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By Itay K With the release of Dethklok’s second full-length album, The Dethalbum II, the world’s greatest animated Black Metal band is set to take over the US with a full blown tour alongside Mastodon, Oakland’s High on Fire and Converge. A Central Coast native, Metalocalypse Co-Creator Brendon Small has the greatest job ever. Living out his teenage fantasies, he not only composes all of the music for the animated series, but voices a few of the characters including the band’s brutal front-man, Nathan Explosion. And he can shred a guitar with the best of ‘em. All those years of sitting in his room with his guitar and practicing scales to try and sound like his Metal idols as a teenager have definitely paid off, and with Gene Hoglan on drums, Mike Keneally on guitar and Bryan Beller on bass for the upcoming tour, the Dethklok live show is one that shouldn’t be missed! Where did the idea for Dethklok and Metalocalypse come from? The original idea was that I needed a job. I needed to find a way to make money. I had finished up a different show called Home Movies some time ago, and I was slowly reacquainting myself with Metal. I listened to Metal growing up and went to music school and all that stuff. I think that ever since music school, I’ve been throwing out the academics and coming back to the stuff I cared about as a teenager. I

just liked guitar playing and loud music, so I wanted to put together a show where I get to write the music and be very self-contained. That ended up being Metalocalypse. Didn’t you do all the music for Home Movies? Yeah, I did all of that show. It was very different from this stuff, but it was important for me to get out that garage-band style of music to get to where I am now. How did you go from doing the

more innocent Home Movies to Metalocalypse, one of the bloodiest animated shows on television? I don’t think that it was that difficult. It wasn’t like any kind of challenge. I think that anyone who’s creative has lots of different interests. The only thing that I think happens is that people in television get pigeon-holed and just do one style. I think that there are a lot of animated shows where every show is just like the previous ones before, and I had the luxery of not having Home Movies be that successful. No one cared about me trying to repeat myself, so I didn’t have to. But I didn’t want to, because I already did it. The fan base now is the same, which is good. With every episode of any kind of show that you work on you try to keep moving forward. What got you into animation, since you said you went to school for music? I kind of fell into it. I always liked animation like old Disney or Heavy Metal. I thought that South Park and the Simpsons were fine and everything but I’m more interested in live action in general. It just turn out that I got lucky with Home Movies. I was living in Boston and doing standup. I met the producers of Dr. Katz after having a good night of doing stand up and the next thing I knew, I got lucky and was doing some voices for a bunch of different projects. I just kept wedging my foot in the door with every opportunity and I fell into animation.

me in my mid teen years was very difficult... like all the shred-masters and stuff like that. I started young enough to try and copy those styles and that got me stuck in my bedroom for hours on end just practicing scales.

You said that you started in music, how long have you been playing guitar? I’ve been playing guitar for around twenty years now. I really spent a lot of my life practicing. The kind of guitar that interested

What’s the response been like to your recent tour announcement? Ticket sales have been really good. I don’t want to jinx anything, but we just added second shows. I know that ticket sales have kind of slumped due to the economy and stuff, but we’re touring with a really good band, Mastodon, and we have a TV show so we can get our message out there a little bit better than other bands can. But the ticket sales are doing great; we added shows in New York, LA, and a couple of other shows in the south.

So, Dethklok is going on tour this fall, a much bigger tour than last time. Are you excited to play the shows? No, excited is not the word. Exhausted is the word. I’m looking forward to it. I think that somewhere along the way I’ll get a little more sleep than when I’m in production on the TV show. So for those reasons I’m happy, and I just want to play guitar across the country.

What was it like working with Eric Powell on the Dethklok Vs. The Goon Comic Book? How did you get in touch with him? Eric got in touch with us because he was familiar with the show and he liked it a lot. He said he wanted to do some ridiculous crossover, and in my opinion that’s what crossovers are, they’re

ridiculous. A total cross-over into two different worlds. So, I said as long as it’s really stupid that I would do it. He said sure, so he wrote it and I think it’s really funny and well written. I usually feel really nervous when I collaborate because I’m unsure. With Eric, the story was really funny and he’s a good writer and a funny guy. Are you a comic book fan at all? I like the good stuff. My brother knows more than me, so he would be like ‘check out Preacher’. I read that whole series even though it’s been around for a while. I’m the type of guy that read Watchman the year before it came out in theaters rather than when it came out in 1986. I’m aware of that stuff, but I don’t make frequent visits to the comic book store. What can people expect at a live Dethklok show? When the show was conceived, everything was conceived at the same time. So me and Tommy, the co-creator, I grabbed him when I thought I was going to go sell the show, we came up with the world and the characters and stuff. Then I thought ok, I’ll come up with the music side and put out a CD at the end of each season with the songs from the show, and elongate them, give them better production, and all of that stuff. And then there has got to be a way to tour, and how do you tour if you’re not even a real band? Then I figured, well, the Gorillaz did it. I watched the Gorillaz live videos and they were playing behind a screen that the characters were projected onto. The thing is that you don’t get to see the band. I feel that there’s a little disconnection there between the band and the audience. I wanted the audience to see that there were real people generating the music. We’re not lit up, we’re back-lit, so we’re not the stars of the show. We’re more like a pit band for the movie that we’re playing to. How difficult is it to stay in and out of character in a live setting? All I’m doing is playing music at that point. I’m not supposed to be any character. I am supposed to sound like Nathan and all that stuff but I’m not supposed to look like anyone. People ask me about live action versus the live show and I start to tune out. What makes this cool is that it’s not real, so we’re not going to try to be the characters. I hired really great musicians to play with me. If I had chosen musicians to look like the Dethklok members, I would

be in trouble. I’ve got these super musicians and they’re amazing. They make my job a lot easier. Do you find your guitar playing ability getting better alongside these great musicians? Absolutely. I think the second you start working with better musicians who’ve done more you kind of rise up to their level just a little bit. I’m nowhere near as good as these guys, but I’m no slouch on the guitar either. Yeah, you kinda shred, buddy. I put the hours in and spent a long time practicing. Playing live is a totally different beast altogether. It’s just a different set of skills, and that’s what I’ve been working on for the past few years. It’s been a fun learning experience. So what’s next then... after this tour? That’s a very good question. I have the ultimate job right now, where I get to make my own TV show, write every line, do the voices, write the music, tour and get endorsement deals. It’s tough to top this job. I guess I’ll have to figure that out after we kill these shows.

Photos by Itay K

By Darien Lomeli

With the success of Lacuna Coils last release, “Karma Code,” they took a break and began writing about more prevalent issues in the world today. Shallow Life is a concept album that focus’s on how people live more and more superficially. Lacuna Coil also take a departure from the atmospheric goth soundtrack to a more simple rock sound that still accentuates what they’re about, but also takes them in another direction. They are a band that will always go forward in their musical style, rarely looking back. I recently spoke with singer Andrea Ferrero to get his thoughts on the new album. In the time since Karma Code, what was your biggest influence in the making of Shallow Life? Was there a significant event that affected your creativity for this album? The idea for the overall concept came as a result of some reflection that we had in the past year about life. I was watching TV and all of the sudden noticing how many things from my youth were passing me by, how many people that were traditionally always there but now had disappeared. That started a big process, which lead to a sort of midlife crisis. I know it’s a bit early for that, but it really felt like I didn’t know which direction to go and if what I was doing was still making sense.

What was the most challenging aspect of recording this album? We took several chances with “Shallow Life,” new producer, new studio, new management, and a more open approach the songwriting. We wanted to keep things fresh and interesting. What is your favorite part of touring? The show, the exchange of energy with the crowd. Also being able to travel around the world and see new places and meet new cultures is one of the best parts. What do you least like about being on the road?

To be away from your family and friends for such a long time is the worst part. What do you do when you’re home and just being a normal guy? Normal things like paying the bills and trying to keep up with my friends and family. I try to dedicate some quality time to them and also relax. If I have a long break I like to study music and singing techniques. I might try to get back into shape and go to the gym. Do you see yourself going back to the old musical style of Lacuna Coil like your first few albums? No, We’re a band that likes to look forward and not repeat too much. You can bring back some elements here and there but it has to sound fresh to the ears. What’s the statement that Lacuna Coil wants to say to the world? Don’t be afraid, don’t lock yourself in a safe place, go out there and live your life. What is the significance of the grenade photo on the album cover? It’s a nice image that represents the duality of something really strong and dangerous but also delicate and fragile. Our music is our weapon to survive in this “Shallow Life.” What song do you identify with the most on “Shallow Life” and why? “The Maze” because it talks about my struggle with anxiety in the past.


