Label Society batch. We’re going to go out and have a blast doing that, starts March 6th until about the middle of May. Then we will either go back into the studio then either finish Ozzy’s record - we already have like 14-15 songs & then after that I think we are going to do some dates over in Europe for like the festivals. I’ve been spending most of the summers over here doing Ozzfest and everything like that. I think Ozzy is taking a break this year. People always ask me ‘when are you coming over here (Europe)?’ and I’m like well I’m on tour dates with Ozzy yadayada-yada so in between that I gotta fit in Black Label. When did you have your ‘Holy Shit’ moment in your career where you sat back and went holy f**k I’m Ozzy’s guitarist, I have my own instrument line - when did it hit you that ‘hey I made it!’? Well I don’t think it’s even that. The funny thing is when we are doing these in stores or what ever…I mean I love working anyways so it’s like my wife - will just go you’re out on stage and this and that. First off when I go home, all I want to do is just be in the house; I mean that IS my vacation. I’m never sleeping in my own bed anyways. I’m either sleeping on the floor, I’m sleeping on a bus or I’m in a hotel - most of the beds are not mine. When I have a month off from the road it’s not even a month off, I’m getting ready to go into the studio or we’re still working on coming out with merch stuff but at the same time if we do go on a vacation…my niece got married out in Turks Cacaos down there in the Bermuda Triangle somewhere I mean the whole thing is just like - I brought my guitar, I’m getting ready for the tour and I’m calling JD up and we’re talking about the set list or some shit. I’m NOT a beach guy first off & second off I don’t go surfing so I mean it’s just like I don’t like laying out in the sand. I don’t get tanned I get burnt like a f**king lobster. I’m this pasty Dutch/Irish so you know I don’t want to be hanging out there you know. I’d rather be working so I mean if I’m just sitting around I feel like a f**k, if I’m watching TV I put a guitar in my hands and just go over scales and shit like that. I’d rather be f**king working otherwise I

feel like I’m not getting anything done. After the gigs obviously I like going to the pub and chilling with people and solving the problems of the world and just getting the f**k away from music for like 2 minutes, but to me that’s just relaxing & f**king chilling and having nothing to do with music. After sitting out on a damn f**king beach for a f**king week just f**king blows and I want to get back to work. You sound just like me - I can’t stand just sitting still. I either have to be writing or working on the next interview…I can’t sit down and surf through the channels - it’s just mind numbing. Mind you I enjoy watching Seinfeld and f**king watching Comedy Central and shit like that, watching ESPN or watching the game. I mean at the same time me and Barbara watch a lot of Seinfeld late night at like 10 to 11 at night when the kids are like sleeping or whatever you know then after that it’s f**king back to bed and then I’m back up again at 4:00 in the f**king morning know what I mean? Yeah, because your mind is racing again. Well not only that but that’s when the f**king kids get rolling (laughing). Well mine are all teenagers so I don’t have to deal with that anymore. Even the little guy, he’s 6 so he’s gets started at like 4 or 4:30 in the f**king morning. Children’s chewable morphine Zakk… Yes! Exactly! It will save your life! But it never ends…


doesn’t explode it’s not under the GNR moniker, know what I’m saying? But at least you are out there & people, especially nowadays, forget quick. YES! Very quickly! Well without a doubt! Everybody today nowadays, Jesus Christ, even my kids. My daughter, she’s 16 now, but when she was like 13 and all of these bands were coming out like Fallout Boy and Green Day, you know all the punk rock shit. I mean these bands would get about 15 minutes of fame - you’re talking about like 18 seconds, you know what I mean, where it’s like holy shit! I’d be like ‘you like that band My Chemical Romance?’ and she’d be like – “no they suck - I don’t like them anymore”…and I’d be like WHAT? She would be just ga-ga about them 6 months ago and I get ‘Nah - I’ve moved on!’ It’s just f**king crazy! Bands back when I was listening - you would go to hell and back with them, you know what I mean?

With Black Label Society you basically released your first album in 1998 & you’ve done an album or something consecutively every year - is that something that is difficult for you or do you just have so much flowing through your mind that it just comes naturally? I do all of my writing as soon as I get into the studio. I don’t like to write at the house and do f**king demos - there is no such thing as f**king demos. You go in, you write and get inspired, you get in on the board and it’s the end of the f**king song. We may go let’s make this part shorter or what ever but the songs write themselves. As soon as we get into the studio it’s write the f**king song! I don’t know how bands take a year to make a f**king album; it’s like are you for f**king real - we’re talking about 10 songs here man, 10-12 songs and you’re recording for a f**king year? I mean like Axel with that Chinese Democracy coming out…13 f**king years - like dude! I mean it would have been better off the original band staying together or if you’re going to come out with anything - just put a f**king album out and call it f**king what ever you want to call it - the Axel Rose band or whatever. Ozzy is not with Sabbath anymore, it’s the Ozzy Osbourne band, know what I mean? You know just put it out and if it


Yeah I know what you mean Zakk - but I also think it’s the generation itself really - they’re pretty flip-floppy on most topics…not just music. Oh I know! Without a doubt - I mean with the computer now and everything. Let’s be real - kids don’t really need to go to a school anymore aside of the social thing or social skills. If you wanted to find out who the 5th President of the United States was, where he was born, who the Vice President was, all you have to do is slap it into your computer! You can find out any information you want to on a computer. Any new bands out there where you like what you hear? Well yeah I mean obviously, I just always laugh - we were just talking about this the other day. I liked Soundgarden and they broke up, then you had Audioslave then all of a sudden they break up, Guns N Roses - forget about it I mean that’s done, then all of a sudden you go at least Slash has Velvet Revolver - then now they break up I’m like what the f**k man! (laughing) Any bands you actually like you might as well not bother liking them because they’ll be broken up after 1 or 2 f**king records know what I mean? I can only listen to my Zeppelin and

Sabbath albums a f**king 120 trillion times before I’m like ‘is there any bands that are in this genre of f**king music that are good at it that I can listen to?’ and it’s like Nah they’re broke up (laughing). You know the younger bands are f**king slamming too though - and it’s amazing with that guitar game, people are finding out about these other f**king bands now just because of that f**king game which is awesome. I mean I think it’s f**king great!

who kicking who’s ass! Know what I mean? (laughing)

Yeah - and it’s fun! If you’re musically incined - you actually feel like you’re playing the song! I know, it really is f**king crazy babe! I think it’s funny as f**king hell!

Well I can’t wait to see ya! I’ve been waiting to see Black Label Society for quite some time. “Funeral Bell” is my all time favorite tune! Where you at right now Trace?

It is! Trust me - my son asked me for Guitar Hero for his birthday 2 years ago and I was like ‘what - you want what?’ What the hell is Guitar Hero? So I went and got it and watched him & I was like ‘how the hell are you doing that?’ Gimme that - I need to try that! I know! I think it’s funny as f**king hell! I mean I was on the thing the other day and my son comes up to me the and he was like ‘Hey dad - I can kick your ass on Guitar Hero!’ I told him pick up the real f**king thing and we’ll see

Calgary Oh you’re in Calgary - so you’ll be down at the show right?

Here’s the thing - if some of these kids would put the same amount of time, energy & focus into the real thing… Into really playing! Well I think that’s what is going to happen eventually you know - kids are going to eventually think ‘I’m going to try the real thing’ which is great!

I WILL be there on the 17th, you betcha! Alright doll! Watch for tour dates in your area & don’t even think about skipping his show. Black Label Society is 100% pure Rock & Roll…THANKS ZAKK & see you on the 17th…it’s going to be one hell of a party!



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By: Kevin Madness Photos: Alan Ralph Who is an artist, living or dead, you’d like to collaborate with? I think it’d have to be Johnny Cash. I think that’d have to be the man. That would have been unbelievable for me. Though, not long ago, myself and Bridget (Flogging Molly’s Violinist and King’s wife) got the opportunity to play with Ronnie Drew from The Dubliners and he only passed away seven months ago now; that was an amazing experience. Do you write better songs when you are happy or sad? Happy. I think a lot about writing has to do with reflecting and when you’re in a good mood you can reflect, when you’re in a bad mood there isn’t room for reflecting. You can look back on the bad times or the sad times and it becomes clear to you. Even though you’ve got titles like “The Worst Day Since Yesterday,” there’s a lot of humor in that. That’s the way I try to do it, anyway, with humor. Your latest record, Float, was an enormous commercial success from the get-go. How were you feeling when it came out?


I didn’t feel any different for us because we make music because we love it and we write the best songs that we can for ourselves and it’s just amazing to witness something that’s grown the way it has. It’s been organic the way we’ve done things; we always did what we knew and it was always growing. Being on the top of the charts on Billboard is overwhelming. It’s hard to believe, it really, really is, but when you think of all the days you’ve toured all the work you put in-- it all has its place. One of my favorite songs on Float is “Requiem For a Dying Song,” which seems to be about the circumstances and ramifications of war. Are the lyrics aimed at anyone in particular? You’d have to say George Bush, wouldn’t you? We wrote the album in Ireland and Ireland has had its troubles, but what really got the tea under our skirts was the troubles that (the United States) was in. It was weird writing the album there while looking at a situation that was created by America and should have never happened, in my opinion. Sending men and women over to fight in a war that they shouldn’t have been

in is so awful and futile. What are some of the bands that paved the way for Flogging Molly? Oh God, there’s so many! People like The Dubliners… and Horslips is a great old Irish band. Flogging Molly has been played all over the world, where do you feel most triumphant? You know I think it doesn’t really matter. It really doesn’t. We’re as comfortable playing Japan as we are in Europe, in Ireland or a punk show in America. That’s what music should be all about; you shouldn’t be held by one area, you’ve got to be everywhere. You’re on a nationwide tour with the Aggrolites now. Did you do anything special to prepare for it? Well yeah, we decided to do a lot of songs that we’ve never done live before and do a lot of songs we haven’t done in years. We’ll mix it up a bit, you know, play songs like “Float” and some acoustic songs we haven’t done live before. Do you have any secret talents? Oh God no, I’m useless at everything. I used to like playing soccer a lot when I was a little kid, but since I haven’t been able to do that. Myself and Bridget love to cook.

something I actually really enjoy doing, besides playing music, is cooking and stuff like that. What’s the best concert you ever saw? I’d have to say Thin Lizzy at Dalymount Park when I was 13 years of age. It was a phenomenal, phenomenal concert. They were a great band and I was very fortunate to see Phil Lynott. That was one of the eye openers for me as a child. I’ve heard you talk on stage about your dreams coming true. Is that an important message to you to get across to people and why? I think it is. Coming to America was the best thing that ever happened to me. It was something that I needed to do and even when it wasn’t happening at the time—when I was painting houses and driving trucks and doing stuff like that I always believed in something. I always believed that if I worked hard at what I do, it would happen. It’s one thing having dreams, but to me you have to walk to them. You have to work at what you do, because things won’t just fall on your plate--you have to earn them. That’s all part of dreaming, though, we all dream and dreaming is hope, its all collective and things happen in amazing ways.

