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Vision Clinician User Guide

Overview The Appointment Call Display (ACD) facility in Vision allows a patient summons to be displayed on the Envisage LCD screen in the waiting room. The call is generated from the Appointments link in Consultation Manager. It uses the same user interface as the traditional red LED call boards, although some of the settings will not apply when the Envisage system is in use.

Calling a Patient To make a patient call: 1. From the Consultation Manager Appointments List, double click the patient to open the patient record and start the consultation. The following type of message will be seen:

(If the above message is not seen, see over page for initial setup) 2. To immediately call the patient, click ‘Yes’. The call will be sent to the waiting room screens and the patient record opened ready for consultation. 3. To view the patient record BEFORE calling the patient, click ‘No’. The patient record will open allowing you to view the notes. When you are ready to call the patient, click on the ‘Appointments’ tab in Consultation Manager, select the patient in the appointments list and click the ‘Call’ button towards the bottom right corner of the screen. The confirmation message showing the name of the patient you are about to call will be shown as above. Select the Appointments tab…

Then click the patient you wish to call…

Then click the Call Patient button.

Envisage Vision Clinician User Guide v2.1

Vision Clinician User Guide Initial Setup To enable a patient call to be made, each clinician must enable the Appointment Call Display function when they log on to Vision. (ACD does not need enabling every time the clinician logs on as the settings are saved on a per-user basis). To enable the Automatic Call Display: 1. Log on to Vision and open Consultation Manager. 2. Click on the Appointment List icon in Consultation Manager (top left icon). 3. With a list of appointments showing (select an active clinic from the drop down box if necessary), right click on any patient name and then click ‘View Appointment Details’. 4. Place a tick in the ACD box, as shown below left. As the box is ticked, the Call Display Options box will be displayed, as shown below right.

5. The following options can now be selected: • If ‘Use the clinician’s name and location’ is selected, the current Vision user’s name will be displayed in the top box. This is how the name will appear on the waiting room screens. You can amend this if you wish (any amendment will be remembered). Do not amend the location unless asked to do so by Numed Technical Support as your system may be using a room code which is translated to a full room description by the Envisage system. If you leave the clinician name blank, Envisage will display only the patient name and location in the format “Mr Joe Bloggs to Room 3 please”. If the location name is blank, Envisage will display only the patient name and clinician name in the format “Mr Joe Bloggs to Dr. Robert Smith please”. • Alternatively, if ‘Use the text below’ is selected, Envisage will display the patient name followed by the text typed in the box. The text will change colour to white if it is too long to fit on the display. (Note: the ‘Centre the message’ check box has no effect on the Envisage system). This setting and the specified text is associated with the current Vision user and will follow the user wherever they log on. Be careful, therefore, if entering a room name in this box as this will need updating if the user logs on in a different room. • Selecting ‘Disable call display’ will prevent any patient calls being transmitted to the Envisage system from the current user. • If the ‘Confirm before calling each patient’ check box is checked, then a confirmation message will be displayed before a patient is called. It is recommended that this be switched on to avoid accidentally calling patients. • The window at the bottom of the screen shows how a message would appear on an LED display unit. It does not appear on the Envisage system in this format.

All settings except for the location are specific to the user, and will follow the user regardless of which workstation is used. The location is specific to a workstation and will be the same whoever logs on to that workstation.

Envisage Vision Clinician User Guide v2.1

Envisage Vision Clinician User Manual  
Envisage Vision Clinician User Manual  

Overview Calling a Patient The Appointment Call Display (ACD) facility in Vision allows a patient summons to be displayed on the Envisage LC...