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Jay Reatard

multifaceted clarity coming from sources hard to pin down. Most distinctly, he displays his capacity to make mindful, soul-heavy pop music with the uplifting “One Day.” On Light, as it is on all his work, the message is paramount. Fortunately for us he relates it in the context of life and doesn’t preach. His positivity is universal and never polarizing, so that when he sings about “his people,” we can all feel included. Now if we can just get him to share a stage with Yusuf - Kevin Madness Islam on the Gaza strip…

Watch Me Fall

Dirty Penny


Young & Reckless

The proudly homespun recordings of Jay Reatard (born Jay Lindsey) have the shitty charm of a macaroni wreath brought home from kindergarten by your adorable little spawn. The craftiness and love put into the production makes roughness of the art tolerable, if not heartwarming. Watch Me Fall, Lindsey’s second full length as a solo artist, sounds like a young speed-freak’s unhinged take on garage rock. The music is spazzy and imperfect in tone, but simultaneously tailored and proficient. Musical clarity comes in the creative and well-timed rhythms of the Reatard band. Lindsey’s speedy, echoic delivery sounds like he’s singing to us from the inside of a giant reverb tank, holding on to the spring for dear life. This recording is benefited by diverse instrumentation and technique, adding character to the songs. “Man of Steel” features a mandolin-tremlo prechorus and “Can’t Do It Anymore” has an unforgettable noise solo. Standing out the most, however, is “I’m Watching You,” Jay’s organ infused creeper. Lyrically, Watch Me Fall is bitter, pessimistic and downcast—more recklessly nihilistic than it is wristcutter music. From the shouty, downer refrain “All is lost, there is no hope” of the opening track, to the bizarre prison break soundtrack of “Before I Got Caught” to the emotionally mixed up “Rotten Mind” and the appropriate closing lines of “There is no sun for me,” I gather one ultimate truth: Life Sucks. - Kevin Madness

Matisyahu Light Epic When Matisyahu came on the mainstream music scene in 2004, his puzzling, crosscultural persona was interpreted by some as mere novelty. Never a jokey, bullshit act (ref. 2 Live Jews), he refuted naysayers by putting out two substantial studio albums and an impressive live recording that showcased his superb band and originality as a vocalist. On his latest album, Light, Matisyahu expands his sound to encompass electronic elements and utilizes a less dancehall-influenced flow, instead singing with a

Independent It’s finally arrived, the long awaited sophomore CD from the masters of sleaze, Dirty Penny, and it is totally worth the wait. “Young & Reckless” is thirteen tracks full of fist pumping, pure energy that starts with their first song, If I Were You I’d Hate Me Too, and continues to the last, Wrecking Ball. Recorded at Suspect Studios in San Jose, Dirty Penny reunited with producer Johnny Lima to create an album that not only showcases their signature glam rock style, but also infuses metal and punk influences along with a new technical approach to the song writing. This CD kicks ass! Every song is a hit, and you will find yourself still singing the catchy arena rock anthems long after the CD has ended. “Young & Reckless” proves that these guys have the attitude and talent that’s going to take them straight to the top! Be sure to check out DIRTYPENNYSUCKS.COM to purchase a CD and to see all the awesome merchandise they have available. - Miley Elayne

Teenage BottleRocket They Came From The Shadows Fat Wreck The new album by Teenage BottleRocket out on Fat Wreck Cords titled They Came From The Shadows is one of the most interesting things to ever come from Wyoming. As the CD is the debut album on Fat Wreck Chords, Teenage BottleRocket have rocked themselves to one of the best labels for aspiring punks. This new album has push the band to continuing tour in Europe, Japan, and North American, so check them out to find that dates they are going to be in your neighborhoods, for the Northern California and Bay area shows are in early November. This fourteen track fast paste album was recorded at Blasting Room Studios the same place as Rise Against, Descendents, and Lemonheads, so you know this album is bond to rock. With songs from Skate Or Die to Faso Gone Nutzoid, there is little something for everyone can rock out to. - Brian Crabtree

By Mat Weir

Have you given up on rock ‘n roll? Think the snarling head of punk rock has died? Think again. Straight out of Huntington Beach, fatherland of old school punk, come The Strangers. With Dave Stucken on vocals and guitar, guitarist Rob Milucky, bassist Shane Strange and Julian Kelly on drums, these four guys bring in a raw, powerhouse of sound equal to the original punk records that helped inspire them down the dark path. If you had read my review of their debut album, The Human Condition, in last month’s issue you’ll know that I haven’t stopped listening to these guys since I was lucky enough to see them play with TSOL a few months back. Their songs are upbeat, energetic and based on real life events; not to mention Stucken has a voice smooth enough to impress Johnny Two Bags of Social D fame. In fact, the Strangers just finished an East Coast tour with Civet and Social D and will be touring with the latter again in October. When I first met up with them I had mistaken Rob with TSOL guitarist Ron; thankfully I was the third person to do that and the Strangers have a great sense of humor. I met up with them for a proper rock ‘n roll breakfast, coffee and cigarettes, and ended up hanging out for over an hour discussing everything from why classic horror movies will always be better than remakes, to why Joe Strummer was one of the best songwriters in history. So here’s the short version of that sunny afternoon, by the time you’re done reading you’ll understand why rock ‘n roll is more than a sound. How did you form? Rob: I was in The Johns, Dave was in the Serial Killers and Shane… Shane: I was retired. Rob: True. He was retired but before that we were in the Hunns together, and Julian was in the Broken Bottles. Basically we were all just bored, everyone had hit a wall. All of those bands were kind of done, ya know? What’s rad is that me and Jullian ran into each other at a guitar shop. He had just started to drum and asked if I knew of any bands. So I told him about my friends in the Broken Bottles; I didn’t know how good he was then! Not to blow smoke up his ass, but he’s a really good drummer for as long as he’s been playing. So I hooked him up with these guys and then we stole him! (laughs) Julian: I was waiting to get out, looking for that right opportunity. Dave: It’s funny, the Hunns were always one of my biggest influences; so I got to see Shane and Rob play at the Troubadour when I was in

high school. Later, I was doing this band, The Breakdowns, for years and got sick of that shit. My ex-girlfriend had a show with the Johns and I ran into Rob there. We were both just so bored with what we were doing that it clicked and we ended up starting The Strangers. After that we knew we had a good thing happening. Shane (points to Dave): This fucker’s so goddamn talented, it’s part of what brought me out of retirement. Rob made me come over to his apartment to listen to Dave, but I was skeptical. So I sat and listened to him play and went, “Whoa!” (jaw drops). And then he went to the bathroom and I told Rob, “Holy shit, the kid can fucking sing, I mean really (band laughs). Where did you find this kid?” And Rob just says, “I don’t know, he came to me!” “What’s his name?” “ ‘Good lookin’ Dave” (band laughs). Tell me about the record. Rob: We have a full-length that’s finished and available at our shows. But now we’re trying to find someone to put it out or just end up doing

it ourselves. I mean, it’s completely done and ready to roll. Dave: It’s actually produced by Johnny Two Bags (Social D./Cadillac Tramps/US Bombs) Rob: But you know, there’s no more record business anymore. Now it’s about playing live and literally giving your CDs away, look at TSOL! Their new album is killer! And the day it was done, “Here you go!” Dave: Kids are going to download it anyway… everyone’s a hacker. So what’s coming up? Rob: We’re going to go to Europe in September, completely by the seat of our pants - DIY. I’ve got friends over there from the past, so basically we’re just gonna go over there and couch it, hit some squats and have a good

time. We’re gonna do a split single-it’s already in the works-with a band over there in Germany called the Wayward Kings. And I love Europe! It’s the only place I really like to tour. I’ve done the U.S. a shitload of times, and there are some really great corners of it. But as a whole it’s too big and there’s too many horrible scenes. Dave: And there’s not a lot of money out here right now anyways. In Europe I can sleep in a nice motel that’s better than my house. It’s clean! Rob: Out there it’s just a really strong, supportive group. Everyone comes out to the shows and I’ve really just never seen anything like it. Julian: Plus, my whole family lives in Germany.

By Mike Lyon I have been in this business for 20 years now and I’ve never seen such a huge influx of early teen bands as I’ve seen this past year. This is great news, as a promoter and publisher it gives me great hope for the future of live music. In the last couple of years there has been a lot of rumbling from musicians and parents who say that the invent of Rock Band and guitar hero video games are causing kids to trade real guitars for controllers and live performances for couch concerts. Even South Park had an episode claiming this opinion. My theory is the opposite, it seems these games may teach dexterity and influence young people to go to the next level and pick up an instrument. I decided to ask some of the kid bands the magazine works with a few questions to see what is making the difference. The most important thing I learned was these young people all have tremendous support from their parents. Probably the first generation of parents that actually encourages their kids to get into the music industry. This awesome support system is evident when you speak with these young musicians; they are confident, secure, and fearless. The band Jackie Rocks has been participating in our Your Music Magazine Band Olympicks for the past 3 years and has no problem competing with bands twice their age and experience. Lead singer Jacklyn Partida performed in our vocal solo competition and won the silver medal. She followed 7 guys that really tore it up. But once Jackie got up there she was amazing, no fear. Another young band; My Stupid Brother are the Santa Cruz Your Music Olympicks gold winners this year. I considered questioning them but I don’t think they are teens anymore and the band has taken it to a whole new level with the release of their new CD “What You Need.” Almost Chaos is another band of talented teens that did well in the Your Music Olympicks this year. I wanted to question them but they are in the studio and could not be reached.