Bridget Regan: But I’m better. Well she’s better obviously, but it’s


An Interview with Dan Wysuph

By: Mat Weir

been awesome.

Mat Weir, Dan Wysuph If you’re a tattoo freak like me and you don’t know the name Dan Wysuph, then you haven’t been paying attention. At only 28, this Santa Cruz local has been inking a name for himself in the skin of the lucky few. Currently residing at the world famous O’Reilly’s in Santa Cruz, while pulling double shifts at the equally infamous State of Grace Tattoo in San Jose, Wysuph not only works with some of our generation’s best, he apprenticed under them as well. Needless to say, this ain’t no scratcher and the proof is in the skin. Vibrantly bold and never lacking in detail, Wysuph’s tattoos have everyone asking where you got it. I should know, I’ve got a couple myself. So if you have a little cash saved up for an art investment, head on over to Dan. One look at his work and you’ll be booking that full sleeve you’ve always wanted. So Dan, how did you start tattooing? I apprenticed at True Art for three years under Flip, who was the shop owner at the time. But all those guys, back at that time, Mickey, Hudge, Flip, Klem, they were all super helpful and instrumental in teaching me the ropes those first couple of years. So how long have you been tattooing for? Almost 5 years, March will be 5 years. Damn, so you started off at True Art and then went to O’Reilly’s all under 30. (laughs) Yeah, time’s kind of flown. But yes, I’ve always been fortunate. I’ve worked with all the awesome artists at True Art, O’Reilly’s and once a week.Pretty much since I’ve started tattooing. I do a permanent guest spot at State of Grace in San Jose and that whole thing has


How did you get started at State of Grace? Well, I met Horitaka through Klem; they used to work together at a shop in San Jose. Before I started tattooing, he opened State of Grace. So, I made a painting for him, for the shop opening, and we hit it off. It wasn’t too much longer after State of Grace opened that I started tattooing on my own, not as an apprenticeship. Back then I was working only four days a week, so Horitaka asked if I wanted to come over for one day a week. With all the amazing Japanese art that was coming out of that shop, it was something I just couldn’t pass up. I started going there one day a week and pretty much from the beginning, I was learning from Horitaka, from Horiyuki and now Horitomo’s over there! Yeah there’s definitely some amazing art coming out of there and some big names too. What has it been like for you to work with such big name artists throughout your career? People like Horitaka, Klem, Hudge. Adam Barton. . . I work with all these guys who pretty much blow me away. It’s funny because I don’t forget how good these guys are, but they are all my good friends. So sometimes when I stop to see what they are working on, I’m stunned! It’s such awesome work! Take a goofball like Adam, sometimes I just stop and reflect on what an amazing tattoo artist he is. Horitomo: he’s a guy whose art I look at and think, “This guy is not one of us.” Some of his stuff looks like it’s from another world. So working with all of those artists, how has that helped develop your style or is that something you’ve worked on independently? I pretty much see a little bit of everyone I’ve worked with in my art. Even now I still will look at certain techniques and know who taught me what. Plus, I’m not

perfect; there’s always room to improve. And even as good as those guys are, they still keep getting better and progressing so that pushes me to try and keep up. During my research I saw that you and your wife have started up a group session through Vintage Faith Church, what led you two down that path? That’s funny, yeah it actually just started. Through most of my 20’s I wasn’t involved in church but lately I’ve been starting to come back. Like most people, I have some issues with organized Christian theology, but this is cool. That’s one of the things I thought was so cool about the church, they advertised as an alternative look on Jesus and they seemed to understand his teachings better than most. To me, Jesus was a rebel, even a socialist. Well yeah, exactly. People forget that during his time, Jesus angered a lot of the social order: priests, Romans, etc. The problem is that people forget the true meaning of religion, any religion. It’s about love and understanding. But whenever you throw people into the mix, they will always mess it up. So how does religion and tattooing mix for you? I think religion and tattooing have always gone together, even if people don’t recognize it at first. In Western tattoo culture, there’s always the iconic symbols: the sacred heart, the Virgin, praying hands. While they’ve become pop culture on a certain level, they’re still steeped in tradition. Then in the East, you have the same thing it’s just not as known to us Westerners. With religions like Buddhism and Hinduism, you find people tattoo themselves with protection symbols, just like our sacred heart. If you could tattoo anyone alive or dead, who would it be? Anyone alive or dead? Well, I’ve always been a really big fan of Emmylou Harris, but she’s so pretty I wouldn’t want to ruin that. So I think I’d get all set up and then spend the rest of the time trying to talk her out of it.

I know you are a big music fan, how does that play into your tattoos? Oh man, music is integral. I must spend 12 hours of my day listening to music. As you know, I’m always trying to find new music anywhere I can and I’ve discovered a lot just being at the shop. Plus, music is always an easy icebreaker with the customers. However, it’s also a curse. Everyone here has such wide varieties in music that it’s always fought over (laughs). Take me and Adam; I like more mellow music and he’s into power metal, so it’s always a toss up on who gets control. Favorite bands to tattoo with? The Avett Brothers, Uncle Tupelo, Emmylou, Wilco. I’m into that bluegrass-alternative country-whatever you want to call it. I try to play something that will be mellow and chill for the customer. Not that I don’t love hard music, but when I listen to Slayer, I want to run around instead of sitting perfectly still for several hours. What would you be doing if you weren’t tattooing? I don’t know, probably still swinging a hammer. I worked as a roofer for seven years before I started tattooing. There seems to be three paths in my family; police officer, construction or enlisting in the service. Not that you have to do either one, but those are just the paths my family takes. I’m the mutation (laughs). Out of the tattoos you have, which are your favorite? I’d say either the train on my chest by Scott Silvia, my Chris Conn pin-up girl, or the tin can on a string I let my brother poke on me. Finally, what advice would you give aspiring tattoo artists? It would be the advice that was given to me when I was just an aspiring artist: Do it right and get an apprenticeship. A lot of artists don’t want to take on an apprentice just to have to correct a bunch of bad habits. I understand having the passion to tattoo and want to get started right away out of your house, but don’t. You can tell the difference between a good tattoo and an amazing tattoo. It’s an art form, so you should give it the respect it deserves.


And now for something a little bit different…an interview with a producer. The Enthusiast is quite the amazing beat maestro who infuses incredibly refreshing old school jazz samples with a modern Hip Hop driven twist. As an MC, I am quite deeply infatuated with his compositions so I decided to start a group with him. Vibrant EYEris is our new creation with an optimistic aim at combining several genres together to create an entirely new facet of Hip Hop music. This is the inner workings of his brain… How are you doing today? I’m doing awesome, just working right now. Working huh? So you’re an artist who responsibly balances work and making music? Sometimes, if I’m employed, if not then it’s all about music. Understandable. So how serious is making music to you? is it a hobby or is it something you pursue more aggressively? It’s something that I take very seriously, I try to take it more seriously than most of the jobs I do, even if I’m not getting paid for. So what projects are you involved with right now? Right now I’m mostly working on Vibrant EYEris with DJ Pin Pom. Other than that, I’m trying to work on a couple of solo projects but the main focus is on Vibrant EYEris. What do you do specifically? I produce the beats and then I run them live for all our shows. I’m running Reason 4 with Recycle as my sampling program. I use an M-audio keyboard running through my lap top for the live performances.


What kind of samples have you been using lately? I try to switch it up a little bit but generally…I use the early 40’s through 60’s jazz style samples. I’ve been trying to incorporate more rock songs in there and also some electronic music samples by creating my own patches in Reason. Where do you see your music progressing over the next year? Over the next year I’ll be working towards more dynamics and capturing different styles of Hip Hop and other genres, kind of fusing them all together to make a whole different sound. It’s all kind of experimental really. What’s the process you go through when creating a beat? Is there anything you have to do to get your mind in the right zone before you do it? If I’m working with samples, I’ll cut the samples up and make myself a drum beat that seems to fit it. Then, I’ll just experiment until I find something that sounds good and just work off of that. Afterwards, I do the editing, master it

a little bit in between or beforehand. I’ll either finish it then or I’ll let it sit and come back to it a couple weeks later and work out all the final kinks.

hard while staying motivated. If you had to sum up what music means to you in one word, what would that word be? FREEDOM

Do you have any CDs / Albums coming out soon? Vibrant EYEris is working on the album Exponential, that should be coming out in the summertime if we work real hard at it. There are also a couple of solo projects in the works but nothing solid yet.

Vibrant EYEris show lineup: April 20th – Hippy Hill San Francisco May 5th – The Paul Sweet House Cinco de Mayo Festival May 15th – Coasters with A.T.S. August 15th – Britannia Arms Aptos with Realization

What got you into making music? Just the love of music and having access to a music making programs. When I got the fruity loops demo I was hooked, then I just focused on getting better equipment.

For The Record!! Hip Hop lovers everywhere need to check out one of the best Hip Hop oriented sites on the internet: www. They’ve got the hookup on some of the BEST Hip Hop music EVER produced. is constantly on the prowl for top caliber Hip Hop music and they deliver it at quite a reasonable price. Check out their video interviews and my personal favorite, the streaming radio station. If you ever need some clean beats to freestyle to, hit up the Instrumentals radio and you’ll never need to rap acappella ever again.

Any advice for aspiring beatmakers? Just work hard and know that what you’re doing will payoff in the longrun. You have to really dedicate yourself to it, pretty much just do what you love and work

Mantic Ritual Executioner Nuclear Blast March of 2009 saw the release of Mantic Ritual’s debut album, Executioner from Nuclear Blast Records. This eleven track album is steeped in powerful solos and grinding chords and apocalyptic lyrics; everything you would expect from a thrash metal band. So if good old fashioned speed/thrash is for you then pick this up, put it on full blast in your Pontiac Trans Am and start head banging away. But I couldn’t help notice that even the press release states, “(They’re) obviously inspired by the early works of thrash veterans Slayer, Metallica. . .” and so on. Executioner is hard hitting from beginning to end; you just can’t help but feel you’ve heard it all before. - Mat Weir

Left of Christ Three Sheets to the Wind self-released San Jose’s premier metal band Left of Christ released their muchanticipated first album in December of 2008 and their fans are not disappointed! Mixed by guitarist Andy Kugler, the album is full of incredible melodic metal hits, highly influenced by Killswitch Engage and Soilwork, and similar to August Burns


Red. I’m most impressed by how well the transitions and song structures were thought out, with complicated riff changes from guitarists OJ and Andy and bassist Robbie. This gives the music a good dynamic, balancing nicely between complexity and groove. I also enjoyed how clear the vocals are on this record; instead of the standard unclear growls and groans metal usually feeds their listeners, one can clearly understand the lyrics and song meanings. I especially love how the songs integrate the smooth vocals from Ryan with the powerful screams by Charlie, who also adds a nice melodic element and extra layer to the music with his keyboards. Some may say the only downside to the album is that the guitars aren’t mixed in very thick and chunky, but that may just be a blessing in disguise as it makes the album appealing to a wider audience and more radio friendly. - Barb Rocks

