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When you open up CardioView v5 you will get the above screen. To begin downloading from the Biolog, you will need to click on Receive File, which is highlighted above.

In the next stage it will ask to input the Patient Information. With CardioView v5 it will ask for all information to be entered before you can proceed. Once you are happy then click OK.

The software will then ask you where you would like to save the ECG you are downloading. It is recommended that you choose a folder that is easily accessible, for this download I have chosen C:\cvdata as this is where the old software would save the ECG. Once you are happy with the location, click Save.

CardioView will then ask you to select the COM port in which the download cable is plugged into. Usually this is COM1, but if you are using a USB-to-Serial Converter then this can be anything other than COM1. Select the appropriate COM port, and then press Ok. If you don’t know the COM port number, or if it is incorrect, CardioView will search and find the Biolog for you.

Once CardioView connects with the Biolog, you will get the above screen. It will then begin to download the ECG.

After the download is complete, the software will automatically open the ECG for you. This gives you a chance to preview the ECG before going any further. You can then select the Print icon if you want or just close it down. This ECG has already been saved in the location selected above. The file can then be manually attached to the patient’s notes in your appropriate clinical system.

CardioView v5 Easy Step User Guide  
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