These young girls already have an impressive resume of shows including a battle of the bands on the CBS Early Show in NYC. They also opened up for Ludacris-Spring Fest, played the Temecula International Film and Music Festival, Daisy Rock Guitars - LA Convention Center (Meet and Greet & Performance) and a Tribute to Runaways Drummer (Sandy West) - Unveiling of Statue made by Cherie Curie.


Jackie Rocks has been playing live for a few years now. They performed in Philadelphia at a teen fashion rock show for Seventeen Magazine and Converse Shoes. Played at Candlestick Park for the 49ers Family Day event. Took part in Your Music Magazine’s Rock Olympicks. Just played at The Catalyst with Dirty Penny and Stellar Corpses! And at Great America Amusement Park a couple of times.

AUGUST SKY August Sky plays classic rock, blues, and originals. They just released their first CD- “That’s Rock & Roll.” They listed their favorite shows as: “Our CD Release Party which we did a benefit for the SPCA at Del Monte Shopping Center in Monterey; opening up for the Heartbreaker (a Led Zeppelin tribute band), at Giovane’s in Salinas; and The Mucky Duck in Monterey – It was our first three-hour set. We were one of three finalists selected to open up for Pat Travers at The Planet Ultra Lounge in Monterey. We’ve even played in Los Angeles at the Knitting Factory. Plus a lot more.”

RAPID FIRE Rapid Fire has been playing live shows for over a year. These are their most memorable: Britannia Arms, Cupertino 10/11/08 - Jason Becker benefit concert, hosted by Six Strings Productions. Supporting Jason Becker was cool and he watched a video of our show! The Brookdale Lodge, 11/14/08, hosted by Your Music Magazine with Archer, Jackie Rocks, and Pariah Faction. We got to play with Archer! Catalyst, 04/16/09 – It’s the Catalyst! Santa Cruz Public Library Teen Battle of the Bands, 08/01/09 – We won 1st place! Santa Cruz Community TV Live performance, 09/04/09 - It was fun to play on live TV – we had great energy and it was good exposure.

Keiko is 14 she plays Guitar and sings Background Vocals Kariel is 13 she plays Bass and sings Background Vocals Mimi is 9 she is the Singer and plays Rhythm Guitar Bo-Pah is 7 she is the Drummer

Why did you start playing music? We all have been surrounded by all sorts of music since we were really tiny. But, we really started playing because our mother and father wanted us to have something positive to do with our time. Things had been really tough in our house

because of the loss of our grandmother to breast cancer, at age 49, and our daddy having had a major relapse with his Multiple Sclerosis. So we all started on guitar, except Bo-Pah who started at age 3 on the bottom of a gumbo pot... She kept time for us when we were practicing our chords! Then eventually we moved on to the instruments we are on now. Have you had any lessons or training? We have had some lessons here and there. Started with teachers and then stopped for one reason or another. The usual reason was because we just did not have the money for lessons. So, we consider ourselves to be self-taught, for the most part. But, we have been definitely blessed the last year with some great people who offered up a lot of their time. Mimi likes to say that she is trained by Aretha Franklin, Heart, Mariah, Janice Joplin, and any other singer she idolizes on Youtube.

She has an ability to mimic voices and has a great time learning from the greats. Do your parents support your music? In what way? Yes, they are very supportive. They encourage us to pursue our dreams and reach as far as we can in whatever we do. They home school us, book our shows, drive us around, keep us on schedule, help us pay for the equipment, gaff our tape:) and the most important thing... Help us decide what we are going to wear! LOL What is your ultimate musical goal? All of us feel the same. We want to travel the world performing for huge crowds. We want to be able to be the best in our craft that we can be and at the end of it all.... we don’t just want to be girls that performed. We want to be girls that rocked the world.

Jackie is 15 she is the Singer and plays Lead Guitar. De’Andre is 14 he Sings Backup and plays Bass. Greg is 17 and plays Drums.

Why do you think there are so many new teen bands? There are many new programs, for example, “Be in your own Band” that offer help to teens with their idea of starting a band. More young bands seem to be popular right now, and us teens look at that and think, “we can do that too!” but it takes a lot of dedication and hard work. Mainly it’s just about having fun! What are the goals of the band? The goals of the band are to really just take it as far as we can and to be as successful as we can with our music, before we head off to college. We are very passionate about this, and the experiences we are having along the way are awesome! Greg:To be a giggin’ as a jazz drummer. Jackie: To be a successful musician/songwriter and to learn as much as possible about music and the music industry. De’Andre: My ultimate music goal is learning all I can as musician (jazz, classical, etc.) and to take my music to as high of a level as I can. Why did you start playing music? Greg: It’s what I’ve always wanted to do as a career. Jackie: I’ve always had a passion for music, and I wanted to express it! De’Andre: I started playing music because my cousin Nathin knew how to play bass and I was really influenced to start learning how to

play bass. I also got into music from playing at my middle school. Have you had any lessons or training? Greg: I’ve taken drum lessons from Joe DeRose privately and have had many instructors in Marching Band and Drum Corporations Jackie: I’ve been taking lessons from Ken Kraft, for about two years now. De’Andre: I took beginner lessons for about a month and a half, but other than that I haven’t had any lessons and I’m all self-taught. Do your parents support your music? Greg: Yes, they drive me wherever I need to be, and they pay for mostly everything. Jackie: Yes, my parents are very supportive because they are always at the shows and they take care of me when I need help. De’Andre: My parents drive me places and buy me my musical supplies, and help any way possible.

Erich is 13 he plays guitar, sings and writes songs for the band. David is 15 and plays the bass and guitar. Nathan is 14 he’s on the drums and back up vocals. Paige and Fallon Mills are 12 year-old twin sisters who recently joined the band on vocals.

Why did you start playing music? Erich: When I was 8 years old my parents thought it would be good for me to learn how to play an instrument. They let me choose it, so I chose the guitar. They bought me a Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar because it was small and would be easier for me to play.

David: I started playing music because I wanted to be in the praise band in my church. I joined August Sky and a while later I was asked to be in the church band the day that we started recording the ’That’s Rock and Roll’ cd. Fallon & Paige: We’ve been in “training” since birth. The “music-bug” runs in our family. Our mom did some performing and recording before we were born and our grandmother and her 3 sisters were part of a group who performed and recorded songs, such as “Mr. Sandman”. We danced before we could walk and sang before we could talk. Have you had any lessons or training? Erich: I started taking lessons when I was 8 years old and in the 2nd grade. I have continued to take lessons 1 hour per week. I have also played in the Monterey Blues Festival and I have taken the Jazz Program three times at MPC. I’ve also taught myself the bass, mandolin, and piano. David: My training includes a few months of bass lessons, three year of guitar lessons and being in two bands-August Sky and the church band. Fallon & Paige: We currently receive voice & vocal technique lessons from Aimée Puentes, who has sung in many leading opera roles and has performed with the San Francisco Opera. We have taken some

piano lessons and we are also learning the guitar. Do your parents support your music? Erich: Yes, my parents are very supportive! They buy equipment for the band; help with setting up gigs, and advertising gigs. My parents are the best roadies. David: My parents take me back and forth for lessons, take me to gig’s, buy the little things that all musicians need like picks, strings, cables, repair of things, etc. Fallon & Paige: Ours completely support us, because they see how much time we put into singing and dancing. They come to every practice and gig that we do. As long as we have the right attitude and level of commitment, they will do whatever it takes to see our dreams come true. What is your ultimate musical goal? Erich: I would like to major in music production when I go to college. David: To make friends, grow more mature, and make more music. Fallon & Paige: Our plan is to stay focused, always achieving, and always succeeding. We want to make music that everyone can enjoy: both the young, and the old. Singing, dancing, and choreography are what make us happy. Simply put, we want to be the best that we can be, and above all……..give the glory to God!

Danny Gestri is 13 he plays Guitar and is the lead Vocalist. Chris Gestri is 13 and he plays the Drums. Tim Wills DeTone is 12 and plays the Bass.

Why did you start playing music? Danny: Because I liked listening to music and I thought guitar was the coolest instrument. I started singing because the band needed a singer. Chris: It seemed like a cool idea. I was influenced by the Jackie Rocks band. Tim: My dad is a drummer in a band and that influenced me. Have you had any lessons or training? Danny: I take weekly lessons with Peter Cor; I’ve taken them for the last 2 ½ years. Chris: I take weekly drum lessons with Olaf Schiappacasse. I’ve taken them for the last 2 ½ years. Tim: I take bi-weekly lessons with Robin Macomber. All: As a group, we work with Robin Macomber from Santa Cruz Performing Arts, to work on song-writing and on the band as a whole. Do your parents support your music? At gigs, they help us carry equipment and set up. They’re our roadies. Our (Chris and Danny’s) mom manages the band – lines up shows, sets up recording studio appointments, helps promote the shows. They help us buy equipment and pay for music lessons. All of our parents support us being in a band. What is your ultimate musical goal? Danny – To be more famous than the Rolling Stones, to go on a world tour, and to play at giant amphitheaters. Chris - To be a successful professional musician and make great music. Tim – To play at Shoreline Amphitheater and go on a world tour.

an interview with

an interview with

By Marisa Lopez

By Marisa Lopez

Tell me a little about your new album, which you recently finished recording in LA. Well, the album is called “Change in the Neon Light” and it’s going to be out in February. The first single “Anthem for a Doomed Youth” will be out in October. It’s more stepping away from 80’s and post-punk and into the modern. There are a lot of electronic sounds involved. Like some kind of Blade Runner- style Future Noir. Punk Noir, even.