The Dukes of Stratosphear 25 O’Clock EP Ape Records If you are a fan of the Beatles when they were going through their psychedelic phase, then look out for XTC as The Dukes of Stratosphear. One listen to this and you will believe that Ecstasy will be our generation’s LSD when history repeats itself and the revolution spurs once more. 25 O’Clock is laced with 60’s fuzzbox, trippy instruments looped throughout and probably satanic messages when played backwards. Their sound is THAT authentic. One or two of the songs were too nonsensical pop for my taste, but you have to love songs that hide their debauchery in sweet innuendo like “My Love Explodes.” - Mat Weir

Vanna A New Hope Epitaph Records Epitaph brings us (remember when they were a PUNK label?) the melodic sounds of Vanna and their sophomore release, A New Hope. Double bass kicks, crunching metal riffs and demon screams are offset by the love lost moan that only post-hardcore can somehow mix together and get away with (it’s all Screamo in my eyes). From beginning to end, the album delivers a finely produced sound showing the guys in Vanna are all musicians of the highest quality. But, are they artists? I have my own opinion, so go pick up or download (remember records? these darn kids today...) A New Hope, throw on your most expensive skinny jeans, and start practicing those windmill kicks. - Mat Weir

K’Naan Troubadour A&M/Octone What could I say about this album that hasn’t probably been said already... It’s part hip hop, part big-beat dancehall, part raw funk, and part rock all wrapped up with insightful social commentaries and tales from the world’s underbelly. A veritable musical feast for the ears, K’Naan takes you through his world with the help of guest artists Mos Def, Chali 2na, Adam Levine, Damien Marley, Chubb Rock and Kirk Hammett...yep, Metallica’s Kirk Hammett lays down some classic guitar riffs on the

track “If Rap Gets Jealous”. I’ve got to say, I’m really happy to see the return of Chubb Rock up in this mix. He’s one of those slick underrated MCs from the Yo MTV Raps days that time kind of forgot. His appearance on the track “ABCs” brings me back for a second to the days of high top Reeboks, Cross Colours Clothing and sweet fades... a time when hip hop was still all about having a good time and preached whole-heartedly against violence and gangs. With this slew of A-list guests and some top notch production work by K’Naan himself, Troubadour has definitely become one of this year’s hottest releases. - Itay K

P.O.S. Never Better Rhymesayers He’s probably one of the dopest rappers out there right now and P.O.S.’s newest release “Never Better” is veritable proof of that. The energy in this album is hectic; like a touch of Aesop Rock’s Bazooka Tooth mixed with Atmosphere’s Seven’s Travels, it’s raw, the beats hit hard and the vocal stylings are out of this world. And something’s got to be said for the packaging of this album with its clear plastic printed panels that allow you to customize the look of the CD to the artsy fold-out lyric sheet. Seriously, if you haven’t already gone out to pick this album up, your lagging hard. This is (in my opinion) the single best hip hop release in the past couple years. Hats off to Rhymesayers for consistently releasing the dopeness. Who’d have thought that a few kids from Minnesota would end up defining an entire generation of youth and kicking the hip hop world onto its ass...puts a tear to my eye... - Itay K

Top 5 Hip Hop albums sold at 803 Pacific Ave. Santa Cruz, CA 1. Madlib - Beat Konducta 2. Dr. Dre - The Chronic (831-466-FUNK) 3. Tupac - Makaveli 4. A Tribe Called Quest - Peoples Instinctive Travels 5. Atmosphere - Early Years With Abilities 21

By Itay K

w. & a. Kiminori Wakasugi

Super Human Resources

Viz Media

w. Ken Marcus a. Justin Bleep

Detroit Metal City

A popular Anime series in Japan, Wakasugi’s Detroit Metal City has now landed upon U.S. soil in the form of the most vile and disturbing manga series out there. The story focuses on a band of up-and-coming metal-heads who have garnered their fame through their wild live shows and off-beat lyrics filled with hate, violence and rape. But behind all of the swearing and lewd, suggestive lyrics, DMC, short for Detroit Metal City are really just a bunch of normal guys trying to make it in the music industry - regardless of the eccentric behavior that their public personas must display for their success to continue. It’s as if KISS were addicted to Meth and Gummy that order. The band is fronted by Soichi Negishi who’s stage name is Krauser II. On stage he’s a wild, unchained beast. Off-stage he’s a tranquil, tender-loving pussy who loves Swedish Pop music. I must say, I read this volume in one sitting, but not necessarily because I was enthralled by the story or the art. To be honest, I just wanted to see how far this book would push the moral envelope - and holy crap, does it ever. I’m not quite sure if I’ve ever read anything in which the word “fuck” is repeated more times than in this book. So with that being said - THIS BOOK IS NOT FOR THOSE WHO FIND OFFENSIVE THINGS OFFENSIVE!!

Ape Entertainment “Think you work with a bunch of freaks? You have no idea.” Ok, so imagine there were an organization that specialized in the deployment of super-heroes for various crises. Now let’s say that said organization were run like a well-oiled corporation - all the way down to the temp workers, HR Department, secretaries, and general office personnel. Did I mention the copy machine with the personal vendetta against all those of the flesh? Yeah, well, welcome to Super Crises International Corporate headquarters for the mighty Super Crises Squad! Tim, a lowly temp worker has no idea what kind of a workplace he’s just been hired into. From the pot-dealing Bog Monster, to the homicidal file clerk, to undead receptionist Zombor, this book is incredibly entertaining. It almost reads like a sitcom from issue to issue, with short, self-contained stories. The crazy and ever-expanding cast of characters, brought to life by the unique style of artist Justin Bleep, are hilarious. This series is probably one of the funniest looks at ‘super-heroes as reality’ and definitely worth your hardearned $3.50.

Dark Horse Comics presents...

Goon vs. Dethklok

one-shot comic coming this July! Written and drawn by Goon creator Eric Powell alongside Metalocalypse creator Brendan Small, this book, my thicknecked friends, hopes to be one of the coolest one-shot comics of the year...maybe even ever. Probably not quite as popular as anything with Obama as a crime fighting bad-ass, but most likely a hell of a lot more (insert growly Nathan Explosion voice here) BRUUUTALLL!! For those unfamiliar with Powell’s Goon series, please go out and start reading it. It’s got some of the best art out there, a completely intriguing storyline, and this year marks the 10year anniversary of the scar-faced, slack-jaw murdering brute we know as The Goon and his loud-mouthed, knife wielding best bud Frankie. And honestly, for those of you unfamiliar with Dethklok or Metalocalypse, what the fuck are you doing reading this magazine? Seriously...put this magazine down and go pick up that copy of “Teen Beat” you’ve been eyeing at the grocery store for the past two weeks. For everyone else: visit to see the trailer!


By: Darien Lomeli York, England is home to plenty of history, castles and one hell of a rock band called Scream Arena. Consisting of band members Andy Paul (vocals), Nick Daniel (bass/vocals), Chris White (lead guitar/vocals), Simon Gillott (rhythm guitar) and Stix (drums) these guys bring it full force each and every show and on every single track they record. Formed in 2005, Scream Arena is currently recording their debut album which is being produced by Paul Sabu who also produced their EP titled House of Pain. This incredible team of artist and producer is certainly a force to be reckoned with & the release of their debut album is highly anticipated already in North America. Already conquering the airwaves here in North America, Scream Arena has formed a strong fan base in Canada as well as the U.S.A. Current tracks include the heaviest version of Elvis’ “Heartbreak Hotel” I’ve ever heard and the track ‘Somewhere’ which was inspired by a true story. Scream Arena is what we in the industry call a LIVE band – seeing them perform live is more than a fan will ever expect. Sharing one of his stories from performing, Andy told me a quick funny story from a past performance. “Not a Scream Arena story but a friend of mine called me up saying his band needed a singer at 24 hours notice. The show was at a university in front of 1500 booze addled students and we came 24

on with “Ain’t Talkin’ Bout Love” and I thought it was a good idea to do a flying leap off the drum riser. Clever, my jeans ripped from stem to stern and there was nothing beneath...OOPS! I did the rest of the show in cycle shorts and a leather jacket. Still it made people laugh – the same show I caught the bass player’s machine heads flush on the temple…blood everywhere… one of those nights.” Honest, a true gentleman and a kick ass vocalist! Check them out at:


By: Darien Lomeli Ok folks I’m back and here to give a shout out to Mystic Rage, a passionate driven East Bay quartet who has raged on in the Bay Area music scene for quite sometime. If you’re from around here, then I’m sure you have heard of them or have seen them in one of their noted shows opening for bands like: Slayer, Slipknot, Dio, Blue Oyster Cult, Arch Enemy, Hatebreed. The list goes on. As I am chilling in their Oakland studio and listening to their new material, I’m instantly enticed with their hard rocking, bass heavy, groove laden sound, a sound that’s testosterone filled yet with enough groove for the ladies to dance to. With a new added guitarist, Mystic Rage’s sound is an attention grabber with simple yet effective riffing and an added spark of radio friendly energy.


Mystic Rage’s current line up consists of Pete Schaaphok on drums along with John Martin on bass and vocals. These two have been the core of the band since its inception. The newest members are Mike Degennaro (Guitar) and Shawn Duttera (guitar/backing vocals). I spoke to Mike who has been in the band about five months and asked him to share with me a little more about him and how he joined the band. So how did you hook up with Mystic Rage? I have known Shawn a long time and when Angel left he was one of the guitarists. He said John was going to take over on vocals and they needed another guitar player and since him and I have been playing guitar

together growing up, and had the same kind of music influence, I tried out for the band. So what kind of influences do you have? My influences are: Alice in Chains, Pantera, Slayer, and alternative kind of bands. I wouldn’t say industrial or anything like that. What no Britney Spears? No Jonas Brothers? No…none of that gargbage! So what do you feel you are adding to Mystic Rage? I’m deepening the sound. We now have a rhythm, a lead, and the bass all together…we have a lot more bollocks! So now I’m going to switch gears and talk to Shawn Duttera, Mystic Rage’s other newest member. So Shawn, how do you like playing with these guys? It’s pretty cool actually. Writing with these guys has the been the easiest process I have had. Do you write most of the songs? No, we write collectively.We sit down and throw stuff at each other. It’s been really easy for us to get that going. So have you been in a lot of bands?

Actually just one other boy band (everyone laughs, including myself). Mostly just jamming with friends and stuff. I grew up with Mike and we played for years. So this is like your first real band then huh? Yeah it is. I appreciate promoting bands that promote themselves. Where most bands are looking for a record deal, Mystic Rage has gone a different route and have focused more on endorsements. One of the coolest endorsements they have gotten is the almighty liquor of the gods Jagermeister. Mystic Rage pretty much grass rooted the Jager/Band affiliation and were actually one of the first bands to be endorsed by them back in 1995. Now you see Jager everywhere like Ozzfest and Rockstar Mayhem having grown from just being liquor to having endorsements and promoting the hottest metal acts. I spoke with Pete about how they did it. So Pete how did you manage to get the Jager endorsement? Back in the nineties there was this metal convention put on by Concrete Management in LA, which was like NAMM only minus the gear. We went down

there and they had this booth with free Jager shots and the Jagerette girls at the booth so we would go there and get Jager shots. I started talking to this guy and I was like, “have you ever thought about working with bands”? So I sent him a kit and after two years of bugging him we got on with them. So prior to that Jager weren’t even endorsing bands? No and we were one of the first bands. We got really strong with Jagermeister by going to the NAMM show and spending lots of time with the Jager reps, following them around, doing whatever they were doing. Next thing you know were getting Slipknot shows, Slayer shows, banners, etc. So besides Jagermeister, you have this thing called Bands for Bands. So what is that about and how long have you been doing it? Bands for Bands has been around 9 years and right now we are looking to get our own facility. At the moment we just meet were ever we can meet. Bands for Bands is a non profit organization and we do toy drives, the metal fest which is a can food drive for the Salvation Army, and we also have an awards show every year. When we get our own facility we want to provide free music lessons to kids. That is how we are going to give back. It’s a good organization.


