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Staples Rodway partner Robert Elms

nent staff because they are more bullish about the future, and that’s a really good thing.” Today, Find boasts over 100 clients, ranging from small six-person start-ups to multi-nationals. Julian expects their 12-strong team – up from a modest three just two and a half years ago – to grow to around 15 by the end of the year. Julian attributes their success to their high standards and the deep relationships they’ve established with clients. “We are working in a market where relationships and quality are valued – as a group, the three of us have been recruiters for 15 years each, and so a lot of our relationships go back that far.” Indeed, Julian’s relationship with Staples Rodway goes back 15 years to when he was enlisted by partner Robert Elms to help secure new talent for the accounting practice. Then, when Julian needed an accounting and finance specialist to set up Find with partners Mike and Rob, he looked no further than Staples Rodway. “Staples Rodway, led by Robert, assisted with everything from the

The Find Recruitment team

capitalisation and ownership model to budgets, business plan and compliance. They’ve guided us each step of the way – from raw start up, through the recession to where we are today. The success of our journey to date is, in large part, thanks to the skill and attention of Robert and his team,” says Julian. “Day to day, we’re flat out running our business. Staples Rodway monitors our key business metrics and manages our balance sheet, financial reporting, compliance and auditing so we can get on with our job. If we didn’t outsource, we simply wouldn’t be profitable as we are, so nine to five, we can recruit. “Crucially, Staples Rodway is our trusted business advisor; we can rely on Robert to provide professional, independent advice; it’s been a constant throughout.”

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