Who inspired you to play drums? I kind of decided to play on my own in high school. After the first show with my one of my first bands, I wanted to go pro. Since then, I’ve played in a lot of bands and gotten more experience and advice from other professionals.

Keven Tecon of Veil Veil Vanish

Describe your sound to people who have not heard you guy’s play. Well, it’s kind of like a part of the new wave of dark music. So, it’s more inspired by French Cold Wave without all the minimalism. What’s your songwriting style? I generally like to write late at night when there aren’t any distractions. I write in a stream of consciousness way and I go over what I’ve written the next day to refine it. My mind races at night, so I like to write what’s going on in my head. What is your favorite place to play in the Bay Area? There isn’t really a specific venue. It all kind of really depends on our moods and the atmosphere of the show in general. The setting is what counts. I think we play better when it’s raining (laughs)! For some reason, it always seems to rain when we play. Any last words you’d like to add? Yeah. I think the music and art scene is going through a transitional period. The title of the new album reflects that. To be a part of the change so the rough times will be more bearable. Musicians and artists want to create and express their surroundings, feelings, and experiences so that others can relate. They need a voice and somebody to step up and speak through them in these uncertain times; that’s what we want to be.


Alex Greenling of Abriel

As a drummer, how would you describe your work ethic? I’m very much a disciplined guy who strives to be the best drummer I can be. I would say that I’m a willing musician. What do you enjoy the most as a music fan? Well, I would have to say that meeting and interacting with drummers from different bands is something I really get into. In your opinion, what is the current state of the metal scene in SF? The scene is not very strong right now. There are a lot of bands, but only a nominal few can keep up a solid fan base here. Unlike the 80’s, when the Bay Area was a huge metal hub, most now go outside in order to grow their fan base. Abriel is definitely looking to do more local shows. You guys did a stint on this years’ Warped Tour. What did you love the most about it? All the kids in the pit having so much fun and going crazy! It felt like I was the audience when I was onstage. You feed off that kind of energy and throw it back to them. It’s pretty awesome! What’s next for Abriel? Recording in the studio, doing more shows and, eventually, going back out on the road to tour. Sum yourself up in 4 words. All black. No logos.





10/2 @

OAKLAND METRO 630 3rd St Oakland, CA 94607




10/3 @

RED DEVIL LOUNGE 1695 Polk St. SF, CA 94109


6660 Highway 9, Felton, CA 95018

Music Lessons Instrument & Amplifier Repair Rentals: Band Instruments Band Rehearsal Room Dance Floor Rental PA, Stage, and Lighting Rentals



Repair Service Fabrication

Interview and photos by Darien Lomeli

Behemoth doesn’t care about pleasing the public, nor do they write songs that cater to the masses. They write music that expresses how they feel and what they believe in. It sounds simple enough; however, I don’t come across too many bands anymore with a genuine interest in keeping things real or true. Behemoth keeps their core beliefs in close proximity. Fear not their live show, as you are in the presence of unabashed fortitude and plunged into the world of unapologetic Polish black metal. They offer a decent shot of needed adrenaline into an otherwise bland day. Behemoth’s new album, “Evangelion,” was released on August 11th on Metal Blade USA. It is a testament to their old roots and packed with a symphonic vibe. Inferno is creating his usual insanity on the drums that, on this album, sound a bit more powerful and operatic followed by Nergal’s verbal discourse, which continues to permeate with anger and passion. Seth’s dominance in keeping up the rhythm is ever present, and Orion’s bass skills offer a solid support to this foursome. Besides seeing their live show when these guys come to town I make it a point to visit them, drink some shots, and engage in silly banter. Behemoth are serious musicians but also fun to hang with. Orion is my subject this go around and you can’t deny his stage presence. He is a powerful force but off stage this guy is good times…. and quite tall! So Orion, here we go again my friend. What was memorable for you on your most recent Rockstar Mayhem tour? I was so happy to be playing with Slayer and seeing them everyday, that’s the first thing. You’re a big Slayer fan too, huh? F%ck yeah!! That was one of the first metal bands I ever listened to. So what’s your favorite

album? Mine is “Hell Awaits.” Of course. I do like their new stuff like “God Hates Us All” and “Christ Illusion;” it’s beyond amazing and I can’t wait for the new album. So what do you hope to accomplish with your new and old fans? That’s what we like about the US market. It justifies the efforts like the more we do here, the more we get. Europe is different.

variety. It feels great. So tell me what has influenced you since “The Apostasy” in writing and musical style? It’s been a long time. We didn’t want to repeat the same thing as we had that impression after “the Apostasy” that we did an album similar to Demigod somehow. This new album “Evangelian” is very different. In a way we are coming back to our origins where we started, and we’ve got this special spirit of religious black metal. I don’t know if you have listened to it yet? I have and it’s awesome! Real old school sounding. It’s fast and furious…love it! So you’re going to have another tour obviously once this album comes out? We will be doing a big tour in Poland then Europe with Devil Driver then back here for our first headlining tour ever in the US.

So what is different in Europe? Europe is sentimental and it matters more how long you have been around. In the US the album sales count and the amount of people at the shows count in my opinion. We completed another awesome summer tour and having all these people here is such a

So what’s going on in Poland? Are you guys free to play there? I heard about all this controversy with you guys concerning some bible tearing. What’s the deal? Kind of reminds me of the Sinead O’Conner and her ripping up pictures of the Pope. She apologized though, we didn’t. We were never totally banned from Poland. There is this thing called the Old Polish Committee that were trying to ban our shows and cancel some of them. We have been through trials and so far we have won all the cases. So basically all this just makes you more popular? Bad press is good press.

of metal, and my . I like all kinds ads I am a metalhead ny other metalhe ma es lud inc s s. circle of friend of likes and dislike er mb nu a are tain with whom I sh why they like cer d an rst de un I don’t always derstand their don’t always un Sometimes I bands, and I t I like. tha s nd ba of d vehement hatre for different folks, different strokes it, can blow it off as my head around ap wr ’t can t jus I al but sometimes ack on my music att l na rso pe a it. almost as if it’s ould just get over sh I ess gu I ly tastes. Ultimate the bands I’m I hope you all like That being said, l Metal Report. rCa No the in ss about to discu

By Dave Pirtle

Saviours will release their new album, Accelerated Living, on October 27th via Kemado Records. In possibly bigger news, they have been tapped as hand-picked, direct support to the legendary Saint Vitus for three exclusive US reunion shows in October to take place in Brooklyn, NY, Worcester, MA, and Baltimore, MD. Those dates themselves will be preceded by a US tour with Kylesa that kicks off on September 20th and will run through mid-October.


be on hand to give the whole thing a real community feel. For more information, visit Bands4Bandsorganization.

Taunted Taunted has just released their highly-anticipated album Bleeding Black, available through their official website and The occasion will be celebrated with release show to be held on September 24th at the Little Fox Theater in Redwood City, along with Vicious Rumors (in their only Bay Area appearance of 2009) as well as 3Lunas and Sagacious Past. The show will mark the live debut of new second guitarist Matt Gower (ex-Hollow Point Syndicate) and bassist Pete Aguilar (Vault Theory/Evets Black), who is actually returning to the band having played with them in a previous incarnation. That show will be followed by an appearance at the Northwest Death Fest in Seattle, WA that weekend.

Bands4Bands will hold their 3rd annual MetalFest on October 10th at Memorial Park in Hayward, with performances from Kaos, Concrete Coffin, Potential Threat, Mystic Rage and many more as part of a lineup that represents a variety of metal styles from around the Bay Area. The event will once again benefit the Salvation Army in the form of a food drive (or “Bring a metal can, see a metal band”). Local vendors and artists will also

Stand back - there’s a stampede coming through! ThunderHorse recently went back into the recording studio to record their new 5 song EP Haulin’ Ass. The EP will include four new songs plus a rerecorded version of “Fight to the Finish” from their Fire Blood and Steel demo, but perhaps more importantly, will mark the first time they have recorded with vocals. The band has been integrating them into their live set with bassist Ian Menor, and they will finally be put to disc. Look for a late October/November release.


Your Kind” pack a heavy punch that disproves any notion that they’re in this for the money. The aforementioned songs and more can be heard on their MySpace page at untilwesleepmusic. Content that I have supplied you with enough information, I will go ahead and draw this month’s column to a close. Remember to keep the news, comments, hecklings, etc. flowing to norcalmetal@ It would be a shame not only for your big announcement to reach as many ears as possible, but also if I don’t get cut down to size every now and again. Don’t worry - I’m a big man. I can take it.

