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11. Care and Maintenance Performance of routine checks according to the following Care and Maintenance plan is recommended.

11.1 Maintenance plan Disinfect the cuff each time after use. IMPORTANT:

The inflatable part of the cuff and the rubber tube connected must not come into contact with disinfectant fluids.


Check the printout carefully for: * Correctly entered times and intervals in accordance with the protocol * Times of day/night changeovers * Correctness of standard values (nocturnal reduction) * Battery voltage curve ( see Battery voltage loss section The fully charged batteries are installed in the monitor direct from the charging unit. The battery voltage value is shown in the LCD display of the ABP monitor shortly after switching on the equipment, for approx. 3 sec. This voltage should be above 2.75V to guarantee measurement over 24 hours.

Every 3 months:

Leak test of pneumatic circuit: (see Calibration test section 11.2)

Every 2 years:

In accordance with the MPG (Medicinal products legislation) §22 Art. 2, your new Mobil-OGraph® monitor has been calibrated for 2 years. We offer to provide you with calibration and complete servicing. This service comprises: * Calibration * Software update * Functional testing: electronics, pump and pneumatic circuit.


It is advisable to change the rechargeable batteries annually. Batteries have a considerably longer service life if they are completely discharged before each charging cycle. The batteries supplied with the equipment are of the nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) type. Self-discharge of these batteries depends on the ambient temperature. At room temperature (20°C) the rate of discharge is approx. 5 % daily. It is therefore advisable to leave these batteries in the charging unit until they are used. An internal NiCd rechargeable battery, which is not accessible to the user, supplies the power to maintain time and date when the equipment is switched off. This battery is only charged when the monitor is switched on.

ABP monitor:

Please clean the ABP monitor only with a damp cotton cloth (no corrosive or solvent substances should be used). Extreme care must be taken to ensure that no water gets into the equipment. If cleaning agents are used, please dilute these well with water before use.


If fluid enters the equipment at any time, switch it off immediately and do not use it until the equipment has been serviced.

Cuff cover and bag:

Only the fabric cuff cover and the carrying bag may be washed at max. 30°C in the washing machine. Please remove the inflatable rubber section carefully, i.e. without stretching it, from the cuff. If the Mobil-O-Graph® system is used daily, we recommend that additional cuffs are purchased.

Inflatable section: Battery charging unit:

Please wipe the inflatable section only with lukewarm water or a cleaning agent diluted with water. Ensure that no water enters the tube aperture. Please follow the instructions for use enclosed with the charging unit.

11.2 Calibration test ABP monitor calibration can be tested using the following procedure. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Prepare a calibrated mercury sphygmomanometer or aneroid measuring unit Remove the cuff tube from the monitor Connect the Mobil-O-Graph® T piece (accessory) with the monitor and manometer using suitable tubing Place a rigid cylinder into the cuff and secure the cuff Set the Mobil-O-Graph® to manometer mode. To do this, press and hold the PROTOCOL and DAY/NIGHT keys at the same time and then briefly operate the ON/OFF key to switch on the unit. The display will show "8888" for approx. 8 sec. The equipment will then switch to manometer mode and show "P.000" (P is an abbreviation for pressure and the next three figures show the current pressure in mmHg).

I.E.M. GmbH, Mobil-O-Graph®, Operating instructions, Rev. July 2003

Mobil-o-Graph Cleaning Instructions  

IMPORTANT: If fluid enters the equipment at any time, switch it off immediately and do not use it until the equipment has been serviced. Cuf...

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