Tell me a little about the band how would you classify your sound? How long have you been together? We all grew up in N.E. Wisconsin and have been friends for many years. The Other Side of Morning has only been together for a couple years, but JJ, Tom and I have been making music together for almost 16 years. Rick (keyboards, backing vox, and also a childhood friend) joined the band two months ago after jamming with the band for a good period of time. Our sound is a culmination of the past 40 years of music. We really do love everything, but obviously are a rock band in the broadest sense of the word. We grew up on grunge so there’s a hint of that in there. We love melody, vocal harmony, and a bit of chaos at times! We’re really just coming into our own, and dialing in our sound right now. So how’d you guys come up with the concept for Clowns vs Ninjas? How long did it take to put together the video? Clowns vs Ninjas came directly from a painting that our drummer Tom did called “Massacre at Clown Island”. It’s a picture of 15 clowns being slaughtered by 2 ninjas. We had a shindig at our pad one night and Dave Brocca (Director) saw the painting, loved it, and called the next morning with the idea to do the video to our song “You Got It”. Obviously we said yes, and a few months later we gave birth to “Clowns vs Ninjas”. The whole process took about 5 months. We started with the storyboards first. Almost a month 28

and a half of sketching, coming up with all our characters, and finally deciding how to kill all 15 of these scallywag clowns. By November we were casting, building sets, costuming, and getting ready to shoot. We shot two full weekends before Christmas, and two after the new year. Then Dave and Al Brocca edited like mad to make our deadline. We decided to hit Wonder-Con, and we’re also doing the Fangoria Convention in L.A. What made you decide to take the video/band on the road throughout the Con circuit? We just thought this would be a great cross-

over audience for the band and video, and for movie, comic book, and horror fans. Especially in the music business today, we were looking for a new or better way to promote and get our material out there to people that may not normally see it or ever hear the band. We did stick out like a sore thumb at Wonder-Con, but that was our goal! The band’s music doesn’t necessarily match the bloody carnage in the video - it’s really melodic and has a classic, almost grunge sound to it... so, who are some of your band’s influences? Our influences really span all genres. To pinpoint a couple is very hard. I think we’d all agree that no matter what style it is, if it catches your ear and gives you that certain feeling or excitement, it’s a great song. Our influences range from Bob Dylan to Mastadon, from Stevie Wonder to Radiohead and beyond. As far as “grunge” goes, Pearl Jam is still one of the best bands on the planet. What do you think are some of the biggest obstacles for a band trying to succeed in the

music industry today? The biggest obstacle for a band trying to succeed in the Music industry the music industry today. Look at record sales, tours, etc. I saw a commercial on T.V. the other day for unlimited downloads at $14.99 a month. Kinda hard to make a living off of that. It’s a different beast than it used to be. The album seems to be a lost artform at times. Artists that would have sold millions years ago, are now selling in the hundred-thousands. No sour grapes, just a different game! Now that the Clowns vs Ninjas DVD is out, do you guys have any plans for a full-length record? Any plans to tour with the band? We have already started recording a full length. We have 5 songs with all the music recorded, and we’re hashing through another 25 or so to see which ones will make the cut. We’re finding ourselves as a band even more in working these new tunes, and we’re all very excited to see how they sound in their finished state. We are trying to schedule a tour for summertime. Hit the road, see how we fare, meet new people, and just have a blast playing music!



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k out sometimes. When It’s funny how things wor ’s column together, it nth mo this I started putting s. I thought I may new of didn’t look like I had a lot f just to fill space! stuf of have to make up a bunch tting for an April fi n bee e hav y ma t Although tha t. Then all of a righ m see ’t didn Fool’s theme, it just to work for had I re. galo t sudden – BAM! Conten sit down, is do to e you hav it, though. Of course, all labor here in my of ts frui the y enjo lean back, and the NorCal Metal Report.

By Dave Pirtle

Several months ago, Scarecrow split with vocalist/guitarist Matt Harvey, a man so mighty that it is taking two new members to fill his Converse. Announced first is new guitarist Ted Aguilar, who spends much of his time playing with a little band called Death Angel. Now the band has revealed their new vocalist to be ex-Hatchet frontman (and current Crucial Cause guitarist) Marcus Kirchen. Good to see that guy back in a thrash metal band. The revitalized lineup recently finished work on a new demo and the new music is said to be “fucking raging!” The new guys make their live debut on April 2nd at The Caravan in San Jose. Zen Vendetta has been announced as the grand prize winner of $10,000 and a prospective record deal in Fuse’s “Make A

Zen Vendetta Star” Original Music Contest. The victory came on the wings of their single “I’m Alive,” which had previously made an impression on the 51st Grammy Awards voters, being named a preliminary nominee the Song of the Year. Congratulations to the band on their victory, as they 30

The Dust continue to add to the rich musical history and tapestry of the Bay Area. Their EP, The First Four, is currently available, and their debut full-length, Out on the West Coast, will see a release in the coming months. After 12 years with the group, vocalist/guitarist Angel Alvarez has parted ways with Mystic Rage. Undeterred, the band wasted little time filling in the gaps. Taking over on vocals will be bassist John Martin, with Mike Degenarro entering the fold to fill the vacant guitarist slot. The band has new material and merchandise, as well as a redesigned MySpace presence, but most importantly will be recording a new Jagermeister-sponsored four song demo following their April 3rd performance with Forbidden at San Jose’s Voodoo Lounge. The Dust will be entering the studio this month to record a new EP to follow up their debut album, 2008’s Twenty-Two. Things have been going well for these guys lately, as the track “Individuals” was selected to be part of a new Thrasher video, and Juice Magazine named them in their “50 Dopest of the Deck” bands. What’s in it for me, you ask? Well, according to their MySpace page (http://www.myspace. com/thedust), if you send them your e-mail address, they’ll send you a few MP3s. So take a chance and check ‘em out.

It took a little time, but The Venting Machine is proud to announce Ben Pena (ex-Fire Through Shadows) as their new vocalist. The band is currently in preproduction for the follow-up to 2007’s critically-acclaimed A Death to Your Scene and is eager to unleash Pena onto the public, so stay tuned for new songs and live show announcements. One new band I’m keeping my eyes on these days is Amidst the Wolves. Details surrounding the five members are minimal, but after a little research, I can confirm that one of them is Josh Hoover (vocals, ex-The Venting Machine.) With his mighty throat powering this band, then I can almost guarantee that they will be a crushing unit. Based on early demos, it sounds like I’m right. Check them out for yourselves at http://www.myspace. com/amidstthewolves, and watch out for their debut album Victims, scheduled for release later this year. From my “Someone help these guys out!” file, Livermore’s From the Fog need somebody to sit on a stool and bang the drums for them. They are also still searching for a fulltime vocalist. They were great at the Starch reunion show last October, but it was rough

Beercraft watching them go through a half-instrumental/ half-vocal set with fill-in vocalist Vinny Salinas. So, if you or somebody you know can fill either position, hit them up. Oh, you can hear some tracks and determine if you or somebody you know is a fit at fromthefogband. Those who managed to squeeze into Thee Parkside recently for the ‘Pagan Knights’ tour were in for a treat from local openers Beercraft. They play in the folk metal style with songs about – what else? – beer, and all things related to beer (drinking, hot tubbing, etc.) There is a lot of fun to be had there, and the concept is so cool that I picked up a copy of their three-song The Demo before they even

played! Get in on the hoptastic action yourself at That just about wraps things up for me this month. Remember to send your own news, questions, and comments to norcalmetal@, and tell all of your friends to pick up Your Music Magazine to red all about the NorCal metal scene!


Top 10 Playlist for period 2/19 – 3/12 (NorCal Unleashed airs on 90.5 FM KSJS on Thursday nights from 11pm-midnight. Contact for submission information) 1. Bomb & Scary – Black Wishing Well 2. Forbidden – Forbidden Evil 3. Geryon - Aspirations of a Great Demise 4. Edensveil – Demo 2009 5. Imagika – Feast For the Hated 6. Beerijuana – S/T 7. BURNriverBURN – Demo 2009 8. Severed Savior – Servile Insurrection 9. 667 – Sex and Greed 10. The Venting Machine – A Death to Your Scene QUICK BITS: Following up on last month’s status report, Skinlab has inked a deal with Stand and Deliver Records for the release of their new studio album, The Scars Between Us, on July 7th . . . also following up from last month, Nihlotep’s debut album will be entitled Surrogate Panoptic Quantal Regality . . .finally, the lineup for A Thousand Kingdoms is complete with the addition of vocalist Ivan Torres . . . Kaos is actively seeking a new second guitarist following their split with Keven Albert . . . Abscess and Population Reduction are set to release a split LP/CD this Spring via Tankcrimes Records . . . Emissary of Fire has added vocalist Steven Ward (Apocryphos/Adosa) to their ranks . . . Zombie Holocaust is offering a free copy of their forthcoming album to whoever submits a winning title – . . . as if there hadn’t been enough shifts in the Oskorei camp as of late, now bassist Cody Souza has left the band . . . Antagony has announced a July 21st release date for their Deepsend Records debut effort.



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Friday 6/12 Vocal Comp. @ Monterey Live Saturday 6/13 @ Salinas Saturday 6/20 Guitar Shred Off @ The Hippodrome (Circa Lounge)


Sunday 6/28 @ The Hippodrome (Main Stage) TOP 6 VOTE EARNING BANDS!