Exodus is the latest band to cross over to the comic book world. Nuclear Blast Records and Terminal Press are teaming up to deliver “Exodus: Death Begets Death,” being described as an apocalyptic horror comic filled with violence and dark humor that will incorporate themes and imagery from their entire body of work. Briefly, the story will involve the members of Exodus being summoned to stop a supernatural being from wiping out military forces in an American wasteland. We can only hope that the ghost of Paul Baloff has a poser-disposing cameo. The comic will be available in early 2010. You gotta love a band with the balls to call themselves Metal, Inc., so let me tell you about

them. They formed in summer 2008 to do their part to bring thrash back to the forefront of the metal scene, and are making a name for themselves one show (and friend request) at a time. They currently have a 3-song demo available and will soon release a new EP entitled Media Bleed Out. Check them out at to hear them for yourself and get in on the ground floor. Until We Sleep is a new band formed in San Jose featuring former members of Blessings of Affliction and Suffer Tree. Their sounds leans more towards the mainstream end of the metal spectrum but tracks like “Cutter” and “Kill


Top 10 Playlist for period 8/13 – 9/10 (NorCal Unleashed airs on 90.5 FM KSJS on Thursday nights from 11pm-midnight. Contact for information on how to submit your music for airplay) 1. Becoming – Sonic Revelations 2. In Virtue – Delusions of Grandeur 3. Silent Sinner – Higher Power 4. Taunted – Bleeding Black 5. Arsonists Get All The Girls – Portals 6. Skinlab – The Scars Between Us 7. Sol Asunder – Mechanize 8. Falling to Pieces – Awaken The Weak 9. Zed - Demo 10. Dreams of the Fall – Wings of Innocence QUICK BITS: Imagika will enter the studio this month to record their new CD Portrait Of A Hanged Man, tentatively scheduled for worldwide release in spring 2010 through new label Metalville Records . . . Defiance’s longawaited new album The Prophecy is now set for release on October 20th via Candlelight Records . . . Hysteria is in need of a new guitarist . . . High on Fire have commenced work on the follow up to 2007’s Death Is This Communion, which will mark their first release for new label E1 Music, with eyes on an early 2010 release, and will soon embark on the Adult Swim Tour featuring co-headliners Dethklok and Mastodon and opening act Converge . . . former members of Suffokate and Legacy of Pain have joined together to form The Golden Knife . . . Vomit Trough is currently auditioning drummers . . . not to be outdone, Sympathy Ends is looking for a drummer AND a vocalist . . . Mudface are at work writing the follow up to last year’s selftitled EP . . . the new album from Dirty Penny, Young & Reckless, should be available now.



Brian: What would you say the sound and image of Scene of Action? The sound is aggressive indie rock with electronic tendencies. We’re a high-energy trio that likes to put on a show. Brian: Do you have any materials (CD’s/EP’s) out? And where can people get them? We have two EP’s out. 20 Minute Hourglass just came out on September 1st. You can get it at our myspace ( You can get our self-titled debut EP on our myspace or itunes. You can find more info @ Brian: What are the top three venues that you would like to play in San Francisco/ Bay Area? Giant’s Stadium, Oracle Arena and Shoreline Amphitheater. Brian: What do you think of the San Francisco music scene? It’s Awesome! The SF scene offers a huge variety of sounds and its large roster of clubs and local mags showcase a giant selection of touring and local acts. Brian: Any last words to the fans or people reading this? Thanks to everyone who’s into our sound and comes to our shows to rock with us! Live photos by: Brian Crabtree

Paper Sons By: Brian Crabtree 9/11/09 Tom McCullough, vocals Dennis Rodriguez, drums Phil Pristia, guitar Fran Dickinson, bass


Brian: How would you describe the Paper Sons? Our sound falls somewhere between “Hard Rock/ Heavy Metal” and “R&B/ Soul.” We gravitate toward bands like “Deftones,” “ A Perfect Circle” and “Sparta.” We give heavy punch ins, deep melodic verses and rising choruses. The sound ranges from very delicate to very aggressive. By this, we want the listener to experience the full gravity of each song. Image is overrated. Brian: What do you think of the music scene that San Francisco offers? I don’t think there is such a thing as a “bad” music scene. The fact that S.F. has a scene is good. However, as a hard rock band, it has been a struggle to breakthrough in S.F., Nowadays, it seems like anyone with a computer can make music and push their product. It’s not a bad thing, it just leaves a lot of bullshit to sift through. Brian: Do you have any materials (CD’s/EP’s) out? And where can people get them? “FineLine EP” (2007) is available on our website, iTunes, and “Underground EP” (2008) is available exclusively on our website, You can also take a sneak peek from our upcoming release “In the Throws.” Brian: Any last words? We are stoked to announce that The Paper Sons are working with minusHEAD records, an independent label based out of San Francisco. We’d also like to thank all of our friends and fans for supporting us! We hope to see all of you Oct. 3rd at the Red Devil Lounge! The Paper Sons live @ the Your Music Magazine Band Olympicks Saturday 10/3 @ Red Devil Lounge w/ Air Show Disaster, New Montgomery, & Kamal from Indiana.






Air Show Disaster Brian Crabtree9/11/09 Ian Hartley - Guitar / Vocals Jon Long - Vocals / Guitar Jay Ergil - Bass Dave Jensen - Drums Brian: How would you describe the sound and image of Air Show Disaster? IH: Melodic rock with fast tempo, 80s influenced screemo/punk. We’re four friends with different tastes in music, playing and writing songs that we enjoy listening to. JL: We’re influenced by a lot of different music... jay is more into reggae, Ian and Dave are more into punk and hardcore, and I pretty much love everything. Most recently I’ve been listening to random pop music. So it all comes together with everyone bringing in their own style to our songs. Brian: How do you feel competing in the first YMM Band Olympicks in San Francisco? JL: It seems like a really great idea,especially in SF. It’s hard in a bigger city to get to know other local bands and promoters. We’re used to having to set up our own shows, so its nice to get the chance to hang out and play with some new bands we wouldn’t have otherwise met. IH: We believe our music can show and prove the amount of effort we put into writing it. Jon and myself play songs for hundreds of hours before we bring them to the band. Hundreds of more hours pass and the end result is the music we have now. We are constantly improving and hope people enjoy our music as much as we enjoy playing it. Brian: What do you think of the music scene that San Francisco offers? IH: The SF music scene is mostly indie and not our style, but that doesn’t stop us from trying. A lot of clubs, with the new ordinances, are not doing all ages shows, which really affects the turnout. It gets harder and harder every year to book great shows. Don’t get me wrong, playing for 30 people can be just as much fun as 300 but playing for a lot of people really feels good. JL: Yeah I agree... there really aren’t any other

bands our style around here, and thus, not much of a scene for local punk music. I have noticed more and more touring bands similar to our style are skipping SF in exchange for a Sacramento or San Jose show. At this point we pretty much just rely on all our friends to come out to our shows and drink it up. Brian: Do you have any materials (CD’s/EP’s) out? And where can people get them? IH: Our newest stuff can be found on iTunes or you can visit our Myspace at airshowdisaster and get a link to buy our first e/p. Also, Purevolume and Myspace have songs you can listen to and we do put them up for free download as well JL: You can get our first CD at We also have shirts and stuff but for now we only have those at shows... so come to a show! Also check out that’s Ian in the video. Brian: Any last words to the fans or people reading this? IH: We put on a great show and we love to have a good time, and drink, and play music (in no particular order.) Thanks to all that have come to our shows and all the bartenders that give me free drinks....I especially love those bartenders!!! JL: Yeah... I agree with all that! We just love to play for anyone that wants to listen. I think Ian already said it, but as long as there are people that are having a fun at our shows, whether it’s just our friends or a packed club, it’s a great show in my opinion. Oh yeah... we give out prizes, like shitty movies Ian forgets to return to blockbuster at every show, so come out!!

Air Show Disaster live @ the Your Music Magazine Band Olympicks Saturday 10/3 @ Red Devil Lounge w/ The Paper Sons, New Montgomery, & Kamal from Indiana.

