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NAME ADDRESS 03 December 2008 Dear XXXXXXXX Re: Servicing and Repair of Biolog ECG Monitors Over the last couple of years or so, we have become aware of a number of third party service organisations offering a mobile, on-site calibration and service facility to GP practices. These companies in general offer to send an engineer on site to “fully service and calibrate all equipment”. None of these organisations has been issued with a service manual, spare parts required for correct servicing or the software required to perform a calibration of this equipment and I suspect they are doing little more than a very basic functional test on an ECG Simulator. As a result of this lack of correct servicing, we have seen an increase in the number of units failing to perform reliably. As the customers believe they are servicing and calibrating their units (because of the claims made by these companies), they perceive the equipment to have become unreliable. We have, therefore, over the past few months, been trying to educate customers (via mail shots and over the telephone) about the correct servicing routine for their equipment to ensure continued reliable and safe operation. Numed is the only UK based manufacturer appointed service agent for this equipment. As part of this agreement, we have the responsibility of complying with the manufacturer’s recommended service routine and also a responsibility of reporting back to them. In addition to the manufacturer’s recommended service checks, as a responsible service organisation we also draw on our own knowledge and experience in recommending any additional servicing procedure that we feel is appropriate for our specific market. This is done in consultation with and the approval of the manufacturer. Our service routine for this equipment is attached for your inspection. Although the equipment is generally very reliable, this routine is intended to ensure as far as possible that the equipment performs faultlessly until the next service is due. In our experience, performing an annual service check to the routine attached virtually eliminates unexpected failures of this equipment. Feedback from customers has indicated that this is preferable to a less frequent service check with increased risk of unplanned downtime. We offer customers two servicing options for this equipment: 1. One off Service and Calibration – this facility costs £150+VAT and includes a full service and calibration to the schedule attached. It also covers the cost of replacing standard service parts (eg. the internal PCB mounted battery). It does not include items such as the

replacement of cracked casing, replacement of defective LCD display, replacement of defective patient cable etc. 2. MediServe Support Contract – this option costs £225+VAT. As well as the annual service shown above, this option also covers all parts and labour for a 12-month period*. In addition, the customer is also entitled to receive unlimited telephone support including secure remote desktop access, software updates, access to loan equipment and priority turnaround times on servicing and repairs. All postal costs to the customer are also covered. *Full Terms and Conditions are available on request

To summarise, in order to ensure continued reliability, accuracy and safety, it is essential these units are subjected to the minimum service recommendations of the manufacturer. If you are planning to have any medical equipment serviced or calibrated by any third party organisation, I would strongly recommend you contact the supplier of that equipment to check the third party organisation is authorised and qualified to perform this work. I am aware some of these organisations are making false claims about their capabilities to correctly service and calibrate certain medical equipment. I hope this answers your queries. Please feel free to contact me if you need to discuss the matter further. Yours sincerely

Craig Hirst Head of Technical Services

QRS Servicing Letter  

In addition to the manufacturer’s recommended service checks, as a responsible service organisation we also draw on our own knowledge and ex...

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