Introductions: YMM: Lets start it off easy with your name, musical instrument that you play, and what past bands have you been in? Scott: (Bass or try to) Mostly local stuff, but Low Brow (former band) and the other stuff I don’t want to say. Cody: (Guitar) Nothing that really that left the garage. Tim: (Drummer) Dead Ringers, Retribution, Plaster, and Pride Subject. YMM: I see that you are short a member today. Cody: Yeah we’re short two members. Aaron is in LA finishing up recording school and Bill is incarcerated. YMM: Well do you know the past bands that they been in? Scott: Aaron does vocals and plays guitar with Retribution. Cody: Bill plays guitar, and was in Low Brow with Scott. YMM: What is the best way to describe your sound? Cody: We have a really hard time saying what our sound is because it always comes out generic. If we say that we’re metal then metal bands say we’re not metal enough, but we just like to say that we sound like a twisted coat hanger. YMM: Well that’s perfect. YMM: So Cody, you have a job piercing? Cody: Yeah I work at Creative Visions. YMM: I heard that you have done some cool exhibits in the past. Cody: Yeah in 2007- 2008 we had a show at the Monterey Museum of Art. We put several of our clients on display as art. YMM: Last year one of you earned silver award in the Best Guitarist competition? Cody: Yeah Bill took second behind Brian from Plaster. YMM: Have you spent much time in the studio? Cody: When we formed in 2007, we spent the majority of our time in the studio. And now we have finally gone back and recorded our new material like three or four months ago. We now have newer stuff in the works and decided to record everything. With Aaron finishing up recording school, we are hoping to hit the ground running. YMM: How many tracks is your new album going to have? Cody: The new demo will have 6-7 tracks. YMM: Where can people get this new demo? Cody: It depends on the packaging, if we go simple on the packaging then it will be free at shows, but if we go all out we might have to sell them at our shows. YMM: Where can people get a hold of you? Cody: David G Castro did our website. He’s broke as hell and is looking for work so if you need webwork go to Our MySpace page is at YMM: How has it been trying to book shows in the current economy? Cody: Monterey has been really good to us. We have made some really good friends in the area, with other bands. They have been nothing but supportive. We have been lucky with shows in Monterey, because it’s hard to get a show in Santa Cruz. We have played in San Jose, Modesto, and we’re heading up to Washington in June. YMM: What shows do you have coming up? Cody: May 1st in Prundale at the American Legion. YMM: What would you like to say to your fans? Cody: Thank you, you’re fucking awesome. We have been lucky that Monterey has been so accepting. Thank you to all the other bands. And I think the best is yet to come. Thanks, we appreciate your support.





Video Interview by MIKE LYON with VIBRANT EYERIS 3/24/09 from

Intro: David: Bass What are some of your influences? Music in general… James Jameson, Eric Averies, and John Paul Jones.

Britannia Arms

Parish Pub

Boardwalk Bowl Coasters Lounge

Numerous- MC What are your influences? Del and Gift of Gab…musically a lot…Classic rock, punk, metal, hip hop…just everything. YMM: How long have you been doing this? About three years ago I got into making Hip-Hop. YYM: What is your motto? Our group motto is: Hip Hop don’t stop. DJ Pin Pom: DJ (wheels of steel) YMM: What about influences? Beck, The Orbs .DJ’s: Shadow, DJ Yoda, I gotta give shouts to The Typical Itch and the whole Metal Heads crew. The Enthusiast – Live Beats YMM: Influences? Mostly underground Hip-Hop old school and new school, I’m into Jazz sampling and taking different types of music to bring in some originality. YMM: So recently, you went through a name change. Can you explain that to me please? Numerous: Soul Science? That was a different project altogether. It did lay the seeds for this, it was basically Jimi 2 Stix plus me and Dave as a live Hip Hop band, we kept looking for a guitarist and it never happened. One day all of us here got together as Vibrant EYEris and everything fell into place. YMM: So are you looking for members? Numerous: We’re looking to round out the band with a guitarist and a drummer. We are also keeping an eye

out for a female vocalist and possibly another MC. YMM: How about CD’s or recorded music? Numerous: We have some solo projects that we’ve put out over the years, but together we’re all working on our first full length album “Exponential”. The Enthusiast made all the beats, I’m gonna lay it down vocally, have Dave come in with the bass and let Pin Pom lay the final touches over with the scratching. YMM: So, you have a live bass player. What are the challenges? David: I don’t find it too challenging except for the fact that the beats gets switched up. I leave for like a day or two and the songs have changed up quite a bit so I have to figure out which key it’s in and what not, but other than that it fits pretty nicely. YMM: Have you been in other bands like this? David: I’ve been in one before but it’s been awhile, and they didn’t do the sampling the same way. There was the band and 3 MCs up front, but this is cool…I like it this way. YMM: So I wanted to ask the DJ’s, how do you get ready for shows? DJ Pin Pom: Basically, a lot of the preparations go into the rehearsals. That’s where I’m really able to go through my records and pick out which sample goes with which songs. Luckily, we work so well together, The Enthusiast starts messing with some songs and I just go with it. As far as shows go, I like to set up early and warm up the hands a little bit, it’s really hard to be cold and start scratchin all crazy. Also, I use my awakening hands mineral solution (laughs). YMM: What about with the beats? Enthusiast: Mine is pretty routine I don’t have to setup too much, I try to make sure that everything is lined up and ready to play, all the samples are already there in my keyboard. YMM: What gig’s do you have coming up? Numerous: We got a gig at Coasters here in Santa Cruz on May 15th with A.T.S., we’re also playing at an MC competition in Modesto @ The Other Place, and then in August on the 15th we’ll be at the Britannia Arms here in Aptos . We’re gonna be doing a bunch of shows in June and July, kind of up and down the California Coast. YMM: What are you favorite clubs to hit up? Numerous: We’ve been hitting The Verve up a lot here in Aptos, it’s a really nice place. Coaster’s is great and Moe’s Alley… DJ Pin Pom: Yes…they are very accommodating there at Moe’s. Numerous: By far they have the best sound. We played with Abstract Rude there which was phenomenal, that definitely goes in the memory bank. YMM: Contacts? For now…the good ol’ myspace: VibrantEYEris

YOUR MUSIC OLYMPICKS-LIVE PERFORMANCE EVENT Video Interview by MIKE LYON with JACKIE ROCKS 3/17/09 from Introduction: De` Andre Warren – Bass GuitarYMM: What kind of bass? Squire Special P YMM: How long have you played? 3 1/2 years

YMM: Any other bands? No YMM: Influences? Iron Maiden, Stevie Wonder, and Yellow Card

Jacklyn Partida- Singer/ Song Writer/ Guitarist YMM: What kind of guitar? Ibanez RG series YMM: How long have you played: 4 years YMM: Influences? Vocally: Sheryl Crow and Linda Rondstadt / Guitar: Ace Frehley and Jimi Hendrix YMM: This is your one and only band? Yeah. YYM: You play a little with Rapid Fire? Oh Yeah! Joanna- Drummer YMM: How old are you? 15 years YMM: Where do you all go to school? We go to different schools, I go to Aptos. YMM: Influences? Led Zeppelin, U2, and Switchfoot YMM: Any other bands? No YMM: What kind of drums do you play? Custom set YMM: So, I saw that that you were winners in Seventeen Magazine, let’s see, the Shoot a Star Contest. How was that? Jackie: Awesome, we were flown to Philadelphia and played at a fashion run way show. YMM: How many other bands were in the contest? Jackie: We played with MTV’s Johnny Clay, but there weren’t any other bands. YMM: You’re in all kinds of things; what was your rank in the San Jose Teen Battle?

Jackie: We ranked second. There were five bands total. It was fun and we received a gift certificate for Guitar Center. YYM: Do you have a CD? Jackie: We have a demo CD. We were hoping to record a full length CD sometime soon. YYM: Were do you record? Jackie: Indigital Studio and a home recording with Dave Brock. YYM: So you visited Brodie over at Indigital? How was that? De` Andre: Yeah he’s cool. It was a good time. YYM: How did you do the bass tracks? De` Andre: I used one of his bass guitars and played over and over again. YYM: How did it turn out? Really good. YYM: What band would you most like to play a show with? Band: Switchfoot YYM: So, do you have any upcoming shows? Jackie: Yeah April 10th at the Brookdale Inn and Spa, April 18th in Los Gatos, and April 19th at the Boardwalk Bowl. YMM: Who books your shows? Jackie: We do, but we also work with promoters. YMM: What are the future goals of the band? Jackie: We hope to go on tour, make a couple of albums (before college), and make some money for college, so we can help out with the expenses. YMM: Any last message for fans out there? Band: We love YOU GUYS! Rock ON!


Britannia Arms

Parish Pub

Boardwalk Bowl Coasters Lounge



Britannia Arms

Parish Pub

Boardwalk Bowl Coasters Lounge

Video Interview by MIKE LYON with THE DUST 3/24/09 from Introductions: Matt: Bass- Ibanez Fieldy K5, amp is a GK, cabinet is an amp Peg 610 with a tweeter. I have been hammering on the thunder broom for 15 years/ Influence: anything from the heart, Matalica, Suidal Tendenceies ,Korn, Flea/ Past bands: Baring Som Motto: “Stand in the front row and dodge to bullet” Brian: Lead vocals/ 14 years/ Metallica, White Zombie, Pantera, Lamb of God, Tom Petty/ Drains to Ocean Motto: “When in Rome” YYM: The Dust, what does it mean? Matt: Good question, no one really knows. We just wrote it on the wall with a list of 200 other names and right before the first show we had to pick one. It relates back to a classic skate session. We’re going to wait for the VH1 Behind the Music to reveal more. Brian: Dust makes up 80% of dead skin cells. And we ain’t dead. YMM: So you’re the first band that we’ve had in from Half Moon Bay. What is it like up there? Matt: Awesome, we grew up there surfing, skating, and riding bikes in the hills. Couldn’t ask for a better place. YMM: Nice beach town? Band: Yeah. Brian: Wait I should take that back, there are a lot of sharks. YMM: What is the The Dust’s band history? Band: Brian and and Josh started in 2002, but then the bass player skipped town. I stepped in January of 03’. First show was April of 03’. We’ve had numerous drummers since then, a demo, a full length album, and many good shows and times. YMM: I should have asked, who’s missing? Brian: We’re missing our drummer David and our guitar player Josh. They had complications with work. YMM: Any CD’s? Matt: Only one full length album called “Twenty-Two.” Available online at YMM: where did you record your album? Matt: We record at 414, with our good friend Jason Allen. We all got exactly what we wanted. YMM: What is your song writing process? Brian: Definitely complicated. On occasion someone will come up with some riffs, but we kind of jump right in, someone will just throw something down. We then record it on a 16 track recorder. We don’t know how we lasted without the recorder. YMM: Is your single on Myspace? Matt: We have two: the first is a track from “Twenty-Two” called Pretty and Confused, and our live track, “The Wall of Books,” is the other song you can hear online. YMM: So you got a song on the Thrasher video? Matt: Yes, thank you Thrasher. We’re skateboard fans, I’ve skated all my life. There new video is called Brutality. YMM: So what do you have coming up? Brian: Your Music Olympicks on April 18th at the Brookdale Inn & Spa. YMM: What else do you have coming up? Matt: In a couple of weeks we are doing a charity event in San Francisco for surfers who are permanently disabled, sponsored by Red Bull if your beer pong. YMM: Where can people contact or how can they book The Dust? Matt: Booking, that’s me. All online stuff goes to YMM: Any last words? Matt: Hell yeah, the funnest thing you can do is play music. Brian: Come to the show, stand in the front row, and dodge a bullet.