Cervantes Brian Crabtree9/17/09 Pat – vocals/guitar Manny – guitar Billy – bass/vocals Hobart – drums


Brian: Tell us about the band Cervantes. Cervantes was formed when Pat and Manny met at Oberlin College in Ohio in the 90’s. (Yes, that long ago!) Since then, the band moved out to San Francisco, has gone through quite a few lineups and hiatuses, but has been playing out consistently for the last 4 or 5 years. Things really got rolling when Billy joined on bass – at that point in time, Pat was trying to do the Phil Collins thing; singing and playing drums. But we’ve got a more traditional lineup now, with two guitars really thickening the sound. Its taken years to get where we are now, but we’re confident this is the best the band has ever sounded. Brian: What influences Cervantes? We’re influenced by a lot of stuff that came out of the 90’s indie and punk rock scenes, perhaps when those two weren’t as disparate as they are now. Jawbreaker, Pavement, Unwound, Sonic Youth, Jawbox, and Sebadoh are all big influences. Hobart’s really into the Kinks, Billy is a huge dub fan, and Pat’s been rocking a lot of Dylan lately… we’re not beholden to one particular scene or style, we just want to make music that you can rock out to but has some brains too. We’ve coined the term “neurotic rock,” and I think that kinda fits our personalities as well as our musical taste. Brian: How do you feel about competing in the first Your Music Magazine Band Olympicks in San Francisco? We’re definitely excited to be a part of this event! Our friends are participating in Your Music competitions around San Francisco as well… it’s great to see local musicians coming together to support each other. Also, it will be great to DOMINATE AND TAKE FIRST PLACE, BABY! Nah, just kidding. It’s a great way to get exposure and we like that aspect of it more than the competitive nature of a battle of the bands. Brian: What do you think of the music scene that San Francisco offers? Having a variety of venues both large and small and scattered about the city makes SF a great place to be in a band. The local music community is very supportive, bands seem to help each other out rather than compete. There are a ton of opportunities to get involved in “the scene”, not sure we can say that about other cities. Other than a lack of abundant all-ages venues, it’s one of the primo cities in the States for music. Brian: How can our readers check you out? Check out Cervantes @ the We have a 10 song CD out called, “Making Friends and Enemies.” You can download Your Music Magazine Band Olympicks Friday 10/2 @ The Oakland Metro w/ that via Itunes or visit us at www.myspace. ONE PUNCH MACHINE GUN, BINKY, com/cervantes415. Contact us at:, www. SCRANTON, FREIGHT TRAIN Any last words? Thanks to Your Music Magazine for the coverage/show opportunity, thanks to everyone for checking us out and supporting other musicians/artists trying to get stuff out there. Look out for our upcoming EP featuring new songs from our new lineup.





Jess: Guitar Ana: Vocals Neil: Keys Pave: Drums Chris: Bass

Brian: Describe the sound of Goodbye Gadget? Jess: I would say Alt Rock/Punk/Pop with Electronic elements…Shiny Toy Guns meets AFI meets old No Doubt (pre-hip hop No Doubt lol)

Goodbye Gadget Brian Crabtree9/10/09

every night of the week if you wanted to. Chris: Well the music scene here seems to be alive and well. There are so many bands to keep it interesting for anyone looking for live music!

Brian: How do you feel competing in the first Your Music Magazine Band Olympicks in San Francisco? Jess: It’s exciting and we’re very happy to be a part of it! I’ve always liked Your Music Magazine, so it’s pretty cool to be a part of an event they are putting on. Pave: I’m stoked. Anything that supports local music and the local scene is great! Chris: I think it’s great that we have the opportunity to compete in a ‘Battle of the Bands.’ We will be able to meet other local bands and have a great time. We’re not there to try and show off, just to have fun and play!

Brian: What are the top three venues that you would like to play in San Francisco/ Bay Area? Jess: Like to play or have played? I feel fortunate in that I’ve gotten the opportunity to play at the venues I always wanted to play. Bottom of the Hill has always been a favorite, and I went to shows there before even having a band. I always feel so lucky when I get to play there. Slims is another one-it’s a great venue; they feed you before you play and like Bottom of the Hill they have great sound. As far as the east bay I like Blake’s and the Uptown… Now in terms of venues that I haven’t gotten to play yet and would like to play, I’d say The Fillmore!! Lol…that’s my next goal. Pave: I would love to play the Fillmore in SF. I’ve seen Brian: What do you think of the music scene that San some of my favorite bands there (+44, Alkaline Trio) Francisco offers? and I love the vibe and sound of the venue. I would Jess: It’s tough. Right now Indie is pretty popular, and also like to play the Independent. if you’re not an indie band it’s tough to get recognized. Not impossible, but harder. But in general there are Brian: Do you have any materials (CD’s/EP’s) out? a ton of amazing San Francisco bands in all genres. And where can people get them? I’m from the east coast and where I grew up it was Jess: YES! Our brand new EP just came out all metal. If you wanted to start a band and it wasn’t (September 1st). It’s called “Because I’m Not Myself a metal band, good luck finding members. Out here You See” (an Alice in Wonderland reference-the there is everything-you could see a different genshow whole cd has an Alice in Wonderland theme; the light vs. dark side of it). You can get the actual cd itself at shows or on and you can download it on sites like iTunes, Rhapsody, eMusic and Amazon. com mp3. Brian: What is a good place to find information about Goodbye Gadget? Jess: Right now the best place to go is our MySpace page, because it’s most up to date as far as shows, pictures, news, etc. It’s www.myspace. com/goodbyegadget. We’re also on Facebook, Reverbnation, etc. Brian: Any last words? Jess: Buy our album!! Haha. And support the local music scene! Seriously though there are a ton of great Bay Area bands out there that no one knows about. San Francisco has an amazing music scenebut you’ll never know it if you just stay at home and watch tv! Pick a night a week and just go out! Pave: Support Local Music!!!!!!!! Chris: Well, I would like to thank Your Music Magazine for the time to interview us and letting us be apart of the Band Olympicks. We appreciate the support!



Fate Under Fire Brian Crabtree 9/17/09 Chris O’Keefe - Guitar Alvie Gonzales - Guitar/ Vocals David James - Vocals/ Guitar/ Piano Rob Pierce - Drums YMM: What is the quick back-story to Fate Under Fire? We emerged out of Sacramento CA in the summer of 2008 with the intentions of fulfilling our life long dreams, playing music for a living. The band was originally set-into-motion by our Vocalist/Guitarist David James. We are a relatively young band but in the short time that we have been together we have been taking giant steps in the right direction. Within only about 2 months, FUF played its first show at the Boardwalk with national touring acts including The Material and Nural. We released our debut EP entitled ‘The Simple Things’ in May of 2009 and set out on our first west coast tour. Since then, we have been working diligently and have recorded a cover of Soulja Boy’s ‘Kiss Me Thru the Phone’ which has been creating a pretty big buzz for the band. Mark Gilmore of 98Rock commented by stating, “Fate Under Fire’s version of Kiss Me Thru the Phone is one of the best hip-hop to rock covers I have heard...” YMM: How would you describe Fate Under Fire? THE SOUND: We are an Alternative Rock band that incorporates 2 guitars, bass, drums and vocals. Our songs are not something that you would expect from a typical rock band however we do pull from our influences which include: One Republic, Snow Patrol, Jimmy Eat World, Thrice and many others. The direction of the new material we have been working on lately has been leaning more towards the softer/pop end of the spectrum like Coldplay and All American Rejects. YMM: What are the top three venues Fate Under Fire is looking to play at the moment? First would definitely be Club Retro in Orangevale CA. It’s our hometown and we love playing to our hometown friends and fans. And actually we have a show coming up there on October 24th with Bidwell and Josiah James. We are super excited about this show; it is going to be huge. It is a Halloweencostume themed show and it’s going to be a blast. Tickets are only available at Second would probably be Chain Reaction in Anaheim. So many of our favorite bands have gone through that place and it’s almost like a relic in the rock venue industry. And the Third is the Fillmore in San Francisco. We have seen a bunch of pretty big artist that we look up to at the Fillmore. It would be a dream come true to share that stage with some of them someday. YMM: Where can people hear your work? Our full EP “The Simple Things” is available for digital download on iTunes for only 3.96. You can pick up our merch, tickets and the physical copy of ‘The Simple Things’ at You can also get Free Songs, including our cover of ‘Kiss Me Thru the Phone’, at: Fateunderfire.bandcamp. com.

GREY ATLAS Grey Atlas is a new Heavy Alternative project rooted in the Sacramento Area. The band is made up of 4 members with Mike - lead vocals, Ryan on bass, KC on lead guitar and Gabe on the drums. Their music is a mixture of catchy rhythms, with heavier melodic undertones and captivating vocals with relatable storylines. They have been packing venues all over California since June and are already opening for national acts like Primer 55 and Chemical Burn. A list of their upcoming shows can be viewed on their Myspace page at greyatlas. Plus, they will be releasing their new demo with vocals by Mike Shively in September and is shooting to release their full-length album in the Spring on 2010. With a rapidly growing fan base, Grey Atlas has already acquired September’s “Artist of the Month” spotlight from Sacramento based radio station 98 Rock. Tune in for a live band interview with them by Mark Gilmore on Sunday, September 20th at 10pm on Local Licks. Don’t miss Grey Atlas at The Fire Escape on Sunday, September 27th. They will be playing with national act Motograter, and Sac locals like Dark Sun, Damaged Over Time, Synsystem. This will be an all ages show with a $10 cover and starts at 6pm. Overall Grey Atlas has a great business sense, an awesome sound and an entertaining stage performance that will captivate any audience. Combine that with the ability to sell tickets and bring heads to shows and Grey Atlas will be a force to be reckoned with for years to come.


