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To transfer an ECG from the MAC ECG machine: To acquire a batch of ECGs from the MAC range of ECG Machines (MAC 600, 800, 1200 or 1600) and store as a PDF reports in to the patients’ notes, follow the steps below. 1. Log on to the remote desktop. Once logged on, double click the Numed Enterprise Link. You icon appear in the bottom right corner of the screen. This is the server side should see an ready to communicate with the local PC. 2. Log on to Vision. 3. Optionally find the patient in Vision in the usual manner. (This is not essential as if more than one ECG is being transferred as the ECGs are likely to be for more than one patient.) 4. Minimise the VES session to return to the local PC desktop. To do this, move the mouse up to the top centre of the screen and click on the minimise symbol. 5. Key CTRL+ALT+E to start the ECG Link software. Alternatively double click the ECG-Link desktop icon. 6. The ECG-Link software will start. If there are ECG reports already in the data folder, the software will report this and give you the option to process and file these now or later. MAC600 users will see this routinely and should choose to process now. MAC600 users do not need to use the MAC Transfer button and should transfer the ECGs by following the Quick User Guide supplied with the product and skip to the Batch Processing & Attaching of ECG Reports section. 7. Click the ‘MAC Transfer’ button. CardioSoft will open ready for you to transfer the data from the MAC ECG machine. 8. As CardioSoft opens, click the System Configuration button, then click the Read Data from ECG Device button. 9. The following screen shown here will appear. Ensure the ‘ECG recorder connected to serial interface’ option is selected. Also ensure the ‘Automatically generate patient record and assign procedure’ option is enabled. 10. Click OK. The ‘Receive Data from ECG Device’ screen should now appear with a current transfer status of Waiting for data from ECG recorder… 11. Ensure the MAC ECG Machine is connected to the serial port. Initiate the data transfer from the machine as per the machine’s user manual. The current transfer status will change to ‘Receiving data’ as the data transfer begins. The stored ECGs will be transferred over one at a time. As the transfer completes, click the End button. (The PDF ECG Report files are created automatically as the files are transferred.) 12. Exit the CardioSoft software. The batch processing window will appear. See Batch Processing & Attaching of ECG Reports section.

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Rev. 1.2 24/11/2011

Batch Processing & Attaching of ECG Reports 1. As Batch Processing begins, the following screen will appear.

2. The name of the PDF file created by CardioSoft will appear in the list on the left. If the patient’s NHS number was entered in to the ECG Machine, this should be shown as the ECG Report filename. As each file is clicked on the left ECG-Link will look up the NHS number in Vision. If a match is found, this will be displayed in the right hand section of the screen. If a match is not found, see step 6 below 3. You can Preview or Delete the selected ECG report by clicking the appropriate button. 4. A comment will be filed with the ECG report. By clicking in the Comments box you can add to or replace the default comment with your own text. 5. The File with ECG Read Code tick box allows you to choose whether or not to file a 3212 Standard ECG Read Code with the attachment. If you are using ECG-Link to file attachments from other software packages, such as Numed’s 24 Hour BP monitor, you should remove this tick before filing. 6. To send the report to the Vision patient record, click the ‘Patient Details Confirmed - File ECG.’ button. 7. If the NHS number is not found and no patient details are displayed, you can either: a. Click the Use Current Vision Patient button to associate the ECG with patient currently active in Vision. b. Click the Search button to manually search for a patient in the Vision database. When the Search window opens, type the patient forename, surname or NHS number in to the box and click the Search button (see search tips below). The results that match the search text entered will be displayed.

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Rev. 1.2 24/11/2011

Click the required patient in the list and click the Select button. The selected patient details will then be shown in the Batch Process window ready for sending to the Vision system. Search Tips: 

The software will search for the text you enter in the Forename, Surname and NHS Number fields in the Vision Database.

You cannot search for the full name by typing the forename and surname. Search for the Surname, then sort the Forename column alphabetically by clicking on the column heading.

Any of the search columns can be assorted in ascending alphanumeric order by clicking on the column heading.

To search for a string characters in the middle of a name, prefix the search text with a % sign. For example %ohn will search for any forename, surname or NHS number that contains the letters ‘ohn’

You can use the % sign to replace any number of characters in the search string. For example H%st would search for any names starting in H that also contained the letters ‘st’ in them. This can be useful if you are unsure how a name is spelled. This example would return surnames of Hirst and Hurst as well as other matches such as Hainstock.

8. To send the report to the Vision patient record, click the ‘Patient Details Confirmed - File ECG.’ button. 9. Repeat the process for any other ECG reports shown. Once the ECG Report has been attached, you are advised to confirm success by checking the medical record within Vision and opening the attachment. You will see that by entering the patient’s NHS number in to the ECG machine at the time of recording the ECG, the transfer of reports to the patient record is simpler and faster.

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Rev. 1.2 24/11/2011

To View the ECG Report stored in the medical record:

To view an ECG Report stored in the patient’s notes: 1. Load the patient in Vision. To view the ECG you have just taken, you will have to exit the consultation and go back in to force a refresh. This is a limitation of the Vision system. 2. Click ‘Journal’ tab 3. Right click on the ECG attachment and left click ‘View Attachment’ 4. The attachment will open – note this may take a few seconds to appear depending upon network speed and usage.

Please refer to the full user manual on the installation CD for further details.

Numed Technical Support is available on 0844 893 2010 or email Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 5:30pm

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Rev. 1.2 24/11/2011

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