YOUR MUSIC OLYMPICKS ”Best Vocalist” EVENT The 2009 YOUR MUSIC OLYMPICKS Santa Cruz “Best Vocalist” event was a huge success at The Britannia Arms Saturday March 28th! Your Music Magazine would like to thank all the vocalists that showed up and performed, SHANE from CYLINDER, MORGAN from PARIAH FACTION JAMES DURBIN from WHATEVER FITS, JACKLYN PARTIDA from JACKIE ROCKS, CHUCK from THE DEAD RINGERS, DREW from PRAETORIAN, and JUBAL NUMINOSUM from STORMY STRONG every singer turned out a professional performance. We would also like to thank our judges Janet Leonard - Entertainment writer for The Connection Magazine, Ben – More Music, Hans Groper – Idle Hands co-creator and self proclaimed music snob, and Quinn Gardner – Beer Guru. Mike Garing has added up all the judges scores and we have your winners……








Britannia Arms



Parish Pub

Boardwalk Bowl Coasters Lounge



Alright fans and friends, it’s time for a Santa Cruz Your Music Olympicks recap and update. For 2009 BAND those of you out of the loop, this year’s event started OLYMPICKS on Feb. 27th and will culminate with the Finals at the Catalyst on Saturday, May 2nd. We have 5 preliminary shows left as of today (4-06-09) at 4 different local venues (see our updated calendar on the facing page). As always we’ve had some new bands come up to the spotlight this year, as have some of our local established favorites. So far The Devil Himself and The Naysayers have put themselves at the top of our current top 6 bands, but anything can change between now and the end of the prelims (Saturday, April 18th). But let’s give props now to the rest of our current top 6: Alyssa Kayne, Cylinder, FUBAR, and Whatever Fits; their Finals fate will be decided in less than 2 weeks. LYON ENTERTAINMENT PRESENTS:


So here’s a quick recap of the event so far: Friday, Feb. 27th (Sarah Jane, Rapid Fire, The Arcadists): This year’s event started at the Brookdale Inn and Spa with Sarah Jane shining like the star she is, and she was the votes leader after the 1st week. Rapid Fire also impressed, with all 3 members under 13 years of age. They brought the crowd to their feet with quality renditions of old favorites by Ozzy, Guns N’ Roses, Led Zeppelin, as well as other hard rockers. They also busted out their first 2 originals, which was cool. They are the future of rock and roll! Saturday, Mar. 7th (ATS, Kevel, Pride Subject, Violent EYEris): This show, also at Brookdale Inn, feature 2 Hip Hop groups and 2 Metal groups. All 4 groups were entertaining, but no one was able to push Sarah Jane out of the top spot.

Britannia Arms

Parish Pub

Boardwalk Bowl Coasters Lounge

Thursday, Mar. 12th (Alyssa Kayne, Dominant Intelligence, MIDI Mob): Our 1st show ever at The Crow’s Nest! Interesting to see more Hip Hop acts participating than in previous years here in SC. Alyssa Kayne was a definite breath of fresh air, with creative, intelligible lyrics and a smooth, vocally superior style. She closed the night strong and pushed herself into top spot 3 shows in. Both DI and MIDI Mob performed well, but they didn’t inspire the audience to the same level as AK. She’s a killa’! Saturday, Mar. 14th (Violent Hands, Seduce the Dead, Beauty in Discord, Man Automatic): Our first show of the event at Coaster’s Lounge in the Boardwalk Bowl. Violent Hands, and especially lead singer Rhiannon, were my favorites on the night. With members from former successful local bands (Nothingleft, Brokenpath, and others) Violent Hands hit the ground running, and there’s no denying the talent’s there. Man Automatic also received outstanding audience response, but neither were able to unseat Alyssa Kayne from the top spot. Saturday, Mar. 21st (FUBAR, North Swell): Local bands are very lucky to

YOUR MUSIC OLYMPICKS-LIVE PERFORMANCE EVENT have a new venue to play at, and few owners are as supportive of local music as Nate and the boys at Parish Publick House. I was stoked to bring them FUBAR, who didn’t disappoint. Charismatic frontman Jake Sabala is an extremely talented singer/guitarist, and if you enjoy quality Reggae/Ska you’re doing yourself a disservice not to at least check’em out. They did well enough to crack the top 6, but will it be enough to get them to the Finals? Friday, Mar. 27th (The Naysayers, Cylinder, Asyst, The Backup Razor): What can I say other than The Naysayers owned this night. With almost 100 people out to support them, they moved into the overall top spot with authority. Cylinder, our Santa Cruz (and San Jose) winners from ’08, also moved into the top 6 for this year’s Finals. The only question is whether they will still be in the top 6 in 2 weeks. They deserve to be there but they have some tough competition in the remaining preliminary shows.


Saturday Mar. 28th (Best Vocalist Competition w/ The Dead Ringers): This show was a huge success, and we want to give our thanks to the Aptos Britannia Arms for giving us a great venue for this year’s SC Best Vocalist Competition. For a complete list of winners and additional show info, check out our review on page 41 in this issue. Friday, Apr. 3rd (The Devil Himself, Whatever Fits, Accion Terrorista): Props to James Durbin (our Best Vocalist Gold winner) and Whatever Fits for cracking the current top 6. The 3 votes James earned as the BV Gold winner was the difference between at least a chance at further success or not. Special thanks to crowd pleasers Accion Terrorista for filling in on short notice for a last minute cancellation. But the night belonged to The Devil Himself, who have only become more successful since their SC Finals debut in ’08. Not only did the move into the top spot above The Naysayers, they are proving they have that “it” factor that draws in even the casual listener. They are my darkhorse favorite to win it all this year. So there you go, valued reader, that’s where we’re at with less than 4 weeks ‘til the Finals. We’ve already seen some new artists rise, but more established local bands still dominate the current top 6. Anything can happen in these last 2 weeks of preliminaries, and don’t forget- someone will also earn the coveted Editor’s Choice for the 7th and final spot in the ’09 Santa Cruz Catalyst Finals. Otherwise, the remaining preliminary bands are depending on your vote for a chance at the over $7000 in cash and prizes that will be awarded to this year’s top performers and individual artists.

Britannia Arms

Parish Pub

Boardwalk Bowl Coasters Lounge



Video Interview by Jake Student with KEVEL 3/18/09 from

Introductions: Robert Newcarp- Drums YMM: What kind of drums do you play? Robert: Yamaha five piece. YMM: What past bands have you been in? Robert: I was in Crenshaw, Damage, and Jack the Lad Mathew Castle – Guitar/ Sing YMM: What kind of guitar? Mathew: I play Gibson and Ibanez guitars with Mesa Boogie amps. YMM: Past bands? Mathew: Crenshaw, Stumble, and Common Logic. Ron Pitberg: Bass rapin’ and heart breakin’. YMM: Past Bands? Ron: I played sets with Scorpion, which I shouldn’t say since they kick me off, but Kevel, Mudface, and Lacy Baker and the Black Diamond Blues Band. YMM: What is the overall sound you rock? Band: Doom, heavy, stonery, slowmo, and melodic Mathew: Not a lot of screaming, but mainly singing with heavy dirty sound. YMM: What have you been up to for the last year? Shows and material? Mathew: We just got back on the

horse. We have been out for a couple of years just working on an album. Got Ron back into the fold and started a three piece thing. We were a four piece but now we’re a three piece. Our fourth member Brian Wilson is still a member of the band but not a member of the live group. Ron: Yeah Joe’s a good guy, but he does not like performing live. Sloppy Joe YMM: Does he still record with the band? Mathew: Yeah he is still a member of the group; writing, recording, and still on the album. We’re going to go finish up the last song in like three weeks. We have one more song to put the guitar and vocals on for the next album. YMM: What is the name of your album? Mathew: We don’t know yet, we were just talking about it. YMM: That would be a great title for the album. Robert: We have a few ideas, but we don’t know if we’re going to call it anything but Kevel. YMM: What do you find that influences you the most? I mean life in general? Band: Everything really, music, woods, trees, nature in general, beer, and women. Ron: Women can be very inspiring. YMM: In a year from now where will you be as a band? Mathew: Hard to say. We have been in some bands that the business end takes over and it is just business. The art and music seem to be left behind a little bit. The last situation we were in, it fell out right as something big was about to happen. With Kevel this time we were just going to write music. Robert: And not let the business get in the way. Mathew: And play good songs.


Video Interview by Donovan Dresti with

Good Hustle 3/18/09 from Tim: Yeah Zeppelin, and maybe a little speed metal. What are your 2009 plans? Benjamin: 2009 plans, Japan all the way. What’s your favorite food? Benjamin: Sushi Tim: And Sake What’s your favorite place to play in the last few months? Tim: The Catalyst in Santa Cruz Benjamin: But recently, Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco.

Introductions: Benjamin Henderson Tim Crystal

What is the best music festival out there in your opinion? Tim: Bridge School because it is all about the children. Benjamin: Yeah that’s what it really about the children.

Where can people access Good Hustle music? What band are you from? Good Benjamin: If they want that tanHustle… Good Hustle, Good Hustle gible CD? There you are going to Benjamin: Dan’s not here. have to come to the show. Yes they may have the hustle a little bit to What type of music would be clasget to the show, but if you have a sified your band? computer you can probably downBenjamin: All sorts, wired and load it somewhere for free or go to wonderful, entertaining to say the least.(Tim “O that’s nice”) What kind of instruments do you guys play? Tim: I play the drums, samples, and computer. Benjamin: I play drums, more on the percussion end, but bass and guitar. Dan who is not here plays keys and sings. What are some of the influence of Good Hustle? Benjamin: All sorts, but lets say some Zeppelin.




ATTENTION ALL SAN JOSE AREA BANDS: The San Jose Your Music Olympicks is getting ready to kick off the ’09 event, and with limited space available for qualified bands, it’s important that you get your band entered for consideration ASAP! This year’s event will start on Saturday, June 20th at the Cupertino Britannia Arms, and will culminate with our 2nd Annual SJYMO Finals at The Voodoo Lounge on Friday, August 7th. In order for your band to be included in this year’s event you need to contact Mike Garing @ (831) 247-8981 or e-mail mikelyon@ as soon as you can. Bands that get their request in early are more likely to gain entry. There is no entry fee for the bands to participate; that being said every participating band will get an opportunity for press in Your Music Magazine as well as other perks (online video interviews, for example). Last year we gave away over $5000 in cash and prizes to the top 3 bands; we are already close to that amount again this year. Bands will move on to the Finals through a ballot-based system at their preliminary shows. Band members will have an opportunity to add points to their “Live Performance” totals through individual competitions including: Best Vocalist, Best Guitarist, Best Bassist, and Best Drummer. These competitions will not be ballot based; they will be judged by local industry experts at the shows. The 1st place (Gold) winners in these individual competitions will earn 3 additional votes to add to their “Live Performance” totals (as well as a ½ page black and white ad space in the magazine to promote their band); 2nd place (silver) winners will receive 2 points, 3rd place (bronze) winners will receive 1 point each. This may not seem like much, but every year 1-5 bands miss the Finals by less than 5 points. Don’t let this happen to your band; make sure you enter the individual competitions ASAP! And if you haven’t done it already, reference the contact info listed above right now and secure your band’s entry in this year’s event today!