C I S U M L A C CA , O Z U L R C R A T U N A O S


Numerous here with the Midtones at Z Minor studios. How long has the studio been open? Andrew: We are not really open here. We are flying under the radar, recording music. YMM: So, are you working on a project right now, a CD? Mike: Yeah, we are trying to get our CD finished, finally. We have eight songs recorded, so far need to get a few more. Hopefully going to record some tonight, but we are waiting for our Keyboarder to get here. YMM: Actually let’s go through some introductions: Who you are, and what you play? Jake: Drums Mike: Lead vocals Andrew Nack: Guitar Mony Lujan: Bass Skinner who plays the keys. YMM: What is your sound all about? Mike: Just trying to bring back the olds, you know. Give some respect to the old school style. Trying to get away from the Sublime sound, as we can get. Oldies but goodies. YMM: Have you guys been playing a lot of shows recently? Mony: We just played Monterey Reggae Festival last weekend. YMM: How was that? Mony: Festivals are always good time. Jake: Good crowd this year. Good people. Mike: They organized it very well this year. They let everyone cruise around; there were not regulations. You could just cruise with your beer, it didn’t matter. Mony: Yeah that was a change this year. Last year you had to buy a bracelet to drink. I don’t even drink and I thought that was weak. And now all you had to be was twenty-one. YMM: Was this

your first year playing Reggae Fest? Mike: No. We played it last year too. This year they organized it a lot better. The second stage was really nice. And it was all good. They are putting together a Monterey Reggae Festival DVD this year. YMM: How long have you been together? Andrew: A minute Mony: A few years. Mike: Since October 20th 2005. YMM: This will be your day début album? Mike: Yeah. YMM: Any ideas on the title for that album? Mike: Life Ain’t Easy is going to be the title. YMM: How do you feel that your music has progressed since you began? Jake: I joined the band. YMM: When did you join? Jake: Maybe a year ago. I was just working at Taco Bell and they came in and saw me, and were like he’s got potential. We can give him a shot. YMM: Was that from the way you rolled the burritos? Mony: No, it was how he flung the beans onto the burritos. Andrew: Our old drummer bought a school bus, drove up north to grow ganjia. He’s probably trimming right now. He says he is looking at a thirty pound yield which isn’t too bad. But he’s not playing drums for us, so I don’t really care what he is doing. YMM: What keeps you guys making music? Mony: The love of music. Mike: Higher up, my brother Eric started the band in a couple weeks before he died. He was the original drummer. First he got a hold of Andrew. Andrew got Mony. Then Eric talked me into singing. I wasn’t a singer before that. YMM: What did you do before that? Mike: Sang to myself. Sang at parties and irritated people. He did encourage me to sing. He said that if he had a reggae band then I would sing for it. We grew up always wanting a reggae band, because that was our favorite music. Always wanted our chance at it. Right before he passed away on a skateboard, you probably knew he cracked his skull open. YMM: Was that in Scotts Valley. Mike: Yes, so he started the band. He put it all together and the first little session together. A lot of songs that we play are from that day. There was a lot of heart in the music that day. Then he passed away and the only thing I could think of was to keep that band going. Keeping it going in memory of him, mainly. And plus it was such good music, we couldn’t just stop. Plus it brings him back and makes me happy. It makes me happy to live the dream we wanted to do. We are still doing it. YMM: Where can people go to get in contact with you online? Mike: Hit up our Myspace for now. I am working on the real web site; it should be coming together soon. But for now we are just using Myspace. I don’t really twitter; I don’t see the point. Maybe if I was Johnny Cash or had something to do.

C I S U M L A C A O L R U MONTEREY, C YO c Interview Wise Musi Ruvalcaba y d d E w/ erous Host: Num

I took a trip out to Wise Music in Salinas for a talk with Eddy who is also in the band “Skyway View”. Once in a while we try to interview businesses that give back to the community and Wise Music has been helping to back a numerous amount of events throughout Monterey County. With musician friendly and knowledgeable staff members, Wise Music is a great place for musicians to get their gear. Check out the full video interview online at: YMM: So how long have you been working at Wise Music? Eddy: I have been working here for about three years. YMM: What type of gear do you guys have here? Eddy: We have a variety of stuff: amps, guitars, drums, bass, and sound equipment. We have a lot. For amps, we carry Mesa Boogie, Krank, Marshall, and Vox. Various different styles. For drums, we carry Mapex and Tama. For Guitars we carry: Epiphone, Ibanez, and a variety of customs. These are just a few brand names. We do carry a variety of different gear, its keeps the customer’s happy and coming back. YMM: A little something for everyone. What other services do you offer here? Eddy: We have a technician Mike, who repairs all of the guitars and basses. We have Shannon who is the drum tech. She does all the drum repairs. We also work with an electronic service In Fresno that works on amps, speakers, and anything electronic. We do send some repairs off to them. YMM: So no matter what type of instrument you have you can fix it? Eddy: Yeah, everything. YMM: Are a lot of the staff musicians themselves. Eddy: Yes, mostly everyone here. YMM: So you’re a musician, what is the name of your group? Eddy: My band is called Skyway View. We play like ambient, progressive rock. YMM: How long have you been together? E d d y : For about three years roughly. We just got a new singer, so we are trying get everything out with him. But, it is going good. YMM: And what do you play personally?

Eddy: I play guitar. YMM: How long have you been playing? Eddy: About three or four years. YMM: What originally got you playing the guitar? Eddy: I would have to say my cousin. My cousin Ruben plays guitar with me. He actually gave me a guitar. My dad also gave me a guitar, but it was acoustic and I wasn’t really feeling it. But my cousin gave me a nice Ibanez. That is what got me more motivated and started. YMM: What are some of your influences? Eddy: The Deftones would be a big influence and rap. Circus Alive is a big influence now on my music and what we create. YMM: So, you are wrapping up a new album? Eddy: Yeah, it should be coming out in the next three months. It is called Under the Vigilant Sky. It is coming out sometime, we don’t have the exact date yet. YMM: Cool, lets get back to Wise Music, What is it like working here? Eddy: Good environment. It’s comfortable… the staff is like my family. Manny is like my brother. Everyone treats me well. I love everything about it. I can’t really say anything bad about this job. YMM: It seems that Pete Wise puts a lot back into the music community. Eddy: Whether you are a local band or not, he will try to help you out. He supports the young bands and helps them find a place to play. YMM: He sells a lot of local CD’s here. Eddy: Yeah, you can just bring a CD’s in and leave them here. We will show customers coming in; we’ll play it for them, and actually see if they want to buy it. YMM: Do you have information online? Eddy: We have If you live far away hit us up on there. We try to check it frequently to answer all the questions.

C I S U M L A C A O L R U SAN JOSE, C YO s Dark Heaveny Sean Flynn *interview b Donovan Dresti *interviewee avens from Dark He SF: What is Dark Heavens? DD: Three crazy kids, with loud sounds ( SF: Where is Dark Heavens from? DD: From the future... SF: Who’s in the band and what do you do? DD: Myself (Donovan-vocals, guitar), Blue plays bass, and Anthony rips the drums. SF: How did you guys form? DD: By a ray of darkness. SF: What’s your favorite venue to play? DD: The Blank Club in SJ, thanks Corey and Craig! SF: Who are you endorsed/sponsored by? DD: Anarchy Eyewear, Fringe Clothing,, Rekon, and Etnies. SF: When is your EP coming out? DD: EP drops in 2010…. SF: You guys are kind of mysterious…why don’t you play many shows? DD: Cause our bass player Blue is in Dredg. SF: I heard there was a party bus limousine at your last show? DD: Yes, it was filled with booze, babes, boyz, red bull, etc... SF: I heard you were a pro skateboarder? DD: Yes, still skate… SF: How would you rate your drummer Anthony? DD: Dope as fuck, kid can play, he also teaches drums at the Music Tree in Morgan Hill. SF: What is the future for Dark Heavens? DD: Finish EP, play shows, rock out, party.


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Mystic Rage Show Schedule Sat Oct 10th Memorial Park - Hayward Bands4Bands Presents MetalFest W/Concrete Coffin, Kaos, Potential Threat, Mystic Rage, In the Absence, Age of Aggression, Mudsoc, And All Was Lost,and MCP Fri Oct 23rd Pine Street - Livermore Age of Aggression, Mystic Rage, Ratchet, Colcokt Sat Oct 24th Rooster's Roadhouse - Alameda Kaos, Mystic Rage, Potential Threat Fri Nov 6th Oakland Metro Operahouse W/Motograter Tues Dec 1st Fat Cat - Modesto W/Flaw

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Interview by Jon Hermison Usually when a band takes a four year hiatus to work on solo projects and other interests, the likelihood of a, for the lack of better word, reunion is pretty slim. Thankfully, Oakland natives, Crown City Rockers, are breaking that mold and very proud to announce the completion the groups third, yes I said third, full length album, The Day After Forever. From Boston to Oakland, this five piece live hip hop group proves once again that they are not just a funk band with an MC. With Max MacVeety supplying the spine with the drums, Headnodic pumping the blood with bass tones that will make any full gown man weep, Kat O1O filling the organs with keys, Woodstock producing skin and bones on the MPC, and Raashan Ahmad spitting out the heart and soul on the mic, you end up with a complete body of true experienced hip hop. Before the CD release party on October 2nd at the Independent in San Francisco, I sat down with Raashan and talked about how it’s been performing with the group again. So the Crown City Rockers are back on the road again? Actually we just back in town, back in Oakland, a couple days ago, and we’re gonna head back out again soon. It’s funny, we’re not on a particular tour but we’re always out doing shows. You’re not doing these crazy half year long tours anymore though? Yeah man, we’re not doing that right now but playing live is still probably the best part about it, ya know. Definitely. And with these shows the band is promoting their third full length, The Day After Forever, right? Yeah man, yeah, We’re all super stoked on it, it’s been about 4 years since the last one we did. Oh wow, that’s quite a break. Yeah, we all took a break and focused on some side projects; playing with other groups and artists. I know that you did your own thing for a bit and Kat O1O

did an album on her own too right? That’s right, you know, Headnodic produced a Mighty Underdogs album, I’ve been doing shows, Kat’s been doing shows and Max, the drummer, helped on the last Zion I record. He’s been getting drums on lots of tracks so yeah we’ve all been busy. But it’s good to get out there and extend our arms, ya know, try to get our Wu-Tang on. As soon as I caught wind of you guys back in the studio, I was amped. Thanks man. All that stuff helped to make this record, like all the tricks that Headnodic learned with other artists. For me, with the help of my solo stuff, I’ve worked on my breath control and my confidence on stage has gotten a lot better. I think all the things we did in our side projects, including Kat, who went full fledge into production. She brought a whole new level of freshness to the group! All that experience has made everyone’s skill level higher coming into this album. That’s a good point; it’s like when you leave home, your comfort zone, you can learn a lot more and expand yourself.

Yeah exactly. It’s also like once you leave home you start to appreciate your parents more, ya know? We’re all so excited to be back in the same room and playing music again. It just feels so good to share all the jewels we got from our solo stuff, and each of us being like ‘oh that’s fresh, where’d you learn that?’ Do you guys try to keep it even between what Max is doing on the live drums and what Woodstock is doing on MPC? Actually I think that everyone in the band has a beat machine but we keep it pretty even, sometimes mixing it together. Some tracks are literally us jamming in the room and some are mainly programmed. But that also goes back to the solo careers because Kat was doing a lot of keys and synthesized stuff and she brought that back over with her. Plus Max played with a lot of groups and even took some lessons and super improved and we’re all feeding off it. It’s great to see someone progress even if it seems like they already know their instrument well, they can always keep improving. Yeah man, it’s crazy, no one in this group is ever satisfied with themselves and we’re aware of not only what level we want be at but also what being a professional means. We’re gonna keep pushing because we’ve all seen great musicians play and we want to be at that level. How’s the crowd been taking to the new tracks and how does the group feel about them? It’s crazy man, we’re so critical of ourselves, ya know? We’ll be coming off stage and the crowd is super amped and screaming for an encore and we’re like ‘man I can’t believe I missed my cue on that song.” We’re always chasing to get better. We played some stuff over in Eugene, Or. and it went over really well. Just with the experience of touring, we all know that the more we play something the more comfortable and relaxed we are with it. So far so good though, man. The fan response has been great and we’re all happy to have something new. Apart from using each others solo experiences, is there any specific direction that the group is trying to reach with “The Day After Forever”? We took a long time with it; went into a really nice studio and recorded a lot of the record, and at the end of the day a lot of the stuff we recorded was really dope, but it lacked some of that grit and grind that we all love. So we went back to Headnodic’s house and recorded some there and then recorded some on tour in vans and hotel rooms. The direction we want to take is to make something timeless, you know? Stuff we were recording before was current but trends keep coming and going so we wanted to make something that--regardless if you listen to it now, a year or three years from now--it’s still good music and fresh. We just wanted to make a solid piece of work, and we feel like we have it.

Going with other hard things to do, with the band having that live hip-hop sound, how hard is it to transfer that vibe and atmosphere into tracks? It’s getting easier, the hard thing is keeping it sounding hip-hop. You only hear of a few live hiphop bands, but when we tour, we find that there are a lot of bands out there! Some end up sounding like a funk band that hired an MC, and not all these cats came together with hip-hop in mind. We don’t wanna be a funk band with a rapper, we want to make sure it’s sounds right. The music is important to all us and we want to represent it correctly. I’ve noticed through seeing you guys live and listening to tracks that you’re reinstituting the theory that hip-hop can be fun and full of positive energy. What influenced this? That’s just our take on hip-hop and how it makes us feel. At the beginning and the end of the day it’s still music, and people just need have fun with it man. That’s why we’re in this, that’s what attracted us to it, and that’s just the way I am naturally. To make a career out of it is even better. Yeah, just the fact that people will pay us to play our instruments and perform, is a blessing. When the band moved to Oakland from Boston did that change the content and vibe of your music? It’s kinda hard to say you know, because you don’t always realize that you’re changing, you’re just in the moment. But I think East Coast music just has a more Winter feel, it just makes you wanna put on Timberland boots and a hoodie. But when you live in Cali, it’s all sunny and you just want to get outside and that does effect the music. It’s just different. Besides that I believe that the Bay Area is just great for artists, the art is in the sands. The whole area is very active and a great scene to be a part of and we’re very grateful. Every time I see you guys perform it’s always better than the time before, it never plateaus. Just the vibe itself man, always entertaining. That’s great to hear man, that’s definitely what we’re going for. So when is the public gonna hear this album? Well it was September 29th, but it changed to October 2nd at the Independent In San Francisco. So come check it out. You gonna come out? Yeah man, I’ll be the one up front with the camera. Is there another break after this? No man, no chillin. One of our biggest goals is to never take this long to put out another record again. We’re always going to be recording and playing live.

Rock is not dead MARILYN MANSON

08.28.2009 THE WARFIELD

SAN FRANCISCO, CA By Tanja M. Alvarez Marilyn Manson proved just this with his recent performance at San Francisco’s Warfield Theatre. Although not quite as provocative as in the old days, Manson delivered a compelling performance driven by his powerful stage presence. Before Manson took the stage, September Mourning, a young gothic-industrial group from New York, played an energetic set. Not only was the group a perfect fit for the Manson audience, but their charismatic front woman Emily Lazar clearly demonstrated that women deserve a place in rock music. As customary for Manson, the front row was filled with beautiful young women, and the center of the pit was ready to turn into one giant mosh pit at any time. The audience eagerly awaited the selfproclaimed Antichrist when he finally took the stage at a little after 10 pm. He opened with “We’re From America,” the digitally released first single from his latest studio album “The High End of Low.” Immediately thereafter, a quite talkative Manson proclaimed his affinity for the city by the bay, which he continued to affirm again several times that night. The set continued with a mixture of new material, such as “Leave a Scar” and “Wow” as well as old classics like “Rock is Dead,” “Disposable Teens,” and “Tourniquet.” Although Manson has a core audience that worships his old material, the new songs were well received. “Pretty as a $” sounded much heavier live than on the record, thanks to former bassist and current guitar player Twiggy Ramirez. “Four Rusted Horses” was almost equally as powerful with a little bit of a faster tempo and less of a country flair than the record’s version. The crowd literally devoured every one of Manson’s gestures. Before “Little Horn“, the audience broke into the traditional “We Hate Love – We Love Hate” chant encouraged by Manson, draped in the American flag and accessorized by a green military helmet. At the beginning of “The Dope Show” Manson was handed an oxygen mask. He suggestively covered his face and indulgently took several deep breaths implying it was not oxygen he was inhaling. The show had several highlights. The dark Eurythmics’ cover “Sweet Dreams,” of course, continues to be one of the fans’ favorites. “Great Big White World” sounded as melancholic as ever, and the evening’s last song “Beautiful People” remains a Manson classic due to its forceful rhythm. Overall, the show was less theatrical than previous performances. At times, it was dominated by deep red lights which created a vampiresque atmosphere. The prominent aspect was the band’s performance rather than outrageous accessories, which was quite appropriate for the smaller stage of the quite intimate venue. Unfortunately for religious fanatics and right wing politicians, Marilyn Manson remains an inspiration to fiercely defend freedom of speech, to challenge its limits, and to question authority. He is without a doubt one of the greatest performers of our time, and very importantly, he still looks like he enjoys himself on stage.

Sat Oct 3 @ Britannia Arms Cupertino Northern Son CD Release Show with The Mess, Five Minutes To Freedom, Ichy The Killer Sat Oct 10 @ Britannia Arms Cupertino Point 3, Whatever Fits, Death Valley High, Red Sunday, James Perry Sat Oct 17 @ Britannia Arms Cupertino Unconventional Thought Process, Repaid In Blood, Kinetik, Girthwind & Firewater Wed Oct 21 @ VooDoo Lounge The Tricycle Wipeout, Bells Shake The Sky, Pounders Sat Nov 14 @ Britannia Arms Cupertino Metal Show! featuring Scorched Earth Policy, Mudface, Dusted Angel, ZED Wed Nov 18 @ VooDoo Lounge Letters Make Words, The Hundred Days, Addison Redline, Primary Fri Nov 20, 2009 @ Britannia Arms - Cupertino Explosion Sauce, Usurper Vong, Scraping For Change, Pounders

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