San Jose YMO Calendar Saturday 6/20 @ The Cupertino Britannia Arms Thursday 6/25 @ The Voodoo Lounge Thursday 7/02 @ The Voodoo Lounge Friday 7/10 @ TBA Friday 7/17 @ TBA Thursday 7/23 @ The Voodoo Lounge San Jose Final’s Friday 8/07 @ The Voodoo Lounge Schedule Subject to change. Please check for the most up-to-date info.


MONTEREY CALENDAR Friday 5/29 @ Monterey Live Friday 6/5 @ Hippodrome

Saturday 6/6 @ Monterey Live PRIDE SUBJECT-PRAETORIAN-tba Friday 6/12 @ Monterey Live “Best Vocalist” Event

Schedule Subject to change


Saturday 6/13 @ Salinas

Saturday 6/20 @ Hippodrome YMO FINALS 6/28 @ HIPPODROME TOP 6 VOTE EARNERS


Friday 7/10 T.B.A. Friday 7/17 T.B.A. Thursday 7/23 @ The VooDoo Lounge YMO FINALS 8/7 @ THE VOODOO LOUNGE-TOP 6 VOTE EARNERS


Schedule Subject to change

Saturday 6/20 @ Britannia Arms (Cupertino) Thursday 6/25 @ The VooDoo Lounge Thursday 7/2 @ The VooDoo Lounge

asher roth loves college By: Itay K

35 million

plays on Myspace. That’s what it takes to get noticed. It’s been quite a year so far for young rapper Asher Roth, whose track “I Love College” has become the unofficial anthem for college party-goers across the country raking in more than a million plays a day online as well as record sales on iTunes. So what is it about this seemingly normal looking guy from a small town that has people at attention? Maybe it’s the effortlessness in which his rhymes are delivered. Or the fact that he isn’t bragging about his 24” rims or shiny new grill. Whatever it is, Asher Roth is a force to be reckoned with in the ever-evolving world of hip hop. I had a chance to speak with the now uber-famous rapper upon his return from MTV’s infamous Spring Break Week. How’s it going? I’m doing well, man. Been taking a break from the sun for a second. We’re running around Lake Havasu in Arizona right now So you just got back from MTV Spring Break... How was that? Yeah, that was madness. It was silly, really. Were there any crazy after-parties? Yeeeeah....yeah... I was hung-over the next day. We’ll just leave it at that.


What, no Pauly Shore? No...No Pauly Shore... I don’t know if that’s a good

thing or a bad thing, man. Pauly’s a crazy man. I know that people go wild for him, but uh, Pauly Shore. Jim Jones though... (in his most convincing ‘Jim Jones’ voice) JONES!

out there - not through radio and not through connections. My music was out there, it had my name attached to it and it was out there for people to hear. It was just a matter of the right people hearing it.

How’d you get into this whole hip hop thing? Man... I don’t even know, dude. It kind of happened by accident. I was just rockin’, listening to the music and being influenced by it. I started writing about my girlfriend and writing about this and that, you know? And then, soon enough, it started to get attention based off the whole Myspace thing and next thing you know, I was crankin’ albums. So it really was just very much natural. I credit a lot of my success to not trying to force anything and not trying to make anything up, which has really helped people see that it’s genuine. For me, it’s very much about being yourself and about expressing yourself the way you want to express yourself. If you can do that successfully, people would appreciate that.

So, your track “I Love College” has become one of this year’s break-through hits. Are you sick of hearing it yet? It’s funny because the song’s about 16 months old in my world, but to other people it’s brand new - some people just heard it yesterday for the first time. I’m trying to be patient with it and not be too freaked out by it. Not yet. I’m just being patient, and I don’t listen to it or anything like that. I only perform it.

You say you credit Myspace...How’d they help you out? Well, on Myspace, I wasn’t really promoting or anything like that, and I know that getting picked by Myspace is kind of like winning the lottery, but in the same sense, Myspace was the place that allowed me to get my music

Did you think it could get this big? No, man - not at all. You know, you always hope and really put your energy forth and hope that it gets to a level where you can get recognized. Even when it does happen, you still don’t believe it. Right now, I’m getting used to it, man. It’s kind of crazy - people want to come up and shake your hand. People at Spring Break telling me I made their Spring Break because I gave them a hug, you know what I mean? That stuff is really weird to me. So...I never would have thought it would have been this big, but there’s no turning back 51 now.

So are there plans for a full-length album? The album’s done. It comes out 4/20. Hopefully the first thousand or five thousand CDs will be wrapped in cellulose, you know, like those plastic J papers... so that people could smoke the CD. We’ve got a whole 4/20 campaign coming up and everything like that. It should be dope, man. It’s not “I Love College” twelve times, so if people are expecting that, then they’re going to be disappointed. It’ll definitely be bringing music and integrity back to hip hop. I really got into your track “The Lounge” on your Myspace page - that’s a great track. Thank you. That’s why I encourage people to ask questions. Ask why and why not. If you do that, you might be able to do something. I encourage my generation to really ask why. Shit’s fucked up, you know. There’s a lot things that aren’t right in this world and people just say ‘whatever’ and go to work every day instead of asking ‘why’. So that’s just one of the many questions - what does a rapper look like? Why can’t a little punk kid from Morrissville, PA be a successful rapper? Why not, you know? What do you think is the biggest obstacle facing emerging and up-and-coming artists? Legitimacy, really It’s just a matter of people taking you seriously and respecting your craft and everything like that. I think that’s the hardest thing - whenever you’re new to the game, you have to establish yourself and differentiate yourself as an artist. That’s a battle for a lot of people, you know, because for the most part there’s a bunch of people copying what other people are doing and doing the whole cookie-cutter thing. Instead, you should really be doing what you’re passionate about, because otherwise you’re going to be bummed out if you’re successful based off of other people’s shit, you know what I mean? You’d be very bummed out when you have to go through the motions of promoting it and everything like that. For me, it was very important to speak honestly and with integrity. Now that I’ve done that successfully, I can walk out of the house in basketball shorts, unshowered and people don’t really mind because that’s how I’ve been presented - and that’s who I am.



MONTEREY CALENDAR Friday 5/29 @ Monterey Live Friday 6/5 @ Hippodrome

Saturday 6/6 @ Monterey Live PRIDE SUBJECT-PRAETORIAN-tba Friday 6/12 @ Monterey Live “Best Vocalist” Event

Schedule Subject to change


Saturday 6/13 @ Salinas

Saturday 6/20 @ Hippodrome YMO FINALS 6/28 @ HIPPODROME TOP 6 VOTE EARNERS


Friday 7/10 T.B.A. Friday 7/17 T.B.A. Thursday 7/23 @ The VooDoo Lounge YMO FINALS 8/7 @ THE VOODOO LOUNGE-TOP 6 VOTE EARNERS


Schedule Subject to change

Saturday 6/20 @ Britannia Arms (Cupertino) Thursday 6/25 @ The VooDoo Lounge Thursday 7/2 @ The VooDoo Lounge

By: Lidia Galvin Slipknot photos by: Alex Costa Trivium photos taken in the UK by: Jessica Patel As a warm sunny day sets in San Diego, I find myself outside of the Cox Arena with my friend Jake waiting for the moment to interview Paolo from Trivium. Definitely an exciting moment for myself, since only a day before I had heard their cover of Master of Puppets on YouTube. I could barely contain myself but compared to Jake, who was as giddy as a schoolgirl, I looked normal. Finally, we made a call and hopped on the bus for the interview.

We had to step it up cuz that’s my favorite song so when we were recording we had the CD we kept pushing play and we recorded the song trying to make it perfect.

How is touring going so far? Fucking amazing, it’s nuts. It’s our first full arena US tour so it’s everything we thought it would be. You can’t beat playing to a couple thousand people every night. Plus they’re digging out stuff all the people that didn’t know us before, so it’s fucking amazing.

That’s good. So what do you do to stay sane though out the tour? What do we do? I don’t think anyone on tour is totally normal. To leave home and travel on bus is such a different lifestyle that you can’t totally be normal and have everything going right. I guess we just get into routine. Me and Matt like going into the city and find good food. See what the city has to offer. Just have fun, we have to get out. It’s hard not to.

Yeah, I saw that you covered Master of Puppets. I have to say you guys really did it justice.

Yeah most bands try to cover it but screw it up and you guys really did a good job. So, how are you digging San Diego? San Diego is fucking great. I don’t think we’ve ever been here when the weather has sucked.

Shogun is very different then what you did last CD. There’s a lot of screaming again, but didn’t Matt say that you didn’t like screaming? Well we just kind of got into it. We had a new dilemma we never had before, we’re just trying to figure out what to do next. We don’t wanna keep making the same CD. We wanna step outside the box, change things up. For us artistically, we just wanted to see if we could do something different. This album is a little riskier. We did it, we learned a lot about ourselves making the CD and the tour.


Do you feel this CD definitely takes away from the people that said you sounded too much like Metallica? Yeah we have a hybrid sound. They don’t have the screaming that we do. We love the bands like them, listen to them but we’re into death metal,

thrash, to hardcore to shit outside of metal, classic rock, classic pop. We’re all over the place with music. You should work with T-Pain. Fuck I’ll do it - if the motherfucker pays me I’ll come out. Haha. Your lyrics seem to do a lot with Greek Mythology. Yeah, we dove into that, not all of it was literal. Metaphorical really. Matt writes all the lyrics, some of the mythology, Japanese aesthetics inspired him, so it all came out more so in this album. So what’s up for you guys in the short run? We’re taking a break for a couple weeks. Then we do Canada with Slipknot, then we fly to Japan to headline, and then Australia to headline, then festivals. What about the long run? Keep writing music, we’re probably going to tour for this album into 2010. So tell me a little bit about what makes your fans different and exciting? We have such a mix of fans. I’ve met people from all walks of life, young old, girls, guys, it’s great. I think why people get into us is because we’re not just a trend. We have a great mix of people and that’s what makes them new and unique. We gotta thank them for keeping us alive, for their support. There have been our fans that have been outside waiting for hours, to be upfront and show Slipknot and Coheed fans that they have their support. Well, thanks and good luck on stage!

After all this went down, we had two hours to kill since leaving meant coming back and paying for parking. We chilled in the area discussing the day’s events, laughing at kids who remind us of the “I love turtle” kids from the internet and picturing what was to come on stage. When enough time had passed, we walked into the venue. As I hung the phone up from calling my wife and letting her know that despite her arguments, I managed to bring up T-Pain in the interview, soon enough the lights went dim and Trivium hit the stage. I have to say, they definitely have a strong following and know how to work the stage. Their show was very basic; the only thing it had was a light show and a kickass performance. They really brought themselves out to the audience and with their stage presence they have made themselves a staple in the world of hard music. Next up was Coheed and Cambria, and I really don’t understand what they were doing there. Outside of having some lyrics that also covered mythology, their presence there seemed unnecessary and a waste of a good lineup. Maybe a lot of Slipknot fans are Coheed fans, though I can’t see why. Perhaps I didn’t Google some sort of connection between them, who knows? I’m sure that they would sound awesome maybe on Warped tour or with other bands like them, but this was a metal show and during their set I noticed the concession and merch lines getting longer. I guess they served for a good break. 55

Slipknot however, brought everyone back. Their wardrobe was the envy of 60% of the crowd and their performance was more than that; it was a full blown show. From the drums that moved everywhere to the high kicks and not so easy to play riffs, the band blew everyone there away while reminding them why they’re the headliner.


Something strange was in the air that crisp night in March as we made our way to Cafe Pergolesi. But I guess if you’re looking for normal then you shouldn’t be going to a zombie art gallery. Put on by Santa Cruz’s own O’Reilly’s Tattoo, “Organize Before They Rise” featured a wide range of local talent, each one hungry for the chance to splatter their brains upon the innocent. Artists, fans and patrons shuffled around Perg’s, studying the various art pieces and mingling with the various undead wandering about. Earlier I had noticed somebody was giving booze to zombies; apparently they were back from the dead and ready to party. That’s when I quickly realized there was no escape. Looking in any direction I saw head wounds, haunting skeletal face and missing limbs. Each decaying corpse was dripping in the red, red, krovvy, oh my brothers. Oh yes. . .THEY HAD RISEN!

Words & photos by: Mat Weir


San Francisco The Fillmore

4/15 The Ting Tings 4/16 Dr Dog 4/17 Tea Leaf Green 4/18 Tea Leaf Green 4/20 Cypress Hill 4/24 Lucha VaVoom 4/28 Cold War Kids 4/29 The Faint/Ladytron 4/30 Ladytron/The Faint 5/01 Railroad Earth 5/02 Railroad Earth 5/08 Thriving Ivory 5/12 Cornelius 5/14 Hot Tuna 5/15 The Avett Brothers

The Warfield

4/17 Paul Weller 4/20 Atmosphere 4/24 Luis Fonsi 4/25 John Prine 5/14 Stephen Lynch

Bottom of the Hill

4/16 High Like Five 4/17 The Frail 4/18 Floater 4/19 The Audiophiles 4/20 The War On Drugs 4/21 Franz Nicolay 4/22 Phantom Float 4/23 The Parlor Mob 4/24 Mr Lif 4/25 Buck-O-Nine 4/28 The Splinters 4/29 William Elliott Whitmore 4/30 Joe Lally 5/01 Manic Hispanic 5/02 Bob Log III 5/04 Hydrophonics 5/05 Damien Jurado 5/06 Her Space Holiday 5/07 Solar Powered People 5/08 Jukebox The Ghost 5/09 Mae 5/11 Sonny 5/12 Ponytail 5/14 Pierced Arrows 5/15 Loney Dear

Santa Cruz The Catalyst

4/11 Guttermouth 4/15 Band Of Horses 4/16 Turbonegro 4/17 Collie Buddz 4/18 The URJ 4/19 Atmosphere 4/20 Devin The Dude 4/23 La Plebe 4/24 Sashamon 4/25 Dread Daze 4/26 The Grouch & Eligh 4/30 Jay Nash 5/01 The Rockstone Players 5/02 Your Music Olympicks $2,000 Finals! 5/05 Aceyalone 5/06 Steel Pulse 5/07 Tech N9ne 5/08 The B Foundation

5/09 Isadora’s Scarf 5/12 Saigon 5/13 The Devil Makes Three 5/14 The Devil Makes Three 5/15 The Cataracs

Brookdale Inn and Spa

4/10 Your Music Olympicks-JACKIE ROCKS/MY STUPID BROTHER/ FIRE’S FURY/BEST BASSIST & BEST DRUMMER EVENT. 4/11 The Shakeshifters 4/17 Table for 3/Emmanueal Selassie CD Release 4/18 Your Music Olympicks -PARIAH FACTION - HONEST MISTAKE - ALMOST CHAOS THE DUST 4/19 Loom/A District of Evolution/ Future Dog/Crucial Unicorn 4/23 Jr. Boogie Blues Band 4/24 Comedy Night 4/25 Johnnie Super 4/30 Jazz-Amanders

Coasters Lounge

4/3: Your Music Olympicks-THE DEVIL HIMSELF/WHATEVER FITS/ ACCION TERRORISTA 4/10: The Fourfits 4/12 This Drama 4/17: Your Music OlympicksARCHER/A BAND OF ORCS/ CRUCIFORNICATION 4/24: The Bay Area Heat

The Crows Nest

4/10 Phat Chantz 4/11 Night Sweat 4/12 Live Comedy 4/15 Yuji Tojo 4/16 Your Music OlympicksTHE DEAD RINGERS/STORMY STRONG/THE DROPS 4/17 The Messiahs 4/18 Live Band 4/19 Live Comedy 4/22 Terry & Terry 4/23 Libros en Fuego 4/24 Back to Nowhere 4/25 The Blues Benders 4/26 Live Comedy 4/29 Ken Kraft & Karen Phoenix 4/30 Invoke 5/01 Kazak 5/02 Orquesta Gitano 5/03 Live Comedy 5/06 Yuji Tojo 5/07 Fubar 5/08 Danjuma & Onola 5/09 Jude & Scrumptious 5/10 Live Comedy 5/13 Ultra Sound 5/14 The Pacific Kings 5/15 The VooDudes

The Parish Pub

4/11 Your Music Olympicks-Best Guitarist Event/Paddle Out 4/17 Jr Boogie 4/18 Murder Majesty/Classics of Love/Dun Bin Had 4/24 Grain, 4/25 The 4 fits w/special guests 5/1 I Want Out,

5/2 Fire Whiskey/Final Summation / Single Second 5/9 King Kongress.

Britannia Arms

4/11 The Vinny Johnson Band 4/16 Larry Hosford 4/18 The Devil Himself 4/21 Singer/Songwriter Contest 4/23 Larry Hosford 4/25 39 Fingers

San Jose Barb Rocks

4/15 @ VooDoo Lounge Death Valley High, Boom Boom Stereo, American Radio, Hope Squad, Great Girls Blouse 4/25 @ Britannia Arms - Cupertino Left of Christ, Jade of Days/T Minus 7/March Into Paris 5/9 @ West Valley College West Fest-Insolence/KungFu Vampire/Shadow Beat Ritual/ Firme/My Monster/Usurper Vong/ Anonymity 5/15 @ various downtown San Jose venues Left Coast Live-Lyrics Born/Miggs/ The Mumlers/KungFu Vampire 5/23 @ Britannia Arms - Cupertino Livestrong Benefit Show-Left of Christ/Repaid In Blood/Better Left/ Kinetic

Sacramento Club Retro

4/16 Expansion Show 4/17 Mozart Season 4/18 Consider the Thief 4/19 The Devil Wears Prada 4/23 Expansion Show 4/24 Rock vs Hardcore 4/25 The Mainland 4/30 Expansion Show 5/08 Falling Up

The Boardwalk

4/16 Simple Creation 4/17 Dismal Lapse 4/18 AfroMan 4/23 Sevenfootfetish 4/24 Track Fighter 4/25 Enemy Inside 4/30 Dirt Nasty 5/02 Fate 5/04 Tech N9ne 5/07 Ill Effect 5/09 Roy Rogers 5/10 Mae 5/14 Take It To Your Grave 5/15 A Sky Lit Drive

West Hollywood The Whisky

4/11 Cold 4/12 Cromwell 4/13 Tyrant 4/15 Dynamite Walls 4/16 World Week For Animals Benefit Show 4/17 Twilight Music Girls 4/18 Women Rock Show

4/20 Emma Payne 4/22 Khan 4/23 Trust Company 4/24 The Sweet Hello 4/25 Wild Child 4/30 Midnite Theory 5/01 Plane 5/02 Prowler 5/07 Ankla 5/08 Loot N Rok 5/09 Desecrate 5/11 Yves Jean 5/12 The Killing Red Addiction 5/13 Actual Depiction

The Key Club

4/13 Petty Cash 4/14 Taproot 4/18 Tainted Love 4/20 Petty Cash 4/22 Burlesque Bingo 4/23 Lez Zeppelin 4/24 Russian Dance 4/25 Mandi Perkins 4/27 Petty Cash 4/28 Alpha Blondy 4/29 Carnival 5/02 Powder 5/03 Napalm Death 5/07 Sleepytime 5/08 Bob Schneider 5/09 Slick Rick 5/10 Saigon 5/13 Earth Crisis 5/14 Tech N9ne

Monterey Monterey Live

4/13 Ari Hest 4/15 The Sex Effects 4/16 Transfer 4/17 Wasted Noise 4/19 Jesses Sunday Jam 4/20 The Union Line 4/22 Greg Ginn 4/23 Ryan Bisio 4/25 Alex Lee 4/29 Peace Train 5/02 Ostrich Head

Sierra Navada Brewing Co. Music Festivals & Events:

*Sea Otter Classic Monterey,CA 4/16-4/19 *Mavericks Surf Event Half Moon Bay, CA *Wild and Scenic Environmental Film Festival *Joshua Tree Music Festival Joshua Tree, CA 5/15-5/17 *Delfest Cumberland, MD May 22-24 *Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival Manchester, TN 6/11-6/14 *Harmony Festival Santa Rosa, CA June 12-14 *SalmonAid Festival Oakland, CA 6/20-6/21 *High Sierra Music Festival Quincy, CA 7/2-7/5 *Gathering of the Vibes Bridgeport, CT July 23-26 *Tellurid Blues and Brews Festival Telluride, CO 9/18-9/20

Upcoming 4/15 @ VooDoo Lounge Death Valley High, Boom Boom Stereo, American Radio, Hope Squad, Great Girls Blouse 4/25 @ Britannia Arms Cupertino Left of Christ, Jade of Days, T Minus 7, March Into Paris 5/9 @ West Valley College West Fest featuring: Insolence, KungFu Vampire, Shadow Beat Ritual, Firme, My Monster, Usurper Vong, Anonymity 5/15 @ various downtown San Jose venues Left Coast Live featuring: Lyrics Born, Miggs, The Mumlers, KungFu Vampire 5/23 @ Britannia Arms Cupertino Livestrong Benefit Show featuring: Left of Christ, Repaid In Blood, Better Left, Kinetic For Booking please send email to:

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Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Music Festivals and Events: *Maverick’s Surf Event* Half Moon Bay, CA *Sea Otter Classic* Monterey, CA April 16-19 *Joshua Tree Music Festival*

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Parish Publick House happy hour every m-sat. 4-6pm & 11pm-12am, Sunday happy hour all day! Come watch the Sharks games at The Parish-wear your Sharks Gear get $1 off draft and $1 appetizers YOUR MUSIC OLYMPICKS “Best Guitarist” event 4/11/09 4/17 Jr Boogie, 4/18 Murder Majesty/Classics of Love/Dun Bin Had, 4/24 Grain, 4/25 The 4 fits w/special guests, 5/1 I Want Out, 5/2 Fire Whiskey/Final Summation /Single Second, 5/9 King Kongress.

Lunch and dinner: 11 a.m.-2 p.m. daily. Happy hour: 4-6 p.m. & 11 p.m.-Midnight *Monday - Saturday & all day Sunday.

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The Vinny Johnson Band The Devil Himself 39 Fingers The Joint Chief of Staff The Ploughman & Live wire Michelle Chapel

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